August 2016

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The True Nonconformist Christian

bible_image“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God,” Romans 12:1-2.
The word “therefore” leads us to the start of the practical section of the epistle, that of applying the truths Paul has set forth in chapters 1-11.

How practical and useful the gospel is! It is that heavenly ointment whereby the wounds and bruises of sin are mollified. (Isaiah 1:6.) Unlike the ointments compounded by men which are very limited in their applications, serving only to address one or maybe two ailments, the gospel ointment is universal. It treats all of man’s ills and that most successfully. So said Isaiah the prophet and Peter the apostle. “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed,” Isaiah 53:5 “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed,” 1 Peter 2:24. Healing from our sins comes through Christ the Ointment of Heaven.

The first application of the truths that Paul has set down in the previous eleven chapters is found in the exhortation, “Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.” Read more…listen below…

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Rev Ivan Foster’s letter to the Editor of the “Belfast Newsletter” in answer to the latest from Dublin critic

What follows is the latest in an exchange of letters between Rev. Foster and John McFarland Campbell from Dublin in the columns of the Belfast Newsletter.

Mr Ivan Foster (Aug 11) informs us that he has quoted from a version of the Articles of Religion as on the Church Society website.

It is clearly stated there, that this version “is provided solely for the purpose of making the Articles more easily understood. The standing or authority of the Articles as set out in the Book of Common Prayer is in no way to be interpreted as diminished or undermined.”Read more

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The Downward Spiral of Dr. Joel Beeke’s Ministries Continues

We wish to highlight Dr Beeke’s attitude to sodomy and show that our objections to Dr Beeke’s ministry started long before his production of the “Beeke Bible” and involves other very serious issues indeed by remounting this article!

Click here to read

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Ivan Foster replies to Dublin Critic.

ThebelfastnewsletterIt purports to be a reply to a letter by Rev Foster in response to criticism from a Roman Catholic with regards to his article on IRA man Joe McCann.

Letter from Mr. John McFarland Campbell of Dublin.

The Rev Ivan Foster (August 4) is quick to accuse Mr McEvoy of using weasel words.
But the Reverend gentleman should be careful with his own pronouncements lest he be found to be using weasel words himself. Read more

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FAITHFUL to the end

bible_image“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD,” Joshua 24:15.

Based on two sermons preached by Rev Ivan Foster in Gilford Free Presbyterian Church on Lord’s Day, August 7th, 2016.

The final days of Joshua present a model for us all to note and heed. It is to be noticed that verse 29 tells us that the events recorded in this chapter are followed by the death of the great man of God. “And it came to pass after these things, that Joshua the son of Nun, the servant of the LORD, died, being an hundred and ten years old.” It is clear that to the end, Joshua was faithful to the Lord and was most anxious to promote faithfulness amongst the people of God by tackling head on the issues that were threatening Israel’s spiritual well-being and future.

What a perfect paragon the man is for us all, especially the servants of God. I have lived with the words of old Pastor J Kyle Paisley, spoken to me just after I started my studies in the Free Church: “It is not how you start that counts but how you finish!” Joshua finished well. Read more

Listen using the players below:

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Local outreach by Kilskeery FPC Youth Fellowship

Kilskeery_YPF_outreach1The young people of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church have commenced a Saturday outreach in the villages around the area during the month of August.

On Saturday 6th, they visited houses in Trillick where two open-airs took place and they held another in their own little village of Kilskeery.

A text number was included in the literature urging people to use it to request further literature or the CD of a gospel sermon.

We would ask friends to pray for the word preached and the literature distributed that the Lord might bless His Word to every heart. Read more

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The spiritual ’Zika Virus’ plaguing our society

R_DavidsonThere is a truth in God’s Word which aptly sums up the underlying agenda of those who belong to the ‘world of perversion’, represented by the various sodomite groups.

It is found in Isaiah 5:20-21. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!”

Sodomites would have us believe that darkness is light; evil is good, bitter is sweet and vice versa!!

The deadly Zika Virus is spread by the smallest of bites but what havoc and grief comes of it! So it is with the sin of sodomy. It has been labelled as a most innocuous lifestyle which if accepted will bring benefits to society. It has corrupted the word ‘gay’ perverting that which used to mean joyful into a euphemism for all that is vile and offensive!

From tiny beginnings it has spread until the rights and freedoms of the God-fearing are largely eroded and denied in our land. It has become a crime to call sodomy what it is – a devilish perversion that will corrupt the minds and bodies of those who embrace it and damn their souls in everlasting hell! Read more

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The DUP and its changed stance on sodomy

DUP_Lord_MayorIn an article dated Saturday 05 January 2013, the “Belfast Newsletter” disclosed that back in 1982 the DUP was furious at the prospects of gay law reforms.

The article quoted a DUP submission to the British Government in April of that year.
The article stated: “The DUP’s unanimous view that homosexuality should remain a serious criminal offence in Northern Ireland in 1982 is forcefully expressed in a newly-released Cabinet paper document.

In a submission to the Government, dated April 30 of that year, the party articulates fierce and detailed opposition to plans to legalise homosexuality, which the DUP paper links to paedophilia. Read more

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Church of Ireland appoints a Roman Catholic priest as a Canon in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast

ST_AnnesThe announcement of the appointment of a Roman Catholic priest as a “canon” at St Anne’s Church of Ireland Cathedral, Belfast, is presented in a article in the “Belfast Telegraph”, (29/7/16) as a wonderful story of ‘sweetness and light’.

What is not referred to is the utter repudiation of the Protestant position of the Church of Ireland.

The Church of Ireland is part of that Anglican Communion which was born at the time of the English Reformation of the 16th century. Read more

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Editor’s correspondence with ‘Father’ Patrick McCafferty

Pastor James McConnell and the RC priest Patrick McCafferty with whom he is most friendly
Pastor James McConnell and the RC priest Patrick McCafferty with whom he is most friendly

Back in 2002, I entered into a correspondence in the pages of “The Burning Bush” with a Roman Catholic priest from Belfast. The correspondence arose after I wrote a letter in reply to an article by the priest in “The Belfast Telegraph” of August 24th, 2002.

I was grieved at such a platform being given to the errors and deceptions of Rome and commented on the priest’s article in a letter to “The Belfast Telegraph.”

It will be noted how our two replies to the priest were edited by the ‘Letters Editor’ of “The Belfast Telegraph” before they quickly closed the exchange after two exchanges.

The Word of God was not liked by that ecumenical newspaper back then and it is still the case. Every effort was made to shield and protect the priest of Rome from the rebuke of God’s Word.

We are republishing the correspondence, which continued for eight exchanges, and appeared in “The Burning Bush” from October 2002 until May 2003, because of the publicity given to the ‘warm relationship’ that was manifested between this priest and Pastor James McConnell during the recent trial occasioned by Pastor McConnell’s pulpit statements about Islam. Pastor McConnell asked ‘Father’ Patrick McCafferty to speak on his behalf during the trial.

All this “ecumenical camaraderie” between the pastor and the priest may appear to some to give endorsement of the teachings of Rome and it is for this reason we highlight again the errors this priest, like all Roman Catholic clerics, propagates.

Needless to say, it also highlights the folly of James McConnell!

Read Part 8 of the exchange here.

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Latest news stories

SDLP: We will use all legal tools to keep NI in EU

Daithi McKay urged to ‘spill beans’ on Sinn Fein role in Bryson coaching probe

It’s likely McKay is far from happy… he may not be prepared to go quietly

SF veteran: North Antrim party ‘dysfunctional’

Derry man begged for help as he crawled away after being shot in ankles ‘by mistake’

Alarm over Stormont special advisers vetting FOI requests

Next it’ll be that Jason Orange is not safe to walk down the Falls…

Ban on gay men donating blood formally lifted in North

Police question man over south-east London car chase family deaths

Police Investigated By IPCC Watchdog Over Chase Crash Deaths

Troubles tourism a rose-tinted vision horror that stalked Northern Ireland

Community ‘rocked to the core’ after Cavan murder-suicide

Police granted further week to hold marine in terrorism probe

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More news

August 31

Bomb disposal team in Larne over new security search connected to the arrest of a 30 year old royal marine

PSNI confirm Daithi McKay affair has been raised with them

Sinn Féin rocked by 18 North Antrim resignations

Are Sinn Fein resignations a blip or a sign of deeper malaise?

Unionist MLA: SF walk-out a rare glimpse of ‘independent thought’

Thousands expected at anti-Parades Commission parade in Co Antrim

If PSNI focused less on handsome cops and more on Orange hall arsonists it would have better image

Parliament ‘will have its say on Brexit process’

Theresa May chairs cabinet Brexit brainstorm at Chequers

UK will never leave EU because Brexit process ‘too complex’, says academic

NOTHING will stop EU exit: Theresa May insists MPs CANNOT overturn referendum vote

Apple tax: Downing Street says tech giant ‘welcome’ to come to UK after EU orders Ireland to claw back £11bn

90pc of bank customers unaware their income details are tracked and shared – and it’s legal

Decision not to prosecute Sir Cliff Richard in abuse probe being challenged

August 30

Still no police complaint over McKay Nama scandal – (Likely never will be one despite loud pronouncements by the DUP when scandal first broke!!!)

McCallister: Nama probe ‘will be quietly mothballed’

Nama scandal: Sinn Féin members resign from party

Sinn Fein councillor and 17 activists quit party in north Antrim

Jewish cemetery attack shames city

Anti-Semitism bred by ignorance… just look at our attitudes to Israel-Palestine

Celtic fans who vent their narrow-minded hatred of Israel should be given the red card – (They are pro-Palestinian because they are pro-IRA!!!)

Why the victims killed in the Bayardo Bar massacre also deserve to be remembered

Gerry Adams has more in common with John Redmond than he might think

Apple facing record bill for Irish tax

August 29

Church of England parishes consider first step to break away over sexuality

Arlene Foster ‘has given O Muilleoir soft landing on Nama’

Now on his third political marriage, Martin McGuinness is going through a rough patch

Sinn Fein’s west Belfast ‘republic’ rots in poverty – (Of their own making!!!)

Theresa May, the Brexit enforcer, orders her Cabinet ministers to come up with blueprint for EU exit

Gus O’Donnell has made a mistake. Even the suspicion that civil servants will try to block Brexit is dangerous

BREXIT BACKLASH: Hammond tries to slam brakes on Prime Minister’s exit strategy

Theresa May tells pro-EU civil servants to get on with the job of delivering Brexit

Nicolas Sarkozy demands border controls for thousands of migrants in Calais be shifted to Britain

German minister calls on refugees to be SENT HOME as it’s ‘impossible’ to integrate them

Brussels attack: Explosion at crime laboratory was likely attempt ‘to destroy evidence’

Declassified Files: RUC in 1985 a motivated force winning terror battle

PSNI revelations over Enniskillen bomb ‘raise more questions’ about probe

In the 1980s, I went to a rally where Labour Party speakers shared the stage with men in balaclavas

Why we must never allow republicans to rewrite past and absolve the IRA of its guilt

Even the dogs in the street know the guilty are laughing at the law

Calculating liars who seek to destroy other people must be jailed

Rio tickets scandal: Kevin Mallon to be released on bail

August 27

Favourite to be next Dutch PM vows to BAN the Koran and CLOSE all mosques

UK could remain in ‘looser’ EU – Lord O’Donnell

New move for instant EU exit: Tory MPs pile on pressure to ditch Brussels for good

Dramatic improvement in consumer confidence

Still no promise from McGuinness to reveal past

Martin McGuinness: I would have no difficulty with talking about my IRA past – (There is a day when that will change!!!)

N Ireland’s Martin McGuinness: ‘I Will Deal With’ Questions On Past

Daithí McKay could be forced to appear before committee in first legislation test

Senior police officer says PSNI sickness levels ‘not sustainable’

Gerry Adams urged to apologise over 1981 hunger strike deaths

TUV Councillors Comment on GAA Funding Row

Maynooth trainees to be supervised during meal times after ‘gay culture’ revelations

Pat Hickey and THG co-ordinated response to ticket row, emails show

August 26

Arlene Foster on Nama scandal: Ó Muilleoir ‘should have stepped aside’

Sinn Fein’s Pearse Doherty: Sinn Féin Finance Minister Martin Ó Muilleoir must resign if he’s involved in North Nama witness coaching

On the trail of the third man in Nama ‘coaching’ furore… but he proves as elusive as a good word from the natives for Northern Ireland’s politicians

14 ‘not arrested’ in Enniskillen bombing enquiry – (See my 1987 analysis of the “Poppy Day Massacre”)

PSNI are told ‘concerted’ bid needed to end Orange attacks

Woman arrested after masked gang remove loyalist flags

Jim Wells accuser handed three-month jail term for wasting police time

Woman jailed for three months for lying to police in Jim Wells homophobia hustings storm

DUP’s Wells urged court to make an example of lies woman sent to jail for three months

Wells pledges further action after woman sentenced for lying about him

Arrested Royal Marine ‘was targeted by loyalists in Larne’ – (Hardly justification for involvement with murdering terrorists!!!)

Shooting victim claims police have threatened to charge him if he doesn’t name gunman – (Convenient blindness!!!)

NI pathologist compares Kingsmill murders to IS atrocities

Irish State papers: British agreed to fund Irish-language daily newspaper

GCSE results: Northern Ireland students outperform rest of UK

Up to three in four babies born last year in parts of the UK had foreign mothers, official figures have disclosed

Be French or GO HOME: Sarkozy launches scathing attack on immigration and EU’s rules – (What British politician would say that???)

BREXIT BRITAIN THRIVES: Retailers report strongest sales in six months

Consumer confidence sees fastest monthly rise in three years – survey

Brexit fails to stop UK shoppers spending as retail sales beat expectations

EU is ‘BIGGER THREAT than Russia’, warns Danish MP as calls for DEXIT grow

The predictions have come to pass: Turkey is now in Syria and this is what it means for the Middle East

Irish Olympic officials free to leave Brazil after questioning

Police told Pat Hickey is ‘big chief of operation’ during meeting with OCI executives

‘My situation is Kafkaesque,’ says Pat Hickey from his prison cell

US swimmer Ryan Lochte charged over fake robbery claim

August 25

Rescuers search for Italy earthquake survivors as death toll rises to 247

‘Brysongate’: what did Martin McGuinness know about the Nama coaching plot and when did he know it?

First picture of Royal Marine arrested on suspicion of Northern Irish-related terrorism offences as part of MI5 probe

NI terrorism: Royal Marine arrested in Somerset – (Such treachery made life difficult for our forefathers only then it was on a larger scale!!!)

Royal Marine in Northern Ireland terror probe named

Sinn Féin TD says that ‘witness-coaching’ row is embarrassing for McKay

Philip McGuigan to replace Daithi McKay as Sinn Fein’s North Antrim MLA

DUP still intend to report SF ex-MLA to police

McKay witness scandal is just the latest blow to the onward march of Sinn Féin (“To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time,” Deuteronomy 32:35.)

Mystery over future of Co Antrim GAA club’s ‘IRA gates’ – (No mystery, the gates will remain!!!)

DUP anger as UUP splits over Glenariff GAA IRA gates controversy

Unionists at odds in dispute over PSNI staffing levels

‘We want police chiefs to support us on ground’

How is pampering a human right? It’s no wonder victims feel let down by system

UK officials ‘reluctantly’ agreed to Gerry Kelly royal pardon – (Just another “reluctantly agreed” concession!!!)

Memo shows ‘unease’ among British officials at royal pardon for IRA’s Kelly and McFarlane

IRA bomber McFarlane who killed five in bar blast given royal pardon was as part of extradition deal – (This the moral character of Sinn Fein leaders!!!)

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly ‘extremely dangerous’ according to 1980s government file – (He still is!!)

Masked men remove Union flags in Castlederg

Scotland must live within its means instead of relying on English taxpayers – (Folk are getting annoyed with Nicola’s antics!!!)

Sturgeon’s independence dream SHATTERED as plunging oil revenues leave £15bn black hole

Orangemen with goal to promote the gospel

Catholic Church hierarchy admits concerns over Maynooth seminary

Net migration hits 327,000 in new blow for Government pledge

August 24

SF minister should stand down during Nama enquiry, Nesbitt says

Máirtín Ó Muilleoir under pressure as ‘lone wolf’ theory queried by Finance Committee

SF’s Ó Muilleoir refuses to quit over ‘witness-coaching’ row

McGuinness has ‘full confidence’ in Ó Muilleoir as Finance Minister

Who is the ‘third man’ in Sinn Féin and Jamie Bryson scandal?

Despite ‘Brysongate’ it’s business as usual for Arlene and Martin

Olympic ticket scandal: Rio police ‘find emails between Pat Hickey and THG’

Our Lady’s Grammar School Newry school students disqualified from A-level exam

More alcohol seized from kids on St Patrick’s Day than Twelfth

‘Show us we have your support’, officers tell police chief as Twitter row rumbles on

Councillor charged with obstructing police officer

Holiday bail decision for terror suspect baffling – MLA – (Two laws in operation!!!)

Adrian Ismay murder-accused Christopher Robinson warned about further bail breaches

Man charged with prison officer Adrian Ismay murder warned against further bail breaches after second failure to report to police

Dissident suspect allowed spa break on bail over murder of prison officer David Black

Glenariff project funding approved despite ‘IRA gates’ row

UUP councillors back community centre on IRA name GAA site

The SNP has played Scotland’s Catholic Church for a fool

Virgin accuses Corbyn of telling porkies in train video

Corbyn Defiant As Virgin Casts Doubt On Leader’s Packed Train Claim

Passengers back Jeremy Corbyn’s claim that Virgin Train was ‘ram-packed’

British woman stabbed to death by ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacker at Australian hostel

August 23

Northern Ireland’s finance minister Máirtín Ó Muilleoir faces fresh calls to resign in North property scandal

Bryson: SF wanted me to pressure MLA to vote for public Nama probe

Mairtin O Muilleoir accuses McKay and Bryson of ‘subterfuge’

First Minister Arlene Foster urged to break silence on Jamie Bryson backchanneling

GAA club chairman quits over plans to remove IRA men gates

Dissident Dee Fennell’s bail eased for holiday – (This is being ‘tough’ on suspected terrorists!!!)

Terror charge Belfast republican Fennell gets permission to go on Donegal holiday

‘My IRA call was wrong’ says republican on policing body

Europe chief, Jean-Claude Juncker says national borders are ‘worst invention ever’

Death squads and justice: Behind the Philippines president’s brutal battle on drugs

European Leaders Outline Vision For Post-Brexit EU

Theresa May needs to start moving on Brexit talks, says Leave campaigner Duncan Smith

Germany warns citizens to stockpile food and water in case of terror attack – (How did we Ulster survive 30 years of IRA murder and republican-inspired mayhem???)

Gay Anglican ministers defy Church of England ban on same-sex marriage – (A vile and revolting outrage of common decency!!!)

Olympic ticket scandal: Patrick Hickey ‘did not try to escape arrest’ – (A lie springs so easily to the lips of some!!)

Trump a bigger psychopath than Hitler, new study says

August 22

Irish President Michael D Higgins: Ireland must not forget outrages against Protestants

SF’s McKay tweets denial has echoes of Quinn murder case: UUP

SF denials on witness coaching dismissed

Why did Sinn Féin act so quickly to end the career of a rising star?

Still no answers from Finance Minister Mairtin O Muilleoir on Nama coaching

Ó Muilleoir – I had no knowledge of McKay and Bryson messages

Jamie Bryson leaked Sinn Fein secrets as revenge on MLA McKay over parade

George Hamilton: PSNI chief apologises over ‘dry your eyes’ tweet

PSNI Chief Constable ‘sorry’ for offence caused after telling officer to ‘stop wallowing in self pity’ on Twitter

Ben Lowry: Meanwhile, there is no getting tough on NI terror

Fears over dissident access to Semtex trigger explosives

Parades Commission warned to ‘wind its neck in’ after Rasharkin band parade trouble

‘Offensive’ drink slogan is just political correctness gone mad

Michaella McCollum on being ‘top dog’ in Peru prison and how she ‘bribed security’ to send pictures home to Northern Ireland – (Poor little innocent abroad!!!!)

Drug mule Michaella McCollum earned £200 a week in jail and had own phone and cleaner

Priests group: papal nuncio’s policies ‘out of sync’ with Catholic Church

Kosovo sends accused ex-priest Lawrence Soper back to UK

Rio ‘illegal ticket sales’: Three OCI officials have passports seized by police

Irish Olympic officials accused of illegal ticket touting scam

Child Bomber Blamed For 51 Deaths At Turkey Wedding

Start Brexit talks as soon as possible, Iain Duncan Smith demands as Tory splits on the European Union re-emerge

Rees-Mogg blasts civil servants for damaging Britain by ‘REFUSING to accept’ Brexit

August 19

Outrage as Sinn Fein Policing and Community Safety Partnership member calls for return of the IRA – (Further proof of Sinn Fein’s lies when swearing oaths of support for the police and courts!!!)

Daithi McKay resignation over Jamie Bryson coaching claims: Sinn Fein accused of sacrificing one of its own MLAs over claims he coached witness for Nama inquiry

Daithi McKay: I admit inappropriate contact with witness

TUV: ‘Stalinist’ Sinn Fein would not have let McKay act alone

Sinn Fein dirty tricks – what a surprise!

Jamie Bryson: Sinn Fein may have leaked McKay Nama tweets

Nama scandal: Sinn Féin would welcome inquiry into ‘coaching’ of witness claims

Daithi McKay resignation over Jamie Bryson coaching claims: Whatever the truth, losing MLA is body blow Sinn Fein will struggle to recover from

Daithi McKay resignation over Jamie Bryson coaching claims: Sinn Fein may have a scapegoat, but this story is far from over

Daithi McKay resignation over Jamie Bryson coaching claims: The critics may mock him, but Bryson has rocked the foundations of Stormont

Irishman shot dead in Majorca in apparent case of mistaken identity

Ex-Irish Olympics boss Pat Hickey grilled over ticket tout allegations after leaving hospital in a wheelchair

Hickey denied bail by Brazilian judge after being wheeled from Rio hospital for questioning

Ryan Lochte ‘robbed’: US Olympic swimmer ‘faked mugging to cover up petrol station brawl’

Repentant Donald Trump offers surprise apology for saying ‘wrong things’ that may have caused personal pain

German asylum seekers refuse to work insisting ‘We are Merkel’s GUESTS’

Norway performs U-turn over Brexit and hints it will now WELCOME Britain to EU trade club

August 18

Rev Ivan Foster: There is nothing ‘inclusive’ about the gospel

Sinn Féin ‘coached’ Jamie Bryson before Nama hearing

DUP: We are going to the police over Bryson-SF Nama claims – (Revenge is in the air!!!!)

Nama: Sinn Fein MLA Daithi McKay resigns over Jamie Bryson ‘coaching’ allegations

Nama: Background to Jamie Bryson’s Stormont evidence session ‘is political dynamite’

More defectors on way, claims Arlene Foster as Daniel Allen joins DUP ranks

Attacking an Orange hall is a hate crime, pure and simple. So why is there no public outcry?

Prayers at Maze moved ‘due to hurt among Troubles victims’ – (This an ecumenical deception totally unrelated to the Word of God.!!)

DUP ministers can control their grants after all – (This letter hits home very hard and many should hang their heads in shame!!!!)

Olympic official Pat Hickey steps down amid tickets row

Pat Hickey could face up if to seven years in jail if charged and convicted

Europe’s top Olympic official arrested in Rio over tickets sales

Rio Olympics: President of Olympic Council of Ireland Pat Hickey steps aside amid ticket sales probe

VIDEO: Wife told police Pat Hickey had gone back to Ireland – (Honesty obviously runs in the family!!)

President of Olympic Council of Ireland Pat Hickey ‘taken to hospital’ following arrest

Killer of Irishman gunned down in Majorca resort ‘openly bragging’ about crime in bar

Local media suggest Majorca shooting case of mistaken identity

Drinks company Volvic axes advert with slogan ‘orange and proud’ over fears it could offend Catholics

Anjem Choudary’s wife now faces police probe

More than 1million eastern European migrants are now working in Britain, official figures reveal for first time

Greek PM steps up threat to take Germany to COURT over £230bn WW2 payments

Small size of Brexit department sparks fears over Theresa May’s support for quitting EU

August 17

Radical cleric Anjem Choudary guilty of inviting IS support

Radical preacher Anjem Choudary faces jail over pro-Islamic State messages

Donald Trump says shooting of black man by police in Milwaukee was justified

Gerry Adams says dissidents ‘at war’ with nationalist community – (Their tally of nationalist dead falls far short of the Provos!!!)

Dee Fennell responds to Gerry Adams’ debate calls as Sinn Féin leader urges dissidents to end ‘war’ on west Belfast community

Londonderry pipe bomb attack ‘was act of madness’

Pipe bomb at Bogside bonfire condemned

NHS staff ‘should face tougher language tests’

August 16

Nine Iraqi men arrested in Vienna rape probe

Londonderry security alert ‘linked to controversial bonfire’

‘Dissident’ bonfire is ignited

Parades Commission’s ‘secret justice’ in Rasharkin

Demands for sentencing review after ‘high risk’ dissidents are released

The sodomite plague that pervades the Church of England.

Mother jailed for faking children’s illnesses to claim £375,000 in benefits scam

More than 30,000 Muslims from across the world meet in the UK to reject Isis and Islamic extremism – (The Ahmadiyya Islamic movement is but a small Muslim sect!!)

August 15

Lawyers to rule on unionist move to block Londonderry name change bid

Ballyronan: Salterstown Orange Hall damaged in overnight blaze

Community ‘shocked’ as Orange hall gutted by blaze

Those who think they have the right to judge others as sinners are simply putting their own pride before a fall – (Poor Linda! As policemen and magistrates judge people’s actions in the light of the law, so a Christian decides what is wicked in the light of God’s Word!!)

Hunger strikers died for gay rights, claims Sinn Fein senator Fintan Warfield

Associates of slain UDA boss John Boreland vow to kill thug they believe pulled trigger

Swiss train attacker and female victim die of injuries after stabbing and arson assault

Prisoner dies in Maghaberry Prison

Anger as Michaella McCollum celebrates return to Ireland with ‘hero’s homecoming’ party

Anger as Michaella McCollum celebrates return to Northern Ireland after three years in Peru jail with party at Dungannon home

Michaella McCollum homecoming: Her career prospects are miles better now… the message will be crime does indeed pay

McGeough victim’s anger at challenge to conviction

Jeremy Corbyn accuses Tom Watson (his deputy) of ‘nonsense’ Trotskyite claims

Jeremy Corbyn accuses deputy leader Tom Watson of ‘talking nonsense’ over ‘Trotsky entryist’ claims

Jewish Labour donor compares Jeremy Corbyn’s inner circle to Nazi stormtroopers

The climate change brigade are wrong again

August 13

Sinn Fein and SDLP ‘blocking veterans’ welfare’

Rev Ivan Foster letter: There is no difference in the two quotes – an answer to a Dublin critic!!

Derry Mayor was ‘unable’ to attend Bishop Daly’s funeral

Dr Edward Daly: Mayor of Derry ‘should have attended’ funeral

Gregory Campbell defends decision not to attend Daly funeral

Jim Allister: DUP embraced a letter that had a pro-EU tone

UUP: Reality of Brexit only appears to be dawning now on DUP

Remaining UK teenagers in Syria ‘will never be allowed to leave’

Jihadi terrorists could be hiding among BRITAIN-bound refugees in Calais, police warn

Catholic Church damaged by Maynooth allegations

Back off America this is OUR conflict – Putin’s man slaps down Obama over Ukraine

Prison officers reject claims of force against Maghaberry republican inmates

DUP Mid Ulster councillor claims a campaign of hate is being waged against him

Why we are the poorer for losing this true Christian gentleman – (McCreary is an elder in a church the Confession of which rejects Roman Catholicism’s claim to be Christian – what a hypocrite!!!)

Not in my courtroom – judge throws out case after woman refuses to remove headscarf

August 12

Free P minister (Rev John Gray) to ‘Fr’ Sean McManus: ‘I will not disregard the Bible and embrace popery’

Tom Elliott: ‘Father Sean McManus is in no position to lecture me

McGeough’s remarks bring Hibernians into disrepute, but what are they doing about it?

Radio host clarifies McGeough’s ‘collaborator’ threat to judiciary – (When the IRA is against you ‘politically’ it means only one thing – DEATH!!!)

Sunday school was theme of children’s day service

Fourth chairwoman appointed to lead the inquiry into child sexual abuse after first three resigned

What is Malia Obama smoking? President’s daughter suspected of cannabis use at festival

Bethnal Green schoolgirl who joined Isil is killed in Syria

One of three British schoolgirls who joined ISIS in Syria ‘killed while plotting escape’

Senior German ministers call for ban on wearing the burqa

German interior minister will propose ban on burqas as part of a string of new security measures

Isis ‘decimated’ in Iraq and Syria and could have only 15,000 fighters left, US commander says

Election fraud allowed to take place in Muslim communities because of ‘political correctness’, report warns – (All part of ‘peaceful’ Islam!!!)

REVEALED: Police ‘too scared’ to stop vote rigging in Muslim areas, damning report finds – (Who says ‘terrorism’ doesn’t work!!!)

‘It is very much us and them’ Scottish islanders react to Syrian refugees

Donald Trump wasn’t so far off the mark when he called Barack Obama ‘the founder of Isis’

HUMILIATING backtrack for Juncker’s ‘INSANE’ right-hand man who rubbished Britain

August 11

Unitarian, Rev Chris Hudson: ‘Most people are ahead of the churches on gay issues’

Gay couple’s fury at Sainsbury’s hand-hold complaint – (Despite all the propaganda there are still those who know that sodomy is wrong!!)

Ex-priest Philip Temple jailed for child sex abuse

John Boreland murder: Unionist politicians don’t have guts to stand against loyalist paramilitaries, says Raymond McCord

Too many decent folk held captive under shadow of the gunmen when thugs should be the ones deprived of their freedom

New anti-terror task force is long overdue

Ancient Order of Hibernians rapped over the ex-Provo who called Catholic judges ‘traitors’

Prominent republican Gerry McGeough stands by ‘traitor’ remarks

McGeough’s language is ludicrously dated but also vile

‘Words not enough’ when rejecting ex-IRA man’s hardline comments

Carnlough republicans want to reinstate ‘illegal’ Easter Rising memorial

Bobby Sands documentary has a vital piece missing…voice of the loyalist community – (Yet it claims to be ‘balanced’!!!)

Victims gather for film aimed at countering Bobby Sands movie

Businesses and banks are ‘talking DOWN the economy to justify their Brexit warnings’

August 10

(Roman) Catholic priest pleads guilty to 27 counts of historical sexual assault against children in his care

Former Dublin CBS pupil claims he dug up grave of ‘filthy’ tutor who abused him and smashed his skull

North Belfast bombers ‘at war with their own community’

Ex-IRA chief to intervene in SF row

Man who sold counterfeit cash for IRA has jail term cut

UUP calls on PSNI to investigate Gerry McGeough comments on judiciary

Gerry McGeough keeps Hibernians post after branding Catholic judiciary ‘traitors’

Leading QC: McGeough threat to judges is to be deplored

Bloody Sunday priest Edward Daly ‘should be made a saint’ – (If not a ‘saint before you die, you can’t be made one after you die!!)

Trump Accused Of Gun Threat Against Clinton

Parents of two Benghazi victims sue Hillary Clinton, drawing connection with her private email server

Forensic examination reveals identity of Piltdown hoax prime suspect – (Praise God for the coming day when the hoax of evolution will be utterly exposed!!)

August 9

Republican, Gerry McGeough, claims Catholic judiciary ‘will be dealt with’

‘Fr’ Sean McManus: Arlene Foster should repudiate Free P rant – (McManus was born in Kinawley, County Fermanagh. He is a brother of Patrick McManus, a member of the IRA who was killed in an explosion in 1958 during the IRA’s ‘Border Campaign’. He has said that he speaks up for the IRA.

Unionist flags were burnt during a republican bonfire in north Belfast

Widow taunted after south Armagh tribute to IRA victim wrecked

DUP councillor calls on Republicans to remove ‘provocative posters’ in Bellaghy

Sinn Fein in chaos over Brexit claims

Concerns grow that murder of loyalist John Boreland could spark ‘tit for tat’ shootings

Treachery is ingrained in loyalism, so did ‘Bonzer’ pay price for betraying drugs gang in Republic? – It is wrong to equate ‘Loyalism’ with treachery. This not loyalism but criminality!!

Rebels in the Republican Party ponder new push to topple Donald Trump before it is too late

Donald Trump ‘dangerous’ say 50 Republican major US national security figures

Pakistan hospital bomb attack: Taliban faction claims responsibility

British special forces pictured on front line in Syria for first time

Retail sales unaffected by Brexit mainly due to Summer sunshine

August 8

South Armagh IRA rocked as ‘OC’ is outed as a ‘tout’ – (Why the surprise since the IRA is a bunch of egocentric murderous crooks!!!)

IRA chief ‘protected after being exposed as informer’ – (Such ability to infiltrate shows clearly that Westminster never did wish to defeat the IRA!!!)

‘Stop whinging’ about Billy Wright poster Mid Ulster TUV man tells nationalists

We grant Irish passports to British citizens at our peril

Una Mullally: The real scandal at Maynooth is church’s hypocrisy – ‘The dogs on the street of Maynooth and everywhere else know that gay priests exist in large numbers.’

Plea for calm after top UDA man John Boreland murdered

Prominent loyalist John Boreland gunned down in Belfast street

North Belfast: Man shot dead – a well known member of the UDA who was heavily involved in criminality

Further dissident bombs recovered in Lurgan

Kingsmills massacre: Man held in connection with murders is released

Denis Donaldson: Man arrested in Donegal released without charge

Whatever happened to the Sinn Féin Eurosceptics? asks David Ramsey

OFMdFM spending £33,000 a month on travel

Northern Ireland gay men to be offered human papilloma virus jab – (So has decreed pro-sodomite SF Minister of Health!!)

Fury As Ellie’s Killer Given £1.5m In Legal Aid

Ballysillan lodge: Why we’re stopping our Twaddell protest

Orange Order: Twaddell protest ‘will continue’ despite Ballysillan lodge suspending participation

SNP could block UK Brexit deal without ‘special arrangements’ for Scotland

Michael Gove leaked Queen’s private EU remarks to the press, Nick Clegg claims

NO COMPROMISE: Britain will NOT pay money into Brussels coffers, top Tory blasts

August 6

Major dissident republican arms dump found near Lurgan

‘Advanced bomb and weapons’ found in Lurgan

Anti-internment parade to march until ‘physically stopped’

Irish national RC seminary, Maynooth’s gay cloister an ‘open secret in church’

Diarmuid Martin remains a maverick among the clergy

Kingsmills massacre: Man arrested in connection with murders – (At last!)

Legacy unit detectives arrest Kingsmills massacre suspect in Newry

Kingsmills massacre: Man arrested on suspicion of 1976 murders

Boris Johnson lifts ban on UK embassies flying gay pride rainbow flag – (This no longer about votes but rather support for the depravity flaunted!!)

Abuse Inquiry Judge Asked To Appear Before MPs to explain her decision to quit after citing the inquiry’s “legacy of failure”

Shami Chakrabarti handed peerage weeks after suppressing Jeremy Corbyn interview from ‘whitewash’ anti-Semitism report

Russell Square stabbings: Man due in court over London murder

France Rouen: Fire kills 13 at birthday party in bar

Birthday Cake May Have Triggered Fatal Bar Fire

‘Ireland in 1916 was not poor, oppressed or downtrodden’

DNC emails leak: Julian Assange rejects Hillary Clinton’s Russian link claims, says more leaks are coming

Donald Trump savages Japan, saying all they will do is ‘watch Sony TVs’ if US is attacked – and threatens to ‘walk’ away from treaty

August 5

Ivan Foster: I will explain what I mean by Roman Catholic terrorism (Letter published in the Belfast Newsletter)

DUP Mayor of Derry & Strabane Council, Hilary McClintock, an Irish Presbyterian elder(!!) offers a welcome and best wishes to “Foyle Pride” sodomite pagan celebration of debauchery in its Festival brochure. Following a similar welcome given by Belfast’s DUP Mayor, it is another sign of the DUP’s moral downward spiral. What say the Free Presbyterian members of Derry & Strabane Council????

Sinn Fein’s MLA donations not showing up in accounts

Former PM David Cameron facing MPs’ inquiry after resignation honours list is published that would ’embarrass a medieval court’

CAMERON’S HONOURS FARCE: Now former PM faces MPs’ INQUIRY over ‘medieval cronyism’

Denis Donaldson murder: Man arrested by Gardai investigating 2006 Donegal killing of IRA mole

PSNI chief’s regret over Billy Wright poster row

Maynooth row ‘chance for Church to reflect on nature of sexuality’ – (Every opportunity seized to advance sodomite cause!!)

Why the Catholic right wants ‘cleanout’ in Maynooth

PSNI to take action over pub’s Pride street closure plans

Wealthy Republicans ditching Donald to campaign for Hillary

Donald Trump’s days are numbered as the Republican knives come out

Britain’s child sex abuse inquiry thrown into crisis after Dame Lowell Goddard quits

Goddard Resigns As Head Of Child Abuse Inquiry

Child sex abuse victims say inquiry has ‘descended into farce’ as third chairman Dame Lowell Goddard quits

Prison governor seriously beaten by inmate

Brave man who stood up to Munich shooter now facing prosecution for ‘INSULTING killer’

August 4

Willie Frazer: I can get up to 12 death threats on single day

Victims have ‘productive’ Met Police meeting over Libya-IRA collusion arrests

Russell Square attack: American woman stabbed to death in London rampage by ‘mentally ill’ Norwegian-Somalian knifeman as police find no link to terrorism

Russell Square stabbing live: Police say attack that killed American woman was not terror-related – latest updates

Northern Ireland man stumbles across body at scene of London Russell Square mass knife attack

Armed French police start cross-Channel ferry patrols

Kelloe stabbing: Manhunt after fatal street attack

Sinn Fein prepares to ditch wage policy

Sinn Fein is determined to keep control of Bobby Sands narrative and rewrite the past

Republican leaders move to persuade Donald Trump to avert party crisis

Republican Party reaches ‘new level of panic’ over Donald Trump as senior figures ‘plot intervention’

Donald Trump denies asking foreign policy advisor three times ‘why can’t we use nuclear weapons?’

How Donald Trump avoided the draft during the Vietnam War

God doesn’t exist but aliens probably do,’ says Irish Government minister – (Not to mention fairies and banshees!!!)

Martin further isolated as six more bishops give support to Maynooth

Catholic bishops voice their support for Maynooth

August 3

DUP’s Stormont health committee chair would not oppose introduction of HIV drug – (The public purse must pay for the repercussions of the wicked lifestyle of those who defy God!!)

Northern Ireland will soon endorse gay marriage – the leader of the Scottish Conservatives has predicted

Transgender woman wanting to rejoin the Orange Order – (The lunacy that is being embraced and endorsed by society!!)

Staff threatened and shot fired during gang gun attack at Northern Ireland hotel

Shooting at Co Fermanagh hotel

Bobby Sands 66 Days: Where are the films of terrorist atrocities? Asks William Frazer – (How wicked it is elegises terrorists! “LORD, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill? . . . . . . . He in whose eyes a vile person is contemned,” Psalm 15:1, 4)

Slain RUC officer’s family hurt by Bobby Sands film

‘Terrorism idolatry’ of Sands film angers IRA victims

Bobby Sands filmmaker defends work as ‘impartial and non-partisan’

Turkey’s president Erdogan blames ‘foreign powers’ for coup attempt, says West is supporting terrorism

France takes on radical Islamism: PM to SHUT DOWN mosques to wipe out ‘poison’ of jihadis

More armed police to patrol streets of London after Europe terror atrocities

Increase In Armed Patrols After Europe Attacks

Prime Minister May on a collision course with Brussels as EU demands WE pay £50BN for Eurocrat pensions

Bethany Home survivor taking abuse case to European court

Archbishop confirms Maynooth seminary boycott amid gay dating app claims

Archbishop unhappy about ‘atmosphere’ growing in Maynooth

Ireland’s Maynooth seminary boycotted amid allegations trainee priests use gay app Grindr

Bishops leave Martin isolated in split over Maynooth ‘gay culture’

Archbishops row over Maynooth after ‘gay subculture’ claims

Maynooth could be ‘extremely damaged’ by Archbishop’s decision

Obama Says Trump ‘Unfit’ To Be President

Barack Obama says Donald Trump is ‘woefully’ unfit to serve as president

Donald Trump highlights Republican Party divisions after refusing to back Paul Ryan and John McCain for re-election

August 2

Archbishop Martin removes priests from Maynooth amid allegations some were using gay dating app Grindr

Ex-trainee priest to meet gardaí over Maynooth sex abuse claims

Seminary finds itself in midst of controversy once again

Serious questions over Maynooth seminary’s future

I want to be Sinn Fein leader after Gerry Adams: Mary Lou McDonald

Mary Lou McDonald keen on succeeding Gerry Adams as Sinn Fein president

Families of 1972 Claudy bomb continue fight for justice

Surging world growth makes a mockery of Brexit panic

VOTE LEAVE VICTORY! Official figures reveal UK billed MORE than £350m each week by EU

Brexit could collapse Stormont, warns UUP MLA Beattie

Gregory Campbell: Sands film dramatic, but million miles from truth

Belfast Pride street artist unveils same sex marriage mural – (“For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature,” Romans 1:26)

Cleric slams mural calling for same-sex marriage in NI

Belfast Pride: Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson to give same-sex marriage lecture – (As pressure mounts on DUP, how long until it caves in to sodomite demands!!)

Methodist cleric and UUP stalwart back DUP gay welcome address – (Liberal/Ecumenical theology is the source of the tide of iniquity sweeping our land!!)

Pokemon Go parents abandon screaming toddler (2) in sweltering heat to ‘catch em all’ – (This an indication of the morality of today’s generation!!)

August 1

It’s outrageous ex-soldier may be prosecuted over shooting of IRA man who tried to kill me, declares peer

I did not launch gay event, says DUP Lord Mayor – (No, he just “welcome them and wished them an enjoyable evening”!!)

Cleric, 60, arrested for marrying girl, 6, given as ‘gift’ – (one thing not reported is that he is a Muslim ‘cleric’. WHY?)

Afghan cleric defends ‘marriage’ to six-year-old girl by saying she was ‘religious offering’ to him – (Again, no mention he was a Muslim!!)

Controversial Cardiff imam implies sex slaves OK under Islam

Male refugees settling in Britain need to be formally taught how to treat women, says Labour MP – (Is that all of them or just Muslims??)

‘My government does not believe that there is continuing evidence of a demand for a united Ireland’ – Charlie Flanagan TD is the Irish Republic’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade

Normandy Priest Killer’s Cousin Is Charged

Belgian priest stabbed in his home after refusing to give cash to ‘asylum seeker’

Boy, 12, Is Murder Suspect After Man Attacked

Explosive that shut down busy shopping area (Lisburn) may have fallen from vehicle

Serving prison officer intended target of bombers in Lisburn

Tyrone man who armed 1916 rebels and went on to collude with Hitler

UK Terror Attack ‘When, Not If’ – Police Chief

Terrorists plotting AT LEAST four attacks on Britain’s shopping centres and stadiums

David Cameron’s resignation honours for his chums will disfigure his legacy

David Cameron offers knighthoods to Remain campaigners and decorates George Osborne in leaked honours list

Priti Patel ready to use £11BN foreign aid to build host of historic trade deals

Leading unionists dismiss Irish unity poll as ‘irrelevant distraction’

July 30

Time not right for a border poll: Charlie Flanagan

Sinn Fein left red-faced after IRA message hidden in Gerry Adams meme promoting united Ireland

Obama’s Scotch-Irish ancestry speech ‘clever bid to boost Hillary’ – (Hardly good news for the ‘Green’ Irish/Americans!!!)

BBC’s Nolan sued by Jim wells over gay ‘child abuse’ story

BBC not commenting after Jim Wells announces plans to sue Stephen Nolan

Belfast: Anti-Internment parade barred from city centre

Paul Frew: DUP MLA being sued by schoolgirl

Anglo Irish Bank: Former executives jailed over fraud

How the top man in Irish banking ended up in jail

The lies of the Europhiles

BREXIT BOOM continues: Now 27 countries around the world want trade deal with UK

US election: Hillary Clinton six points ahead of Donald Trump in latest poll

Trump says gloves are off in White House campaign

The battle begins: Clinton, Trump barnstorm the battlegrounds post-convention

No boost in support for Scottish independence despite Brexit, new poll finds

Sturgeon left HUMILIATED as poll finds Scots WANT to remain part of Britain despite Brexit

Islamism is an attack on our civilisation – this must be recognised, not evaded

Isis training children of foreign fighters to become ‘next generation’ of terrorists – At least 50 British children are believed to be among those living in the group’s territories

Muslims Refuse To Bury Priest Killer Kermiche

July 29

I’m no threat, says first Catholic canon to take up ecumenical role at Belfast CoI cathedral – (He is a clear indication of the apostasy of the C of I and its total departure from the Word of God!!)

Online child sex abuse investigation identifies 523 potential victims – (What shameful failure by parents that allows their children to be approached via the Internet!!!)

Juncker ALLOWS Switzerland to CURB immigrant influx in shock EU move boosting Brexit hopes

Angry mourners confront Muslims who chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ at Munich shooting memorial

Merkel rejects calls to reverse refugee policy

MERKEL’S MIGRANT MISERY: One of Angela’s own MPs blasts her ‘NIGHTMARISH’ immigrant policy

IMF admits disastrous love affair with the euro, apologises for the immolation of Greece

Embarrassment for Christine Lagarde and IMF as Fund’s own watchdog slams its eurozone record

Clinton vows to be president for ‘all Americans’

Donald Trump is flirting with electoral disaster – and treason – by inviting Russia to dig up Hillary Clinton emails

Complaint to police after officers put spit hood over man’s head during arrest

Body Cam Footage Released Showing Arizona Cop Shooting and Killing Woman Holding Small Pair of Scissors – (Two headlines for the sake of comparison!!!!!)

‘People in the UK need to WAKE UP’ Soldier fighting ISIS issues urgent warning to Britain

Islamic preacher shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ in police officer’s face during extraordinary street confrontation

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