Child abuse: Stormont ministers set March date for apology

Here is the BBC’s article

If Paul Given does indeed offer an apology to those who suffered shameful treatment as children within homes supposedly established to look after them, he is linking the Unionist and Protestant people with horrific crimes carried out chiefly by Roman Catholic clerics and nuns within Roman Catholic institutions!

That is a step too far in the campaign of ‘mutuality’ pursued by Sinn Fein/IRA and the other pro-republican, anti-British parties that make up the majority in Stormont, and in which evil parade Unionists lamely limp along at the rear!

Let every condemnation be heaped on every wicked and guilty person and establishment, irrespective of their religious profession, but let not any Unionist representative give the impression that the Protestant people share in the guilt and shame of these terrible events.

Bible Protestantism has consistently protested against the evil system of Romanism and the inevitable corruption that the false and evilly pretended ‘celibacy’ of its clerics and nuns will breed.

They and they alone are to be publicly shamed for the vast majority of the wickedness of this deplorable episode that is but a repeat of what is recognised by historians as the ongoing dark practices of Rome!

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)
20th January 2022.