September 2016

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Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church

Lord’s Day 9th October

Preacher: Rev Ivan Foster

Special subjects: 

11.30 am – “For whom has Christ reserved a crown?”

7.00 pm – “Which path will the Free Presbyterian Church choose? Repudiating Dr. Joel Beeke’s compromises or Displeasing the Lord of Glory.

All are welcome to these meetings.

“Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints,” Jude 1:3.

Joel Beeke preaches for and publicly seeks closer links with sodomy-endorsing Dutch denomination!

beekeHis departure cannot get much worse and leaves his supporters with a stark choice.
How long are some ministers going to continue attempting to whitewash this man?
God’s warning stands sure: “Behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out,” Numbers 32:23.

Most of our readers should be aware of the controversy surrounding Dr Joel Beeke and his links with those whose standing should not be acceptable to the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. In the past he has shared platforms with pro-sodomite speakers and sold books extolling the sodomite life-style. This can be checked out in Pastor Ralph Ovadal’s article: “The Downward Spiral of Dr. Joel Beeke’s Ministries Continues”.

However, as is the inevitable outcome of compromise, he has gone even further. On a preaching visit to Holland, he preached in pulpits which are occupied by sodomite-supporting ministers. But, not content with such a violation of God’s Word, Dr Beeke used the occasion to express a desire for his church, Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation, to have formal links with the Restored Reformed Church denomination which has endorsed the dreadful doctrine that a sodomite can be a true believer and even a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ. Read more

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Private Interpretation Forbidden

The enigma code machine

“Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation,” 2 Peter 1:20.

Many would challenge Peter’s assertion, though perhaps they do so without realising the significance of their actions. I say this in order to ameliorate their error because I do feel many are unaware that they are engaged in that which Peter here forbids.

Many believe that we must come to the Bible and “interpret” what it is God says! Now the word “interpretation” means “unloosing”. It is the process of “untying a knot”. That suggests that God has given us a “tangled skein” rather than a clear revelation!

It is what the combatants in the Second World War on both sides were busily engaged in. Most famously, the German military developed, after the First World War, that which was called “The Enigma Code.” It was a complex system of encoding its military communications, thus concealing them from their enemies. However, the Polish Cipher Bureau broke the code in the 1930s. Of course, the Germans were ever improving their code and so there was an ongoing battle of wits which I think we can say the Allies won, for during the latter part of World War II, the British knew much of what it was the Germans were saying and planning.

The USA likewise had broken the Japanese system of codes and were thus in possession of much of the communications coming out of Japan.

That is what interpretation means. Read more….

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A backdrop which tells a sad story

arelene_foster_pubI was sent some pictures which allegedly appeared on the ‘Facebook’ page of the DUP leader, Mrs Arlene Foster.

Apparently, Enniskillen DUP held a breakfast meeting at the Horseshoe Bar and Saddlers Restaurant, one of the oldest public houses in Enniskillen.

For such a venue to be acceptable to the members of the DUP indicates a grave departure from the Party’s founding principles and practices.

There was a time when such a venue would never have been dreamed of and I am inclined to believe that it would still be the case for many local branches. Read more

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The war that God provoked

roman_soldier“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel” Genesis 3:15.

What a wonderful gospel text this is.

It is the first gospel sermon and it was preached by the Lord Himself.

The mercy of the Lord is seen in how quickly the Lord utters this word of grace after the sin of Adam and Eve has been committed. Notice the words were directed against the devil. His rejoicing over his conquest of Adam and Eve was short lived. This word from the Lord ended such rejoicing the devil may have been deceived into engaging in. The pleasures of sin are but for a season says Paul when referring to Moses’ decision to reject the throne of Egypt. “Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season,” Hebrews 11:25.

For Adam and Eve the words of God were welcome. There is promised to them victory over the one whose evil has plighted and destroyed their world. They would not have to live in subjection to him.

These words indicate that God is going to start a war between the devil and all believers and that for all of time. Read more

Listen using the player below:

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A most abominable archbishop

Justin WelbyIn his response to the admission by the Bishop of Grantham, Nicholas Chamberlain, that he is in a sodomite relationship, the Belfast Newsletter of 5th September 2016, reports that Rev Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said: “I am and have been fully aware of Bishop Nick’s long-term, committed relationship.” He added: “He lives within the bishops’ guidelines and his sexuality is completely irrelevant to his office.”

This is one of the most wicked statements I have ever heard coming from the increasingly corrupt Archbishop of Canterbury’s office.

1. He states that he has been “fully aware of Bishop Nick’s long-term, committed relationship.”

Since nothing has been done to deal with this shameful defiance of G od’s Word, we can only surmise that Welby approves of such wickedness. Read more

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Beeke Backtracking!!!

Dr. Beeke at the launch of Refo500 North America

Not for the first time Dr Joel Beeke has been found wanting when it comes to honesty!
Recently, Pastor Ralph Ovadal published an article on his site, “The Downward Spiral of Dr. Joel Beeke’s Ministries Continues.” Click here to read the article.

That article contains the following statement:

Dr. Joel Beeke and Refo500 Together again, or more accurately, the illicit affair continues…it was recently brought to our attention that Dr. Beeke has not even ceased speaking at Refo500 events, as evidenced by the fact that he is a featured speaker at a Refo500 conference in the Netherlands scheduled for August 31—September 2, 2016. This Refo500 event is being held at the Theological University Apeldoorn where Dr. Herman Selderhuis is Professor of Church History and Church Polity.” Read more

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The Folly of Unbelief

kilskeeryfpc“And David said in his heart, I shall now perish one day by the hand of Saul: there is nothing better for me than that I should speedily escape into the land of the Philistines; and Saul shall despair of me, to seek me any more in any coast of Israel: so shall I escape out of his hand,” 1 Samuel 27:1.

Based on a message preached at a special Saturday morning season of prayer attended by teachers, pupils, parents, Management Committee members and supporters of Kilskeery Independent Christian School, at the commencement of its 38th year.

The life of David provides us with many lessons for our pilgrimage here on earth. The trials and afflictions he endured present to us a true representation of what it is the Church of Christ may expect to encounter as it journeys to the “land that is fairer than day.”

As our school launches into its 38th year, we may take instruction, warnings and encouragement from this passage. Read more Listen using the player below:

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Job’s Christ

“For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: and though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God: whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another; though my reins be consumed within me,” Job 19:25-27.

(Based upon a sermon preached by Rev Ivan Foster in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church on September 4th, 1994)

Knowing that such is the greatness of this text that no sermon of mine could do it justice, I feel I must return to it this Sabbath morning for one more look at its glorious message. I would like to highlight truths that I did not touch upon in our last study.

Job had little hope of ever seeing a restoration of that lost in his trial and little hope of ever being vindicated before his friends in his lifetime. But he did have a firm assurance of seeing just such a vindication one day. To that day he appeals in this great outburst of faith. I wish to look at these words and see Job’s Christ. Read more

Listen to a recording of this message using the player below:

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Editor’s correspondence with ‘Father’ Patrick McCafferty

Pastor James McConnell and the RC priest Patrick McCafferty with whom he is most friendly
Pastor James McConnell and the RC priest Patrick McCafferty with whom he is most friendly

Back in 2002, I entered into a correspondence in the pages of “The Burning Bush” with a Roman Catholic priest from Belfast. The correspondence arose after I wrote a letter in reply to an article by the priest in “The Belfast Telegraph” of August 24th, 2002.

I was grieved at such a platform being given to the errors and deceptions of Rome and commented on the priest’s article in a letter to “The Belfast Telegraph.”

It will be noted how our two replies to the priest were edited by the ‘Letters Editor’ of “The Belfast Telegraph” before they quickly closed the exchange after two exchanges.

The Word of God was not liked by that ecumenical newspaper back then and it is still the case. Every effort was made to shield and protect the priest of Rome from the rebuke of God’s Word.

We are republishing the correspondence, which continued for eight exchanges, and appeared in “The Burning Bush” from October 2002 until May 2003, because of the publicity given to the ‘warm relationship’ that was manifested between this priest and Pastor James McConnell during the recent trial occasioned by Pastor McConnell’s pulpit statements about Islam. Pastor McConnell asked ‘Father’ Patrick McCafferty to speak on his behalf during the trial.

All this “ecumenical camaraderie” between the pastor and the priest may appear to some to give endorsement of the teachings of Rome and it is for this reason we highlight again the errors this priest, like all Roman Catholic clerics, propagates.

Needless to say, it also highlights the folly of James McConnell!

Read Part 9 of the exchange here.

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Latest news stories

Sinn Fein leader to sue BBC over Donaldson murder claimsSinn Fein’s Gerry Adams to sue BBC over Spotlight Denis Donaldson murder claims

‘No chance’ of Northern Ireland losing £55m fund over Europe vote, insists Finance Minister Mairtin O Muilleoir

Omagh bombing: European court dismisses Real IRA men’s claim

European Court dismisses Omagh bombing pair’s ‘unfair trial’ claim

Republicans ‘stirring up trouble over flags’

Liam Fox: Brexit is a ‘golden opportunity’ for trade

Cyril Smith child abuse case: No further action

John McDonnell ‘not expected to kneel before Queen’ at Privy Council ceremony – (I’m sure she will survive!!)

‘Pragmatic’ shadow Chancellor John McDonnell will kneel for the Queen if asked when he joins Privy Council

Farm subsidies: Payment to Saudi billionaire prince sparks anger – (An example of the cowardly madness at the heart of government!!!)

DUP and Sinn Fein working together to shut out the alternative voices at Stormont

Row erupts after DUP minister changes name of boat from Irish to English

Minister who axed boat’s Irish name ‘bigoted’ and ‘anti-Irish’, says Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly – (What of the original decision to give it an ‘Irish’ name???)

Ex-primary (Roman Catholic) school head on sex attack charge gets bail

System has indulged killer Hazel Stewart enough

Deutsche Bank fears send UK stocks tumbling

100 reasons why Brexit was a good thing


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More news


September 28

Abuse survivors felt ‘belittled’ during meeting with head of Catholic Church in Ireland – (May God open the eyes of many in Ireland as He did in Germany 499 years ago!!)

Real IRA: We killed spy Donaldson – it had nothing to do with Sinn Fein chief Gerry Adams

Sub-machine gun: Nine-year sentence over carrying gun in a Belfast taxi

Machine gun courier was involved with terrorism since childhood

Man jailed after being caught in taxi with submachine gun

PSNI handle bomb alert every week as dissidents determined to kill again

Dissidents’ new political party, Saoradh ‘follows well trod path’

McGuinness used Royal powers three times

Survey: Majority say ‘No’ to Ireland border poll and ‘Yes’ to staying in UK

Husband and wife ex-IRA team are key players in €250m illegal cigarettes scam

Ardoyne Orange Order parade given green light by Parades Commission

Sinn Fein says GARC North Belfast protest aimed at “provoking confrontation”

US Secretary of State John Kerry threatens to end Syria talks with Russia over Aleppo

MH17 flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on July 17, 2014: Missile that downed plane ‘came from Russia’

MH17 shot down by ‘Russian’ missile

‘You don’t know what you’re doing!’ Ken Clarke launches scathing Brexit attack on May

The EU will IMPLODE when Britain leaves and Germany will pick up the tab, blasts Fox

DEUTSCHE DISASTER PLAN? Merkel ‘preparing’ emergency bailout for leading German bank

Fury as judge allows failing Muslim school to remain a secret to “avoid media storm”

Stephen Hawking: Humanity is DOOMED unless we can conquer space travel – (He is what W P Nicholson called an “educated eejit”!!!)

September 27

DUP and Sinn Fein criticised for not releasing report on Brexit impact

Analysis: Brexit document throws up different, but equally tricky, questions for DUP and SF

DUP won’t budge on Taoiseach’s ‘all-Ireland Brexit’ talk – (For now anyway!!!)

Taoiseach Enda Kenny to hold talks on Brexit without DUP

Ex-MP George Galloway urges ‘Ire-exit’ EU referendum

Nicolas Sarkozy pledges new EU Treaty to try to tempt Britain back to Brussels – (Bible teaches that England will be part of Antichrist’s 10-kingdom empire!!)

Stormont’s working better than ever, McGuinness tells Labour conference

Ardoyne dispute: Garc plans separate march in protest at parading deal

GARC plan protests against Ardoyne parade

Co Antrim independent councillor Padraig McShane to face charges over Twelfth

Fury at PSNI chief’s failure to probe IRA attacks on soldiers during the Troubles

Former IRA ‘child soldier’ Shane Paul O’Doherty says 15 years in prison was a “horrific awakening” to his violent crimes

Irish-American lobby body chief blames Belfast Telegraph after being snubbed by Brokenshire in US – (Who would want anything to do with this terrorist-loving popish priest!!)

Why did officials remove plaque unveiled by Queen at Irish railway halt within hours?

Belfast Hydebank prison, home for killers Stewart and Crymble, ‘no longer place you hear gates clanking’

God bless America… it’s going to need it with one of these two at the helm

September 26

Free Presbyterian minister defends protest against Catholic priest being installed at St Anne’s Cathedral

Free Presbyterian explains Catholic priest protest

Parents anger after Belfast primary pupils given ‘sledgehammer’ Christian flyer – (The horrifying thing is that parents are ‘horrified’ that their children should hear the gospel!!)

DUP and SF join forces to soften Nama motion

Does Stormont Want to Hide its Head in the Sand Over NAMA? – Speech by Jim Allister

Sam McBride: Limp Stormont Opposition risks being outshone by political minnows

SF should remember Maze breakout with shame: DUP MP – (As should the DUP their 2007 power-sharing deal with Sinn Fein/IRA!!)

Anger as Sinn Fein MEP and former bomber Anderson says she’s proud of 1983 Maze jailbreak

Guarded welcome on street for Ardoyne/Twaddell parade deal

McGuinness’s SF driver keeps crashing – and taxpayers are having to pay for it

Does Stormont believe in one law for them and another for rest of us?

Ballymoney loyalist parade ‘a platform to build on’

Hardline republicanism shows public face with Saoradh launch at swish hotel

Four men charged as PSNI reveal deadly ‘homemade warhead containing Semtex’

Four dissident terror suspects refuse to stand for judge in court

Jeremy Corbyn ‘needs to explain stance on terrorism’ after Labour victory

Birmingham pub bombings families won’t get same support as Hillsborough disaster victims – Home Secretary

Don’t worry, BBC … Gerry Adams will not be suing Spotlight any time soon

The Deutsche Bank crisis could take Angela Merkel down – and the Euro

WARNING: Deutsche Bank collapse could BURY EU as stocks plunge FURTHER in day two CARNAGE

Who won (and lost) the first presidential TV debate, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Presidential debate: Hillary Clinton triumphs over Donald Trump in opinion polls after televised clash

Trump, Clinton clash at fiery first debate on trade, tax returns, temperament

Syrian army troops advance on Aleppo as Nato calls air strikes ‘blatant violation of international law’

September 25

Belfast’s St Anne’s Cathedral: Catholic priest installed for first time – (FPC protesters outside this betrayal of the Reformation)

St Anne’s Cathedral appoint Catholic priest as honorary Canon – (This the signal for true believers still in the C of I to obey God and separate!!)

Protests as Catholic priest installed at St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast

Teen sorry after filming foul-mouthed ‘play’ in Belfast (RC) church

Irish abortion laws: Protests held across the world

‘Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective’: GARC dismisses Ardoyne parade deal

GARC yet to decide on protest against ‘agreed’ Ardoyne parade

Fault lines within nationalism remain over Ardoyne

Dissident republicans launch new political party – Saoradh

Dissident party Saoradh opens office in Belfast

Easter Rising parade passes off peacefully in Belfast (Photos)

McGuinness’s SF driver keeps crashing – and taxpayers are having to pay for it

Gerry Adams is a politician without a past – (And one with a very dreadful future!!)

Adams: Should he stay or should he go?

Dentist O’Grady who was held captive by ‘Border Fox’ laid to rest

So many suspects in an IRA riddled with spies

Hounding Army veterans over Troubles deaths a travesty, says former soldier

There are big egos as well as smiles behind Jeremy and Gerry’s beards as they rule their parties with iron fists

Sinn Féin and SDLP leaders welcome Jeremy Corbyn victory

David Cameron ‘let down’ by Theresa May, says former PM aide

Boris Johnson assured David Cameron Brexit would be ‘crushed ‘

May’s team hits back at Cameron’s ‘lily-livered’ claim

‘We will NEVER accept EU telling us what to do’ Hungarian minister attacks European elites

Austria imposes night-time curfew for migrants after soaring sex-attacks on women

‘Britain can NOT stop the march’ Furious Martin Schultz hits back at UK over EU army

Labour ‘could be out of power for 20 years’, shadow minister admits, amid calls for MPs to form breakaway party

Jeremy Corbyn tightens his grip on power over shadow cabinet elections as defiant MPs dig in for a fight

Britain accuses Putin of ‘war crimes’ in Syria at bitter UN meeting

Donald Trump tells Israeli Prime Minister he would recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

September 24

Murdered informant’s family refuse to blame Gerry Adams

Denis Donaldson murder: Family do not blame Provisional IRA

Dissidents to launch New IRA-backed political party

Border police station closed by stealth, say shocked politicians

Twaddell: Agreement reached over long-running parade dispute

Agreement reached over Orange Order Ardoyne parade – Twaddell protest camp set to be dismantled

Deal finally struck over disputed Ardoyne parade

The bailiffs will have to break down my door over 80p mistake, says defiant peer Maginnis

It’s not only overkill to pursue Lord Maginnis over 80p – the case should never even have got this far in the first place

Gunman on the run after five killed in Washington state shooting

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon says soldiers have been victims of a ‘witch hunt’ as he vows to end ‘unfounded’ legal claims against troops

Islamic State fighters try to shoot down RAF jets with missiles

Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn defeats Owen Smith

Jeremy Corbyn urges MPs to unite behind him if he wins

Ted Cruz endorses Donald Trump months after calling him ‘pathological liar’, ‘utterly amoral’ and ‘serial philanderer’

MoD’s silence on Chinook helicopter claims

September 23

Kyle Paisley to meet Kingsmills accused Reavey

Kingsmills: Kyle Paisley cancels meeting with Eugene Reavey

Kyle Paisley rules out meeting Eugene Reavey on Kingsmills

Paisley son backs out of meeting man accused by father over murders

Lord Maginnis: Goods to be seized and sold to cover unpaid fine, judge rules

Court orders seizure of goods over Lord Maginnis 80p train ticket fine

Irish deputy Prime Minister urges Adams to fully co-operate in Donaldson case

Gerry Adams allegations raised on BBC show will be investigated if reported – Garda chief

Adams ‘must explain death penalty informer remark’

Adams should stop playing the victim card and instead seek closure for the families who lives have been destroyed by the IRA

Fingerprints of Gerry Adams critic found in Donaldson murder cottage

Mairia Cahill: ‘Denis Donaldson took a bite of his chicken pakora and asked me to join the Provos’

Donaldson murder: Police say Provos not to blame – ‘Genuine surprise’ at BBC allegations

Loyalists angry over ‘paramilitary’ republican band event

Simon Hamilton again dodges question on how he voted in EU referendum

September 22

Ex-Trimble adviser calls for blanket Troubles amnesty

Key OTR flaw may scupper future IRA trials, says lawyer

Did state agents nudge the IRA towards peace?

Standard ‘blame the Brits’ denials from Sinn Fein don’t wash with people any longer

Who was really responsible for Troubles-related deaths?

Kingsmills forensic blunders that meant massacre palm print was not matched to prime suspect

Adams statement denies Spotlight allegations

Garda ‘must interview’ Gerry Adams on murder

Gerry Adams ‘must sue’ BBC over Denis Donaldson murder

Furious Gerry Adams threatens to sue BBC and says he will meet with police

Sinn Fein chief Gerry Adams totally refutes allegations he sanctioned murder of republican spy Denis Donaldson

Police carry out raids in Lurgan

US and Russia in ‘parallel universe’ on Syria ceasefire

John Kerry demands no fly zone over Syria as well as ceasefire

Brexit not as bad as feared, says OECD as it performs u-turn on 2016 growth prediction

Voters showing no signs of ‘buyer’s remorse’ over Brexit, top pollster says

Nama: Robinson and McGuiness invited to appear before Oireachtas PAC

One shot as protests continue in Charlotte amid state of emergency

Charlotte riot: State of emergency declared after protester shot in second night of clashes over North Carolina police shooting

David Miliband says Jeremy Corbyn has made Labour ‘unelectable’

Theresa May committed to introducing ‘Alan Turing law’ and pardon gay men convicted of ‘gross indecency’ – (It has no authority in God’s court!!)

September 21

BBC NI Spotlight examines the intelligence war against the IRA

Denis Donaldson death: Gerry Adams sanctioned killing claims British agent in IRA – (These are the DUP’s partners!!!)

Ex-Provo claims Sinn Fein chief Gerry Adams sanctioned murder of spy Donaldson in Donegal cottage

Gerry Adams denies sanctioning murder of British spy Denis Donaldson

Gerry Adams rejects claim he ordered Denis Donaldson killing

Once again Adams finds himself linked to heinous act

Secret British army unit ‘bugged home of Martin McGuinness’

Undercover police called as witnesses in bid to halt dissident case

Auditors raise concerns over millions of pounds in Stormont accounts

Iraq UK forces: May ‘won’t allow vexatious allegations’

DUP’s Paul Givan defends new licensing law changes

DUP MLA Thomas Buchanan backs event promoting teaching of creationism in schools

US blames Russia for Syrian aid convoy attack

Syria aid convoy ‘travelling with militant weapon’, Russia claims

Russia ‘targeted UN aid convoy on outskirts of Aleppo in revenge for earlier air strike on Syrian troops’

Nicola Sturgeon HUMILIATED as SNP members say Brexit will BENEFIT Scots & rubbish party’s policy

September 20

Martin McGuinness: It feels ‘absolutely grand’ to be using Royal powers

McGuinness denies deceitful dealings as Stormont spin doctor as row continues

Assembly speaker under fire for blocking spin doctor job debate

Why secrecy over spin doctor appointment, says legal expert

20,000 sign petition to legalise gay marriage in Northern Ireland – (Man can never legalise that which God has declared morally unlawful!!)

B&Q owner Kingfisher sees no evidence of Brexit impact on demand as profits rise

Irish unification vote INEVITABLE if Britain leaves single market, says Paddy Ashdown

Pursuit of a border poll is a wild goose chase – (Something dopey Paddy Ashdown is good at!!!)

Just one-in-three in Republic would support united Ireland if taxes rose

Larne Royal Marine on terror charges to stand trial in February 2017

Ballymurphy families walk out of Brokenshire meeting

Europe does not love us (Rep. of Ireland) as much as we think

‘You WILL pay the price!’ German MP says Britain will have to FUND EU in any Brexit deal

EU backtracking on free movement at last?! Juncker buckles on Swiss immigration deal

September 19

Stormont Castle doesn’t deny that it secretly changed the law

Royal Marine from Larne back in court today on terror charges

Theresa May to tell world leaders that Britain has ‘a right’ to protect its borders

New Jersey blast as five questioned over New York bomb

New York bombing which injured 29 was ‘act of terrorism’

Hundreds of extra NY police deployed after Manhattan bombing

New York bomb ‘was act of terrorism’ – live updates

New York explosion: NYPD investigating Tumblr manifesto claiming to be the suspected bomber

Officials probe bombings, stabbings in three U.S. cities in a 12-hour span

IS claim responsibility for Minnesota mall stabbing

Minnesota mall stabbing: Isil ‘claims responsibility’ for vicious attack which injured nine people

First child euthanised in Belgium after change in law

Birmingham pub bombings: Inquest relatives must prepare for “open warfare in court”

Soldiers facing prosecution for Iraq drowning were cleared a decade ago after witnesses were shown to have lied

Angela Merkel damaged as German far-Right surges in Berlin elections

Angela Merkel’s party suffers election drubbing in 25-year low

Merkel’s party set to LOSE power in Berlin as exit polls show WORST result in history

YOU’VE CAUSED CHAOS! EU chief blames Angela Merkel for migrant crisis and ISIS attacks

Burkini-clad Australian woman ‘chased off French beach’

Britain could be fined millions of pounds if it tries to negotiate trade agreements before leaving the EU

September 15

Foster and McGuinness secretly changed law to appoint spin doctor

Sam McBride: Another self-inflicted Stormont Castle controversy

Church of Ireland ‘turning blind eye’ to clergy flouting gay rules – (Hard to do anything else since it has been blind in both eyes a very long time!!!)

PSNI no more to blame over SF than the DUP – (This a powerful letter which hits home on DUP hypocrisy!!!)

The one-sided approach to the past

McGuinness will not be implicated over alleged activities

Barrister claims republican is ‘unfit to plead’ over Jean McConville charges – (He was ever ‘unfit’ to live because of his crimes!!!)

Jean McConville death case adjourned over ‘unfitness to plead issues’

United States of Europe in just 9 MONTHS! The JUNCKER PLAN revealed in 12-month EU roadmap

UK’s ‘withered’ armed forces could not withstand Russia attack, retired general warns defence secretary

Colin Powell leaked emails: Israel has ‘200 nukes all pointed at Iran’, former US secretary of state says

September 14

DUP may have Nama probe veto

Jim Allister warned over ‘crossing line’ as he claims DUP is stalling Nama probe

UDA leader’s widow defends place on Victims and Survivors Forum

Mountbatten boat boy murder no act of war: victims’ group

EU officials ‘believe Britain will give up on Brexit if they make negotiations tough enough’

They think it’s all over – but Brexiting UK could still pull a u-turn on Article 50

Kingsmill massacre print not matched to republican Colm Murphy

Lee Rigby’s killer was not tortured, review finds

Gerry Adams warns Sinn Fein activists not to engage in ‘cyber-bullying’ – (Strange advice from leader of an organisation linked to murder and terror!!!)

Gerry Adams hints at stepping down as Sinn Fein president – ‘not a case of if, but when’

Gerry Adams coy over date of departure as Sinn Féin leader

Cartel’s ‘Double Killer’:Kinahan enforcer is suspect for Hatchet and Hutch murders

Mystery of missing toddler Ben Needham who disappeared in 1991 may finally solved

Ben Needham: Mother told missing toddler may have been killed in digger accident

Hillary Clinton ‘greedy’, Donald Trump ‘a national disgrace’, says Colin Powell

Donald Trump finally accepts Barack Obama was born in the USA

Farage: Archbishop of Canterbury ‘should go’

Jean-Claude Juncker blames Brexit vote on 40 years of ‘lies’

Stormont go-slow on new spin chief

September 13

MP claims Ismay accused bail checks ‘stopped over complaints’ – (Keep republicans happy is chief objective of top policemen!!!)

PSNI ‘told not to check on man accused of murdering Ismay’ – (Checks “offending his sensitivities”!!!!)

Anger as bailed terror suspects join forces at dissident protest

‘Stakeknife’ claims could reveal appalling vista of collusion: DPP

Row erupts over Sinn Féin ‘Craigavon Two’ 
prison visit

Libya: MP wants clarity from Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness over Gaddafi support for the IRA

It is right to remember the dead of 9/11, but fallen from our squalid ‘war’ deserve no less

What have the British ever done for us (Irish)? Quite a lot

House of Lords could block full Brexit, admits David Davis – (Are we really out???)

European court orders UK to pay convicted terrorist £13,000 over ‘human rights violations’ following London plot

‘We WON’T give up our superstate dream’ Juncker vows to press on with federalist expansion – (We move ever nearer the formation of Antichrist’s 10-kingdom empire!)

EU SUPERSTATE: Juncker unveils scheme to teach European youth Brussels values

Austrian cardinal tipped to be the next pope warns of an ‘Islamic conquest of Europe’

‘Muslims want to eradicate Christianity’ and conquer Europe claims potential next Pope

Zika virus: Several people from Northern Ireland treated

Scathing report criticises Cameron over Libya bombing campaign

David Cameron ‘ultimately responsible’ for Libya collapse and the rise of Isis, Commons report concludes

September 12

Stormont engaging in ‘ostrich politics’ over Nama allegations

Formation of paramilitaries monitoring panel hailed as decisive step

Gerry Adams’ ‘take the money and run’ call over £11bn Apple tax case shows up his total naivety

Brexit: Irish foreign minister Charlie Flanagan ‘cautious’ over Northern Ireland border reassurances

Constituency shake-up looks set to boost Sinn Fein: expert

Newton Emerson: I do not feel Irish in the slightest

Loyalist gunmen ‘more involved in crime’ than ex-Provisionals

Club MTV Londonderry concert: Dozens in hospital with drug and alcohol-related conditions, some as young as 12!!

Prospect of Irish unity recedes as SF and SDLP can’t convince their own voters

David Cameron stands down as Witney MP

David Cameron resigns as MP with immediate effect

Kingsmill lawyers call for release of top secret papers

Olympic ticket scandal: Pat Hickey vows to fight charges

Actor who praised McGuinness ‘has quite a short memory’ – (I wonder just how sympathy he had with the McGuinness’s campaign of terror??)

‘I remember hunting down Francis Hughes in dead of night – he’d left trail of blood and an IRA beret following a gun battle with us’ – Former RUC man

Processes on the past must not tiptoe round terrorists – (The ‘establishment’ has been ‘tip-toeing round McGuinness and Adams and Co for years!!!!)

September 11

Bloody Sunday: DUP call for Martin McGuinness to be questioned

Complaint to Ombudsman over police ‘failure to quiz McGuinness’

‘Biased’ legal system means no justice for dad, says IRA victim’s girl – (There is more than one way to deny ‘justice’!!!)

Mystery as son of Ulster terror chief Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair is found dead

Son of ‘Mad Dog’ Adair dies from suspected drugs overdose in Scotland

Jonathan Adair death: Like father, like son – ‘Mad Pup’, brought up in shadow of violence and drugs, was surely destined for bad end

Major poll showing strong support for the Union divides nationalism – (Even Nationalists know which side their breaded is buttered on!!)

Sam McBride: Poll findings blunt SF’s hopes – and stabilise Stormont

Clinton ‘Regrets’ Calling Half Of Trump Supporters ‘Deplorables’

Will Clinton’s Fall Be Defining Image Of Campaign?

Clinton cancels West Coast visit to rest after health episode

Hillary Clinton cancels California trip after pneumonia admission in potential turning point in US election

Hillary Clinton may DROP OUT of election: Democrats ‘line up candidates amid health scare’

Banners with Northern Ireland map removed at GAA match – (Just GAA supporters showing their true colours!!!)

Twaddell protest organiser Solinas quits lodge over deal

Nama reports Frank Cushnahan to two police forces over alleged corruption

All eyes on Taoiseach as calls for Nama inquiry now too strong to ignore

Nama prepares for war against watchdog over Project Eagle

Republican diesel boss facing €15m clean-up fine

Olympic ticket scandal: Pat Hickey formally charged by judge in Brazil

Boris Johnson backs Change Britain campaign pushing PM to deliver on Brexit deal

Theresa May should invoke Article 50 within weeks, says John Whittingdale

BREXIT FURY: Tories say NO to single market as they lose patience with May’s delays

South Korea says it would ‘annihilate’ Pyongyang if North starts nuclear war

September 10

Kingsmills palm print ‘belongs to man arrested in Newry’

MP warns changes in Westminster seat boundaries will hit unionist voters

Orangemen resign after ‘dirty deal’ on return Twaddell parade

Irish unity must be considered in Brexit talks, Enda Kenny says

Arlene Foster tries to calm fears Brexit may split UK

Brexit legal challenge to be heard next month in the High Court in Belfast

Gerry Lynch: First Past the Post is now harming unionism because it is concentrated around Belfast

Sinn Fein accused of abuse of public funds by supplying its official drivers

Second person challenges CPS decision not to charge Sir Cliff Richard

Fury at police in burkas: Plans blasted as ‘MAD’ and even criticised by Muslim leaders

September 9

Survivors’ group may pull out of troubled child sexual abuse inquiry

More than half in Northern Ireland ‘oppose border poll’

Support for Irish unity ‘virtually unchanged after Brexit’

Jim Allister: SF is abusing the provision of drivers

Cheating police students in Northern Ireland could be shown door – (Ought that not be “should”!!!)

Taoiseach comes out swinging – but Sinn Féin morphs into the EU’s friend

I owe Jamie Bryson an apology

Paisley/McGuinness peace film panned by critics

Ian Paisley’s widow boycotts film about him and Martin McGuinness

Belfast ‘CS spray’ incident: Gerard McMahon died after arrest

Probe into death of Gerard McMahon who was sprayed with CS gas during Belfast arrest

Olympic tickets scandal: Rio police seek third Irishman

Rio police want to question IOC head over Ireland’s ticket allocation

100-Year-Old Woman Is Mugged Outside Her Home

North Korea accused of ‘maniacal recklessness’ after most powerful nuclear test yet

Isis plot to attack UK foiled as arrests by Scotland Yard thwart ‘significant’ operation

‘Isis supporters’ who left car filled with gas cylinders by Notre Dame were plotting to attack Paris railway station

Wetherspoons founder Tim Martin launches scathing attack on EU as pub chain announces record profits

September 8

Gay bishop row: Archbishop of Canterbury Welby approves of wickedness, says Rev Ivan Foster – (Letter to newspaper)

New Northern Ireland constituencies will favour nationalists, claims Empey

Loughinisland killings: Ritchie ‘knows suspects’ names’ – (Considering how well known are names of leading IRA murderers, it’s not likely that such knowledge will see any results!!!!)

Rio 2016: Ipswich Town owner Marcus Evans faces Olympics ticket touting charge

PSNI officer on gun and drugs charges

Police and army may have concealed truth about suspected military killing of west Belfast woman, court hears

Deadly weapons and loyalist hitlist cache allegedly found at Tamnamore home

Police confirm 12 IRA assault rifles recovered since decommissioning

Fresh revelations prompt calls for cross-border Nama probe

Nama invited to appear before Dail committee over £1bn Project Eagle

Finance Minister Máirtín Ó Muilleoir agrees to appear before NAMA inquiry

Palestinians voice concerns about Sinn Féin Likud meetings

Police Make Two More Arrests Over Paris Gas Tanks Terror Probe

Denmark PM says he will defy EU rules and REJECT asylum seekers in times of crisis

Assange proves Clinton ‘LIED’ to Americans and reveals the ‘FBI are playing along with it’

How First World War PoWs betrayed details of the first mass tank attack in history – (Chief suspects are two Irish Roman Catholics POWs)

Knifeman who killed new father had weapon charges dropped just days before – (An all too familiar story!!!)

September 7

Boundary reform will see sweeping changes to political landscape in Northern Ireland

Boundary reform: All change in Northern Ireland but balance of power will still lie with DUP

END FOR MERKEL? German leader facing revolt from own party as she ignores election defeat

Germany faces mounting problem of refugee child marriages

Reaction: Paint thrown at Belfast Islamic Centre

Anjem Choudary sentenced: judge challenges Islamist extremists who live on benefits while claiming to ‘despise’ the West – (Sounds like Ulster!!!)

Australia says there will not be a Brexit trade deal with UK for years

Time for Sinn Fein to come clean on secret deal that may have saved hunger strikers – (Job 14:4!!)

Hickey faces charges over Rio Olympics ticket scandal

Brazil charges Olympics chief Patrick Hickey in tickets probe

BBC Spotlight to expose “corruption around NAMA deal”

Alleged Belfast Nama ‘fixer’ Cushnahan embroiled in fresh corruption scandal

Nama: Frank Cushnahan recorded accepting payment

Nama inquiry scandal: Police investigating Daithi McKay coaching claims

Latest NAMA expose requires action – Jim Allister

Police say ‘no crime’ committed over Derry IRA recruitment poster

Another 24 trainee police officers caught cheating in Northern Ireland

‘Significant amount of terrorist material’ found in Larne

September 6

Keith Vaz steps down from Home Affairs Committee

Keith Vaz stands down from his role as chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee as he faces questioning by MPs in wake of rent boys scandal

Keith Vaz resigns as chairman of Home Affairs Select Committee following male escorts scandal

Theresa May is the strongest and weakest of prime ministers

Radical cleric Anjem Choudary sentenced to five years for supporting Isis

Anjem Choudary sentenced to five years and six months

Liberal Sweden turns on migrants amid unprecedented rise in violence and sex attacks

Russia preparing for ‘full scale invasion’ of Ukraine & ‘weak’ Europe powerless to stop it

‘Londonderry’ name to be lost in Westminster boundary overhaul

Revamp of constituency boundaries may put unionist seats at risk

Election battle predicted if Belfast loses an MP under new boundary changes

Parties react to new Boundary Commission constituency proposals

Stop making excuses for Alan Hawe – he killed three sons and wife with hatchet and knives

Teenagers to face trial for murders of mother and daughter

Loyalist group says all flags should be taken down

Man Held Over Fatal Shooting At Dublin Boxing Weigh-In

Man arrested by PSNI in connection with Regency Hotel shooting

Suspected Regency Hotel gunman ‘Flat Cap’ arrested on foot of European Arrest Warrant

Dissidents behind Dove House and Féile attacks infiltrated: Kearney – (By criminals? They will feel at home!!!)

Londonderry ‘join IRA sign’ is ‘hate crime’

Lord Mayor tells pub bombings families: “I back you 100 per cent.”

Families of Birmingham pub bomb victims ‘frustrated’ at wait for legal aid nod

September 5

Loyalist fears were ignored in the 50s, 60s, and 70s and are ignored now

1916 Rising leader James Connolly was hate preacher: ex-IRA man

What happened to Mother Teresa’s sceptics? – (Nothing demonstrates the deceit of popery more than the cult of “mother Teresa”!!! An exposure worth a read here)

MP, Keith Vaz, Stands Down Over Sex And Drug Allegations – (Fellow MPs support and defend his actions!!!)

Keith Vaz stands down from home affairs select committee after male escort sex allegations

Keith Vaz resigns from home affairs select committee following male escort allegations

HUMILIATION FOR ANGELA: Anti-migrant movement trump Merkel’s party in German election

Angela Merkel’s party suffers defeat by anti-immigrant campaign in state election

Germany’s Anti-Immigration Party Has Momentum

Japan’s Unprecedented Warning To UK Over Brexit

Sinn Fein sacrificed MLA Daithi McKay, claims councillor

Máirtín Ó Muilleoir slammed for ‘stupid’ response

Apple tax: Irish cabinet to appeal against EU ruling

We cannot accept this affront to sovereignty

Royal Marine Ciarán Maxwell pleads not guilty to drugs and fraud charges

Royal Marine Ciaran Maxwell charged with terror offences

Royal Marine Ciaran Maxwell charged over Northern Ireland related terrorism offences

Serving member of British armed forces charged with terrorism offences

Teenage Co Antrim US bomb-threat hoaxer weeps as he escapes jail

London Celtic Punks plan to disrupt this year’s Oliver Cromwell commemorations – (They should have read of Drogheda’s historian, Tom Reilly’s book, “Cromwell Was Framed, Ireland 1649.”)

Hawe family: Cavan deaths ‘a tragedy beyond understanding’

Nicola Sturgeon knows she is playing with fire in independence push

Church of England gay bishop: local Anglicans split over revelation – (Just when will they split away from this wicked apostasy???)

Gay bishop: Appointment of Nicholas Chamberlain ‘major error’ says Gascon – (When such an ungodly man is placed in such a position it illustrates the utter apostasy of the C of E.)

First openly gay Anglican bishop tells ITV News: ‘I am who I am… There’s never been any secret’

‘Unbelieving bishop’ who questioned Virgin Birth and resurrection of Jesus dies aged 91 – (He knows now when it is too late!!!)

Northern Ireland had more than 24,000 births in the past year – with 44% being outside of marriage

September 2

‘We could STILL stay in EU’ Tony Blair tells FRENCH British people could change their mind

Tony Blair says Britain can still avoid Brexit

Britain may yet decide not to leave the EU, says Tony Blair

Parliament can still block Brexit despite Theresa May

Separate (Stormont) Brexit meetings expose the lack of ‘joined-up government’

Lots of questions but only Daithi McKay can provide the answers

Anniversary of Reformation an opportunity to heal divisions – (Ecumenism will seize upon this event and Beeke’s ‘Refo 500’ will lead the way!!!!)

Something is wrong with our justice system when terror crimes are dealt with so leniently

Holy Cross dispute: Payouts for Catholic schoolgirls who faced terrifying loyalist protests in Belfast – (The protests were never as ‘terrifying’ as the IRA’s 30-year campaign of murder!!!)

Omagh Bomb victims still being denied justice – (Had it been a ‘loyalist’ bomb they would have justice long ago!!!)

Man cleared of praising IRA at republican march

Whitehall defends ‘gay blood’ celibacy rules – (What a vile and ludicrous situation!!)

So many children today misbehave because they are over-indulged by parents who just will not say no – (REALLY!! So the the old Bible was right after all!! Proverbs 29:15)

Nicola Sturgeon humiliated AGAIN as poll confirms Scots DO NOT want a second referendum

September 1

SDLP: We will use all legal tools to keep NI in EU

Daithi McKay urged to ‘spill beans’ on Sinn Fein role in Bryson coaching probe

It’s likely McKay is far from happy… he may not be prepared to go quietly

SF veteran: North Antrim party ‘dysfunctional’

Derry man begged for help as he crawled away after being shot in ankles ‘by mistake’

Alarm over Stormont special advisers vetting FOI requests

Next it’ll be that Jason Orange is not safe to walk down the Falls…

Ban on gay men donating blood formally lifted in North

Police question man over south-east London car chase family deaths

Police Investigated By IPCC Watchdog Over Chase Crash Deaths

Troubles tourism a rose-tinted vision horror that stalked Northern Ireland

Community ‘rocked to the core’ after Cavan murder-suicide

Police granted further week to hold marine in terrorism probe

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