The mouthings of two charlatans and rogues

Former PM Tony Blair

Today there appeared on the ‘Daily Mail’ news site two reported attacks upon those who were unvaccinated. Here are the headlines and the links to the articles.

Tony Blair labels anti-vaxxers ‘IDIOTS’: Ex-PM accuses people refusing jab of being beyond ‘irresponsible’ and says ‘blunt instrument’ of lockdown will not work again because ‘public has been through too much’

Jesus would get a vaccine, Archbishop of Canterbury suggests as he says getting the jab is ‘not about me and my rights to choose – it’s about how I love my neighbour’

As one of those who has refused the vaccinations presently administered by the NHS because they have been produced or tested on the foetal material of a baby aborted, murdered in order to conduct such tests and experimentation, I believe it immoral to murder the unborn and even more immoral to seek to safeguard my health at the cost of the murder of an innocent baby. On that basis I utterly reject both of these two criticisms.

The opinions of a deceitful rascal and liar such as Tony Blair, who was prepared to deceive the nation with lies about Saddam Hussein’s mythical ‘nuclear arsenal’, in order to aid in the launching of the Iraq War which led to the death of nearly 200 British subjects and the death of many thousands of innocent Iraqis!

As for the comments of the ‘Archbishop’ of Canterbury, a man who has flouted the oaths he took at his ordination and, more importantly, has blasphemously rejected the Word of God repeatedly with his leadership of a church which has within its ranks sodomites and perverts of every form, who would pay any attention to his evil notions!!!

For him to suggest that the Lord Jesus would accept the vaccine is so wickedly debased that it is almost beyond response!

The Lord Jesus was the perfect man, utterly exempt from all the consequences of humanity’s sinful corruption by Adam’s fall and that includes sickness of any kind! The Saviour would never have been in need of a vaccine.

Then again, to suggest that the Lord Jesus would have taken a vaccine that was the product of the murder of an unborn infant, is unspeakably monstrous.

In the light of this, who would take the utterances of two of the 21st century’s greatest charlatans, rogues and fools seriously!!

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)
22nd December 2021