News reports about the meeting with medical chiefs calling for ethical vaccines

These reports appeared in today’s ‘Belfast Newsletter’ and the ‘Irish News’. They were sent to me by a friend.

It is good to get something of the issue of the nature of the vaccines on offer by the NHS into the public domain.

The headline in the ‘Irish News’ report – Department says any vaccine link to abortions ‘remote’  requires a comment.

Firstly, here is an acknowledgement that foetal tissue from an aborted baby was used in the manufacture of the three vaccines on offer by the NHS.

Secondly, the matter cannot be dismissed by anyone as something that is ‘remote’! A person ‘remotely linked’ to murder is deemed guilty of a very serious crime indeed. No court would ever think of dismissing such a link as lightly as does the Department of Health seek to dismiss the use of the tissue of an aborted baby in the making of the vaccines.

As the members of the Dept of Health delegation were told, Cain murdered Abel a very long time ago but the Lord has not dismissed the matter as ‘remote’ but Cain will yet answer for his crime at the Great White Throne of judgment, Revelation 19:11-14.