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DUP somersaults on the plan to limit open-air preaching in Belfast

Alderman Kingston hypocritically makes no mention of his support at the first for the plan in his latest statement

DUP Councillors on Belfast City Council have called for a reconsideration of proposed new bye-laws which would affect buskers, street preachers, protestors and information stalls in the city centre area.

DUP Group Leader, Alderman Brian Kingston, said that the DUP would be proposing at the Council meeting on Monday, 1st November, that the matter be referred back to Committee rather than progressing on to consultation with statutory bodies. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-30 a 9:14 pm

Christians opposed to Belfast City Council plan to limit open-air prepare a briefing on the subject

Following on the news about the Belfast City Council’s plan to limit open-air preaching, concerned Christians have prepared a briefing on the subject.

Briefing Note: Belfast City Council

City Centre Speech Permits – October 2021

The proposal involves two key issues within city centre.

1. Permits for amplification.
2. Permits for stalls, literature, and other display materials.

Some have felt this necessary because of some complaints involving Christian and LGBT activists, pro-life groups, and buskers.

This briefing note lays out several reasons why permits are not the correct way to handle this problem. It also demonstrates some further problems speech permits will create.

Free speech as a principle

The British tradition, especially, after the Glorious Revolution has valued freedom of conscience, civil and religious liberty. This is enshrined in law and practice.

You do have a right not to be threatened by speech. However, you do not have a right to be comfortable or not offended by speech. If offence was an offence – no one would be able to speak freely. The right to offend is not just a moral right but a legal one.

The very use of the word “permit” suggests that the Council has the authority to determine free expression in the public square. No public body has the moral authority to deny rights to citizens or organisations and there is no doubt this will be tried in court.

Read the entire Speech Permits Briefing Note

Posted on 2021-10-30 a 9:05 pm

David Attenborough - wrong from beginning to end!


A headline of a report of David Attenborough’s latest climate change prediction reads: “End of the world: David Attenborough sends ‘catastrophic’ warning: ‘Not false alarm!’”

Mr Attenborough is well known for his nature programmes on television, all of which are enjoyable as long as you do not listen to his comments on the origins of the various creatures featured in them!

Attenborough is an ardent believer in ‘Evolution’, that is, the world that now is and all that is in it evolved out of a ‘beginning’ which neither he nor any of his deluded compatriots can agree on! Consequently, his programmes are filled with gratuitous misinformation and downright fairy tales.

He ‘explains’ away the wonders of God’s creation and substitutes his daft notions of the creature altering itself over countless millions of years to meet the challenges it faced. Just how, when it took so long for the creature to change in order to survive, it did not succumb to the threat long before it was able to ‘evolve’ to cope with the threat that it faced, he and his ilk never explain!

The Christian believes the Bible’s record of how things began. Genesis 1 and 2 give us full details of the supernatural origins of the physical creation and of the human race. Supportive evidence of that account is everywhere to be found. An abundance of the gatherings of that evidence may be found on hundreds, if not thousands of websites. Some are much more worthy than others it is freely acknowledged. But convincing and conclusive rebuttals of the falsehoods of ‘evolution’ may easily be found in book or website form. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-27 a 1:18 am

Thoughts on the history of professing Christianity, Part 2

We continue with extracts from Benjamin Wills Newton’s book, Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms, the chapter 6 — THOUGHTS ON THE HISTORY OF PROFESSING CHRISTIANITY, AS GIVEN IN THE PARABLES OF MATTHEW XIII.

Here is Part 2, which covers pages 151 to 156.

Click here to see the other articles about this book.

They are as a house swept and garnished, but empty. The truth and Spirit of Christ are not there. It is a mansion unoccupied; open therefore to be entered, as it soon will be entered, by that unclean spirit, which, after long wandering up and down, and finding no other people so suited for his designs, will, with seven other spirits more wicked than himself, again make that people his peculiar habitation. Then will be developed the full iniquity of the closing hours of our dispensation. These words have almost entirely failed to arrest the attention of real Christians. Many appear not to know that the Lord has spoken them. Else they could not as they do, “cleave to Israel with flatteries,” and tell them that they are advancing into their millennial rest, when in truth, they are fast approaching the great hour of their anti-Christian evil and final visitation from the hand of God. The chapter, however, which thus records the doom of unbelieving Israel, does not conclude without referring to another family which the Lord Jesus could, and did own as His, at the very moment when He was thus rejecting Israel. “He stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said: Behold my mother and my brethren! For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother and sister, and mother.” All, therefore, in whom the spiritual characteristics of Abraham shall be found-all who shall believe and obey, shall be owned as the family of God, whilst Israel nationally are rejected. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-27 a 12:32 am

Samuel Morrison -- "I thank God for Northern Ireland. It’s just a shame no one on Thursday could manage to say that."

This is a very good letter which was published today in ‘The Belfast Newsletter’ and is worthy to be read and circulated by all who remember with joy what the Lord did through and for our forefathers in the time of the ‘Home Rule Crisis’!

I am sorry the Queen is unwell but do not regret the fact she missed the Armagh service, which barely acknowledged Northern Ireland or its losses.

The most striking thing about the service in Armagh was the total avoidance of any suggestion by any of the church leaders that the creation of Northern Ireland was something which should be celebrated. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-25 a 2:44 pm

Belfast City Council to limit open-air preaching in city centre

This is an edited version of a report in the ‘Belfast Newsletter’, Saturday 23rd October, 2021.


Belfast City Council is set to give powers to the PSNI to fine street preachers £500 if they use amplification systems without a council permit in the wider city centre.

All parties (this included the DUP – BB Editor) on the council’s Strategic Policy and Resource Committee agreed yesterday morning to approve draft bye laws that would require preachers, protestors, buskers and anyone else using amplification systems in the wider city centre to apply for a permit or be fined £500 by the PSNI or council officers. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-25 a 2:25 pm

Our Reply to Gregory Campbell

Letter sent to the Belfast Newsletter, 5.35 pm, Saturday 23rd October 2021, by Rev Ivan Foster.


In a letter to your newspaper, dated Thursday 21st October, Mr Gregory Campbell penned these words:

“Again there are those who want to abandon those values while there are others who demand that previous ways of upholding those values are the only way to proceed. The former is wrong and the latter is unsustainable.”

The ‘values’ he is referring to he identifies a few lines earlier in his letter as “a moral value system that is being attacked on a regular basis. It needs defending within the changing times we all live in.”

I assume that he is referring to the morals proclaimed by the gospel since Mr Campbell is a professing evangelical Christian. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-23 a 8:17 pm

Free Presbyterian Church -- Take Heed!

A very good friend in the USA sent me the link mounted below. It is a report of the compromise and the departure from God’s Word by the Presbyterian Church in America which is not yet 50 years old! It is a report to which we all should take heed.

Here is a plain warning to the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster with regards the inevitable fruit of compromise and failure to judge breaches in the standards of God’s Word by members because of a sheltering of them by compatriots due to their prominence!

SJC Rules on Complaint Against Missouri Presbytery

The Presbyterian Church of America was considered a theologically conservative U.S. evangelical Presbyterian denomination when founded in 1973. The PCA has its roots in theological controversies over liberalism in Christianity and neo-orthodoxy that had been a point of contention in the Presbyterian Church in the U. S. In December 1973, delegates, representing some 260 congregations with a combined communicant membership of over 41,000 that had left the PCUS, gathered at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama, and organised the National Presbyterian Church, which later became the Presbyterian Church in America.

However, despite being only 50 years old, it has succumbed to evil within its ranks with its latest decision to endorse the ordination of one who confesses to be ‘homosexual’. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-23 a 8:10 pm

Pictures of the October 21st protest at Armagh

Here are pictures of Christians protesting at the Centenary Service in Armagh yesterday (Thursday 21st).  We honour their stand taken in full view of those attending the service.

This will also refute the excuse, used by some Free Presbyterians, for not protesting against the ecumenical event and the sad betrayal of God’s truth by the First Minister, Mr Paul Givan, that such would be the security in Armagh that no protest would be possible.

May the Lord bless those who for His honour stood in protest at the ecumenism of it all and who called for a rejection of abortion.

Sincerely in Christ,
Ivan Foster
Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-22 a 6:23 pm

Belfast Telegraph: "Givan slammed by reverend for taking part in ‘unbiblical’ service"

The Belfast Telegraph reported yesterday about the controversy regarding Free Presbyterian and First Minister Paul Givan’s attendance of an ecumenical celebration in Armagh.  The article may be viewed here: Givan slammed by reverend for taking part in ‘unbiblical’ service

To read our comments about this disgraceful meeting, see:

Are the days of protest over?

Statement by the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster

Statement regarding Mr. Paul Givan’s attendance at Armagh service



Posted on 2021-10-22 a 6:09 pm

Statement regarding Mr. Paul Givan's attendance at Armagh service

Statement from Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd), former minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church, on the attendance of Mr Paul Givan, a Free Presbyterian, at the centenary service in Armagh, held under the auspices of the combined apostate denominations here in Ulster.

Poor, foolish Paul Givan had little to smile about as he enters the apostate Armagh service and thus betrays the gospel and turns his back upon the truth of God that has been the foundation of the separatist stand of the Free Presbyterian Church since it beginnings in 1951!

By attending this service Mr Givan has put personal and political considerations before his professed allegiance to the Lord. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-21 a 8:15 pm

Statement by the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster

STATEMENT FROM THE FREE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF ULSTER on the Ecumenical Centenary Service in Armagh, Thursday 21st October, 2021.

I wish to make a comment on the fact that our Presbytery Officers have decided that there will be no protest at the above ungodly ecumenical gathering, which has ostentatiously expropriated the centenary of the stand taken by our Protestant forefathers against the political sell-out of our heritage attempted by the British government, and that into the hands of a Roman Catholic dominated ‘United “Ireland’.

All that this ecumenical ‘celebration’ entails would have been anathema to our forbears of 1912 and 1921.

In 1951, the Free Presbyterian Church was brought into existence by the Lord in order to PROTEST against the wickedness of the ecumenical movement. Most certainly for the first 50+ years it was faithful and fervent in that calling. However, its opposition to the modernism and the liberalism and the pro-popish direction taken by the Church of Ireland, Presbyterian and Methodist churches in Ireland since the late 1940s, has most decidedly waned over the last couple of decades. (see Questions for the Free Presbyterian Church)

Much has been made of the security measures that undoubtedly will be in place for this ecumenical service and the difficulties they would present to any who wish to get into Armagh and anywhere near the cathedral to protest. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-19 a 11:21 pm

Are the days of protest over?

Of late, I have been given to understand that there are those ministers in the Free Presbyterian Church who would seek to impress upon younger ministers and students that such is the case.

I would suggest that for those who say this, the days of protest never existed! To protest exposed one to reproach and shame, even the shame of the cross and that is not for the modern ‘evangelical’! Furthermore, someone might challenge them about their protest and claim it was ‘unchristian’ and ‘lacking in love’ and since they didn’t really believe that they should be protesting, how would they put up a defence?

Better to stay at home and hide under the bed in such circumstances!

Well, Holy Scripture teaches us that ‘the days of protest’ are not over and will continue for the true and faithful believer until the return of the Saviour Himself. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-16 a 9:08 pm

Thoughts on the history of professing Christianity, Part 1

Following our recent series of extracts from chapter 14 of Benjamin Wills Newton’s book, ‘Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms’, which we concluded last week, and the good reception they received, I felt that I would like to feature extracts from the 6th chapter of the book which deals with a matter facing us all today — that of the corruption and apostasy of ‘PROFESSING CHRISTIANITY’ as set forth by the Saviour in His parables in Matthew 13. I am sure that you will find the extracts informative.

Sincerely, Ivan Foster

We continue with extracts from Benjamin Wills Newton’s book, Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms, the chapter 6 — THOUGHTS ON THE HISTORY OF PROFESSING CHRISTIANITY, AS GIVEN IN THE PARABLES OF MATTHEW XIII.

Here is Part 1, which covers pages 148-151.

Click here to see the other articles about this book.

THE subject of the book of Daniel is the secular history of the Gentile Empires in their relation to Jerusalem, and not the history of Christianity. In considering, therefore, the history of Christianity, we deviate from the strict course of this prophecy. But it is a deviation that may be permitted. Not only is the subject in itself unspeakably important, but it is closely connected also with all we have been considering. The full character of evil that attaches to the Roman Empire cannot be understood unless its false relations to Christianity be in some degree appreciated. Moreover, although the ripened evil of Judaism, and of the nations governmentally, will largely contribute towards the final development of Antichristianism, yet it will be aided no less by an apostasy from among professing Christians. Thus also we answer an objection often urged, viz., that by our interpreting the Old Testament prophecies so exclusively of Israel and of the Gentiles, we leave nothing in Scripture that bears directly on Christianity. We show that the Scripture does speak prophetically of Christianity, and of its corruptions. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-16 a 8:51 pm

Letter to the Belfast Newsletter

The following letter was submitted today to the Belfast Newsletter.


It is more than ironic that the ecumenical leaders of the main churches here have hi-jacked the centenary of the founding of Northern Ireland. The refusal by Ulster Protestants to accede to the campaign for ‘Home Rule’ which led to the formation of Northern Ireland, was based upon their perception that such would mean ‘Rome Rule’!

I wonder will any mention of that be made during the service? I doubt it very much!

Of course, what ‘Home Rule’ failed to do 100 years ago, the deception and hypocrisy of ‘Ecumenism’ have accomplished today, and nothing proves this more clearly than next Thursday’s service in Armagh!

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)
Kilskeery, Co.Tyrone.

Posted on 2021-10-15 a 10:00 pm

Questions for the Free Presbyterian Church


Thursday 21st October, 2021.

One of the biggest ecumenical gatherings in Ireland will take place in Armagh on 21st October, less than a week away. As is the case with all ecumenical gatherings, it is a fraud and a deceit. Organised by the “Church Leaders Group”, it is a hi-jacking of the centenary of an event that was the rejection by Ulster’s Protestant men and women of all things that characterise today’s ecumenical movement.

The ‘patron’ of ecumenism is the devil who “was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it,” John 8:44. The ecumenical movement is representative of all that is ungodly and antichristian in this world today. Within its ranks are churches which promote sodomy, ordaining men and women who are sodomites, to serve in their pulpits. It embraces every false and blasphemous heresy known to man and of course is utterly pro-Romanist!

One of its leading members has just resigned from the Church of England and joined the Church of Rome. As one headline puts it: ‘Anglican bishop of Ebbsfleet resigns to join Roman Catholic church.’ (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/sep/03/anglican-bishop-of-ebbsfleet-resigns-to-join-roman-catholic-church)

His action foreshadows just where Ecumenism is going! Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-15 a 9:52 pm

Seeking for God's intervention!

The Government and Morals Committee of the Free Presbyterian Church has called for a season of prayer for Saturday 30th October. It is to seek God’s intervention in the affairs of our nation.  There have been other such prayer seasons in recent times.

A day of intercession and prayer in our present circumstances is very welcome and very proper. However, when we set out to seek the Lord it must be done with His requirements and commands very much in mind.

There have been prayers offered to the Lord by God’s people which were not heard by Him. “And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood. Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil; learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow. Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool,” Isaiah 1:15-18.

Maybe it is time to ask: “Has the Lord been answering our prayers?”

Sin in our hearts, in our lives, in our midst will stop our prayers being heard and therefore from receiving an answer. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-11 a 9:20 pm

Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms - Part 14 (final section)

We come to the final section of this chapter copied from Benjamin Wills Newton’s quite wonderful book: “Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms”. I truly hope it has been a great help to you all.

The topic of the ten Kingdoms of the Antichrist will become increasingly important for God’s people to study and understand since any who become entangled with it will pay a dreadful price.

“And all that dwell upon the earth (i.e. the ‘the old Roman Empire’) shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world . . . And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name,” Revelation 13:8, 14:11.

Damnation is the price that will be paid by any deceived into an allegiance with the kingdom of anti-christianity.

Given the blindness that is abroad today regarding the errors of the liberal and modernistic ‘gospel’ eagerly embraced by the main denominations and the zealous pursuit of money and the spirit of the merchants that is everywhere, the vast majority of people are more than ripe for the plucking by the devil and his agents! Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-07 a 6:07 pm

Guildford IRA bomb family demands answers

Guildford IRA bomb wreckage

EVERYWHERE it seems, we read of IRA crimes and government and police stupidity being covered up and every obstacle that the ‘powers that be’ can muster are placed in the path of justice for the victims!

As in days gone by so it is today:

“‭And judgment‭ is turned away‭‭ backward‭, and justice‭ standeth‭‭ afar off‭: for truth‭ is fallen‭‭ in the street‭, and equity‭ cannot‭‭ enter‭‭.,” Isaiah 59:14.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

We would despair were we not sustained by the promise of God:

“‭Behold, the days‭ come‭‭, saith‭‭ the LORD‭, that I will raise‭‭ unto David‭ a righteous‭ Branch‭, and a King‭ shall reign‭‭ and prosper‭‭, and shall execute‭‭ judgment‭ and justice‭ in the earth‭.,” Jeremiah 23:5.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Pity this lady and her friends who seek justice in the case of the murder of their loved ones by the IRA and the cover up that is in place!

Most sincerely in the Saviour’s name,

Ivan Foster

Guildford IRA bomb family demands answers from inquest

By Tanya Gupta/BBC News

The bombs killed five people, injured 65 and led to one of Britain’s biggest miscarriages of justice

A woman fighting for justice after her sister died in the Guildford pub bombs exactly 47 years ago has asked the coroner to widen his investigation. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-05 a 7:18 pm

Moral perversion in London's police

Openly gay Met commissioner Dame Cressida Dick says she’s not stepping down

I send out this article with weariness of soul and a great measure of reluctance.

I feel that I have not the inclination nor the time any more to take up the plethora of reported incidents which press upon us all the indecency which pervades our society today.  Nor do I feel that you, as those who desire to turn away their eyes from evil, have the inclination to have such things pressed upon you.

I believe it is approaching the time to “shake off the dust” of our feet with regards the many denominations and groups to whom innumerable warnings and exhortations have been addressed, and that without any God-honouring response.

Just what is the devout Christian to do in the circumstances which are rapidly developing around us?

I believe that Isaiah 26:20-21 offers us guidance on this matter. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-04 a 7:49 pm

Compromise at Bob Jones University conference

Dr Steven Lawson

Dr Steven Lawson is one of the featured speakers at Steven Lee’s SermonAudio Conference entitled “The Foundations Conference”, to be held at Bob Jones University in December. Other speakers include Dr Joel Beeke. Todd Friel, and most surprisingly, Dr Clarence Sexton , Dr Paul Washer, and Rev Armen Thomassian of Faith Free Presbyterian Church, Greenville SC, USA.

Rev Stephen Hamilton of Allentown Free Presbyterian Church, Pennsylvania, USA, makes the following comments on one of the leading speakers in this conference.

Dr Steven Lawson is hailed by many evangelicals today. He is a gifted preacher, no question. He has positioned himself as a defender of Biblical Truth, even at times referencing the Protestant Reformation. However, he is also a man who tends to speak out of both sides of his mouth. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-10-02 a 9:16 pm