May 2015

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Firebrand pastor blames Catholic church abuse for same sex referendum result

A surprising report in a Nationalist Newspaper with a readership which is predominantly Roman Catholic.

LOCAL firebrand preacher Ivan Foster has launched a scathing attack on Irish Catholicism after the South’s landslide yes vote to legalising gay marriage saying the historic vote was a direct result of the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals.

Speaking after 62 per cent of people in the South voted in favour of changing the constitution to allow gay and lesbian couple to marry, the former minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church went on to brand it as a “false religion” which has “cursed” Ireland.

In a statement sent to the Fermanagh Herald, the fundamentalist accused the South of defying God and “embracing sodomy”.


“This has been done in defiance of God’s Word. That, of course, is hardly surprising since the people of the land have been under the heel of Romanism for centuries and have thereby been taught to pay scant heed to what the Bible says, irrespective of the allegiance to the Word of God that the Church of Rome professes.

“Romanism is a false religion which masquerades as the religion of the Lord Jesus Christ. It has indoctrinated the Irish people in its falsehoods for centuries. What a curse its dark shadow has been to Ireland.

“But Ireland has not only had to bear the burden of false doctrine instigated by Rome, but the Irish people have been plagued by the licentious vileness of her ‘bachelor’ priests, many of whom used their position to molest and violate hundreds of children within this generation and countless multitudes in the centuries of her past dominance.

“In reaction to that and as a direct result of it, the majority in the Irish Republic have supported the legalising of sodomite marriage.”

Referring to a picture of Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams celebrating the yes vote with Ireland’s best known drag queen who is called Panti Bliss, he said: “The painted ‘female’ in the middle is Rory O’Neill, who performs as a ‘drag queen’.

“There you have it. The man who heads up Sinn Fein, the armed wing of which mounted a 30 year terror campaign in Northern Ireland, which resulted in hundreds of people, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, murdered and in thousands terrorised, robbed, injured, kidnapped and taken away and murdered and secretly buried, is at the heart of this “yes” vote.

“What an unholy caucus”

He appealed for prayer for the “Bible-believing minority” who he said would feel more isolated by the South’s decision to vote in favour of same-sex marriage.

He added: “Pray that many saddened, alarmed and troubled souls will seek out God’s Word and those who preach it and embrace the Truth of God in these evil times.”

Rev Ivan Foster is set to preach on the result of the Irish referendum at Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church this Sunday, 31, at 7pm. (See original article online here.)

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Irish Republic defies God and embraces sodomy!

The Irish Republic has become the first country in the world to embrace sodomite ‘marriage’!
This has been done in defiance of God’s Word. That, of course, is hardly surprising since the people of the land have been under the heel of Romanism for centuries and have thereby been taught to pay scant heed to what the Bible says, irrespective of the allegiance to the Word of God that the Church of Rome professes.

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The reason why?? – “There is sin in the camp!!

1280757771-free-presbyterian-protesters-demonstrate-against-belfast-gay-pride_400328A response by Rev Ivan Foster to the decision of the court on the Asher’s Bakery case.

“Up, sanctify the people, and say, Sanctify yourselves against to morrow: for thus saith the LORD God of Israel, There is an accursed thing in the midst of thee, O Israel: thou canst not stand before thine enemies, until ye take away the accursed thing from among you,” Joshua 7:13.

‘Gay cake’ row: Judge rules against Asher’s bakery – so reads the BBC Northern Ireland news site article on the court decision on the case brought against Asher’s Bakery on behalf of an acknowledged sodomite, Mr. Gareth Lee. Mr. Lee wanted the bakery to provide a cake with the slogan “support gay marriage” along with a picture of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, and the logo of the ‘Queerspace’ organisation.

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Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible omits any reference to children needing to be converted in the section entitled: “Raising children in the Lord”

In the ‘Christian Living Section’ of ‘The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible’, there is an article entitled: “Raising Children in the Lord”.

This article outlines five “means” which Christian parents are to employ in raising children in the Lord. There is first a reference to praying for children. This is expanded to mean labouring to bring our children to Jesus so that He might bless them. Matthew 19:13-15 is included as a reference at this point.

Subsequent “means” of raising children are outlined as: teaching the Bible to your children, disciplining them in love, offering wise counsel, and lastly, living as a godly example before them.

There is something seriously, and sadly, lacking in this section on “Raising Children in the Lord”. There is no clear and obvious mention of the children, of believers, needing to be evangelised and converted to Christ. What is the aim in praying, teaching, disciplining, counselling and setting a godly example before our children? It is that they might be converted to Christ and that at an early age.

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Membership of a church — is it necessary??

kilskeeryfpcA word to many who attend Free Presbyterian services. 

By Rev Ivan Foster

And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers, Acts 2:42.

This is an important matter in a day of lawlessness when God’s order is defied, neglected and overthrown in many lives. In order to enjoy the fulness of God’s blessing we must be conformed to all His commandments and laws.

The persons referred to in our text are true converts to Christ. They were the product of Holy Ghost conviction in a day we can only call a day of mighty revival power as it has never been known since. These were a people, doubtless of all ages, who acted upon the Word of God that was preached to them by the apostles that wonderful day. “Then they that gladly received his word were baptized.” They were the glad receivers of the Word of God. They openly professed their faith by being baptised. Furthermore, they were added unto the church, verses 41, 47. That means they “joined the church”, took their place amongst the ranks of the ekklesia, the called-out gathering of people professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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“Impartial Reporter” editorial critical of Jim Wells MLA and those who share his views of sodomy

A response by Rev Ivan Foster

I have known Mr McDaniel for a long time. Given his background, I am disappointed that he propagates in the editorial of his newspaper on 30th April, the standard abuse of Christians who seek to obey God’s Word regarding sodomy and even seeks to endorse his comments by ending with a quote from the Word of God, albeit, not from the Authorised Version.

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roman_soldierAn outline study of Jude – an important little book for today. By Rev Ivan Foster.

Part 4 : Further illustrations of former manifestations of apostasy.

Examples of the spirit of apostasy at work throughout the ages, recorded within Holy Scripture, are myriad. We may conclude from that fact that the Lord is most desirous of us learning of the dangers of apostasy, the waywardness into which the ‘creepers’ which Jude warns of would have us go. The danger is thus highlighted for us to heed.

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KICS assembly talks on the Return of the Lord Jesus

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ach day In Kilskeery Independent Christian School, the afternoon begins with an assembly centred upon a study of God’s Word. On September 2nd, the school began its 35th year.

Rev Ivan Foster, retired former minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church and former Administrator of the congregation’s Christian school has been asked to conduct the Tuesday and Thursday assemblies this year.

He has chosen as his theme – “The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Below you can listen to the most recent recordings of the talks to the pupils.

Please pray for this work amongst children since it depends entirely upon the Lord for its continued witness.

Listen to all the posted audio files in this series here.

The Return of Christ, Pt 59
The Return of Christ, Pt 60
The Return of Christ, Pt 61
The Return of Christ, Pt 62
The Return of Christ, Pt 63
The Return of Christ, Pt 64
The Return of Christ, Pt 65

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May 29

Portadown church split as controversial minister is moved

Maverick rector Alan Kilpatrick regrets modern style of sermon

Ashers Baking Company to mount appeal against court ruling

Ulster Unionists meet equality body over Newry playpark

Claim that hundreds of deaths in North happened due to collusion

PSNI boss questions claims on scale of Troubles collusion killings

Elderly face NHS discrimination under new UN death targets

Australian PM Tony Abbott paves way for same-sex marriage reform – despite his ultra-conservative credentials – (These so called “conservative convictions” are entirely subject to public opinion whipped up by “gay” lobby!!)

Magherafelt councillor will face calls to retract ‘homosexuality should not be legal’ comment

Same sex marriage: Churches must live with the new reality or wilt – (According to Clarke, public opinion/sodomite agenda must replace the Bible as the only rule of faith and practice!!)

Ireland’s media silenced over MP’s speech about Denis O’Brien

May 28

Northern Ireland welfare dispute: Westminster could take over powers

Stormont crisis: Finance Minister, Arlene Foster says it’s time for Westminster to take over and implement welfare reforms

Stormont Crisis – The Product of an Unworkable System

Unionists hit back at ‘Scrap NI’ remarks by Sinn Fein’s Barry McElduff – (This the true objective of the viper that Unionists embraced when they agreed to power-sharing!!!)

NI ‘collusion’ between UK authorities and paramilitaries

‘Gay cake’ case: Ashers bakery to appeal discrimination decision

UK Methodist Church apologises for abuse spanning decades

British arm of the Methodist Church apologises for decades of child sex abuse with almost 2,000 victims

Church split as Knocknamuckley minister Alan Kilpatrick moves on

Palestinian paramilitary group, Hamas ‘Killed And Tortured Palestinians’

Vicar refuses to baptise child because parents are not married, telling them: ‘It’s not a ticket into heaven’ – (Comments by mother shows she is a heathen rather than a ‘Christian’ as claimed!!)

Pope’s finance chief promises to appear at Australian child abuse inquiry – denied trying to bribe a victim of a paedophile priest to keep quiet

Equality law will change to protect gay teachers

May 27

Audio: Ulster Cleric says God is punishing Europe ‘with ISIS and homosexuality’

Church of Ireland ‘must honour’ parishioners in gay marriages – (What about obeying the Word of God??)

Vatican calls Irish referendum a ‘defeat for humanity’

Military Covenant: Nationalists reject DUP veterans call

Northern Ireland welfare reform bill fails to pass

Rejection of welfare bill an act of ‘political terrorism’: UUP

Northern Ireland power sharing in crisis as welfare bill fails

Stormont on brink of collapse: Uncharted waters after welfare cuts bill is sunk

Stormont in ‘disarray’ after Welfare Bill fails

Robinson’s absence will fuel pessimism over deal to break deadlock

IRA play park row commission wholly discredited: Stormont minister Danny Kennedy

Irish Government to consider slapping ban after European ruling

May 26

Methodist response to gay vote – (Typical wishy-washy tripe from an ecumenist!!)

Northern Ireland welfare reform debate expected to go ahead

DUP ready for welfare debate despite Peter Robinson’s heart attack

Captain Doug Beattie accuses government of ‘abandoning’ Northern Ireland military veterans

Robinson faces uncertain political future after heart attack

Kyle Paisley hints his twin is the man to tame DUP nest of vipers

Why the SDLP could waver as welfare reform D-Day looms in Northern Ireland

UUP councillor’s disquiet over Nesbitt’s softening opposition to same-sex marriage

Adams is a coward for refusing live debate, says Mairia

Same-sex marriage vote an ‘unmitigated disaster’ for Church – (This is a reference to the popish church which is wickedly called ‘the Church’!!)

Abuse Survivors Lose Faith In Goddard Inquiry – (The procrastination is all part of the plan to bury the whole matter!!)

All politicians lie, says ex-deputy Liberal Democrat leader

Wikipedia edits from inside Parliament removing scandals from MPs’ pages, investigation finds

May 25

NI First Minister Peter Robinson has suspected heart attack

Peter Robinson admitted to hospital

Peter Robinson taken to hospital with suspected heart attack

Same-sex marriage: Northern Ireland ‘last bastion of discrimination’ says Amnesty

Irish gay marriage referendum: Pressure to build on Northern Ireland’s politicians to allow vote on gay marriage

Ireland has said ‘yes’ to gay marriage and ‘no’ to Catholicism – (Better it had said ‘NO’ to both!!)

The striking thing about the Yes camp was its intolerance

RC Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: Catholic Church needs reality check – (‘Look, have we drifted away completely from young people?’ – No mention of the Bible)

Gay marriage vote: Presbyterian Church disappointed at result

SF and DUP at daggers drawn while SDLP hold balance of power

Arlene Foster hopes welfare impasse does not lead to collapse of the assembly

Equality Commission washes its hands of IRA play park name

The truth behind the Sinn Fein smiles

IRA killers may have been offered immunity

Secret files claim IRA terror suspects here were given amnesty

Mairia Cahill reacts furiously to claims by Gerry Adams that she was abused by her uncle

Mary Lou seeks to defend Adams over Mairia ‘uncle’ claims

Shoppers show their solidarity for beleaguered Ashers bakery

Scottish independence: Support grows for Yes

May 23

Rep. of Ireland same-sex referendum set to approve gay marriage – (The final count! – “But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all,” Luke 17:29)

Máiría Cahill says she is ‘vindicated’ by report

Prosecutor apology over IRA ‘abuse’

Sir Keir Starmer QC report: Mairia Cahill and other alleged IRA rape victims ‘let down’ by PPS

Máiría Cahill allegations: Sir Keir Starmer criticises handling of rape cover-up claims

Maíria Cahill calls on Sinn Féin to accept report and to apologise

Victim Mairia ‘gutted’ that PPS failings mean accused won’t face justice

Fianna Fáil claims Gerry Adams has serious questions to answers

Welfare reform: Peter Robinson in new assembly warning

SDLP tables petition of concern on welfare reform

Unionists call (challenge to nationalists) for welfare proposals as the final budget deadline looms

Prince Charles visits Corrymeela: ‘A model to all who strive for peace and reconciliation’ – (He follows in the steps of DUP minister, Mervyn Storey, who wished the Corrymeela Community well back in February)

Two faces of Sinn Fein: Gerry Kelly joins protest while Martin McGuinness shakes hands with Prince Charles

May 22

Same-sex referendum: Polls open in Republic of Ireland

Same sex marriage referendum: Four Northern Ireland Church of Ireland clerics back ‘No’ vote in Republic

Irish gay marriage referendum: Mary McAleese calls for ‘Yes’ vote after gay son’s secret suffering

Rep of Ireland’s deputy prime minister says extending marriage rights to gay people will prove equality is the cornerstone of the Republic – (Read ‘depravity’ rather than ‘equality’!!)

‘Gay cake row has given No campaign a massive boost’

Action begins against Drogheda printer in ‘gay invite row’

US Boy Scouts Chief In Plea To Allow Gay Leaders

Prince Charles and Camilla welcomed at Roman Catholic church in Belfast – (You can see who organised the details of the visit!!)

Prince Charles to visit NI peace centre Corrymeela – (The centre of ecumenism !!)

Amid forgiveness in Mullaghmore we should not forget the past

Donaldson praises Jenny Palmer’s contribution to local politics

DUP faces threat of extinction, says Ian Paisley’s son Kyle

Stormont in Crisis ….Again!

Casement Park: Paul Scott claims damning says Carál Ní Chuilín – (“It’s simply unthinkable that I’d want to put lives at risk,” – laughable coming from Sinn Fein that came to power through its terrorism and murder!!)

National Crime Agency will investigate child porn case the PSNI panned over

Ashers ‘gay cake’ case: Quoting Bible in 21st century is no argument say Liam Clarke – (It will prove to be a decisive argument at the Great Assizes, John 12:48!!)

May 21

Ashers bakery couple: Guilty by law, but we’re innocent in God’s eyes

Churches lament ‘loss of religious liberties’ after cake determination

Ashers ‘gay cake’ decision is a threat to our freedom of conscience – Butchers and candlestick-makers, regardless of their religious opinions, will also be forced to comply, or face prosecution, or give up their businesses entirely.

‘Bert and Ernie’ cake case in Northern Ireland sparks debate over human rights and religion

‘Gay cake’: US couple encourage Ashers Bakery to appeal ruling

Gerry Adams has no apology for Lord Mountbatten murder – earl ‘knew the dangers’ of coming to Ireland

Prince Charles has nothing to apologise for but is happy to forgive – it’s a pity Gerry Adams can’t do the same

Relatives of Bloody Sunday join Prince of Wales at service for peace

Bloody Sunday relative Bethany McLoughlin sings for Prince Charles in Sligo

Handshake ‘does not absolve republican terrorists’

OFMDFM blasted for funding body which took on cake case – (Yes, and they have funded the sodomite community for years!!)

Irish gay marriage referendum may be closer than polls predict

Coleen Nolan under fire as she appears to compare gay rights to ISIS in Ashers ‘gay cake’ case debate on Loose Women – (Sodomite lobbyists highly organised and deceitful!!)

Criticism for special DUP advisor Brimstone following investigation

May 20

Ashers owners’ ‘extreme disappointment’ at gay cake verdict – (See our comments inThe reason why?? – “There is sin in the camp!!)

Ashers Verdict – Dark Day for Justice and Religious Freedom – Jim Allister

The ‘gay cake’ ruling against a Christian bakery could lead to even more discrimination – it’s opened a very strange can of worms

Equality body that supported a gay man in his legal battle against Ashers Bakery has been vindicated, says Chief Commissioner Wardlow

Prince Charles meets Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams – (All the talk about reconciliation is utter nonsense – Sinn Fein remains the same murderous, thieving, lying organisation it always has been. Political advantage is all it seeks!!)

Prince Charles to visit scene of Lord Mountbatten’s murder and meet the mother of a boy murdered in same attack

Prince Charles shakes hands with Gerry Adams

‘Mountbatten knew dangers in coming here’, says Adams

National Crime Agency powers extended to Northern Ireland

DUP’s Jenny Palmer at centre of bullying claim resigns

Irish Presbyterian Church’s ‘profound concern’ over Ashers’ ruling

Irish Presbyterian’s ‘deep sorrow’ at Scottish gay vote

Victims query Bishop’s Easter Rising address – (Why not query her for usurping of an office God says should only be filled by a man!!)

Peter Robinson warns assembly could collapse over welfare powers

Move over Gerry Adams, Peter Robinson is the new king of Twitter – (DUP have been practising ‘twittering’ for quite some time now!!)

May 19

‘Gay cake’ row: Judge rules against Ashers bakery

Senior IRA man, Jock Davison murder suspect in hiding, crime baron goes to ground as police warn Copeland and Kelly they are under threat

IRA sex attacker could have fled Ireland, says abuse victim

Gerry Adams ‘pulls out’ of Willie Frazer debate

New rules to improve MLA conduct – (It says something about Stormont when it must receive lessons in courtesy from Sinn Fein!!)

Schoolgirl ‘raped by 60 members of Asian sex gang by the age of 16’

Prince Charles to begin four-day Ireland visit

Prince Charles to meet Gerry Adams and attend emotional meeting in Ireland at spot where great-uncle was killed by massive IRA bomb

Prince Charles to meet Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams

Queen insisted on Prince Charles meeting Sinn Fein chief Gerry Adams during Ireland visit

No intelligence of a specific threat to Prince Charles ahead of Royal visit – gardai

Bloody Sunday victim’s sister slams SF over Prince Charles visit

For all the talk of pacts, it will get nasty as unionists target each other’s seats

Gay blood ban: New health minister Simon Hamilton vows to be ‘guided by science’

The scandal of foreign nurses with bogus papers

Isis seizes Ramadi: After Iraq’s worst defeat in the war with the Islamic militants, battle is on to defend the road to Baghdad

May 18

Christian faith ‘sustains’ bakery family ahead of ruling

RC Archbishop’s appeal to Irish voters ahead of the gay marriage referendum

Irish authorities ‘knew IRA terrorists who murdered Mountbatten’

Royal visit: Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams confirms party will attend visit of Prince Charles and Camilla

Security stepped up for Prince Charles visit to Ireland

The Irish road to peace cannot hide injustice

Dublin-Monaghan bombs: Wreaths laid on 41st anniversary

Westminster Speaker John Bercow ‘prepares to divorce wife Sally over affair’

SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell admits he could quit inside a year

DUP’s David Simpson pens astonishing 1,000-word letter to UUP leader Mike Nesbitt

The old leaders of Sinn Fein just won’t let go

‘Provos are hiding my abuser in safe house’ – Paudie

Institute of Directors NI says Westminster stability ‘in contrast to Stormont’

Marauding Scots put paid to Northern Ireland’s hopes of extra cash

Islamic State militants ‘smuggled to Europe’

May 16
Pro-sodomites complain about gospel open-air preachers and tract distributors

Church of Scotland votes to allow gay ministers in civil partnerships

Stornoway group of 250 quits the Church of Scotland

Nobody will be gagged in Casement Park inquiry: Nelson McCausland’s pledge – (No more Jenny Palmers then!!)

DUP hits back at Dublin over human rights act reforms

DUP ‘tried to scare voters with Sinn Fein claim’ – (In other words ‘told lies!!’)

Kelly says controversial Catholic-Protestant headcount leaflet should not have been published

Gerry Kelly now blames Royal Mail for his sectarian leaflets

Dour McDonnell’s more of a liability than he is a leader

Voters across Northern Ireland ‘expressed concerns about SDLP leadership’ says deputy leader, Dolores Kelly

Further calls for SDLP leader McDonnell to go

I know how Prince Charles will feel at Lord Mountbatten murder scene, says mum of Mullaghmore blast victim

Nesbitt and Ní Chuilín (Sports minister) clash over who is more ga ga for the GAA

Boston Marathon bomber sentenced to death

Boston bombing: It could be a decade before Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is executed

CPS confirms it will review decision not to charge Labour peer Lord Janner over allegations of historic child sex abuse

Lord Janner COULD still be prosecuted for child sex abuse claims – as CPS agrees to review

Tory MP Victor Montagu escaped child sex abuse trial in 1970s

May 15

Westminster ‘world’s most gay Parliament’

Stadium safety fears to be probed

Jean McConville murder: Judge orders final decision on whether to prosecute alleged former IRA commander Ivor Bell

Asian mother found dead with her twin daughters had ‘asked her husband for a divorce’

We must get rid of the dreadful Human Rights Act

Welfare row could sink Northern Ireland yet

Theresa Villiers warns budgets will be imposed if Stormont cannot solve welfare crisis

Senior trade unionist: bus all Northern Ireland Tory voters to England – (That has long been the thinking of Irish Romanists!!!)

SDLP ‘needs leadership change,’ says Mark Durkan – former leader

Dissidents planned to bomb British army base during visit of Charles

Dissidents’ arrests shows that killers have not gone away

‘Take us with you, Scotland’ say thousands in North of England

WW1 Battle of Festubert: Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers’ role recalled

700 ‘terror suspects’ have travelled to Syria, Scotland Yard says

May 14

Casement Park: Mike Nesbitt seeks inquiry into minister Carál Ní Chuilín over safety claims

Human Rights Act: Gerry Adams criticises ‘attack’ on NI peace deal – (‘NI peace deal’ was itself a denial of human rights when it put murderers into government!!)

Niece of Disappeared monk (murdered by the IRA) hopeful of finding body

Whistleblower Jenny Palmer isolated by DUP

Red Sky: DUP promotes Stephen Brimstone, the adviser at centre of scandal

Robinson’s three top advisers getting paid almost £92,000 a year (each)

Rising crime rates, a police force starved of cash, and victims like Betty Young (79) are left to pay the price

PSNI chief: If public disorder breaks out we couldn’t police it ‘comprehensively’

Police chief vows effort being made to tackle UDA

Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison: GAA and church step back from ‘tribute’ to murdered ex-IRA leader – (Happy to give support until exposed in media!!!)

RUC daughter’s revulsion over claims murder weapon was handed back to terrorists

‘Disgust’ at Assembly row over dead MLA David McClarty – (No depths too low to stoop to score points!!)

Plot to kill Prince Charles foiled as police seize bombs and guns ahead of royal visit

Vatican officially recognises ‘state of Palestine’

Vatican recognises Palestine as state in treaty

Netanyahu: Nuclear talks continue even as official says Iran has God’s approval to destroy Israel

Rush Limbaugh advises bakery owners who disapprove of homosexuality to blame ‘fear of a Muslim backlash’ for refusing gay wedding cakes

May 13

Human Rights Act: Tory pledge to scrap law ‘breaches NI peace deal’

‘Paramilitary’ attacks on the rise

Nesbitt fresh challenge to DUP – (The implications of this matter are very serious!)

Ex-minister McCausland under intense fire as Red Sky scandal debated

Red Sky: DUP accused of putting party before public interest during angry clash over Nelson McCausland probe

TUV’s Jim Allister denounces DUP’s despicable treatment of Jenny Palmer

Angry exchanges in Red Sky debate

Clonard Monastery group ‘did not back letter praising IRA man’

PPS urged to explain why it didn’t prosecute Gerry Adams for withholding paedophile brother information

Report on decision not to prosecute Adams over brother’s case ‘must be published quickly’

Church of Ireland Archbishops and leading RC theologian call for Yes vote in sodomite marriage vote in Irish Republic

Liberal leader, Jeremy Thorpe: Inquiry into claims police altered evidence – (Further indications of the corruption at the heart of British politics)

May 12

Much of today’s alleged austerity is self-inflicted – (Amen! to such sentiments)

Nepal hit by 7.4 earthquake as it struggles to recover from disaster just weeks ago that killed 8,000 people

NI Sec of State, TheresaVilliers: Sinn Féin should ‘stand by what they agreed’ on reform

Simon Hamilton appointed Health Minister in DUP reshuffle

Analysis: DUP reshuffle another move away from Paisleyism – (The DUP moved away from the first principles of Ian Paisley a long time ago!!!)

Irish republican dissident loses Strasbourg human rights case

Human rights court throws out Colin Duffy challenge

Robert McCartney’s sisters demand review of funding as community groups place ‘Jock’ Davison tribute in Irish News – (Why was he ever employed by them???)

Council to probe advert praising IRA man

Senior Sinn Féin members among hundreds at funeral of murdered IRA leader

McCartney sisters’ fury justified

Heroism of ‘Skins’ (Enniskillen regiments) to be commemorated at Waterloo event in Fermanagh

Jamie Bryson: I’m against the peace process…it’s peace with a gun to its head

Gay dad sets his sights on Peter Robinson – and wants meeting with DUP leader over equal rights – (The DUP have already adopted a “no stance” position on this wickedness)

Westminster Speaker’s wife, Sally Bercow affair: scorned wife slams ‘ego and narcissism’ of Speaker’s wife

Muslim man argues he cannot serve on jury as religion forbids him from judging others – (But cutting off heads and hands etc is ok!!!)

May 11

Jonathan Bell tipped to be named today as Health Minister

Inexorable rise of Sinn Fein comes to shuddering halt

North’s election results puncture SF myth of United Ireland’s inevitability

Analysis: Nationalism sweeps Scotland, but loses ground in Ulster

Brave stand that forced the IRA and Adams into corner

IRA rape claims: review into possible cover-up to be published after election

The nine-year silence that should have cost Gerry his political career

Adams ignores mother’s plea on IRA threat to son

Mike Nesbitt says NI needs ’liberal, progressive politicians’ – (That is what the DUP is trying to become with its new position on sodomy)

Simpson urged to provide evidence over UUP speech allegations

Nesbitt challenges Simpson to provide evidence of racist abuse

Church of Ireland faces shrinking congregations crisis

IRA commander’s funeral takes place in Belfast

Funeral of Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison takes place in Belfast’s Markets area

No funeral mass as Republican Belfast buries atheist IRA chief

Abortion issue cost Sinn Fein Fermanagh and South Tryone claim

North Antrim: Paisley dynasty sails towards 50th year

Vast loyalist parade sweeps through city in honour of WW1 dead

For the good of the Union, it’s time for England to stand up to the Scots

Islamists jailed for chopping of teacher’s hand ‘because exam paper insulted Prophet Mohamed’

US Student failed by atheist professor for refusing to condemn faith

Gardai monitoring Islamic radicals ahead of Prince Charles Irish visit

Scotland tops gay equality league – (This the true ‘spirit’ behind the SNP: a rejection of God’s Word!)

May 9

Australia PM advisor says climate change is ‘UN-led ruse to establish new world order’

Charles plans Lord Mountbatten trip

Three released without charge in former IRA man, Gerard Jock Davison murder probe

DUP’s hopes dashed at Westminister

Gavin Robinson: Acceptance speech ‘disgraceful’ says Kyle Paisley – (????????)

General election 2015: I leave with dignity, integrity and great pride – McCrea

Unionism did well but the North is still facing years of austerity

Nationalist vote falls but reasons for Sinn Féin slump run much deeper

Only 15% of Church of Ireland members attend services

Australian police arrest teenager planning to detonate 3 bombs in Melbourne

Liberia Declared Free Of Deadly Ebola Virus

May 8

UUP’s Tom Elliott ends Michelle Gildernew’s reign in Fermanagh/South Tyrone

William McCrea loses South Antrim seat – (It does not pay to turn your back upon God’s Word on the matter of sodomy for the sake of votes)

Round-up of NI election news

Conservatives on course for majority at Westminster

Ed Miliband resignation imminent as Conservatives win stunning majority

Clegg Expected To Quit After ‘Cruel’ Losses

‘Scottish Lion Roars’ In Historic SNP Landslide

Good job, Conservatives. Now let’s ditch that slippery Nick Clegg and court the DUP – (You’ll find they are just as slippery!!)

Fresh arrest in murder of former IRA commander in Belfast

Alliance Party defends Councillor Paula Bradshaw’s praise of murdered Jock Davison

May 7

Election 2015: NI electorate goes to the polls to select 18 MPs

Gay row could ‘cause Church of Ireland schism’

Divisions run deep on Lough Erne’s banks, in the UK’s most marginal seat

Jock Davison murder – man arrested

Man arrested over murder of former IRA leader Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison

Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison murder: Second arrest as man, 41, freed

Davison murder shows North’s criminal gangs no longer fear Provos

‘I don’t support the IRA’: Oldham Athletic manager – (No, just one of its most bloodthirsty leaders!!)

Ireland gay marriage referendum: Model couple ‘appalled’ their faces are used on ‘Vote No’ posters

Jamie Bryson gets suspended sentence for flag protests

SF says it is not behind ‘scurrilous’ anti-Dodds letter in North Belfast

Church of Ireland female bishop attends Easter Rising commemoration

Former NI Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan ‘appalled’ by call for gardaí to support same-sex marriage vote

May 6

William McCrea backs DUP decision not to take stance on homosexuality – (THIS IS POLITICS – ‘GO WITH THE CROWD’!! – The man does not deserve the votes of Christians)

Belfast shooting: Ex-IRA man Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison shot dead – Police do not believe dissident republicans shot him

PSNI rules out dissident role in ex-IRA chief’s murder

Belfast police raid home in connection with killing of Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison

Belfast murder: Who was ex-IRA man ‘Jock’ Davison?

Profile of Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison – the IRA boss who ordered the brutal killing of Robert McCartney

Liam Adams loses rape appeal conviction

Sinn Féin defends its refusal to take seats in the House of Commons

Gay couple win High Court battle over baby girl

Two of our bishops should repent – (So too should 43 other Church of Ireland clergy who intend voting Yes in the same sex marriage referendum)

May 5

Man shot near Belfast city centre republican area

Man shot dead in Markets area of Belfast

Rotherham abuse warning reports released – Police and council officials took no action when warned of abuse in 2003 and in 2006.

Sinn Fein hit by storm of anger in ‘sectarian headcount’ leaflet row

More pressure on Sinn Fein over ‘sectarian’ election literature

Election Diary: SF rising star savages Kelly’s sectarian leaflet – (Are the cracks appearing in the godless monolith of Sinn Fein??)

Bishop to lead Royal Black Knocknamuckley church service

Bishop overturns rector’s ban on loyal order’s church service

‘Bishop did not overrule rector on Royal Black service’: Church of Ireland – (Typical Church of Ireland chicanery, seeking to keep both sides happy!!)

Dissident republicans Paint bombers target home of Martin McGuinness

Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness ‘would consider meeting Prince on Ireland trip’

Crossmaglen mother fears IRA gangsters will murder her son

Election: Peter Robinson scornful of Sinn Fein appeal to unionist voters over austerity

Gay Ulster Unionist volunteer quits party in disgust till pact with DUP has run its course

In tears: Peter Robinson’s remarks leave children of Co Down gay couple fearful of jail sentence for dads – (The sodomy campaign has reached a laughable stage)

Syria’s ‘circle of hell’: Aleppo residents describe children without heads, streets filled with blood and injuries never before witnessed by surgeons – (All done in the name of ‘Allah’!!!)

May 3

Election: Peter Robinson scornful of Sinn Fein appeal to unionist voters over austerity

SDLP’s McKinney silent on Catholic ‘faith’ decisions – (As we said before the man is an idiot!!)

Election Diary: Crudely sectarian SF leaflet shameful, say SDLP

Paint daubed on memorial to soldier victims of The Troubles

Ligoniel soldiers’ memorial vandalised again

Alliance’s Naomi Long and Judith Cochrane attend same church – but hold opposing views on same-sex marriage

Abortion debate: ‘Our 33 days were full of joy’, says mother of fatal baby – (No one has the right to end a life that God has begun!!)

Sinn Fein minister ‘on the run’ over Casement claims

Police allowed abusers to go free in probe into paedophile, says judge

Mother tells of devastation at DUP’s ‘U-turn’ over abortion – (Ending the life of a child in the womb is more dreadful than being devastated!!!)

May 2

Kyle Paisley blasts call for gay criminalisation, it is “ignorant” to demand that gays should be criminalised – (There seems to be ignorance of God’s Word on Mr Paisley’s part!!!)

Creationism still taught in faith schools despite Government funding threat – (It is legal to discriminate against those who believe and teach the Bible!!)

Election: Gay marriage turns into key battleground as DUP and Alliance clash

Christian politicians should recuse themselves from decisions: SDLP MLA – (What an absolute idiot!! Are we to leave government to atheists??)

Gay man ‘couldn’t believe Wells’ response to question’ – left incredulous – (Wait until he hears God’s response on the day of judgment!!!)

Police probe Susan-Anne White anti-gay rant at Omagh election debate

Fury as Dawn Purvis runs for Victims Commissioner post

Bomb ‘targeting police’ in Belfast exploded safely after Catholic priest receives warning

Wilson: DUP right on whistleblower – (The DUP really have lost all moral awareness!!)

Love cheat minister urges people to vote yes in Ireland’s gay marriage referendum

Life in jail for RIRA gunman who murdered gang godfather Kelly

May 1

Francis Kelleher: Cork RC priest jailed over ‘Continuity IRA’ death threats

Former priest jailed for paying dissident republicans to intimidate a relative

National Crime Agency: We’ll smash criminal networks of paramilitaries – (About time!!!)

Police quiz Lord Bramall as part of paedophile sex abuse inquiry

UN accused of ‘reckless disregard’ for allegations of sex abuse by French peacekeeper forces

Garden Centre Prods wake up; terrorists are re-writing history

NI abortion law: Ford surprised at Robinson comments

Nelson McCausland ‘acted inappropriately’ in matter of Housing Executive contract, Stormont committee finds

Election: Gay marriage turns into key battleground as DUP and Alliance clash

No agreement between parties on change in definition of victim

NI parties Q&A: What is your definition of Troubles victim?

An English voter’s question to labour leader: “How can you stand there and say that you didn’t overspend and end up bankrupting this country? That is absoultely ludicrous. You’re frankly just lying.”

April 30

Candidate: Wells right to link child abuse to same-sex relationships

Gays ’40 times more likely to abuse children’, claims election candidate Susan-Anne White

Voters urged to question candidates on moral issues

Poll: Thousands add their name to petition calling for Northern Ireland referendum on gay marriage

UUP and DUP reject Sinn Féin’s gay marriage referendum proposal

Gay row unionist Jim Wells says his career was destroyed in just 30 seconds

Wells made a blunder, but the door should stay open for his return – (The mistake he made was apologising for uttering the truth!!)

Schoolchildren evacuated from Lisburn Pond Park Primary School amid bomb security alert

Heenan family to initiate retired General, Sir Frank Kitson and MoD legal case – (Murder was committed by loyalist paramilitaries!!!)

Teenager dies in stolen van, stolen in the Republic of Ireland, crash on M1

Loyalist Famine Song bandsmen convicted ‘outrageous’ sectarian behaviour outside Catholic church – (not a word spoken yet convicted while republican can make anti-Protestant statements with apparent impunity!!! (see this news report )

Double Standards on Display in Young Conway Volunteer Case

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