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preached by Rev. Ivan Foster on Tue Dec 21, 2021

What is the Church?
preached by Rev. Jonathan Creane on Sun Dec 12, 2021

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The money men spend in their mad desire to disprove the Bible!!

This article was prompted by reports of the latest folly of so-called intelligent and educated men as they pursue their latest escapade in their rejection of revealed truth in the Word of God. At enormous cost a ‘telescope’, supposedly capable of seeing into the depths of space to a greater degree than ever before, has been launched.

Little, if anything, will come of this folly.

Sincerely in Christ,

Ivan Foster


“World’s most powerful telescope launches into space on Christmas Day”

So read the headline on the ITV news site. The article so headed informs us that the telescope is designed “to answer unsolved questions about the universe, it will look further back in time than ever before to 400 million years after the Big Bang, the UK Space Agency says.” Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-30 a 10:42 pm

Reply to pro-vaccine letter in today's Belfast Newsletter

The editor replies to a letter which was published in today’s ‘Belfast Newsletter’.

The Editor’s reply:

In today’s ‘Belfast Newsletter’ (Declining a jab cannot return to life any child aborted in the 1970s), one ‘Dr Hardy’, ordained as an ‘evangelist’ in the Church of Ireland, argues that refusing the present Covid -19 vaccines on offer by the NHS, cannot restore life to any child aborted in the 1970s.

That is true, as true as the fact that punishing one who murdered a person or refusing to support the Sinn Fein Party, who politically benefitted from the murder of hundreds of innocent people, Roman Catholic and Protestant in recent times, will not bring back those slain, but yet the moral force behind such retaliatory views, based upon God’s Law (Genesis 9:6, Matthew 19:18) persuades thousands of people, Roman Catholic and Protestant, to embrace them as morally correct. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-28 a 8:16 pm

Valneva claims its shot may tempt workers who are wary of vaccines

Right now the Covid-19 Valneva vaccine, which I understand was not produced or tested using foetal material from an aborted baby, is not available in the UK.

For some reason the UK government cancelled its order of this vaccine earlier this year.

This article reveals, I believe, the wonderful workings of God’s providence in this matter, with the possibility of an ethical vaccine becoming available to those who desire such.

Drugmaker Valneva woos NHS staff with Scottish Covid vaccine

Valneva claims its shot may tempt workers who are wary of vaccines

Sabah Meddings

December 25 2021, 6.00pm

David Lawrence, finance director of French vaccine producer Valneva, said that the firm would make its jab available to frontline workers ahead of an April deadline for all NHS employees to be vaccinated. “We believe, because we get messages every day, that there are people who would take a Covid vaccine when one like ours is available,” Lawrence said.

The Valneva jab, which uses an inactivated Covid virus, is based on traditional technology used in vaccines such as measles, and yellow fever. In Germany, a poll found that vaccine willingness would rise if vaccines were based on so-called “classical methods”. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-27 a 9:10 pm

Lawyer who won "Roe v Wade" that legalized abortion in the USA has died

Here is an article about this morning’s news of the death of US Lawyer Sarah Weddington, who fought and won the infamous “Roe V Wade” court case whereby abortion was legalised in the USA in 1973.

Since that case, Fox News reports that some 62 million abortions have taken place in the US.

Sarah Weddington died on the Sabbath past, (December 26th) aged 76.

She has now faced the ‘Judge of all the earth’ to answer for her part in the murder of all those unborn children!

Lawyer Sarah Weddington, who successfully argued landmark Roe v. Wade abortion rights case in 1972, dies aged 76

Posted on 2021-12-27 a 9:01 pm

Majority of NI health staff off sick with Covid jabbed and boosted, chief says

Would not the article below, taken from yesterday’s ‘Belfast Telegraph’, suggest that the present vaccines are anything but as effective as was at first claimed by the ‘experts’ and that anyone who thinks that being vaccinated is both a waste of money and of time, would have some grounds for thinking so??

Majority of NI health staff off sick with Covid jabbed and boosted, chief says

The vast majority of staff in one Northern Ireland health trust who are on sick leave with Covid have had both their vaccinations and a booster dose, a chief executive has said.

Posted on 2021-12-26 a 7:42 pm

News reports about the meeting with medical chiefs calling for ethical vaccines

These reports appeared in today’s ‘Belfast Newsletter’ and the ‘Irish News’. They were sent to me by a friend.

It is good to get something of the issue of the nature of the vaccines on offer by the NHS into the public domain.

The headline in the ‘Irish News’ report – Department says any vaccine link to abortions ‘remote’  requires a comment.

Firstly, here is an acknowledgement that foetal tissue from an aborted baby was used in the manufacture of the three vaccines on offer by the NHS. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-24 a 5:09 pm

The mouthings of two charlatans and rogues

Former PM Tony Blair

Today there appeared on the ‘Daily Mail’ news site two reported attacks upon those who were unvaccinated. Here are the headlines and the links to the articles.

Tony Blair labels anti-vaxxers ‘IDIOTS’: Ex-PM accuses people refusing jab of being beyond ‘irresponsible’ and says ‘blunt instrument’ of lockdown will not work again because ‘public has been through too much’

Jesus would get a vaccine, Archbishop of Canterbury suggests as he says getting the jab is ‘not about me and my rights to choose – it’s about how I love my neighbour’

As one of those who has refused the vaccinations presently administered by the NHS because they have been produced or tested on the foetal material of a baby aborted, murdered in order to conduct such tests and experimentation, I believe it immoral to murder the unborn and even more immoral to seek to safeguard my health at the cost of the murder of an innocent baby. On that basis I utterly reject both of these two criticisms. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-22 a 9:42 pm

Update on discussion of possible ethical COVID vaccine approval

I would like to remind you of what was written in the report of the meeting with Sir Michael McBride and senior members of his staff on Thursday16th on the subject of an ‘ethical vaccine’ for those who sincerely object to the use of foetal material from an aborted baby in the production/testing of the three vaccines presently offered by the NHS and which for this reason we refuse these vaccines.

“What was chiefly learned by the delegation was that the making available of ethical vaccines, presently in use in many European countries and endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), simply put, depended upon the manufacturers of these vaccines applying for registration with the British authorities, and that being obtained, the vaccines would then be available throughout the UK. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-18 a 11:26 pm

Ex-Provo contrasts ‘hooded men’ case with IRA brutality

A former IRA man has contrasted the legal saga of the ‘hooded men’ with the many unsolved extra-judicial slayings carried out by the Provos.

By Adam Kula

Friday, 17th December 2021, 8:00 am

Shane Paul O’Doherty, a republican bomber who went on to repent and embrace Christianity, was commenting in the wake of a decision by the Supreme Court on Wednesday, which effectively ordered the PSNI to further investigate the ill-treatment meted out to the ‘hooded men’ half a century ago.

The ‘hooded men’ refers to a 14-strong group who were detained by the security forces in 1971 after the introduction of internment and subjected to extremely harsh interrogations, including sleep deprivation and mock-executions.

This latest installment of their campaign has its roots in 2014, when RTE broadcast a documentary about their case that included reference to something called the ‘Rees Memo’ – a government communique that was said to refer to UK ministers sanctioning torture. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-17 a 9:50 pm

Report of meeting with Chief Medical Officer regarding the Covid-19 vaccine

Report of meeting with Sir Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland , and senior members of his staff, via ‘ZOOM’ on Thursday, 16th December 2021.

A meeting had been requested with Health Department officials by some evangelical Christians some time ago, though the good auspices of Mr Jim Wells, MLA and former Health Minister in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

In attendance from the Department of Health were: Sir Michael McBride (Chief Medical Officer), Professor Ian Young (Chief Scientific Officer), Mr. Chris Garland (Chief Pharmaceutical Officer), Mr. Martin Coleman (Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer), Mr. David Gordon (Chief Press Officer)

The members of the Christian delegation were Rev Brian McClung, minister of Newtownabbey Free Presbyterian Church, Rev Daniel Henderson of Moneyslane FPC, Mr Peter Johnston, an elder in Portadown Independent Methodist Church and Rev Ivan Foster, retired FPC minister.

I think it right to record that the delegation was received courteously and were encouraged by the fact that Sir Michael himself took part in the meeting even though we had expected to meet the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Chada. It seemed to indicate that there was a measure of recognition that the views of the Christian delegation were worthy of being noted. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-17 a 9:36 pm

My reply to a wicked and deceitful letter

Today there appeared in the columns of the ‘Belfast Newsletter’ a letter berating the disciplinary actions taken against those in the Sandymount congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland who were involved in the electing and ordaining an openly sodomite man as an elder. The writer is Professor Ruth Whelan.

Here is a link to my comments on a report which appeared in the press earlier this month.

“Presbyterian minister faces sanctions over gay couple support” 

Here is Professor Ruth Whelan’s letter.

I was most anxious to answer this wicked and deceitful letter. Here is my reply, submitted a few minutes ago to the ‘Belfast Newsletter’. Pray that it will be published and that good will come of it. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-16 a 5:19 pm

The wilful blindness of men!

“And Pharaoh turned and went into his house, neither did he set his heart to this also,” Exodus 7:23.

As it was in Egypt at the time when God’s judgments began to fall upon that land as the run-up to the ‘Exodus’, the Lord’s delivering of His people and a bringing them on their way to the land promised of old to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, even so will it be again when the time comes for the Lord to fulfil His great promise to His elect people to return again to reign on the earth.

What happened in Egypt some 3500 years ago is instructive for us today for “all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come,” 1 Corinthians 10:11.

Of course, ungodly men do not see this to be so, but God’s people should ever see the Bible as a map upon which is wonderfully outlined not only God’s dealings with men and nations in the past but, foreshadowed in such dealings, a pattern for the future. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-15 a 5:18 pm

What is the Church? A message by Rev. Jonathan Creane

Yesterday morning in Kilskeery, Rev Jonathan Creane, minister of Convoy Free Presbyterian Church in Co. Donegal in the Irish Republic and minister in charge of Kilskeery congregation during its vacancy, preached a message entitled, “What is the Church?”.

It was a most edifying and encouraging message and I would like to share it with our readers. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-13 a 6:56 pm

Presbyterian minister faces sanctions over gay couple support

Here is a report from the BBC which serves to underscore just where the ‘professing Church’ is today! The state of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland is illustrative of the state of all those professing Christian churches who are part and parcel of the theologically liberal and ecumenical ‘empire’ scattered throughout the world.

I will state first of all that this report brings me some measure of comfort, as I am sure it will with all who love the Lord. It is good that there appears to be some within the ranks of the PCI who are ready to stand against the abominably wicked practice of sodomy.

However, I see that this happened in a congregation with a ‘female minister’! Where there is a departure from the ordinances of God, you will find a plunging downward into further odious pursuits! Here we have the abandoning of God’s order for the pulpit, as set forth in 1 Timothy 3. “‭This [is] a true‭ saying‭, If a man‭ desire‭‭ the office of a bishop‭, he desireth‭‭ a good‭ work‭.‭ ‭A bishop‭ then‭ must‭‭ be‭‭ blameless‭, the husband‭ of one‭ wife‭ . . .” verses 1-2.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-10 a 9:27 pm

Thoughts on the history of professing Christianity, Part 8

We come to the final extract from Benjamin Wills Newton’s book, Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms, the chapter 6 — THOUGHTS ON THE HISTORY OF PROFESSING CHRISTIANITY, AS GIVEN IN THE PARABLES OF MATTHEW XIII.

I sincerely trust that you found his writings instructive and helpful. One dear reader has told me how that she reads the extracts over a number of times in order to grasp the full meaning of what is written. That is a wise course of action and one in which I engage also!

Here is Part 8, which covers pages 179-185.

Click here to see the other articles about this book.

If at the Reformation a few, by recognising that the elect Church was the “treasure” for which Christ died, and acting on that recognition gave thereby a new phase to Christianity and marked a fresh era in its history, would not a similar recognition of these further truths, even within a comparatively narrow circle, produce a similar result? Would it not give a new aspect to Christianity in the earth? The mere fact of this parable respecting “the pearl” forming one of the links in this evidently connected chain, would lead us to expect that, before “the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven” conclude, there would be yet once more an interference of God on behalf of His neglected Truth, resulting in some of His people being caused to teach and to act according to the principles illustrated by “the pearl.” This, indeed, is what other parts of Scripture would lead us to expect. We read in the Book of Revelation of some who are said to “keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus,” at the very moment of the Church’s last trial; and their faithfulness is such that it is made the subject of thanksgiving, even in heaven. “They overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives even unto death.” In Daniel also, some are mentioned who are expressly designated “the wise or understanding ones” at that same hour. “The wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand, but the understanding ones shall understand.” Even then, as at the close of a day of tempest and gloom the sun sometimes struggles for a moment through the resisting clouds, and darts one parting ray of brightness over the troubled scene, so may we believe that it will be in this our dark dispensation of sorrow and of failure. A testimony will for a short moment be given, raged against by Satan, crushed by the governments of the Roman earth,* Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-10 a 9:16 pm

Ban on gay conversion therapy could outlaw us, say clerics

The following report is from “The Times” newspaper of December 3rd, 2021. A copy of the article was shared with me by a Christian friend.

I must state immediately that I have no sympathy for the process known as ‘Conversion Therapy’. From all reports it is anything but Biblical!

Rather, it is something that has emerged from that world of ‘humanistic philosophy’! One definition of it is given thus: “Conversion therapy is the pseudoscientific practice of attempting to change an individual’s sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual using psychological, physical, or spiritual interventions.” I believe it correct to state that it had its origins quite some time ago when Albert von Schrenck-Notzing, a man fascinated by hypnotism and mysticism who also had links with Sigmund Freud. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-08 a 9:06 pm

Letter to the editor: what is a true church?

This letter appeared in today’s “Irish News” and the screenshot of it was sent to me early this morning by a friend. I replied as followed and submitted my reply to that newspaper. Hopefully, they will print it.

Sincere regards,
Ivan Foster


I wonder has your correspondent, Mr Brian O’Hare of Newry, (Letter – Catholic Church not a Christian Church) ever read the words of the Lord Jesus when He said:
“‭Enter ye in‭‭ at‭ the strait‭ gate‭: for‭ wide‭ [is] the gate‭, and‭ broad‭ [is] the way‭, that leadeth‭‭ to‭ destruction‭, and‭ many‭ there be‭‭ which‭ go in‭‭ thereat‭‭:‭ ‭because‭ strait‭ [is] the gate‭, and‭ narrow‭‭ [is] the way‭, which‭ leadeth‭‭ unto‭ life‭, and‭ few‭ there be‭‭ that find‭‭ it‭,‭” Matthew 7:13-14.

It is not popularity amongst mankind but conformity to the Word of God which identifies the true and false within Christendom.After all, Christ had very few to stand with Him at the cross!

It must never be forgotten that the Roman Catholic Church for centuries strictly forbade  the possession of a Bible and pronounced an anathema against any who violated this decree. (Council of Valencia, 1229 and repeated in the Council of Trent, 1545-63 and in other authoritative later pronouncements.) The banning of the Bible was part of Rome’s response to the Protestant Reformation and the Reformers’ urging of the people to read the Word of God in their mother tongue.

What a contrast such a decree is to what the Lord COMMANDED Israel!

“‭Hear‭‭, O Israel‭: The LORD‭ our God‭ [is] one‭ LORD‭:‭ ‭And thou shalt love‭‭ the LORD‭ thy God‭ with all thine heart‭, and with all thy soul‭, and with all thy might‭.‭ ‭And these words‭, which I command‭‭ thee this day‭, shall be in thine heart‭:‭ ‭and thou shalt teach them diligently‭‭ unto thy children‭, and shalt talk‭‭ of them when thou sittest‭‭ in thine house‭, and when thou walkest‭‭ by the way‭, and when thou liest down‭‭, and when thou risest up‭‭.‭ ‭And thou shalt bind‭‭ them for a sign‭ upon thine hand‭, and they shall be as frontlets‭ between thine eyes‭.‭ ‭And thou shalt write‭‭ them upon the posts‭ of thy house‭, and on thy gates‭,‭” Deuteronomy 6:4-9. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-06 a 8:36 pm

Thoughts on the history of professing Christianity, Part 7

We continue with extracts from Benjamin Wills Newton’s book, Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms, the chapter 6 — THOUGHTS ON THE HISTORY OF PROFESSING CHRISTIANITY, AS GIVEN IN THE PARABLES OF MATTHEW XIII.

I would commend a close reading of these extracts for they deal with the very issue of ‘decay within Christendom’ that we see all around.

Here is Part 7, which covers pages 174-179.

Click here to see the other articles about this book.

It is plain from every sign around us, that we are living at a period of crisis, not only in the world’s but in the Church’s history. What then is to be done by those who fear God? Shall we forsake those blessed principles of Truth which Protestantism, under God’s own power, restored: or shall we rather cleave to them with ten-fold tenacity? Only, we must separate the precious from the vile. “If,” as was said to Jeremiah, who himself lived at a period when all things were out of course, “if thou wilt take forth the precious from the vile, thou shalt be as my mouth.” If Protestantism at the Reformation failed to judge the primeval corruptions of Christianity — if, thinking only of the Woman and her evil, it forgot the sin of the Church in forsaking her lowliness, and becoming like the fair-spreading Tree — if it neglected to search into the prophetic word, and consequently remained in ignorance of all that Israel is to be, and of all that the nations are, then have we to avoid these quicksands. We have to carry our thoughts back over the long train of corruptions, until we reach the Apostles of our Lord and Saviour. We have to remember that the kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship, but not we-that neither the condition of Israel under the Law, nor of Israel in millennial rest, is to be the condition of Christianity now; and that the nations, symbolised by evil monsters, are in God’s sight, contrasted in. every possible sense with her who is the Bride of Christ, and who once occupied in the earth a position worthy of being represented by “candlesticks of gold.” Attention to those things would not only materially affect our practical position, but would lead us also to a right ” division” of the Scriptures, without which they can neither be interpreted nor applied aright. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-04 a 10:05 pm

Hard times are coming!

This is a headline on today’s BBC news site: “Covid: Greece to fine over-60s who refuse Covid-19 vaccine”.

I was sent the link late (for me) last evening by a dear brother who is alive to these issues. His comment accompanying the link was: “Morally wrong. It is like the return of the Nazi regime trying to force experimental medicine on people.”

The three versions of the vaccine are indeed ‘experimental’. That is all too obvious in the ongoing updating of the ‘experts’ expectations of the effectiveness of the ‘jab’ and the ever increasing dosage required for it to work!

All pharmaceutical companies in the past have been vigorously regulated in order to ensure that only drugs that have  been thoroughly tested were issued for public use. The Covid-19 ‘jabs’ however, have been marketed after a very short period of verification and I believe that the increasingly reported deaths and physical and mental repercussions that have followed vaccination, in the experience of some, suggest very clearly that the vaccines are indeed ‘experimental’! Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-01 a 9:06 pm

Preparation for the 'Great Financial Genius'!!

“And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies,” Revelation 18:1-3.

The following is the introduction to an article I read in a newspaper just the other day.

“The China Evergrande Group is the second largest property developer in China by sales. It is ranked 122nd on the Fortune Global 500. It faces £221billion of debt, and one expert has claimed the company’s collapse could spark the fall of the financial system.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Dr Marco Metzler from Deutsche Marktscreening Agentur (DMSA), claimed the collapse of the Evergrande is the first domino of the eventual destruction of the world financial system. Due to the size of the property market, estimated at $55trillion (£40trillion), he claimed the collapse of China’s property market, will create a worse financial meltdown than what was seen in 2008.”

If what this man says turns out to be true and takes place, then I believe that we have a possible opportunity for a ‘rescue’ to be mounted by the one called the ‘Antichrist.

I have quoted the verses from Revelation 18 in order to show that Antichrist will, among other things, be an economic ‘whizz kid’, to use a modern idiom. The financial success that will take in those areas, over which one day he will rule, is seen in the lamentations of the merchants within his empire who howl at the destruction by God of the capital of that commercial and religious empire. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-12-01 a 1:00 am