September 2015

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Pictures of Christ series

Rev. Ivan FosterRev. Foster has begun a new series of studies in Kilskeery Independent Christian School morning assemblies in which he deals with the theme, “Pictures of Christ in the Bible”, the descriptions and types of Christ given in the Scriptures. You can listen to these studies using the player below. Each new study will be added as it becomes available.

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Bible pictures of Christ, Pt 1
Bible pictures of Christ, Pt 2
Bible pictures of Christ, Pt 3


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Future developments in Iraq

The substance of a message preached in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church, Lord’s Day evening, 10th March, 1991 by Rev Ivan Foster.

There are basically two schools of thought regarding what the Bible has to say about the future of the ancient city of Babylon.

There has been a city of Babylon from the very earliest times. “And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.” Genesis 10:10
“So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.” Genesis 11:8-9.

It became a city of great prominence in the time of Nebuchadnezzar. It, rather than Nineveh, became the city of Assyria. The city is now in ruins.

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Ruins of Babylon viewed from Saddam Hussein's summer palace
Ruins of Babylon viewed from Saddam Hussein’s summer palace

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Suicide – a despairing leap into the dark.

Two things have prompted me to mount these notes which are the substance of a sermon I preached in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church on March 16th, 2008.

First of all, there have been those in recent years who were known to me who, in the midst of a depressive darkness, yielded to the taking of their own lives.

I never had and still do not have the slightest grounds for doubting that they were the Lord’s children, truly converted and washed in the blood of the Lamb. I joined with others at their funerals and mourned over the despair they had wrestled with and which, in the end, prompted them to take the action they did.

We may and must deem the act as wrong but never lose a sense of compassion for them in the largely unknown struggle in which they were engaged, in some instances, for many, many years.

Nevertheless, it must never be thought that such compassion and such asserting that we believe them to have been truly saved in anyway exonerates suicide as a sin.

My second reason is a very recent email exchange I had with a brother who took me to task for a statement he read in my introduction to this sermon on SermonAudio. The statement he objected to was : “I say for most because suicide does not result in the damnation of the Christian who yields to that temptation.” You can read the statement and its context below.

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Standing firm in the midst of a sinking world

bible_imageHaving therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great, saying none other things than those which the prophets and Moses did say should come,” Acts 26:22.

(A message preached in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church by Rev Ivan Foster on 21st August 2004 and in Walsham Le Willows Congregational Church, 30th August 2015.)

This world has ever been sinking down morally since the entrance of sin. It is not a process that is limited to the closing years of this age as some might think. It is true that the moral decline will accelerate in the days of the rise of the Antichrist. This is stated clearly in such places as 2 Timothy 3:1. “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.”

But moral and spiritual decline has been an ongoing feature of every age. Its rate of decline may have varied throughout the ages but its inexorable continuance is undeniable.

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roman_soldierAn outline study of Jude – an important little book for today, by Rev Ivan Foster.

Part 8: The believer, a vivid contrast in a day of apostasy

But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. And of some have compassion, making a difference: and others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh,” Jude 1:20-23.

The believer is ever to be a contrast to the worldling, but that contrast is never more obvious than in a day of darkness and apostasy. The stars are always shining in the heavens, but it is only when the sun sets that their presence becomes obvious!

So far in this epistle, Jude has stressed the character and nature of the enemy about whom he would warn us, the “certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ,” verse 4. In the four verses we wish to consider in this study, verses 20-23, the emphasis is upon the response of the believer to this wicked invasion.

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Latest news stories

IRA-Sinn Fein leaders still a protected species

Jean McConville murder: Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams will not face Disappeared charges – (Not today but ONE day!!)

Jean McConville family angry as Adams and others to face no charges

VIDEO: Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams will not be prosecuted over Jean McConville murder

No charges against Gerry Adams but Jean McConville’s family vow to seek justice

Case against veteran republican Ivor Bell over Jean McConville murder

Sinn Féin’s Phil Flanagan is ticked off for having the neck to go without a tie – (Slob culture!!!)

‘Humble’ pope is arrogant, says Evangelical Protestant Society – (Of course he is – he claims to be Christ’s vicar, substitute, on earth!!)

Kevin McGuigan murder: Man arrested tried to escape police with a loaded gun, court hears

Danger of civil war breaking out in divided SDLP

MLAs question role of lobbyists as DUP minister returns to chamber

Gareth Robinson won’t say if he lobbied DUP minister

Mick Wallace alleges threat from Cerberus

TD Mick Wallace ‘told he would be “sorted” for raising issues on sale of NAMA Northern loan book’ – Dáil hears

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More news

September 29

NIO clarifies victims plans – but parties divided

TUV hits out at proposals to facilitate ‘Provo truth’

McDonnell should step down before what remains of the SDLP is destroyed

Nesbitt calls for Upper Bann by-election after poll ruling

One of Robinson’s Spads accepts big pay cut to become a DUP MLA

DUP’s new face at Assembly: A minister in the making?

Increasing pressures forcing officers to quit force, Police Federation warns

Mixed response to claims Pope Francis could visit Ulster in 2018

West Belfast man in court for alleged threats against Jamie Bryson

Jamie Bryson and Mick Wallace – the odd couple rocking the NAMA boat

Widow of slain RUC man petitions Stormont to end day release for terrorists

‘Thin’ Dublin Kingsmills evidence shocks inquest campaigners

September 28

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn defends Irish republicans Troubles meetings

Memorial plan confirms Corbyn ‘true friend of terrorists’

We victims of the IRA are furious about Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn attempt to rewrite history totally disingenuous: Jim Allister

Jeremy Corbyn defends stance on IRA

Jeremy Corbyn under fire for trying to block extradition of known IRA man

Jeremy Corbyn defends stance on IRA in TV interview

McGuigan suspect republican wing query

Reports on Provo activity under way by garda chiefs

Most DUP members oppose relatives marrying Catholics says survey

Public scourging of Presbyterian minister shames intolerant Church

For the (RC) Church to survive, it has to do one simple thing – end vow of celibacy – (Actually, it is the coming judgment of God that ought to worry it!!!)

September 26

Paisley son to speak out about father’s rejection by church

McDonnell: DUP ‘don’t want a taig about Stormont’

SDLP’s Alasdair McDonnell expected to face leadership challenge

Jeremy Corbyn withdraws from Sinn Fein event at Labour Party conference

Martin McGuinness: Peter Robinson and I can overcome our difficulties

Peter Robinson is finished, says Sinn Fein’s Danny Morrison. Keep your nose out, replies the DUP

Miraflores shooting: Dublin gangster Gary Hutch cornered and shot after dramatic chase at Spanish resort

No One Should Be Surprised by NIO De facto Amnesty Proposals

Watchdog upholds UUP’s complaint a poll commissioned by the DUP on eve of vote was misleading

Bomb survivor slams Sinn Fein councillor over ‘pride’ remarks

Robinson’s accuser invited to outline Nama claim at Dáil

September 25

Corbyn reiterates support for united Ireland

DUP’s Jeffrey Donaldson says Jeremy Corbyn united Ireland stance ‘unhelpful’

Alasdair McDonnell: SDLP leader taped accusing DUP of sectarianism

Refugee crisis: European leaders warned that ‘greatest tide of migrants is yet to come’ – (Such an influx of Muslims will most definite bring with it strong anti-semitic belligerence!)

Pope Francis assures atheists: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven – (Funny, Peter said the opposite. “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved,” Acts 4:12.)

Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real and God is not ‘a magician with a magic wand’ – (Real lies that is!!)

7 wicked popes and the terrible, terrible things they did – (In truth they were all wicked, being deniers of God’s Word and preachers of a false gospel!!)

Forget the “See No Evil” policy – of course the IRA still exists

Jamie Bryson in Stormont: The day Geronimo tore the duct tape from his mouth

‘Fixers’ were paid £45m in property scandal, Irish politician claims

The email that confirms Sinn Fein was well aware of Nama deal – (It is not suggested that Martin McGuinness told lies – surely not!!!!)

Two on trial over IRA speech from the plot

Dublin not was not being held properly accountable on Troubles role, victims tell Irish parliamentarians

No more clarity from NIO on Troubles murder confessions

September 24

Troubles killers can confess … but victims will not be told

Nama inquiry: DUP first minister Peter Robinson ‘beneficiary of £1bn deal’

Peter Robinson says he was not ‘earmarked to benefit’ from Nama sale

Jamie Bryson tells inquiry Peter Robinson ‘to benefit from NAMA loan sale deal’

Jamie Bryson upstages folks on the hill

Peter Robinson denies Jamie Bryson’s ‘scurrilous and unfounded’ NAMA payment allegations

Peter Robinson denies ‘scurrilous and unfounded’ payment allegations

Nama inquiry: Peter Robinson rejects Bryson payment claim

Peter Robinson brands Jamie Bryson evidence ‘a pantomime’ after loyalist claims First Minister was to get Nama bung

Peter Robinson says he will appear before Stormont over Nama claims

McGuinness claims DUP and Dublin kept him in the dark

Nama inquiry: Chairman Daithí McKay defends Jamie Bryson hearing

Sinn Fein Councillor stands by ‘proud ex-IRA man’ remarks

It seems the recent IRA controversy has damaged Sinn Féin as its support has fallen back, and is down three points to 19 pc.

An Amnesty is an Amnesty no Matter how you Dress it up

Newly appointed PIRA assessor didn’t refer to PIRA in March report

Security gaffe peer Lord Carlile is head of panel probing paramilitaries

Political convenience must not affect PIRA report – Allister

Three person panel is political window dressing

September 23

Belfast children’s lives put at risk by mortar bomb packed with marbles

TUV Responds to Security Assessment Panel

Profiles: Who are the panel members of the NI paramilitary organisations independent review?

‘Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell’s pious homilies to the peace process will not wash. They wanted the IRA to win’

Labour is heading for ‘civil war’ and 2020 defeat under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership

Jamie Bryson NAMA evidence could be heard in private

DUP made mistake in confronting Cameron with threats

Morale slumps among PSNI officers amid drastic cuts

Morale in Police Service of Northern Ireland at rock bottom, survey finds

Improvised bomb found by police in west Belfast

Ballymurphy Semtex was from old Libyan Provo arms shipment

Northern Ireland terrorist amnesty axed after outrage paramilitaries could walk free

Victims’ families want minister Stephen Farry sacked over murderer Billy Hutchinson’s new post

PUP hits back in row over Hutchinson education appointment

Gay rights group accuses Church of silencing Presbyterian minister

Lords watchdog won’t say why it rejected DUP nominee for peerage

September 22

Jim Allister heckles Robinson as DUP accepts new Stormont ministry

Martin McGuinness challenges parties to ‘put up or shut up’ over crime ‘link’ – (This is like Judas daring anyone to prove him a traitor!!!)

‘I won’t put up with any more nonsense’ – McGuinness – (What’s he going to do? Knee-cap his critics???)

Double shooting accused ‘in Lithuanian crime gang’

Ministry of Defence condemns serving army general behind Jeremy Corbyn ‘mutiny’ threat

UKIP’s Henry Reilly to challenge suspension over Irish News’ remarks

Man held in England for Semtex haul ‘was under surveillance’

Man charged over Semtex and guns find in west Belfast

Man charged after semtex, handguns and ammunition found in Ballymurphy

Gerry Adams’ cousin in his fourth week of Maghaberry prison hunger strike

Maghaberry prison race gang wars: Loyalists in brutal clashes with Chinese drugs mules behind bars

The focus on Bloody Sunday is part of distortion of past

UUP aims to work with Jeremy Corbyn despite past IRA stance

John McDonnell gave us a sorry excuse for an apology

September 21

Provos murdered McGuigan in ‘bank robbery cover-up’ (Read this and see the iniquitous confederacy that rules Ulster!!)

Remembering the days 
when the IRA did go away

‘Honour Provos like men of 1916’ – (There is a great similarity of course!!)

La Mon atrocity survivors reject John McDonnell apology

Ukip suspends Reilly for three months — but won’t say why

British Army ‘could stage mutiny under Corbyn’, says senior serving general

‘Death to America’ doesn’t actually mean death to America

Republican Presidential candidate Dr Ben Carson says Muslims should not be President

Labour Party divisions revealed as shadow ministers openly disagree with Jeremy Corbyn

Peter Robinson taken to hospital after medication reaction

Peter Robinson in hospital days after quitting as Northern Ireland’s First Minister

DUP leader Peter Robinson admitted to hospital

Robinson admitted to hospital

Abuse going unreported in Britain’s south Asian communities – study

Christians ‘martyred for beliefs every FIVE MINUTES by Islamic State and other terrorists’ – (Doubtless, the term ‘Christian’ is used loosely but it does show the wickedness character of Islam!!)

Ian Paisley Jr missed Syria vote due to £350-an-hour Uganda bank job

Memorial commemorates 72 soldiers from Fivemiletown who died in world wars

Unionists don’t need to trust me to strike deal with me, insists Gerry Adams – (Such is the level of moral thinking in Ulster politics!!)

Victim’s disgust at convicted UVF killer Billy Hutchinson education post appointment – (Another example of the political malaise in Ulster!!)

September 19

Bullet in the post means Sinn Fein is not fit to govern, claims TUV chief Allister

Does Northern Ireland need new body to provide paramilitary assessment? – (Its all part of placating the DUP and saving their political face!!)

Why John McDonnell’s IRA apology didn’t convince me

Semtex find raises questions, says Ulster Unionist Tom Elliott

Peter Robinson ‘content’ with government response to DUP concerns – (It is never too hard to ‘content’ those anxious to be contented!!)

No Amount of Window Dressing Will Hide Reality of IRA Murder

UUP slams state funeral for “terrorist” Thomas Kent – (Rome honours him as she does and will honour today’s IRA terrorists!!)

Analysis: TUV could gain a councillor, but DUP could gain much more

Semtex, detonators and handguns found in Belfast house

TD Mick Wallace ‘not deterred’ by Peter Robinson legal action threat

Israel calls up reservists following holy site violence in Jerusalem

IVF embryos to be genetically manipulated in UK for first time as scientists investigate repeated miscarriages

More than 3,000 ISIS jihadists are in Britain NOW ready to launch attacks, warn security sources

Just ONE IN FIVE migrants claiming asylum are from Syria, EU figures show

September 18

Ahoghill bombs: Paramilitaries just ‘self serving criminals’ says DUP man – (Somewhat like those in Sinn Fein/IRA with whom he is in coalition!!)

Amnesty’ vital to get Troubles deaths truth says expert – (So we swop a confession for a total exoneration for murder – that’s justice!!)

NI ‘left behind’ as Ireland approves gay marriage law – (Being left behind those who are heading for hell is a good place to be!!)

Majority of Anglican Church in Wales backs gay marriage in ballot

Cleric who hailed gay marriage ‘accepts homosexuality sinful’ – (With a doubt!!??)

DUP denies it put forward Dublin donor for peerage

Peter Robinson to sue Mick Wallace over tweet

Gerry Adams: Sinn Fein ‘open to forming coalition with any party’ – (That includes the devil himself!!)

Gerry Adams interview: ‘Lend your vote to Sinn Féin’

When the IRA murder, SF must face specific sanction

Paramilitary shooting victims were foreign nationals

Police ‘set to interview’ Bloody Sunday shooters

Gregory Campbell calls for McGuinness to face Bloody Sunday probe

Labour’s John McDonnell apologises for his ‘honouring IRA’ comments

September 17

Same-sex marriage: First Irish ceremonies expected within months

Gaddafi assets cannot be used to compensate IRA victims

Commons erupts in opposition to McDonnell’s pro-IRA comments

Those who seek to justify IRA terrorism ‘should be ashamed of themselves’ – David Cameron – (But they are not!!)

Victim anger at proposals for ‘airtight’ Troubles amnesties

Jeremy Corbyn will sing national anthem at ceremonial events, Labour says – (Corbyn makes the late Michael Foot appear positively sartorial!!!)

Labour donor tells MPs to quit the party

DUP has just days left to decide whether to take ex-UUP ministry

Robinson says next week will tell whether Assembly falls or is rescued – ( Funny, I thought it was last week or was it the week before!!!)

Analysis: True to form, PM is being very slow to help Robinson

UK government may revive ceasefire monitoring in Northern Ireland – (Exactly what is the function of the police force??)

TUV asks DUP if it had prior knowledge about IRA activity

Two men in their 30s shot in separate incidents in Newry, County Down

Friend of murder victim Kevin McGuigan gets bullet in the post from IRA

Jamie Bryson and Martin McGuinness set to appear at Stormont Nama probe

Sports Minister Challenged on Anti-British Bias – (This the true nature of the Agreement the DUP signed up to!!)

British air strikes ‘have killed 330 Isil terrorists’ in year

Refugee crisis: UN Secretary General urges compassion as Hungary fires tear gas at refugees – (This amounts to an endorsement of migrant rioting!!)

Support soars to quit the EU: Migrant crisis is fuelling surge, say Eurosceptics

September 16

Theresa Villiers: Statement fails to win Unionist support for Stormont talks

Peter Robinson digs in over DUP’s precondition for talks after Villiers rejects his demands

DUP vexed with Theresa Villiers’ statement on Stormont crisis

No legislation in the absence of ministers, Assembly confirms

The Labour party is now led by people who wanted the IRA to win

Years of startling statements from IRA apologist John McDonnell who once called for the UK to ‘honour’ terrorists

McDonnell is unfit for high office in the United Kingdom

Northern Ireland policing powers could be handed back to London

Villiers comes up with escape route for Sinn Fein

Gerry Adams dismisses public’s belief that he was in IRA

September 15

DUP no show at Stormont Assembly meeting as IRA row continues

Smash Provos and we’ll talk: Unionists issue ultimatum to Villiers

Stormont cisis: Theresa Villiers meets parties, unionists wait for Government response

Cameron and Villiers ‘not divided’ over Northern Ireland approach

UUP ties itself up in knots over stance on talks

Analysis: At the heart of this dispute is not just the IRA, but unionist rivalries

We’re in uncharted waters so what happens next is anybody’s guess

Nigel Farage: No place for terror in Northern Ireland politics

Robert McCartney’s sister says Sinn Fein claims about IRA are childish

Bobby Storey’s trying to lead us up garden path

Aylan Kurdi’s father denies claims he was a people smuggler and driving boat that capsized and led to son’s death – (What manipulation of public opinion has taken place on the whole ‘migrant’ issue!!)

New Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, ‘jokes’ that he would have liked to have assassinated Thatcher

A profile of John McDonnell – new shadow chancellor

Corbyn’s new shadow chancellor McDonnell wanted honour for Bobby Sands

September 14

I need concessions to attend talks: Peter Robinson

First Minister Peter Robinson putting his affairs in order before his planned exit

Adams accuses Robinson of ‘making a show of himself’

IRA murdered McGuigan over killing of ‘supremo’

Kevin McGuigan murder: Sinn Féin’s Bobby Storey says IRA is ‘not coming back’ – (LIES. It has not gone away as recent murders indicate!!)

Troubles victims hit out over Sinn Fein man’s ‘butterfly’ Provos remark – (Here is evidence of what liars Sinn Fein/IRA members are!!!)

‘Big Bobby’ – Gerry Adams’ can-do guy

McGuinness fears ‘state agents’ involved in murders to create problems for SF

Will Unionists Listen to Republican Fairy Tales of Deadly Butterflies and Mythical Agents?

Jim Cusack: Commissioner and more IRA questions

Death of an assassin: how the killing of Kevin McGuigan reawakened Belfast’s political strife

Stormont crisis: PSNI gaffes allowed republicans to play the persecuted

SF ‘has not taken Stormont seriously for two years’

Mairia Cahill: Sinn Fein’s hot air as Stormont train goes off the rails

It’s time that Sinn Fein sorted out its own problems

Sinn Fein loses support in Republic (of Ireland)

Corbyn’s victory, the Living Wage, and the IRA

September 12

DUP’s Peter Robinson says Sinn Féin and SDLP will not get ministerial roles

Stormont crisis: DUP ministers will ‘renominate and resign’ to keep roles from Sinn Fein

Stormont Set for new Depths of Pantomime Farce – TUV

Stormont crisis: Martin McGuinness says he will not resign, refers to Ian Paisley

‘I don’t trust Arlene Foster’ – Gerry Kelly – (I’m sure the feeling is mutual!!)

David Cameron warns the IRA should be disbanded ahead of talks – (Eh! Weren’t we told they were gone???!!!)

‘Action Against Drugs’ in fresh shooting

Enniskillen bomb: Victims

DUP members top expenses table at House of Commons

Male-only Marines units outperform mixed groups, study finds – (It’s a ‘no brainer’!!)

Westminster MPs overwhelmingly reject plans to legalise assisted dying for people with terminal illnesses

Tragic Aylan Kurdi’s father was ‘people smuggler who led boat journey which killed his sons’ – survivor claims

September 11

Stormont parties reject DUP adjournment proposal

Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson steps down: full statement

NI first minister Peter Robinson steps aside in Stormont crisis

DUP’s Robinson walks away but leaves door ajar for a dramatic comeback

Stormont crisis: Peter Robinson steps aside – Arlene Foster to take over as acting First Minister

Stormont thrown into turmoil after Robinson steps aside as First Minister

DUP U-Turn Keeps McGuinness in Office

Taoiseach gets news of Robinson move before the NI public

The IRA leadership backed McGuigan murder: Moloney

Kevin McGuigan murder investigation: Senior republicans released

Kevin McGuigan murder: Bobby Storey, Eddie Copeland and Brian Gillen released unconditionally

September 10

Peter Robinson ultimatum: If Assembly is not adjourned DUP ministers will resign from the Executive immediately – (Could it really happen??!!!)

DUP could quit Executive after ultimatum

Stormont crisis: DUP puts ultimatum to Villiers

DUP’s shrinking ground – TUV statement

Kevin McGuigan murder: Bobby Storey (northern chairman of Sinn Féin) one of three senior republicans arrested

Enniskillen bomb: ‘HET prevented from questioning Martin McGuinness’ – (How many other murders has NIO covered up??!!)

HET wanted to question Martin McGuinness over Enniskillen bombing – but were halted by NIO, it’s been claimed

Police investigate 27 reports of rape in Northern Ireland schools

September 9

Image of Queen at work marks day she attains longest reign in history

DUP Claim Terrorists not Acceptable in London While Sustaining them in Belfast

‘Time not right’ to suspend NI political institutions, says Theresa Villiers – (Nor ever will be!!)

Theresa Villiers rules out suspension of Northern Ireland Assembly

Northern Ireland crisis talks: Ulster Unionists angry over agenda

Stormont crisis: Ulster Unionist Party pulls out of talks

Refugee crisis: How Europe’s alarming lack of unity over the issue could bring about the break up of the EU

EXCLUSIVE: Refugees are prime candidates to become lone wolf terrorists, says SAS hero

Disappeared: Post-mortem confirms bodies of Seamus Wright and Kevin McKee found in Co Meath

Online poll results: What do NI voters make of political developments in the Stormont crisis?

It’s time we understood this will never be resolved

Ex-bishop admits sex abuse 20 years after victims complained

September 8

DUP says no more NI Executive meetings unless ‘exceptional circumstances’

Executive frozen till IRA crisis over – First Minister

DUP accused of playing ‘Hokey Cokey’ over Executive meetings

Analysis: After days of drift, evidence of a firmer hand on the DUP tiller

Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern doesn’t believe Sinn Fein will abandon the IRA – (I think everyone would agree with that!!)

IRA ‘was the most ruthless killing machine in the western world’, Northern Assembly told

McGuigan murder: ‘Senior IRA sanction was unnecessary’

DUP, SDLP and victims unite in claims of PIRA organised crime

Most Britons DISAGREE with Cameron as they say: We don’t want more refugees

September 7

Stormont crisis: DUP to reveal plan as MLAs return to assembly

Magherafelt-born priest fears Stormont crisis will thwart Pope visit to NI – (How sad that would be!!!)

Pope Francis promises to take in two refugee families and urges others to follow his example – (The Vatican is rather small after all!!!)

EU referendum: Majority of British voters want out for first time, claims shock poll

Will More Clerks Be Going to Jail? 2nd Christian Kentucky Clerk Defies Ruling to Issue Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples

DUP could collapse Northern Ireland Assembly on Monday

Reporter, Vincent Browne on Adams: “He was by far the most important person in the IRA from 1980 onwards.”

Peggy O’Hara INLA funeral: Arrest and appeal over paramilitary displays

Provos panic as drug gang’s €500k is taken

As More Irish Turn Away From Catholicism, Parents Call For Non-Religious Schools

[hr[ [/hr]

September 5

Sinn Féin must restore trust says Dublin PM Enda Kenny

Kenny slams SF claims on IRA as ‘incredible’

94 guns found in Northern Ireland in last three years

Alderdice against recreating Independent Monitoring Commission

Debate on Davison and McGuigan murders to dominate new Stormont Assembly term

Chief Constable stands by his assessment that IRA members killed McGuigan

Sinn Fein propping up a failed political experiment

DUP defections won’t be the last, claims Mike Nesbitt

For the sake of your sanity, call it a day Mr Robinson

Irish Senator Lorraine Higgins calls on Sinn Fein to persuade IRA to give its fortune to those who suffered at its hands

Bishop of Worcester urges MPs to vote against assisted dying plans after wife’s cancer death

September 4

US gunrunner agrees to testify against Sinn Fein man in Belfast court

US clerk jailed for refusing to issue gay marriage licences

IRA leadership will have sanctioned Kevin McGuigan murder, says former agent

Nama probe committee votes to hear evidence from Jamie Bryson

Graham tapes feature at least one DUP politician

London and Dublin order ‘NI crisis talks’

Assembly will stagger on in some shape or form

Robinson can learn from the mistakes of Trimble

HIA Inquiry: De La Salle order ‘failed to report child abuse claims’ in 1980s

Colin Wallace: Files prove Kincora never properly examined

September 3

Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry: IRA murder of Bernard Teggart ‘most horrific’ case – (Abducted from St Patrick’s Training RC School in west Belfast in 1973 but police never informed by the School!!)

Pope Francis says all priests can forgive women who’ve had abortions – (“Who can forgive sins but God only?” “Shewing himself that he is God.” Mark 2:7 & 2 Thess 2:4)

One DUP motion defeated, and second not even tabled – (Confusion reigns supreme!!)

DUP ‘will take action’ if no crisis solution is offered by Cameron, says Arlene Foster

DUP brings cheer to IRA – SF

UUP should have quit Executive after 2007 Quinn murder: Allister

Jenny Palmer: Former DUP councillor joins Ulster Unionist Party

Analysis: Incredible indecision in Robinson’s handling of Palmers

Jenny Palmer defects to UUP as pressure on Robinson grows

Tom Elliott, UUP MP, concerned over removal of last police TSG from Fermanagh

Stormont crisis: David Cameron urged to jail ex-IRA pair Kelly and McDowell

‘Stop using me as a political pawn’ Sean Kelly tells First Minister

U-turn over cash funding for ex-prisoner groups in wake of McGuigan killing

Parties using public money to buy iPads, cameras and spin doctors

Johnny Adair: I’m pleased Martin McGuinness is in Government – (The Oracle has spoken!!!)

Having squandered goodwill, few will mourn Stormont’s fall

Hillary Clinton emails reveal US thought Peter Robinson was ‘incapable of acting’ in wake of Iris affair – (Just another chapter in the decline of the DUP!!)

Hillary Clinton emails reveal US reaction to Iris Robinson affair

September 2

Robinson threatens unilateral action if Assembly not suspended

First Minister Peter Robinson urges Assembly suspension, crisis talks and IRA monitoring

DUP blocked from adjourning Stormont

ANALYSIS: Plenty of DUP huffing and puffing but no plans to blow the house down

Martin McGuinness urges Cameron not to suspend Stormont assembly

(Irish) Minister for Foreign Affairs says nobody believes IRA has gone away

Irish PM Kenny and Adams clash over IRA criminality claims

‘How dare she’: Dublin’s deputy PM, Joan Burton hits back at Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou

Jim Wells hits out at Dundrum attacks on ‘Protestant’ businesses

Tullyvallen massacre: ‘Silence is not enough, someone needs to show remorse’

September 1

PM must address the intrinsic problems in Stormont arrangements

Talks in Dublin and London today on Stormont crisis – (This shows how far the sell-out has gone when Dublin is fully involved in our affairs!!)

DUP to call for revival of Northern Ireland ceasefire monitoring system – (Anything other than pull the plug and lose their pay cheques!!)

Staying in Stormont Executive makes life very difficult for DUP – (Difficult it might be but it is vitally important to their pockets!!)

Nesbitt right to quit Executive, says ex-First Minister Trimble – (That’s an endorsement that comforts I’m sure!!)

DUP slam UUP leader’s comments about First Minister as ‘misleading’ ‘dirty and deceitful’ – (Nothing like letting Sinn Fein/IRA off the hook!!)

Contradictions abound as Nesbitt wrong-foots DUP

NIO staying silent on Stormont options

Not Sinn Féin’s job to solve crime, says McDonald – (Usually solving it by engaging in another!!)

Why ex-IRA men killing each other really does matter for all of Ireland

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