Update on discussion of possible ethical COVID vaccine approval

I would like to remind you of what was written in the report of the meeting with Sir Michael McBride and senior members of his staff on Thursday16th on the subject of an ‘ethical vaccine’ for those who sincerely object to the use of foetal material from an aborted baby in the production/testing of the three vaccines presently offered by the NHS and which for this reason we refuse these vaccines.

“What was chiefly learned by the delegation was that the making available of ethical vaccines, presently in use in many European countries and endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), simply put, depended upon the manufacturers of these vaccines applying for registration with the British authorities, and that being obtained, the vaccines would then be available throughout the UK.

We would urge Christians to pray that this might come about. It was pointed out to the medical representative present that the vaccines are proving much less effective than the ‘silver bullet’ it was claimed they would provide when first introduced. That being so, and in the light of the evolving of the virus to the confounding of medical authorities, then a new approach to vaccines may be forced upon the medical world and out of that perhaps an ethical vaccine may emerge.”

What was written in a Scottish newspaper (the time of the article being Thursday 16th, 4.55 am), in advance of the words spoken by the delegation, is contained in the pdf we have attached. (The link was shared with Mr Jim Wells yesterday)

Covid Scotland: Scottish Government continues discussions with Valneva over Livingston vaccine site

The report,  gives hope that Scotland will possibly pursue the option of supporting Valneva in producing its ethical vaccine, thus making it possible for Christians wishing to be vaccinated doing so without violating their conscience!