Special articles and printed sermons

Articles dealing with our controversy with Roman Catholicism, the Ecumenical Movement and other unbiblical philosophies.

Free Presbyterianism—What is it?

The Enniskillen Massacre A reprint of an article written in the wake of the November 8th, 1987 Poppy Day bombing in Enniskillen.

Euthanasia or assisted suicide—What saith the Scriptures?

The shocking apostacy of the World Council of Churches A report by Dr. John Douglas

Does man have a soul and is there a Hell Blasphemous denials by the Archbishop of York, Dr. John Habgood, answered by the Bible

Why Christian standards fall A sermon preached by Rev. Ivan Foster at a Young People’s Meeting in Mullaghglass FPC

Perjuring prelates Why there is a reluctance by many Church of Ireland clerics to affirm their belief in Article 31 of the 39 Articles of Religion

The reformers led us away from Popery Ecumenists would lead us back—whom do we trust?

Opening the doors to Sabbath desecration A tract distributed at a protest supported by Bible-believing Churches in Counties Fermanagh and Tyrone mounted against the increase in trading on the Lord’s Day

The oily words of peace which conceal the sword of war The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords. Psalm 55:21

The Cardinal at the Cathedral Should members of the Church of Ireland who wish to remain true to their Protestant heritage be alarmed?

Those who journey through life clasping their own destruction Evil shall hunt the violent man to overthrow him. Psalm 140:11

Defiance of authority—an increasing phenomenon of the last days Based on a message preached at a young people’s meeting in Claremore Free Presbyterian Hall, Clogher, Co. Tyrone by Rev. Ivan Foster

The Dunblane massacre…the answer to the question on the lips of the nation Wherefore come these things upon me? Jeremiah 13:22

The paralysis of Protestantism in Ulster Why there is a failure to see never mind stop, the sellout.

The St. Andrews Agreement Examined The following analysis of the St Andrews Agreement is the work of a young Christian man from Co. Fermanagh. His name has been withheld here but the 22 elected DUP representatives to whom this was emailed were supplied with his name.

The unchanging character of Rome Local authorities in three small towns in different Mexican states have told evangelical Christians to change their religion to traditional Catholicism or suffer the consequences — threatening them with jail, expulsion, the removal of public services such as water and drainage, and even death.

An insight into what the Good Friday Agreement has really brought to Northern Ireland These articles are taken from The Belfast Telegraph of May 31st and the Irish News of 1st June, two pro-Good Friday Agreement newspapers. They will give an insight into the truth about the consequences of The Good Friday Agreement and what it has meant for many.

The Bible or the traditions of Rome The following is the text of an e-mail message we received from a visitor to our website and the answer we sent to him. We thought both would be of interest to all our readers. [Further response and the editor’s reply]

Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness…Men of peace or propagators of murder, which? Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness have been embraced by the British Prime Minister, the Prime Minister of the Irish Republic and the United States President, and have been hailed as great workers for peace. A street has even been named after Gerry Adams in San Francisco!

Should today’s Christian drink alcohol? Controversy very often surrounds the issue of the Christian and alcohol.

The Alpha Course—Is it Bible-based or Hell-inspired? By Rev. Paul Fitton, Minister of Dungannon Free Presbyterian Church — READING: 2 Timothy 2:24 – 4:5 The Alpha Course is sweeping through this nation, crossing the denominational divides, and spreading across the world with great rapidity. . . . . . The question therefore arises concerning the Alpha Course – Is it Bible Based or Hell Inspired? Does it’s teaching rest solidly and squarely upon the authoritative rock of Holy Scripture or does it teach error in the name of Jesus?

The Drumcree crisis—the consequence of too much tolerance This article is written for the benefit of the friends of Protestant Ulster who watch with sympathy and concern the affairs of our Province from afar but who are at a loss to understand all that goes on here. It is also written with the rising generation of Ulster Protestants in view for, though they instinctively understand something of the deceitfulness of Rome and are also aware of something of the twists and turns in the road that have led us to this present position, they are in need of a fuller explanation of developments in Northern Ireland over the last 30 years.

Gerry Adams and the IRA as they really are The following article from a US writer, George Will, a columnist with the Washington Post and the New York post, reveals a picture of Gerry Adams and the IRA which few in USA have yet seen. We are hopeful that it will assist Americans to understand the truth about Irish Republicans and clear away the myths, mostly alcohol-induced, which surrounds the true character of their campaign of terror in Northern Ireland.

The REAL question IRA’s alleged decommissioning examined by Dr. Ian Paisley, MP, MEP. An article which appeared in The Belfast Telegraph, Wednesday, 31st October 2001.

“British Israelism” examined and its errors exposed A series of articles by Rev. Ron Johnstone, (Minister of Armagh Free Presbyterian Church) First published in “The Burning Bush,” June – November 2000.

Fiftieth anniversary of FPC. BBC Twenty one years ago, Northern Ireland’s “Sunday Sequence” programme on March 25th 2001, included an item on the 50th anniversary of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. It comprised a reporter’s view of the Free Presbyterian Church and a discussion by a panel of guests. They were Professor Robert McCallum of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Ed Maloney, a journalist, and Rev. Ivan Foster, a Free Presbyterian minister for over 35 years.

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Boston abuse scandal. The abuse of children and adolescents by priests of the Roman Catholic church, the attempt to cover-up these crimes and the chicanery of the hierarchy whenever their contrivances to hide the truth is exposed is a scandal that is world-wide in its extent. On this topic, the US newspaper, “The Boston Globe,” has served the cause of truth as well as any secular organisation may. Visit their site and see the special articles on this distressing matter. Its list of articles is constantly upgraded.

Detailed coverage by the Boston Globe on the developing church crisis, featuring numerous articles and photographs.

“Boston cardinal forced to resign and Pope linked with the concealment of the crimes of priests” A downloadable PDF file of recent international newspaper articles detailing the latest disclosures of Rome’s wickedness.