June 2015

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ancient olive tree in GethsemaneDid He show ‘unwillingness’ to go to the cross?

It is not uncommon for preachers to explain the words of the Saviour in the Garden of Gethsemane, quoted above, as the Saviour succumbing to a fear of the sufferings He would face on the cross and praying that He might be spared that suffering, though declaring His willingness to submit to it if it was His Father’s will.

Such a view has always been an offence to me, as I believe that it impugns my Saviour’s integrity, His love for His elect and His omniscience. Read more

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Are Futurists pessimistic about revival in the last days??

sunsetIt is often felt, I know, that those of us who hold to what is called a ‘Futurist’ position on prophecy, that is, we believe that the Lord Jesus will return to this earth after the three and half years of the ‘Great Tribulation’ and the destruction of the Antichrist and the conversion of Israel, and then instigate His 1000-year reign on earth, are full of pessimism and unbelief regarding God’s ability to send revival to the overthrowing of the wicked trends so manifest today before our eyes.

Believing as we do that the prophecies of the Bible are to be understood literally, except where obviously they are figurative, we believe that the character of the last days will be exactly as the Lord Jesus has revealed both in His own words and those of the inspired prophets. Read more

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‘THE CHRISTIAN AND MAKE-UP’ – What saith the Scriptures?

top-12-of-2012-make-up“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness)with good works,” 1 Timothy 2:9-10.

“Likewise, ye wives, . . . Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; but let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price,” 1 Peter 3:1-4.

We must be careful of ‘change’! So say the Scriptures. “My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change,” Proverbs 24:21.
Man is given to change. He soon is wearied of routine, especially that instigated by the Lord. As Israel grew weary of manna, the provision of heaven, so man wearies even of the most blessed provisions and ordinances of God. Read more

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roman_soldierAn outline study of Jude – an important little book for today.

By Rev Ivan Foster.

Part 5 : Five telling metaphors of the apostate

“These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you,
feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots; raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever,”
Jude 1:12-13.

With what bold clarity and explicitness, Jude paints the picture of the apostates and their activities amongst the early church! These warnings are relevant still for these same creatures are at work today!
Of course, let it be noted, a warning is of little use when it is clouded by ambiguity and lacking in transparency. This is especially so when the matter about which the warning is made is of such a serious and solemn nature as the infiltration of the church by deceivers and agents of the devil.

Let preachers take note: Don’t be as “dumb dogs”, which “cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber,” Isaiah 56:10. Be as Paul’s trumpeter in 1 Corinthians 14:8, giving forth a clear, shrill sound that all will instantly recognise as an alarm “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?”
Oh how clear was the witness of the Free Presbyterian Church in former times under the energetic and Holy Ghost enabled early ministry of Ian Paisley and fellow ministers!
May it be generally so again. Read more

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A Cowardly Windbag Blows His Flute

gallery-sirjamespaulcoxThe Belfast Telegraph, of 6th June, 2015, reports: “World-renowned flautist Sir James Galway has launched a remarkable broadside on the late former First Minister Ian Paisley asking if he was “indirectly responsible for killing” by planting “thoughts of violence” in people’s minds during the Troubles.”

James Galway’s sole claim to fame is his ability to making pleasing sounds emitted from various forms of ‘tin whistles’, a skill which was nurtured while he was a member of a loyalist band in east Belfast.

He was knighted for his tin whistling in 2001 but has now seen fit to repudiate publicly his British inheritance and proclaim himself a “united Irishman”, standing in rank with those who have traditionally railed upon the United Kingdom for one reason only – its Bible Protestantism!

Read more

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Free Presbyterian Sermon gets fair coverage from Nationalist newspaper!

Fermanagh_Herald_June2015Fermanagh Nationalist Newspaper, The Fermanagh Herald, in this week’s edition, printed two articles by a reporter who visited Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church on Lord’s Day, 31st May.

I do not think that we have ever received a more impartial coverage in any newspaper, be it ‘Unionist’ or otherwise!

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image of the printed article which you can zoom in to read.

Two messages by Rev. Foster

Both messages were preached in Kilskeery FPC on Sunday May 31st, 2015 in response to the referendum vote in the Republic of Ireland to legalize same-sex marriage.

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A short response to some comments on my article on the Asher’s Bakery court case

My article on the Asher’s Bakery court case – “The reason why?? – “There is sin in the camp!!” – was given some coverage in the ‘Belfast Newsletter’ of Saturday 23rd May.
Of course, the secular man’s summary of such an article will always fail to give a faithful account of the reasoning within it that is based upon the Word of God.
That certainly was the case with this report of my article in the ‘Belfast Newsletter’.

As a consequence, it left the impression with some that I had condemned the McArthur family outright. I can but urge readers to consider my article in full as it appears on this site. Those Christians who were critical of me on the basis of an inaccurate representation of my article in a secular newspaper were not acting wisely or scripturally. Read more

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KICS assembly talks on the Return of the Lord Jesus

Each day In Kilskeery Independent Christian School, the afternoon begins with an assembly centred upon a study of God’s Word. On September 2nd, the school began its 35th year.

Rev Ivan Foster, retired former minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church and former Administrator of the congregation’s Christian school has been asked to conduct the Tuesday and Thursday assemblies this year.

He has chosen as his theme – “The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Below you can listen to the most recent recordings of the talks to the pupils.

Please pray for this work amongst children since it depends entirely upon the Lord for its continued witness.

Listen to all the posted audio files in this series here.

The Return of Christ, Pt 66
The Return of Christ, Pt 67
The Return of Christ, Pt 68
The Return of Christ, Pt 69
The Return of Christ, Pt 70
The Return of Christ, Pt 71
The Return of Christ, Pt 72

This series is now complete and we are pleased to offer a FREE CD with all 72 parts in MP3 format. Please contact Rev. Foster to order your free CD. You can use the contact form below.

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Latest news stories

TUV launches bid to cut number of Special Advisers at Stormont

TUV tackles SPAD excesses

Peter Robinson: Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt needs a course on finance for dummies

DUP to block censure motion against Sammy Wilson

Attack on Willie Frazer: man freed by police

Willie Frazer attack accused vows to defend his name

Remembering two brutal murders in central Belfast

Video: Petrol bomb causes smoke damage to Protestant mission hall near Tobermore

Searching for the mysterious ‘mad monk’ who fought for — and was killed by — the IRA

PPS: ‘I am right to prosecute McConnell’

IRA victim’s son disgusted at Sinn Féin Lord Mayor for 1916 centenary

Bernadette Smyth harassment conviction thrown out

Anti-abortion campaigner Bernie Smyth wins harassment appeal against Marie Stopes clinic director

Anti-abortion protester Smyth to open women’s clinic in wake of appeal victory

Texas Calls Same-Sex Marriage A ‘Lawless Ruling’ – (Lawlessness a feature of days before Christ’s return, 2 Thess 2:7 ‘iniquity’ = ‘lawlessness’)

So-called Islamic State beheads two women in Syria

Ex-DUP aide David McConaghie denies ‘toilet cam’ voyeurism charge

Secret camera in DUP toilet contained 216,373 pictures and videos

Tunisia attack: ‘Paralysed’ police let gunman run amok for half an hour, says witness

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More news

June 29

Greece debt crisis: World markets in turmoil after bank closures and capital controls

Sammy Wilson’s jibe defamatory, says Stormont commissioner Bain

Mystery of Stormont’s missing millions of pounds

Man arrested over Willie Frazer ‘attack’ in Markethill

Willie Frazer claims he was ‘attacked on doorstep by IRA supporter’

Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders faces mounting pressure to resign

Police face flood of compensation claims over child abuse failures

Chimpanzees may have a similar sense of right and wrong to humans new study finds – (Some in Stormont have less sense of morality than chimps!!!)

Glasgow Isis bride Aqsa Mahmood writes poem praising Tunisia, France and Kuwait attacks as ‘Black Friday’

‘Jock’ Davison murder linked to Dublin ‘drugs’ gang

Bad news for SF as the dead still won’t Disappear – (How can a party with links to such brutal murders have any credibility????)

Sinn Fein’s prized seat under threat in bitter row

Support for Sinn Féin and Labour has taken a hit in latest Red C poll

Sinn Fein in crisis as voters flee to Fine Gael and Fianna Fail

Greece debt crisis: European Central Bank says it is not increasing emergency credit amid default fears

June 27

Fr Brendan Smyth case: Calls for Irish government action over police failings

Britons ‘majority’ of Tunisia dead

Irish nurse dies in beach massacre

Irish woman killed in terror attack in Tunisia

Isil suicide bomb attack on Shia mosque in Kuwait kills 27 people

Terrorist tied boss’s head to fence before failed ram raid on chemical factory

Greece announces bailout referendum – urged voters to reject it!!

Vatican in treaty with ‘Palestine’ – (‘Birds of a feather’ etc!!)

A former Roman Catholic Archbishop has told the High Court he had an “inappropriate” sexual relationship with a woman in Nigeria

First English Bible could fetch £35,000 at auction – (What a price good men paid to give us the Truth of God which is the true value of this book not its age!)

Bodies of Séamus Wright and Kevin McKee, IRA murder victims, believed found

Dolours Price, first female member of the Provisional IRA, on driving the disappeared to the south

Pastor McConnell’s prosecution a ‘witch-hunt’ says Mick Hume

June 26

US Supreme Court rules gay marriage is legal nationwide

France attack: Man decapitated at factory near Lyon

Irish woman killed in Tunisia beach attack

Further Irish victims of Tunisia attack not ruled out

British And Irish Tourists Die In Beach Horror

37 killed in Tunisian hotel gun attack: Irish woman among dead

PSNI chief’s apology after Orange parade attacked in Belfast

McCallister police probe centres on NI21 equipment

McCallister fraud suggestions ‘laughable’, says ex-colleague

Go ahead for gay marriage legal challenge

Sinn Fein MP slammed for ‘hypocrisy’ on disabled protest

End posturing before the bailiffs arrive at the door

Nationalist parties are costing 50k jobs: DUP

June 25

Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry: Cardinal Sean Brady to appear

Abuse probe to hear from former Cardinal Sean Brady

Historical Abuse Inquiry: Irish police ‘aware’ of Smyth abuse in 1970s – (It has already been revealed that the RCC knew back in the 1940s!!!)

“He ought never to have been ordained” – Brendan Smyth’s order

Gardai ‘knew of paedophile priest’

Smyth ‘threatened to punch cleric’ – (Revealing conversation between two ‘holy’ men!!!)

Stormont no nearer to solution – (Sticking plaster solutions won’t work!!)

New UUP MLA says gay bed-and-breakfast row “in the past” – (Another ‘somersaulting’ politician!!!)

New UUP MLA Adrian Cochrane-Watson banned gay couples from his B&B – (Some men will pay any price to promote their career!!)

Red faces in UUP at MLA selection fiasco

Sammy Wilson says no apology for Jim Allister ‘thug’ jibe

Fermanagh councillor queries DCAL funding for GAA clubs

Sinn Fein rocked by resignation of entire branch organisation in Cork

Sinn Fein braced for more resignations after veteran’s expulsion

Caroline Moreland’s daughter meets with Martin McGuinness to demand answers about IRA murder

June 24

We’ve broken the law – prosecute us, over 200 abortion activists challenge police

HIA inquiry hears angry jail letter from paedophile priest Fr Brendan Smyth

Paedophile priest Brendan Smyth ‘found his peace with God’ – (One wonders what the Lord has to say about that!!!)

Row over tricolour and Palestinian flag in Coleraine council chamber

Sinn Fein expels two of its councillors in Republic of Ireland

Lord Janner allegedly abused children in the Houses of Parliament, says MP

Lord Greville Janner ‘violated, raped and tortured’ children in the Houses of Parliament

June 23

Ken Maginnis reveals role in SAS plot

Unionist fury as councillor displays Irish tricolour in Coleraine chamber – (Support for fellow terrorists!!)

Historical Abuse Inquiry: Fr Brendan Smyth ‘could have abused hundreds of children’

Fr Brendan Smyth admitted abusing hundreds of children

Fr Brendan Smyth suspected of abuse before ordination

Beheading accused Nicholas Salvador ‘killed Palmira Silva during rampage’ – (The depraved insanity that is gripping the land!!)

McGuinness has a nerve to slam UK generosity in London

Martin McGuinness: Sinn Fein will give ‘conditional support’ to new budget bill

Cambridge college allows men to wear skirts at formal dinners – (“The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God,” Deuteronomy 22:5.)

Prosecutor Pastor McConnell smacks of double standards

Prosecution of ‘Satanic Islam’ pastor James McConnell ‘could have chilling effect on churches’

June 22

English IRA victims’ disgust at McGuinness speech to London rally

HIA inquiry to examine paedophile RC priest Brendan Smyth crimes

Probe examines abusive priest case – Failings that allowed notorious paedophile priest Brendan Smyth to abuse children for four decades will be examined

Inquiry to focus on how Brendan Smyth got away with abuse – (Only one answer to that question: cover-up by fellow clerics!!)

How did Fr Brendan Smyth get away with crimes for so long?

Bradford sisters who left UK ‘to join Isis’ were radicalised by British police, relatives say – (Blame anyone and everyone but the guilty!!)

Former Conservative minister, Baroness Warsi Attacks PM’s Speech ‘Demonising’ Muslims – (Echoes of Irish Republican/IRA propaganda!!)

One in 35 men in Britain are potential paedophiles according to shocking new crime figures – (Legitimising of sodomy has led to this!!)

Dublin’s Criminal Assets Bureau investigating a massive payroll fraud operated for the benefit of dissident republicans

For or against, no one wants to see ‘Satanic Islam’ sermon pastor James McConnell end up in jail

Queries on ‘different’ treatment of ‘hate’ cases

June 20

Anglican archbishop warns of ‘unacceptable compromise’ on gay marriage

Stormont admits: We’re now massively less transparent than under direct rule

London austerity protest: Martin McGuinness brands Tory government ‘a cabinet of millionaire spongers’

Peter Robinson: Honour welfare deal or Stormont is doomed

McGuinness refuses to rule out resignation – (The good news gets better!!!)

TUV Questions Pastor McConnell Prosecution While Others Ignored

British security force collusion with loyalist paramilitaries was endemic, Irish parliament told

Baby held as father forced to rob Post Office

Woman accused of supplying poison for miscarriage

Greece told to accept debt deal or ‘head towards default’

Deaths Caused By Terrorist Attacks Rise By 81%

Church of England Vicar likens homosexuality to paedophilia

June 19

‘Satanic Islam’ sermon Belfast pastor McConnell says he faces six months in jail

Corrymeela chief declares his support for same-sex marriage – (What will FP elder Mervyn Storey say to that after wishing this man well – see earlier article)

Education report into Protestant children’s underachievement can’t be shelved, says PUP

TUV Questions Why Benefit Take Up Programme Targeted GAA

Three “Unionists” Fail to Support Flying the Union Flag at Stormont Year Round – (Traitors!!)

Muslims must do more to repel Isil, says Cameron

George Osborne: UK must ‘prepare for the worst’ as Greece teeters on the edge of euro exit

June 18

Londonderry alert: Bomb was ‘an attempt to murder police officer’

Churches condemn murder attempt on police

DUP bid to fly Union flag at Stormont all year fails – (So much for our ‘Britishness’ assured!!)

DUP slams Villiers as parades row escalates

Sinn Fein agrees to fast-track budget

So long as all parties are in government, nothing will change

Victims of the IRA in Britain ‘deserve to get pensions too’

Free Presbyterians slam supporters of ‘yes’ vote

Preacher James McConnell charged on Islam comments

Pastor James McConnell vows not to be silenced by courts as he faces prosecution over ‘Islam is satanic’ sermon

Despite Protections, Irish Language Is In Decline

Kate Hoey: Labour has become an “extremely unpatriotic” party

June 17

Muslims ‘must stop blaming others for how young are radicalised’ – (About time that comment was made!!)

Reports of child abuse rising sharply, NSPCC says – (Nothing to do with liberalising moral attitudes and acceptance of sodomy, of course)

Rise in HIV cases in Northern Ireland – (“ . . . receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet,” Romans 1:27.)

I lost my gay uncle to Aids… his death made me support same-sex marriage – (Now there’s logic for you!!!!)

An arson a fortnight at Maghaberry leads TUV to ask: Who is in charge of jail?

The Church of England’s marriage definition ‘lousy’ – says sodomite ‘priest’!!!!

There is one true type of marriage – Letter.

Caroline Moreland would be alive if RUC had arrested not recruited her, says agent who shopped mum-of-three

Berkeley balcony collapse: Police were called to birthday party an hour before tragedy – but did not go because of shooting elsewhere

Vatican summons Irish bishops to explain role in paedophile scandals

Hundreds ‘modern-day slaves in UK’ – (Read Revelation 18:13 and its context)

June 16

Is Martin McGuinness about to resign as Deputy First Minister? – (At last, some good news!!!)

Labour tells SF: There’s no more money from Westminster

Three British sisters feared to have gone to Syria to join brother

Presbyterian minister’s daughter calls on church to back gay marriage

RTE urged to probe Dublin ‘collusion’ with terrorists

‘I met IRA to ask them why they murdered my mother’

Collusion debate: IRA informers ‘in high authority’ claims DUP

Garda files on IRA gunmen ‘have been passed to Kingsmills inquest’

Russia ‘will retaliate’ if US tanks and heavy weapons are placed on its doorstep

June 15

Case to relax abortion laws begins in High Court

Wife outraged as IRA killers get pensions…and NOT her bomb victim husband

Pensions for IRA – but not for IRA’s victims: New bill will exclude those maimed in bombing campaign in Britain

Irish Presbyterians in Scottish gay ministers boycott

Peace envoy Gary Hart: America will invest in Northern Ireland, but only if there is political and economic stability

Galway is confused, but he’s right about Paisley – (Miscalling the dead is a coward’s game!!)

Bogside ‘held in fear by IRA for years, it was dictatorship’

Provos ‘and the State’ conspired in murders

The Britsh and the Provos must be held to account over depraved agent Freddie Scappaticci

Jim Allister demands DPP action over IRA membership case ‘failings’

Truly terrible vista of collusion

Conscience clause bill gets ‘huge support’ following Ashers verdict, says MLA

Same-sex marriage: Thousands of gay rights campaigners march in Belfast – (Cowardly politicians, blind so-called Protestants and Sinn Fein-led Romanists will bring in sodomite marriage!!)

Northern Ireland left behind on gay marriage issue, say Belfast marchers

Family Grief Over ‘Youngest Brit Suicide Bomber’ – (Why is there such a blind refusal to see the guilt of these bombers irrespective of the influence of ‘Muslim extremists??)

West Yorkshire teenager is ‘UK’s youngest ever suicide bomber’

June 13

US patience with Stormont is fast wearing thin, warns peace envoy Gary Hart – (oh dear!!!)

Four men arrested by detectives investigating loyalist paramilitary crime

Robert McCartney’s sisters reveal reasons for withdrawing from IRA trial – Women tell of lost faith in justice system

Pressure mounts on parades body in Prince Charles row – (The continued strangulation of the Protestant community by the ecumenically dominated State!!)

Dublin still promising Kingsmills files release

Reported in the News Letter on June 13, 1922: Protestant homes riddled with bullets in Mullingar

Documentary claims: Aim of 1974 Dublin/Monaghan bombings was to start a civil war

DUP in fresh bid to end Westminster allowances for absent Sinn Fein MPs

‘Economically naive’ Sinn Fein are slammed by the DUP

Does SF’s corporation tax U-turn show the party moving to the left?

Big turnout expected at rally demanding legislation for civil marriage equality

June 12

Bombshell documentary uncovers Government collusion with loyalist paramilitaries

SDLP MLA: McDonnell’s position is now untenable

Northern Ireland victims commissioner delay criticised

Tom Elliott makes a vow in Commons to speak up for the victims of the Enniskillen bombing

McCartney sisters were to have been witnesses in IRA membership trial

Police seek to question former IRA intelligence director over Birmingham bombings

Did British secret service protect Birmingham pub bombers?

Australia ‘paid migrant smugglers to turn back’

Tony Abbott refuses to deny that Australia paid people-smugglers thousands to turn back a boat full of asylum seekers

Muslim students at Queen’s University Belfast ‘praying in corridors’ as they call for dedicated multi-faith prayer room – (The ‘dedicated room’ would soon become a mosque!!!)

The true scale of Tony Blair’s global business empire – private jets, five-star hotel stays and police guards funded by taxpayer

[hr] [/hr

June 11

1916 Societies ‘put up Stormont tricolour’ – advantage taken of lax security

Tricolour at Stormont: Unionist scorn for republican group’s claims

A thorough probe is needed into flag incident at Stormont – (Again we ask: who are the contractors controlling the upper floors of Stormont??)

Victim to ask McGuinness if he ordered her mother’s death

Martin McGuinness ‘ready to meet IRA victim’s daughter’ – (Mr ‘see no evil, hear no evil’ will doubtless have a persausive response!!)

Well done to victim’s daughter – Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister

Gay cake row bakery to appeal

‘Sisters of Nazareth nuns beat me with strap for wetting bed’

Quango chief Patrick Yu sorry for ‘Holy Cross’ claim

No Troubles pension for terrorists plea

Galway remarks scupper freedom of Belfast proposal

Anger as Gerry Adams avoids prosecution over silence on brother’s abuse

I’m not an IRA sympathiser, says SNP politician Feargal Dalton

June 10

EU referendum: Rules ‘rigged’ towards Yes vote, former Tory Cabinet minister says

Freddie Scappaticci lawyers fail to stop broadcast of BBC Spotlight film

Caroline Moreland: IRA ‘and state’ blamed over murder

Immigrants who beat their children should get special treatment because of a “different cultural context” says judge: – (Culture above the Bible!!)

Judge says ‘cultural context’ should be considered when investigating allegations of parental child abuse

NSPCC queries High Court judge’s smacking remarks

Jean McConville murder: Gerry Adams prosecution decision expected ‘within weeks’

Barra McGrory, Director of Public Prosecutions, standing aside causes ‘major loss of confidence’ – DUP

Paul McCauley murderers ‘well known’, says Martin McGuinness – (It takes one to know one!!)

June 9

Public is sick of Sinn Fein excuses – (Not to mention the SDLP acting as their lap dogs!!)

Sinn Féin has raked in over $390k from US donors in six months – (No austerity there then!!)

Gerry Adams: PPS ‘correct’ not to prosecute Sinn Féin leader for withholding rape allegations

Find and jail the violent thugs who killed Paul McCauley

SDLP claims seven police officers investigating tricolour on Stormont incident – (Just who are the contractors working on the top floors of Stormont??)

Jim Allister Answers Dallat on Flag

Dallat ‘blase’ on Stormont flag security breach: DUP – (Maybe he knows something others don’t!!)

Donaldson rebukes Trimble over Paisley Troubles comments – (Funny how these men find the courage to say these things after the death of Dr Paisley!!)

Stormont department ignored FoI request for almost four years

June 7

Dead Sinn Fein hardliner is praised – (The unchanged heart of SF/IRA!!)

Trimble: ‘Without Paisley, there’d probably have been no Troubles’ – (Yes, he and his ilk would have surrendered NI long ago!!)

IRA dissidents develop rocket-propelled anti-tank weapon

Sheer quality of the bomb-making equipment is cause for concern

Patrick Stewart stands by Ashers despite social media backlash over gay cake court ruling

Christian nursery worker sacked after voicing views on homosexuality wins unfair dismissal case

Mayor apologises over controversial Facebook remark

Fans at flautist’s BBC concert divided over radio show outburst

GAA football fans accused of shouting ‘IRA chants’

Provisionals also have Basque blood on their hands

Assembly speaker, Sinn Féin’s McLaughlin at Derry Messines commemoration

June 6

Ian Paisley indirectly responsible for killings during Troubles, says flautist Sir James Galway – (1 Kings 18:17-18 springs to mind. He makes no condemnation of SF leaders directly involved in terrorism and murder!!)

James Galway: I was brainwashed by Presbyterians – (Who does he credit for the latest ‘washing of his brain!!’)

Ian Paisley widow Eileen’s anger at James Galway’s claims that Troubles murders were his fault

Ivan Little: The fired-up flautist is certainly a knight to remember now after that astonishing rant

‘Sodomite’ Cleric calls for north-south split on gay marriage

Kingsmill files ‘to be handed over’ vows Irish PM

British aid billions ‘subsidising’ third world defence budgets

UKIP banned from gay pride march – even though party has thousands of LGBT members – (This is a side to UKIP all too many ignore!!)

June 5

Firebrand preacher unrepentant: Ireland will face divine retribution for same sex vote

Presbytery meeting over pro-gay marriage minister

Stormont tricolour briefing ‘entirely unsatisfactory’ – Finn Fein Speaker ‘attempting to hide behind the ongoing police investigation’

Jean McConville prosecution to go ahead

Ivor Bell to be prosecuted over Jean McConville

Disappeared Jean McConville murder: Ivor Bell prosecution to go ahead

Scripture states marriage only for man and woman – Letter

IRA Garda killer McAuley faces jail again over attack on wife

Strong youth vote in gay marriage poll shows gulf between the (RC)church and younger people

Dallat death claims ‘outrageous slur on unionist people’

June 4

UUP split on gay marriage vote – in Belfast Council vote on ‘gay marriage’!!

IRA membership case against Padraic Wilson and Sean Hughes collapses – (Key prosecution witnesses withdrew their evidence – We wonder why!!!????)

IRA membership trial collapses as witnesses withdraw evidence against top republicans Padraic Wilson and Sean Hughes

Irish tricolour flag flown over Stormont

Storm over tricolour flying at Stormont

‘Rogue actions’ behind Tricolour over Stormont

Hoisting of Tricolour over Stormont sparks inquiry

Immediate Action Required on Stormont Tricolour – Jim Allister

‘They can’t grow potatoes, and have a mutant lawn as their national symbol’ Australian advisor launches anti-Irish tirade

13-year-old Amber Peat died as a result of hanging

BBC apologises for erroneous ‘Queen being treated in hospital’ tweet

June 3

A wicked lifestyle – A letter from a Free Presbyterian

Northern Ireland crisis talks fail to resolve standoff over welfare reforms

DUP issues ‘take it or leave it’ ultimatum to Stormont parties

Put the blame back where it belongs: with republicans

Stormont plumbs new depths of Farce – Jim Allister

GAA star’s house burnt out ‘in arson attack by IRA gangsters’

Kingmills massacre: Robinson demands Irish government co-operation with inquest

Kincora: calls for abuse to be included in UK inquiry

June 2

Villiers ‘will oppose’ calls to hand welfare back to London – (Scared by Sinn Fein threats!!!)

TUV leader Jim Allister demands answers from Stormont

Dissident republican Sean Kelly’s living it up in Magilligan prison after suspected plea deal

Scale of IRA’s collusion with British state was shocking

Paramilitaries and pensions: BBC Spotlight looks at controversy over victims

British security service shielded abusers in Belfast care home, court hears

Anger as DUP tries to tighten abortion laws in Northern Ireland

Belfast City Council votes in favour of gay marriage

Belfast Council votes to support same-sex marriage

Kingsmill files delay condemned

June 1

Abortion amendment set to be blocked by petition of concern – (Sinn Fein and Alliance parties oppose stronger abortion regulations)

McGuinness describes Stormont crisis as ‘very grave situation’

Martin McGuinness not hopeful about NI cuts breakthrough

Mid Ulster unionists shouldn’t be surpised over Sinn Féin’s Royal baby letter decision: McLean

Gardai now probe leaks about IRA sex abusers

Families demand justice over IRA victims ‘executed’ as informers

I’m tired of Adams’s nonsense, and I’ve challenged the coward to a debate

Praise for Presbyterian who backed same-sex marriage

Christians are being told to leave faith at the door every morning – Former Irish Presbyterian moderator

Unclear if minister will face sanctions over gay marriage views

Irish RC Church divided over fallout from gay marriage vote

Calls to refer to God as a woman as female bishops take up posts in Church of England

Church of England ‘one generation away from extinction’ after dramatic loss of followers

IRA play park row: SDLP will vote to change name

Gerry Adams relatives ‘used as spies’ by British military intelligence

Rewriting of history causing anger: Ringland

Rev Alan Kilpatrick’s first service held in social club

Knocknamuckley’s Rev Tom Conway: ‘If you print a picture of me I’ll sue. There’s a lot of hurt over what you write’

May 30

British and Irish governments to intervene in Stormont stalemate

Irish PM, Enda Kenny’s ‘broken promise’ on Kingsmills files release

On-the-Runs scandal took no account of innocent Troubles victims

Magherafelt DUP councillor deflects criticism over ‘homosexuality not legal’ remark – (It is ever wrong to legitimise that which the Lord condemns!!)

Presbyterian minister at odds with church over gay marriage – (This woman is no minister of the gospel of Christ. She is at odds with the Bible!!)

Outspoken minister backs equal marriage vote in Republic – (Further evidence of the apostasy of Irish Presbyterianism!)

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