Two recent letters to the Newsletter

You may have seen the following letters recently published in the Belfast Newsletter.

The first was from Dr J E Hazlett Lynch rightly protesting at those republicans who jeered his family when they gathered at Carnon Cross, Ardboe at which his brother, Kenneth, and two RUC colleagues were brutally murdered on June 2nd 1977.

I submitted a response in support of his letter but also seeking to highlight the hypocrisy of Mrs Naomi Long, leader of the ‘pious’ Alliance Party, and her readiness to condemn a comparatively lesser sin of the posting of a video mocking a lady murdered some years ago, while in coalition with the terrorist supporting and glorifying Sinn Fein party, guilty of hundreds of murders of innocent Protestants and Roman Catholics!

Here are the two letters,

Sincerely in Christ’s name,

Ivan Foster

The hypocrisy of republicans who jeer at murder victims

A letter from Rev Dr JE Hazlett Lynch:

6th June 2022, 5:58 am

The scurrilous hypocrisy of the IRA/Sinn Fein community beggars belief.

They, rightly, criticised and condemned those loyalists who made a sick joke of Michaela McAreavey’s murder, yet it was their Co Tyrone supporters who jeered at us when we visited the site at Carnon Cross, Ardboe at which my brother, Kenneth, and his two RUC colleagues were brutally murdered on June 2 1977.

We are still awaiting justice for these murders.

Below is what I posted on June 1:

As a family, we visited the scene of the murders, and while we stood, thoughtfully, at the atrocity that had taken place, the women who lived in the neighbouring houses cheered and jeered and waved their arms high at dad and mum whose youngest son they had wiped out!

I cannot describe how indescribably hurtful that was to my parents, and also to me!

Judge for yourself whether this was an appalling act of emotional violence foisted on us!

JE Hazlett Lynch (Rev Dr), Magherafelt

Hypocrisy is not limited to republicans


I can concur completely with what Dr J E Hazlett Lynch wrote in his letter “The hypocrisy of republicans who jeer at murder victims.”

However, hypocrisy is not limited to republicans.

I noted the response of the Alliance leader, Mrs Naomi Long, to the reprehensible video mocking the death of the late Mrs Michaela McAreavey.

It is incomprehensible how men, even when drunk, could compile such mockery!

It is reported that Mrs Long said: “having seen the utterly vile and depraved video of those revelling in the murder of Michaela McAreavey, I feel sick”.

Her reaction is understandable but I am at a loss to know how she can be so revolted at a video which mocks a dead lady and yet be in union with a party, Sinn Fein, which is indissolubly linked to decades of terror and murder in which many hundreds of innocent men and women and children were mercilessly done to death. That same party continues to rejoice in the campaign of terror and honours and salutes those engaged in that terror and hails them as heroes!

Why have we not heard of Mrs Long’s sickness at the far greater wickedness of those who she is happy to be in coalition with?

Sincere regards,

PS: This is the same lady who unashamedly campaigns for it to be made easier for babies to be murdered in the womb!!


Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd).


(The newspaper did not publish my post script.)