October 2015

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or, “Ulster was warned of the dangers of the road it was being urged to take!!”

Some ‘Burning Bush’ Articles from 2006 and 2007 which indicate that the folly of “power-sharing” with terrorist and its consequences was clearly set forth.

Concerns within the DUP (November 2006)

There are worse things than the alleged “worse things” which might follow rejection of the St Andrews Agreement!! (December 2006)

These are the future leaders of Ulster if the St Andrews Agreement is endorsed (December 2006)

Oath of support for police — a solid rock or sinking sands?? (January 2007)

Unwelcome support for St Andrews Agreement camp (January 2007)

Sinn Fein/IRA continues to dictate terms (February 2007)

Power-sharing with murderers — right or wrong? (July 2007)

The choice for Christians within the Democratic Unionist Party (July 2007)

A brief record of some of the victims of the recent times of IRA terrorism (July 2007)

The scandal of government funding for sodomites (July 2007)

Murder and blatant hypocrisy on display in Ulster (September 2007)


Continuing Stedfast

Kilskeery Communion Service, October 25th, 2015.

“Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls. And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers,” Acts 2:41-42.

As we receive four young people into membership today the question – “What is a Christian” is worthy of consideration.

The answer is given by the greatest of all authorities, the Lord Jesus Christ.

“And there went great multitudes with him: and he turned, and said unto them, If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple,” Luke 14:25-27.

Folly. There have been those who have foolishly stated that there is ‘no other qualification for membership of and fellowship in the Church of Christ than being born again.’ I believe that such a notion is wrong and is born of a desire to widen the “strait gate” and broaden the “narrow way” referred to by the Saviour in Matthew 7:13-14.

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Commonly called ‘The Lord’s Prayer.’

(A series of studies based upon messages preached by Rev Ivan Foster, in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church in 1987 and presently being repeated in the Young People’s Fellowship meetings in the church)

The Preface to the Prayer – “Our Father which art in heaven” , Matthew 6:9.

I think it profitable to point out that though this prayer is commonly called ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, it is in truth a disciple’s prayer. Our Saviour could never have prayed a prayer, at the heart of which was a confession of sin and a seeking of forgiveness. The Lord Jesus is our Great High Priest Who is “without sin,” Hebrews 4:15. Read more

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Can we know the time of Christ’s return?

To many Christians the concept that God’s people may understand the timing of Christ’s return seems to be an heretical notion. The words of Christ are often cited in support. But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only, Matt 24:36. Yet these words emphatically do not mean that God’s people will be ignorant of when Christ will appear. In fact, the saints living in the time leading up to that return and who study the Scriptural teaching on Christ’s return will have a very clear idea of when Christ will return – just like Noah knew when the flood was coming!

Below is a recording of a prayer meeting message preached by Rev. Andy Foster, as part of an ongoing series of studies in Matthew 24 & 25, which deals with this matter.

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Kilskeery Annual Autumn Conference


Friday 30th October 7.30 pm

“The united testimony of Scripture”
Preacher : Rev Gordon Dane (Crossgar FPC)

Saturday 31st October 7.30 pm

“The truth maintained from the apostles until now”
Preacher : Rev Brian McClung (Newtownabbey FPC)

Lord’s Day 1st November

11.30 am: “The Testimony of the prophets & apostles”
7.00 pm: “The Testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ”
Preacher : Mr Stephen Toms
(Secretary of the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony)

  • The central purpose of our conference is to set forth the TEACHING of the BIBLE
    on the subject of prophecy.
  • It is what God’s Word says and not what great men in the past may have said on this matter, for they were but men and were fallible.
  • “The word of God, as contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments,
    is the only infallible rule of faith and practice.”
  • Therefore our messages are nothing but simple expositions of God’s prophetic Scriptures, rather than a setting forth of the opinions of men.

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Protests at the Papal Antichrist’s Visit to USA

The following is a report with links to videos by a brother, Sean Cummings.

This brother is unknown to me but I present his report for it is encouraging to know that there are those ready and willing to undertake the daunting task of entering into a large multitude of fervent Romanists who would not welcome such a witness. 

May the Lord bless this effort and honour the distribution of His Word amongst the poor sinners gathered to honour a man the Westminster Confession of Faith rightly calls: “There is no other head of the Church, but the Lord Jesus Christ; nor can the Pope of Rome, in any sense, be head thereof; but is that Antichrist, that man of sin, and son of perdition, that exalteth himself, in the Church. against Christ and all that is called God.” (Chapter XXV, paragraph VI.)

Rev Ivan Foster.


Here is a brief recap of how the evangelism went during the pope’s visit to Washington DC and Philadelphia this past week.  We praise God that He gave us utterance of the gospel, He enabled His word to go out with power and little to no oppression, and that He gave us boldness to share so much of what is wrong with Romanism.  He also kept us safe in the face of adversity.  In Washington DC, we found out that on Wednesday that undercover cops had been assigned to us to ensure our safety, and in Philadelphia on Saturday, six cops walked us back to our hotel.

(One of the videos included in the report is below. There are links to more videos in the full report)

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Part 9: A glorious doxology

roman_soldierAn outline study of Jude – an important little book for today, by Rev Ivan Foster.

“Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen,” Jude 24-25.

As this call to arms comes to an end, it is most significant that it concludes with one of the most noble, most glorious most relevant doxologies in the Bible. Here is a profoundly wonderful elevating of God and that in terms so marvellously relevant to the subject matter the apostle has been dealing with.

Here is a glorious note to conclude an urgent appeal to beware of the creeping destructiveness of apostasy: “Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling.” While Jude sought to arouse believers to the danger of those who would sow the seeds of detestable error which would lead to a turning from God and a falling away, his fiñnal words extol the power of our God to keep His flock.

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Please note: You can download all these studies as a single PDF file here.

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Pictures of Christ series

Rev. Ivan FosterRev. Foster has begun a new series of studies in Kilskeery Independent Christian School morning assemblies in which he deals with the theme, “Pictures of Christ in the Bible”, the descriptions and types of Christ given in the Scriptures.

You can listen to these studies using the player below. Each new study will be added as it becomes available.

Previously published studies can be heard here.

Bible pictures of Christ, Pt 4
Bible pictures of Christ, Pt 5
Bible pictures of Christ, Pt 6
Bible pictures of Christ, Pt 7
Bible pictures of Christ, Pt 8
Bible pictures of Christ, Pt 9
Bible pictures of Christ, Pt 10

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Report of the Free Presbyterian gospel witness at the National Ploughing Championships in Ratheniska, County Laois, Republic of Ireland

Rev Larry Power, Interim Moderator of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church, reports on the three-day gospel outreach at the ploughing championships in Co. Laois, of which he was an outreach team member.

There were some 281,000 people attended the three day event with 1500 exhibitors. The Free Presbyterian team gave out some 35,000 gospel calendars, had about 1200 people (judging by the cups of tea given out) calling into the gospel marquee for literature and oftentimes to talk about spiritual things. Some 230 New Testaments and 220 Bibles were given out upon request.

Please pray for each item of literature thus distributed to people who came from all parts of Ireland and, it has to be said, by and large received graciously and courteously by the people. Many of those contacted spoke of their previous visits in former years and mentioned that they still had the gospel calendar received then.

The front of the calendar distributed this year.
The front of the calendar distributed this year.
The Free Presbyterian marquee with two of the brethren handing out gospel calendars and literature
The Free Presbyterian marquee with two of the brethren handing out gospel calendars and literature

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Latest news stories

Adams has to travel in two different directions

Get ready for the Sinn Fein split — will Mary Lou end up leading Labour?

Maddie hunt resources show NI massacre victims are ‘second class’

Robinson has been a key figure in the DUP, and they have no-one else like him

Risk of ‘carnage’ from bomb on Belfast windowsill

IRA’s murder of Paul Quinn ‘most excruciating death possible’ – (“ . . . the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel,” Proverbs 12:10)

Stormont to vote on changing law to allow same-sex marriage

Gay marriage: Assembly set to vote on proposal for fifth time

Majority could back same-sex marriage motion, says SDLP MLA Claire Hanna

Kyle Paisley not in favour of ‘recriminalisation’ of homosexuality – (A completely unscriptural position to adopt!!)

It’s now time to move on, Kyle – Belfast Telegraph editorial

Province paid three times more than Republic into joint project

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More news

October 31

Pressure on Peter Robinson to quit, perhaps within weeks

Peter Robinson: Tax credits is latest roadblock to Stormont deal

Comment: Unionists’ response to armed IRA avoids difficult questions

Dudgeon predicts sodomite marriage majority in assembly

Londonderry teenager’s nose broken by ‘Catholic gang’

Real IRA threatens to “paint the streets red with blood” after close associate of Alan Ryan stabbed

Brother of slain RIRA leader Ryan ‘sliced from ear to ear’ in city attack

IRA garda killer is member of Louth crime prevention group

BJU President Pettit makes historic visit to Wheaton’s campus – (Despite the condemnations of the College in the past!!)

Ireland’s same-sex marriage bill passes final hurdle – (WRONG! There is still one to come: The Judgment Bar of God!!)

Mark Durkan MP joins Seamus Mallon in support of Eastwood as SDLP leader

ISIS ‘execute British son of exiled hate preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed for cursing Prophet Mohammed’ – (It’s called ‘reaping what you sow’!!)

China threatens to LAUNCH WAR on US over ‘provocative acts’ after saying it is INEVITABLE

Ministers knew of Kids Company’s ‘gobsmacking’ spending


October 30

Kyle Paisley:My father was betrayed by the DUP – (Interested readers may wish to peruse the collection of articles previously posted on the ‘Burning Bush’: “A LOOK BACK AT THE PAST”)

UUP councillor quits over Nesbitt’s ‘dangerous’ gay marriage stance

MLAs must hold line against gay marriage lobby (Letter)

Gerry Adams backs Mary Lou for SF leadership

Peter Robinson: ‘Political snipers’ trying to wreck power-sharing deal – (He ought to know a lot about ‘political sniping’!!!)

Ruth Patterson: DUP’s return to executive ‘shocked me to the core’

Un-elected new junior minister begins term of office at Stormont

Assembly statement contradicts DUP salaries claim

Bid to block bail for man accused of RUC base attack fails

The 13-year-old girl sent on a ‘day-trip’ to Australia – (The cruel deceitfulness of Popery!!)

Islamic State planning mass attack on Britain, warns head of MI5

Donaldson defends meeting rebels involved in Colombian terrorism – (And why not? He works happily with their Irish counterpart every day!!!)

Victims’ lawyer slams church after ex-priest Vickery House jailed for attacks

Police to be granted powers to view your internet history

Germany investigates suspected terrorists posing as migrants

Kids Company founder Camila Batmanghelidjh boasts she ‘blackmailed’ politicians


October 29

Blood spots in priest’s car ‘matched DNA of suspect’ in IRA attack on police

Talks deal in ‘days rather than weeks’: Martin McGuinness

Stormont power-sharing talks intensifying, warns Martin McGuinness

IRA-SF used to Fraternise with FARC on their own, now they take the DUP with them! – TUV statement

No love lost as bitter Unionist rivals face off…and no change at polls either

Leaked email reveals Jim Wells’ fury at DUP for ‘deserting him’

Witnesses ‘bullied’ at Basil McCrea sexual conduct inquiry lodge complaints against investigator

Emma Pengelly fast-tracked as DUP junior Minister

Northern Ireland political scandals are damaging Sinn Fein in the Republic

IRA ‘oversight’ of Sinn Féin has roots in 1977 document

Australia school criticised for letting Muslim students walk out during national anthem

BBC insists presenters not required to wear poppy

Unionists unwelcome at our Easter Rising commemoration, says republican group – (Hardly a surprise!!)

October 28

Jim Wells: BBC sees internal DUP email on resignation threat – (Another element in the impending implosion of the DUP)

Jim Wells threatened to quit DUP unless re-appointment as Health Minister was offered

Can the DUP survive the security report?

Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy trial hears cash ‘found in bags in Louth shed’

Garda Síochána: Policing under pressure in the the ‘twilight zone’

Disgraced bishop’s aide Vickery House found guilty of string of gay attacks

Victims can’t back Stormont House Agreement – Frazer

Willie Frazer vows doorstep attack will not drive him out

Rift in SDLP continues as party chair steps down

Londonderry pastor attacks English columnist over Remembrance Sunday phase-out call

Who’s on the IRA Army Council? These are the men thought to currently sit on it

Mary Robinson to celebrate Corrymeela’s 50th birthday – (FP Elder, Mervyn Storey, has already sent his birthday ‘card’!!)

October 27

TUV challenge to unionists over Policing Board

Mike Nesbitt may abstain in Assembly gay marriage vote – (That will put him on the wrong side of God!!!)

UUP entitled to be feeling good, but faces a brutal election fight with DUP

Jamie Bryson: Stormont’s muddy waters, One Direction.. and saving lives

Truth, secrets and lies about Sinn Féin and IRA

October 26

IRA Army Council report no shock, say former Provos

Report ‘indictment’ of NI politics: Victims’ statement

We were taken off the criminal cash trail, says McQuillan – former former assistant chief constable and head of the Assets Recovery Agency – (Why is he only speaking out now!!!???)

David Ford rules out return of 50/50 PSNI recruitment

Sinn Féin ‘must get real about IRA’ – Mike Nesbitt – (So too should Mike Nesbitt and the rest of Unionism!!!)

UUP conference: Nesbitt sets out robust version of liberal unionism – (Clear indications of pro-sodomite stance!!!)

Nesbitt prospers as DUP flounder – (His prosperity will be short-lived if he goes on to support sodomite marriage!!)

Sinn Fein minister Ni Chuilin accused of pouring funds into festival whose four directors are members of her party – (SF sense of fair play at work!!)

Some huge questions remain about how Sinn Fein might act if they got into power – (In Irish Republic)

Blustering Gerry Adams just unites his foes with his denials

How can you tell when republicans are telling you lies? Their lips move

Willie Kealy: ‘Is it unreasonable to say a vote for Sinn Fein is a vote for a Provo godfather?’

SF/IRA must ‘surrender’ all weapons – Former Irish Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell

Report fails to mention many murders – McCord

Bertie Ahern: IRA link to Sinn Fein ‘didn’t come from out of the blue’

‘Gerry Adams told us he was the leader of IRA and Sinn Fein’ – Maudie McGahon – An IRA child sex-abuse victim

DUP’s Patterson: I’ve had internal support for speaking out

Defector from DUP Jenny Palmer eyes seat in Assembly

Blair may be summoned a second time after failing to meet IRA-Libya deadline

Garda chief fails to clear up confusion left by letter

OBITUARY: An early aide to Paisley, Jack McKee remained councillor for 42 years. – (Little is said here of his conversion to Christ and his faithful support of the gospel. His Funeral Service can be heard here.)

Muslim men having ’20 children each’ because of polygamy – Baroness Cox.

Eurosceptic party wins Poland’s election

October 24

Gregory Campbell Remarks Underscore Powerlessness of DUP – and Another Broken Pledge – TUV statement

Little appetite for action on SF Policing Board membership

Nesbitt: SF must reverse IRA denials for UUP to re-enter Executive

Arresting this slide in Catholic officers crucial if faith in police is not to suffer – (Why discriminate yet further in favour of community traditionally opposed to the existence of Northern Ireland and its police force???)

Garda Commissioner to be quizzed by TDs on PIRA report

Armed gardaí visible at Border checkpoints in Co Louth

New permanent paramilitary watchdog proposed in talks

Sinn Féin’s inconvenient truth: why the hard questions will keep coming

No room in republic for even a ‘withered’ IRA

25 years on, anger continues over IRA proxy bomb which killed six

DUP vetoes latest Stormont same sex marriage bid

October 23

DUP councillor: We hounded David Trimble for far less than we’ve done – (Are there no others in the DUP with similar courage??)

Campbell: We can’t get SF out of the Executive – (What a confession from one who helped put them there. If the DUP withdrew that would end SF in government!!)

Rector quits after removing Royal British Legion flags from churches

Outrage as church minister Sutton burns Royal British Legion flags

SF should avail of report on IRA by ‘telling the truth’

Sinn Féin rakes in €4m a year in funding

The time has come for a crackdown on paramilitary crooks

Spads’ Pay Bill Shames Folks On The Hill

Stakeknife: Truth about our dirty war just too shocking to ever be revealed

Ashers ‘gay cake’ ruling: Date set for appeal hearing

Gardai must be given guns to fight criminal gangs, former officer insists 

October 22

Totally ridiculous to have IRA-linked SF in government – DUP veteran – (How much longer can Robinson continue with this shameful deceit??)

DUP pledged that there would have to be ‘complete’ decommissioning

No discussion on IRA Army Council during Stormont talks

TUV accuses DUP of telling the IRA that it can do what it likes

Report shows Peter Robinson nearing end of his usefulness

Paramilitary report’s findings beg for action

DUP Have Abandoned Principles – By Their Own Definition – TUV Statement

DUP ministers return but problems haven’t gone away, you know

Britain ‘has done deal’ with IRA, says expert Moloney – (He means YET ANOTHER DEAL!!!)

It’s time we stopped ignoring the elephant with the Armalite

Sinn Féin says it does not accept findings on paramilitary groups – (Now I wonder why???)

Gerry Adams’ denials of IRA link ‘not tenable’

Civilian lives do not count, says mum of man beaten to death by the IRA

Sinn Féin wounded by IRA crime cash claims

Irish Justice Minister: Sinn Fein has ‘questions to answer’ following reports on paramilitary activity – (And he is likely to get them!!!!)

There should be no role for McGuinness in picking Troubles investigators – Ford

Armed IRA believes it controls Sinn Fein – (DUP was prepared to work with that win the past and still are!!!)

NI paramilitary assessment: The DUP and IRA ‘fingerprints’- (Robinson says that he is not surprised by report. Therefore, before the McGuigan murder he was prepared to work with IRA Army Council controlled Sinn Fein!!)

IRA ‘army council’ never went away – (Words coming back to challenge the DUP leadership)

Peter Robinson Opposes Role for Army Council Member in the Government of Northern Ireland – (In 2001 that is when DUP were not in power-sharing!!!)

Analysis: Report blows a hole in key DUP narrative

Poots’ Comments Highlight Immorality of DUP Position – TUV statement

Stakeknife: Army’s most high ranking agent within the IRA to be quizzed about 24 murders

Stakeknife could have murdered 40 people – probe ‘potentially bigger than UDA Brian Nelson case’

IRA informer Stakeknife to be investigated about 24 murders

Stormont talks session like Fawlty Towers says Nesbitt

Benjamin Netanyahu blames Holocaust on Palestinian leader Haj Amin al-Husseini at World Zionist Congress, says Hitler only wanted to expel Jews

October 21

DUP ministers resume Northern Ireland Executive posts – (As most people knew they would, clothed in the fig leaves of hypocrisy and avarice!!)

Peter Robinson resumes First Minister duties after paramilitary review published

DUP Back to Business as Usual with IRA Army Council around Executive Table

IRA’s ‘army council’ still exists and influences Sinn Féin strategy – report

Robinson gambles that Adams and McGuinness can finally make the IRA go away

Report is masterclass in stating the obvious

What today’s report tells us about paramilitary groups

Garda assessment of IRA activity in Republic of Ireland published

Garda Commissioner rejects claims gardaí ignoring PIRA activity

Garda report on IRA barely touches on Kevin McGuigan murder

People on the border know that brutal law of the Provos is a constant

DUP’s Jim Wells to sue media outlets as ‘six-month nightmare’ comes to end

October 20

IRA army council ‘oversees Sinn Fein strategy’, House of Commons told

They Never Went Away You Know – Will the DUP Keep the Army Council in NI Government? : Statement by Jim Allister

IRA ‘army council’ still exists but has ‘wholly political focus’ – (What political purpose would an “Army Council” serve, especially when Sinn Fein denies its existence????)

IRA Army Council still exists, says independent review of Northern Ireland paramilitaries

Paramilitaries ‘exist but committed to peace’ – (What a ludicrous notion : Terrorists dedicated to peace!!????)

Paramilitary structures must be dealt with, Arlene Foster says

Robinson Preparing the Ground for Return to Sinn Fein Love In

DUP silent on Jim Wells return to health ministry

Arrest in Kevin McGuigan murder probe

I’d never have let Ruth Patterson take my seat, says DUP’s Spratt

DUP South Belfast row escalates – (Like the crumbling of a dam about to burst so are things within the DUP – Isaiah 30:13!!)

Sinn Fein defends DLA benefits, attacks News Letter

50-50 policy could be reintroduced as PSNI battles to attract Catholics

You won’t undermine mandate, Sinn Fein warns Robinson – (God’s Law, not the will of the electorate, is the final arbiter in things moral!!)

Parties unite to put the boot into ‘Hokey-Cokey’ DUP ministers

‘Packages’ found in body from plane death

Man who died after biting Aer Lingus passenger ‘had £41,000 worth of cocaine in his stomach’

Dead Aer Lingus passenger was drugs mule whose cocaine package BURST in stomach

Refugee crisis: Angela Merkel’s party unveils secret plan for ‘Berlin Wall’-style defences on Germany’s borders

Germany should build a fence against refugees, says chief of German police union

Murdered Watford teenager had choked on her own vomit after ‘punishment’ by members of her family

Justin Trudeau: who is Canada’s new prime minister? – (He is pro-abortion, pro-legalising marijuana!!)

Bring in the troops: Calais is so lawless only the army can stop madness, says mayor

October 19

Powell might as well have said the Nazi Party should become old boys’ club, says furious Lord Tebbit

Revealed: IRA ‘mole’ discovered in Garda ranks

Blind eye to IRA crime is behind two garda deaths

Sinn Féin is like the mafia and fails to expose criminals: Fianna Fáil leader Michael Martin

The IRA still has a ton of Semtex and 200 AK47s stashed in Ireland

Crackdown on Provo border rackets after Garda killing – (Why does it take a murder before such action is taken ????)

Nesbitt: UUP may not sign up to Stormont talks deal

Revealed: IRA booby-trap attack was SIXTH time soldier had been targeted

Hand grenade thrown at police in Belfast

Police attack grenade ‘stolen from Irish Army’

Dissident republicans have vowed to murder anti-drugs activist who continues to expose criminality within the movement

DUP’s Jim Wells eyes comeback after gay slur case is thrown out

October 17

Jim Wells ‘vindicated’ over gay marriage comments

Jim Wells not to be prosecuted over gay marriage remarks

PPS decides not to prosecute Jim Wells over gay video row

DUP politician won’t be prosecuted over same-sex couples comments

DUP’s Jim Wells avoids prosecution over same sex couples comments – (It likely nearly chokes the Editor of the BT to run this story!!)

Stormont to debate gay marriage for a fifth time in five years – Nationalists are bringing the issue of gay marriage back before Stormont

Why the Delay in Publishing Paramilitary Report?

Enniskillen victim slams Martin McGuinness over ‘proud to be in IRA’ comments – (It is now clearer than ever that McGuinness is an unrepentant terrorist)

Victims ask Powell: When will you bring innocents in from the cold?

The man who kept a quilt for 70 years – (For some of us this brings back memories of those hardship years and battling mothers!!!)

West Tyrone selection row rocks SDLP

Man’s death sparks fear of feud among foreign nationals

‘IRA’ claim bomb was to kill British solider visiting Belfast

Object thrown at police patrol in east Belfast – (In republican Short Strand!)

Border killing fields that new wave of criminals see as spiritual home

October 16

Jeremy Corbyn is ‘incompetent’ and has ‘lost control’, shadow minister says

Corbyn and McDonnell did back IRA terror

Proposal to legalise IRA criticised by politicians and victims campaigners

Jonathan Powell’s ‘legalise IRA’ call infuriates victims

Belfast alert: Under-car bomb found at Linden Gardens

Belfast police discover bomb device under car

North Belfast bomb ‘was kicked by child’

Dissident IRA prisoners disowned garda killer Mackin

Unarmed gardaí a utopian luxury we can no longer afford

Dáil Public Accounts Committee to invite McGuinness for questioning on Project Eagle sale

October 15

Garda Anthony Golden: State funeral for murdered Irish police officer

Man reunited with Irish family nuns claimed were dead

Mother of Saudi man sentenced to crucifixion begs Obama to intervene – (This is ISLAM!!!!)

Parents hope Thailand’s ‘frozen’ child will live again (Man’s rejection of God’s truth and defiant hope in human ability to defeat death!!!)

Nama deal: Peter Robinson tells inquiry personal benefit claims ‘outrageous’

First Minister Peter Robinson says nama claims are ‘outrageous and groundless’

Peter Robinson rubbishes Martin McGuinness’ lack of knowledge of Nama deal as ‘frailty of memory’

Claims McGuinness fully briefed over Nama sale are ‘laughable’

No date yet for report into paramilitaries

MLAs at odds with party policy over current definition of victim

Gregory Campbell in new Sinn Fein “stench” row over Stormont comment

IRA should be legalised, says the man who advised Tony Blair on Good Friday deal – (Thus legalising murder, terror, bombing and robbery!!!???)

IRA may ‘return to trenches’ if Sinn Fein fails to secure them a safe future – they want “an air tight killers’ amnesty.”

Theresa Villiers: Jeremy Corbyn’s reported links to IRA of great concern

Jeremy Corbyn backs down in face of rebellion by his shadow ministers

Israel authorises police to seal off Palestinian areas of Jerusalem

Migrants transported in luxury STRETCH LIMO as English village overwhelmed by influx

Drug arrests hours after loyalists ‘eschew crime’

Analysis: Government fears a fragmenting loyalism

October 14

Night Jeremy Corbyn stood in honour of dead IRA terrorists

DUP poised for ministers’ imminent return to Stormont Executive seats

DUP ‘in-out’ minister Jonathan Bell remains in post

DUP and Sinn Fein ‘united in greed’ over Spad salaries

DUP ministers attended ‘secret’ Nama meeting

Details of Robinson’s Nama deal meeting are revealed

Nama NI deal: Details emerge of meeting between Peter Robinson and PIMCO

Nama NI deal: First Minister Peter Robinson due to give evidence

Special advisers’ Bill: TUV plans to reduce numbers and cap on pay defeated in assembly

Shameless DUP – SF Partnership Keeps the SpAd Gravy Train on Track

Stormont finally moves a step closer to real democracy

How would John McCallister’s reform bill change Stormont?

Edwin Poots ‘had right to maintain gay blood ban’

NI minister ‘had right’ to keep ban on gay men giving blood

Loyalist paramilitaries make joint pledge denouncing criminality

Loyalist Communities Council launched with backing of UDA, UVF and Red Hand Commando

Diplomat to be quizzed over deal with Gaddifi on IRA terror victims

Garda killer was linked to gang in Donohoe murder

Ballygawley bus bombing: Former soldier reunited with woman who helped save his life

Thousands of Iranian troops ‘arrive in Syria’ for Aleppo offensive

Potentially game-changing oil reserves discovered in Israel

October 13

Stormont finally moves closer to real democracy

North awaits report on IRA and other paramilitary groups

Getting Stormont’s ugly show back on the boards

Secretary of State orders change in proposed law to state no Troubles killer will be offered an amnesty

Parties prepare to sell fudge and climbdown

Police find master key which may have allowed killers to flee Kevin McGuigan murder scene

Kevin McGuigan murder: Police find keys which may have allowed killers to flee Short Strand alleyway

Garda-killer was an active member of a group with strong links to jailed Real IRA boss

‘Loose cannon’ dissident knew his victim from earlier arrest

October 12

‘My British terrorist son is burning in hell for his crimes’ – (You will wait a long time for the like to be said by an Irish Republican of an IRA murderer!!)

Dissident shoots garda dead at Republic border town

Garda answering 999 call shot dead by IRA terror suspect

Church of Ireland minister suspended after British Legion flags row

How Lady Thatcher fought the church for her place at Falklands memorial service

Revealed: Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell’s close IRA links

Jeremy Corbyn, Sinn Fein and the IRA: who pulls the Labour leader’s strings?

Jeremy Corbyn refuses to comment on new reports of ‘close links’ to IRA

Unionists vow to maintain pressure over Corbyn ‘IRA links’

Sister of IRA victim demands Jeremy Corbyn meets with victims of Provo violence

Ten people, including children, die in fire at travellers’ site in County Dublin

Pregnant mother among ten killed in fire at Irish traveller site

Outrageous Payment to Former SpAd

DUP Prepare for Business as Usual – Days After Being Found Out on Ministerial Pay

Eileen Paisley: ‘I can’t wait to see the film about Ian… I’m sure they’ll do an excellent job

Union flag badge tribute to fallen police ‘against regulations’

Union flag badge tribute ‘against regulations’

Francois Hollande ‘abandons’ bid to appoint gay senior official as Vatican ambassador

October 10

Parishioners hit out after minister removes British Legion flags from churches – (Only an ecumenical fool would acts so!!!)

Security alerts in Belfast, Omagh and Derry where PSNI due to host recruitment information sessions

NI man in court over IRA attack on British army barracks

Belfast man is held over 1996 British army bomb attack

IRA victims will treat MEP’s booklet with ‘contempt’: DUP

SF MEP Anderson sending collusion allegations to 750 MEPs

Dutch IRA kidnapping victim hailed 40 years on

Officials influenced Margaret Thatcher on Anglo-Irish Agreement

MPs demand Tony Blair explains Gaddafi terror deal

Bryson says he won’t ‘jump through hoops’ for Irish Republic’s Public Accounts Committee

New DUP MLA Emma Pengelly to get SPAD severance pay

PPS considers file concerning Jim Wells

Stephen Collins: Fianna Fáil must keep its distance from Sinn Féin in coming (Irish) campaign

October 9

First edition of King James Bible from 1611 found in church cupboard

TUV propose two alternatives to current Stormont arrangements

Stormont crisis: DUP ministers could end in-out policy

Kyle Paisley hits out at Edwin Poots over comments that DUP ‘hold their noses’ when working with Sinn Fein

Edwin Poots’ view is widely held in unionism

Rev Ian Paisley’s widow Eileen has a few strong words for Peter Robinson, and some surprising ones for Martin McGuinness

McGuinness: I’m proud of my IRA days and I won’t apologise to anyone – (The real face of McGuinness – a proud member of an organisation devoted to murder, robbery and terror. His expressions of sympathy must count for nothing!!)

Martin McGuinness refuses to say if he killed people while in IRA – (He will give an answer to the Lord!!)

PSNI postpones recruitment event over republican demo plan

Chilling remarks of IRA suspect: Accused was prepared ‘to do 15 years’ if police officer killed, court hears

October 8

Battle of Somme Soldier finally buried with full military honours

Gerry Kelly claims Theresa Villiers has damaged Stormont talks – and says Sinn Fein will not sign up to Troubles legislation

Survival of devolved government in Northern Ireland ‘at stake’

Edwin Poots defends Sinn Féin ‘stench’ comments – (The stench can’t be that strong otherwise he would STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH SINN FEIN!!!!)

Richard Pengelly: Nama summons

Baroness Paisley: ‘Ian wouldn’t have let Stormont get like this’

Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy paid no tax returns for eight years, court told – (A loyal citizen of the Republic of Ireland!!!)

Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy, former IRA commander, accused of tax evasion

Omagh bomb: Enda Kenny promises help to families – (Yes, just like he ‘helped’ the families of the Kingsmill massacre!!!)

Shock at Justice Minister’s warning over new Troubles unit – “ . . . at best produce one or two prosecutions.”

Embarrassment for Gregory Campbell over ministers’ pay

Mervyn Storey uses ministerial car when not a minister

DUP in disarray after humiliating climbdown over ministers’ salaries

Lack of leadership is bewildering to Northern Ireland’s friends in America

Gerry Kelly only ordered 2,500 sectarian leaflets

Outrage over ‘IRA tribute’ on show at college where slain teacher was taught

Victims grill politicians at Stormont over bill to deal with past

Retired bishop Peter Ball jailed for sex assaults

Ex-DUP Spad defends Spad pay as Allister attempts to have it capped

The SPAD Dimension of the Taxpayer Rip-off

Priest ‘understands how priests succumb’ to paedophilia but brands being gay ‘a sickness’

October 7

St Mary’s (RC) teacher training college criticised for terrorists’ ‘tributes’

UDA says it ‘will not leave stage’

DUP: We’ll still work with group linked to UDA

DUP ‘revolving’ ministers told to come clean on pay

Is ecumenism and peace only a dream and nothing more? – (Ecumenical peace is a deceit!!)

Peter Robinson to meet Ruth Patterson over MLA ‘snub’

DUP’s outspoken councillor Ruth Patterson never far from controversy

30 dissident gun and bomb attacks in north west

October 6

Equality Commission reports inequality in NI education

EU court ruling favours UK prisoner vote ban

UDA: We haven’t gone away you know

Flag protester Ruth Patterson to quit politics over DUP Assembly seat snub

DUP’s Hamilton ‘playing politics with the health service’, says former minister

Robinson’s absurd and incoherent strategy is damaging the DUP and democracy

Vatican uses Venturini monastery to ‘cure gay priests’, former clergy claim

Bishop sorry over claims priest said gay marriage vote is the ‘devil’s work’ – (Clear example of how sodomites dominate the RC church)

Bishop apologises for priest’s anti-gay marriage homily

Sinn Féin ‘actively considering’ running someone against Mairia Cahill

Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy arraigned on tax charges in Dublin

Kingsmills survivor Alan Black ‘leads a solitary life’

Theresa May: Mass immigration gives ‘close to zero’ economic benefits – Conservative conference live

Tory conference 2015: Theresa May to tell Conservative Party mass immigration is bad for Britain – live

Theresa May: High levels of immigration threaten UK cohesion

ISIS thugs crucify Christian boy aged 12 after slicing off fingertips in front of his father

Nama letter exposure `throws a whole new perspective’

‘Dirty money’ developer brands Robinson’s Nama claims ‘risible’

October 5

TUV Pays Tribute to Jack McKee

Unionist anger at McGuinness ‘veto’ on Troubles probe boss

IRA secret agents in civil service keep republicans in business

I am happy to debate IRA crime on TV with Sinn Fein – Irish newspaper reporter

International crime gang operating in North Belfast are dealing drugs, running prostitutes, drugs andbrandishing weapons – PSNI do nothing say residents

SDLP in West Tyrone divided over leadership battle

McGlinchey’s comments have ‘traumatised’ victims: George Robinson MLA

Mairia Cahill: Why I want to be a Labour senator

Mairia Cahill nominated to contest Irish Senate seat for Irish Labour Party

Mairia Cahill: Sinn Fein ‘may worry’ if I’m elected to Irish Senate

The real parallels in yesterday’s SF-Syriza photograph

Pope Francis opens Roman Catholic ‘Family’ synod amid sodomite priest row

Vatican sacks gay priest after highly public coming out

Catholic priest ‘happy to be gay’ – (Eternity will tell a different tale!!!)

More than 50% of teachers in England ‘plan to quit in next two years’

Double catastrophe caused demise of dinosaurs, study suggests – (Every madcap notion under the sun other than the clearly documented Bible account!!)

October 3

David Cameron: Northern Ireland agreement needed by end of October

Vatican plays down Pope’s meeting with US gay marriage objector Kim Davis – meeting “should not be considered a form of support of her position”

Ruth Patterson: If I ever quit the DUP, I wouldn’t join another party

Pressure on Simon Hamilton to resume post and deal with health crisis

Oregon killer’s IRA fascination ‘chilling’, says victim

A mass-murdering cheerleader… just what republican movement doesn’t need at moment – (Many of us can remember when Republicans cheered at the death of IRA victims!!!)

Philip Hammond: Britain will vote no if EU does not back down

Chaos as HUNDREDS of migrants storm Channel Tunnel in ‘massive planned invasion’

If you’re for free speech, speak up for Pastor McConnell

October 2

Theresa Villiers: Parties still far apart on key issues

There is a perception that the past is not approached fairly

Just 14 pupils go to new Irish school in Co Londonderry

Oregon shooting: England-born gunman Chris Harper-Mercer ‘supported the IRA’ – (Sadly, he learned their ways well!!)

Chris Harper-Mercer: everything we know about the Oregon school gunman on Friday morning

Oregon shooting: Gunman asked victims their religion before killing nine and boasted ‘the more you kill, the more you’re in the limelight’

‘Filled with hate’: Witnesses say Oregon gunman targeted Christians in community college shooting

McGuinness pays tribute to US shooting victims

Dissident republican attack ‘highly likely’

Pastor McConnell lawyers brand Stephen Nolan ‘the biggest no-show in the country’

‘Unhappy’ Ruth Patterson not leaving, says DUP

Mary Hanafin: Fianna Fail will ‘absolutely’ not go into government with Sinn Fein

October 1

DUP minister Jonathan Bell in U-turn on wind power subsidies

Kim Davis lawyer claims Pope Francis met controversial clerk during DC visit

Kentucky Clerk jailed over gay marriage says pope encouraged her

Toilet voyeur David McConaghie given four-month jail term

Ex DUP adviser who hid camera in office toilets jailed for four months

Gerry Adams could face civil action over IRA murder of Jean McConville

Seamus Mallon: ‘Mistake’ to allow Sinn Féin into government without decommissioning – (It was a mistake he pushed hard for!!!)

Mallon: Leaders wanted peace for their own glory

Irish government says Martin McGuinness was present at Nama conference call – (Surely wee Marty has not been caught out in another lie!!)

McGuinness present for conference call on Nama North deal

Martin McGuinness attended Nama call

‘Unionists standing by loyalist paramilitaries’ – McGuinness

PSNI chief defends Adams and Storey arrests

DUP new girl is given Nama probe role just two days into job

September 30

IRA-Sinn Fein leaders still a protected species

Jean McConville murder: Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams will not face Disappeared charges – (Not today but ONE day!!)

Jean McConville family angry as Adams and others to face no charges

VIDEO: Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams will not be prosecuted over Jean McConville murder

No charges against Gerry Adams but Jean McConville’s family vow to seek justice

Case against veteran republican Ivor Bell over Jean McConville murder

Sinn Féin’s Phil Flanagan is ticked off for having the neck to go without a tie – (Slob culture!!!)

‘Humble’ pope is arrogant, says Evangelical Protestant Society – (Of course he is – he claims to be Christ’s vicar, substitute, on earth!!)

Kevin McGuigan murder: Man arrested tried to escape police with a loaded gun, court hears

Danger of civil war breaking out in divided SDLP

MLAs question role of lobbyists as DUP minister returns to chamber

Gareth Robinson won’t say if he lobbied DUP minister

Mick Wallace alleges threat from Cerberus

TD Mick Wallace ‘told he would be “sorted” for raising issues on sale of NAMA Northern loan book’ – Dáil hears

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