The truthfulness of our statements regarding Rome and child abuse

A kind friend has sent the editor a link to an article printed in the ‘Boston Globe’ back in 2002.

That newspaper carried out a most extensive and damning exposure of the wicked behaviour of Roman Catholic priests in that city from its cardinal right down to the lower ranks.

The attached article highlights how that Romanism stands out amongst all religious groups, guilty of similar wickedness, as being the one with the greatest number of offences and the persistent tendency to deny and cover-up the offences. This has been true of Rome here in Ireland, north and south, again and again.

Some of the ‘Boston Globe’ articles are mounted on the Burning Bush and can be seen here.

The attached ‘Boston Globe’ pdf article shows that what I said in my article was absolutely accurate, and that despite the attack upon it by Claire Simpson of ‘The Irish News’, representatives of the abused victims’ organisation and a letter from the ‘Commissioner for survivors of institutional child abuse’, Fiona Ryan.

The Commissioner shows either her ignorance of the truth concerning Rome’s world-wide crimes or her bias toward any who would expose popery for what it is — or both!!

I have highlighted in bold red type in the pdf article the particularly relevant statements but the whole article ought to be read, distasteful as it undoubtedly is.

Sincerely in Christ’s cause,

Ivan Foster