June 2013

Public School Teacher Unions Back Supreme Court Rulings on Gay Marriage

The nation’s two top public school teachers unions expressed their support for the dual U.S. Supreme Court decisions on Wednesday advancing recognition of homosexual “marriage.” Read rest of article…

Separation or Integration – Which is God’s plan?

The Democratic Unionist Party, in its ongoing mutation from orthodox unionist party to the vanguard of the ecumenical thrust in Ulster, has become the champion of Integrated Education

…Sadly, indeed, tragically, the whole mish-mash of ecumenical deception has been embraced and endorsed by some Free Presbyterians, who, in utterly blind and stupid devotion to the DUP, have abandoned the Biblical principles undergirding Free Presbyterianism. Read more


Sammy-Gerry-G8-wave…or the cost of being in coalition with those you loathe !!

A picture Sammy Wilson of the DUP most likely would rather forget – Gerry Adams grabs his arm as they take part in a ‘Mexican wave’ while waiting for US President Barack Obama during his visit to the Waterfront Hall, Belfast ahead of the G8 Summit in County Fermanagh.

Jerry Falwell’s college had practicing sodomite student on campus!!

Liberty University is coming under fire following a recent essay released by a former student who shared his story of being a practicing homosexual on campus. Read more…

“Popish Octopus with a Very Long Reach”

A brand new, thoroughly researched, fact-packed documentary on Refo500 by Pastor Ralph Ovadal with a short closing commentary by Rev. Ivan Foster.

A popish octopus with a very long reach

To read the text of Rev. Foster’s closing comments in this broadcast, click here.

“Impartial Reporter”, Enniskillen runs story with outrageous headline.

The “Impartial Reporter”, based in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh and dating back to 1825, is deemed a family newspaper. It breached that status in its 5th June 2013 edition when it used the words of a foul-mouthed drunken lout as its headline for an article on the incident in which the lout was being questioned by the police regarding drunken driving.

Anyone who has read the newspaper will know the article in question.

Rev Ivan Foster emailed Mr Denzil McDaniels, the Editor to complain about the offensive headline and has also lodged a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission. Here is the email he sent with the link to the article removed for the sake of decency. Read more

The Renewal of the Near East

A Lecture given at Mildmay Conference Centre By B. W Newton, dating back to the mid-1850s (Reproduced from “Watching and Waiting” magazine, August 1937)

My object is to show that both these chapters (Isaiah 13 and 14) in their completeness have not yet been fulfilled! It is generally assumed that they have been; therefore, it is important to know the grounds for the assertion that they are unfulfilled. You will observe that in chapter 13, A City — Babylon — is chiefly considered. In chapter 14, A Person — Antichrist — the king of that City. Read more

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Jimmy Spratt denies Maze ‘nutters’ claim

Jimmy Spratt apologises for Maze ‘nutters’ remark (after vehemently denying he made it!!??)

DUP’s Spratt sorry for calling Maze opponents ‘nutters’ (Doubtless his apology is as genuine as his denial)

The Maze: DUP’s Jimmy Spratt also ends up full of regret for calling plan’s opponents ‘nutters’

Allister deplores ‘gay’ Adoption Ruling

Washington National Cathedral Rings Bells Celebrating Gay Marriage Rulings

Latter day Pentecostal deceptions & delusions

Chancellor Merkel regards the content of the leaked Anglo Irish Bank tapes with contempt

Italian Monsignor arrested in Vatican Bank investigation

Men can be ‘wives’ and women ‘husbands’ as Government overrules the dictionary

Real IRA warns sleeper cells have plans to attack major cities in England

Gay and lesbian adoption rights: Edwin Poots’ legal challenge is dismissed

TUV resigns from Unionist Forum over Maze ‘conflict centre’

Sinn Fein should act on Gerry Kelly’s behaviour, says DUP MP Nigel Dodds

Dissidents funded ‘by armed robbery, extortion and drug pushing’

GAA should look again at the awarding of IRA medals to youngsters involved in sport

Hezbollah meets the IRA at the European Union

DUP’s Paul Girvan withdraws flag burning bonfire comment

Flag protester, Jamie Bryson allowed to attend Somme parade

N I Assembly members vote to block gay marriage


DOWNFALL OF JULIA GILLARD – Kevin Rudd ousts Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard ousted as Australia prime minister

OFMDFM’s planning ‘power grab’ approved

PUSH FOR ECUMENICAL EDUCATION CONTINUES – Separate education systems in Northern Ireland are unsustainable, claim business leaders

Would the real Sinn Fein please stand up?

What did Gerry Kelly think he was doing?

A pagan people?

SDLP leader calls the DUP ‘bigots’ during Westminster debate

Peter Robinson says Gerry Kelly was ‘reckless’ during Land Rover incident

Police pledge to investigate Gerry Kelly footage

Catholic heads slam Obama

Board expected to vote for end of academic selection

Church without God

Smiling and beautiful countryside of G8 summit hides dreadful record of sin – Fermanagh was the scene of some of the worst sectarian violence in the North.

Unionist politicians have criticised Sinn Fein members over incident involving a police Land Rover in north Belfast

Unionists call for probe into Gerry Kelly police footage

Investigate Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly over police vehicle drama, unionists urge

Sammy Wilson should be ashamed of Gerry Adams antics

Maze centre would “dishonour” former comrades: UDR group

DUP continue to defend Maze project

Tour of the North parade: Sinn Fein’s Carál Ní Chuilín injured after march protest

Ombudsman called in after Sinn Féin minister hurt by police car in Belfast

Nationalist residents join forces to oppose marches

Sinn Fein theory on memorials break law by glorification of terrorism

Willie Frazer released from hospital

Hope in the air as Northern Ireland Disappeared families tell harrowing stories of loss and pain

Adams doesn’t know if Disappeared will be found

Garda Commissioner Callinan accuses PSNI of failing to co-operate with Smithwick Tribunal

Smithwick Tribunal: Gardai and PSNI in open warfare over RUC deaths probe

Bomb victim ‘disgusted’ at Libyan PM decision not to meet

Prison for ex-pastor whose sex abuse of three girls covered up for 30 years by Baptists

Ex-UUP chairman: why I no longer back the Maze plan

RUC widows urge Maze plan rethink

Maze peace centre: RUC widows call for halt to ‘shrine’

Crowds rally against Maze ‘peace centre’

Hate crime probe over Cluan Place petrol bomb attack

Jean McConville murder: Son says IRA killers should stand trial for war crimes

Church of England creating ‘pagan church’ to recruit members

Orange Order set to pledge support for the Union flag and oppose gay marriage at this year’s Twelfth celebrations

Stornoway High Church congregation votes to leave Kirk

The Greeks who are turning back to worship their ancient gods

Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans ‘refutes all allegations’

God vow dropped from Girl guiding UK promise

PM chose remote Fermanagh to put off G8 protestors: Northern Ireland Secretary of State

Obama’s Belfast speech – (Economics mixed with Ecumenism – Antichrist’s strategy)

EU and US ‘in biggest trade deal’

Willie Frazer ‘was not at protest’

Loyalist campaigner Willie Frazer in court over Maze protest – but released

Willie Frazer freed again after being held over bail breach

Minister overrules order to remove Kingsmills memorial

Does this video tell the real truth concerning the UK’s crippling debt?? – (worth a look)

UUP councillors oppose Maze plan at Cookstown meeting

Anniversaries serve to highlight the IRA’s toll of terror

Summit protesters in short supply

4,000 lives a year lost by poor hospital care at weekends

Obama Sees ‘Turning Point’ for Gay Marriage: ‘We’ve Become More Loving As a Country’

Obama family plans visit to Dublin

Putin critic ‘refused entry to UK

No protest events planned for the Irish Republic

Pope tells Archbishop of Canterbury to stand firm on traditional family values – (Archbishop says he “felt at home” in the Vatican!)

Jesuit-Educated Lawmakers Shine in 112th Congress

DUP Should Listen to Unionist Concerns Over Maze

Tide continues to go out on Irish Government parties as Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin gain in popularity

New unionist party tweets in Irish

DUP councillor drank Bacardi Breezer during meeting

DUP ‘mystified’ by Orange Order’s appeal to halt Maze centre

Call to expand clerical and Magdalene laundry abuse inquiry remit

Could Cameron buy DUP votes with corporation tax?

An openly sodomite Alliance Party mayor has been appointed to North Down Borough Council for the first time.

Paedophile priest James Donaghy admits molesting a fourth victim

Sinn Fein’s cultural war on unionists will only intensify

Why can’t we bring terror godfathers to account over foul crimes?

Memorial service held in Coleraine to mark 40th anniversary of car bomb – Six civilians all aged over 60, all Protestant, were killed

Jim Wells may not replace Poots as Health Minister

Female head of Methodist church installed

SDLP refuses £5k pay rise…but other political parties in Stormont accept their 11% hike in salary

Orange Order asks unionists to halt Maze conflict centre

How dare killers blame victims for threatening peace

Public rally in opposition to Maze plans

UUP backs ex-RUC on Maze

Northern Ireland remains sharply divided over national identity but with no strong desire for Irish unity

Commentator claims Gerry Adams and Bobby Sands are of Scottish Protestant extraction

AND NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS!! – Ireland will have no Catholic priests in twenty years predicts a senior cleric

Priest Matt Wallace suicide ‘shows pressure on priests’

Heather Morris to be installed as first woman to lead major Irish church – the Methodists

Contractors threaten legal action against Housing Executive

Exclusive: UK is warned it is losing fight against modern slavery

Major Rally Against Maze Prison Plans

‘Gay lobby’ in the Vatican, says Pope Francis

Remove flag at Castle for good says Sinn Fein MLA (TRUE HEART OF SINN FEIN – If the flag is so hated by republicans just what are their feelings for the people of the flag – the Protestant population??)

Tom Elliott defiant in St George flag row

Belfast journalist gets death threat over paedophile story

G8: Courts ‘can deal with 260 protest arrests a day’

Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) has overpaid £18m on contracts for planned maintenance of homes

Housing overpayments ‘a scandal’- McCausland

US to allow girls of any age to take morning-after pill

Terror shirts make university cold house for Protestants, warns Order

Fears suspected ex-IRA paedophile is in capital

DUP’s heir apparent after a flawless reign as mayor – (This only Liam Clarke’s opinion. God has yet to give His!)

G8 scare: Bomb planted along Donegal Fermanagh border – newspaper claims

Angry former officers in last-ditch effort to stop Maze ‘peace’ centre

A million children grow up without fathers, report warns (The disintegration of society which apostasy has brought)

Loyalists heckle Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness at Sinn Fein conference

Loyalist protestors gather as Matt Baggott attends Sinn Fein conference

Hours after launching, NI21 in polygamy row

IRA’s cigarette-smuggling millionaires: Former terrorists flooding the UK with potentially lethal fakes, cheating taxpayers of billions

New pro-union party launched in Belfast will be modern and inclusive, its leaders pledge (They might have added ‘a total flop” as well!!!)

NI21: A Bridge Too Far?

NI survey finds more than 40% of people think united Ireland ‘very unlikely’

IRA weapons still in use, claims UUP MLA

Flag airbrushed out of G8 leaflet

Jim Allister Speech in Assembly on Ann’s Law

Man in court over RUC Constable John Proctor murder

Plastic bullets should have been used earlier in flag riots – Police Federation chief

Number of unionists at record low, research shows

Former IRA Chief of Staff and Sinn Fein president, Ruairí Ó Brádaigh dies

McCrea won’t confirm ‘NI21’ party name

Professor’s views on Troubles victim’s ‘flawed’

Child porn teacher ‘not a risk’

Teacher with indecent images of children allowed to resume career

Jimmy Savile: BBC warned 40 years ago of risk to teenage girls

Church of England gives up fight against gay marriage

Emotional scenes as ‘Ann’s law’ passed at Stormont

Analysis: Spad bill a rare, and significant, defeat for Sinn Fein

Finance Minister role to change hands

The reasons behind Marian Price’s release must be explained

Threat of terrorism in Northern Ireland ‘will last for years’

Gay rights campaigner defends Ulster Unionist membership

Former Sinn Fein councillor, Briege Meehan admits child cruelty and assault

Former Sinn Fein councillor Briege Meehan weeps in court as she admits abusing stepdaughter

Sinn Fein tries to rewrite history of Troubles

Special adviser bill passed after marathon Stormont debate

Bill barring ex-prisoners passes

Sinn Fein fails to stop new law on special advisers that blocks those convicted of serious offences

NI Bill will end roles for former prisoners

SF will challenge ‘discriminatory legislation’

Sinn Fein Mayor will not remove Royal portraits

Willie Frazer in court over alleged bail breach

PSNI bid to censor Willie Frazer fails

Paramilitary attacks treble in (republican) west Belfast

Lord Laird resigns Ulster Unionist whip after lobbying scandal

McGuinness’s special adviser branded ‘dirty murdering scumbag’

Kavanagh must lose advisers job says soldier hurt in IRA bomb

Call to widen historic abuse probe

Gay marriage bill: Lords to debate ‘wrecking amendment’

Bishops under pressure to abstain in gay marriage vote

Dying IRA man asked Travers father for forgiveness

Bloodbath fears grow as RIRA man (70) to go free

US court rules McConville tapes must be handed over to PSNI

IRA wanted to kill whole Travers family, says HET report

Smithwick Tribunal: Judge seeking Garda bank statements

Smithwick Tribunal: Officer refuses to give bank details

Iraq violence: May was deadliest month for years – UN

PM urged to halt gay marriage plans