January 2014

Free Presbyterian minister speaks out against irreverent comedy

Rev. Brian McClung (Newtownabbey FPC) interviewed on RTE (News at One, January 24th), speaks out against the irreverent comedy “The Bible: the complete word of God” for ridiculing the Scriptures.

More on this story in our February edition.

A Biblical view of Christian education

by Dr. Douglas Wilson, Dean of Christian Education at Foundations Bible College, NC, USA. To listen click on a player below:

Listen to Part 1:

Listen to Part 2:

Lessons learned from the last 30 years

By E A Foster B.A. Principal of Kilskeery Independent Christian School 1979-2007

(The substance of an address given at the 2010 Annual Education Board Dinner in Lisburn, Friday 28th May, in the presence of Education Board members, teaching staff of the Free Presbyterian Christian schools and their spouses)

It is good to learn lessons from the past. The Bible records the past for our learning, comfort and encouragement. The past thirty years have taught me much about the true nature of Christian Education. Read more


The Return of Christ – Pre-millennial

by Rev Ivan Foster. (This message was given at the first meeting of 2000 of the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony in London.)

 “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever” (Daniel 2:44).

When it comes to the study of prophecy, this subject is a very elementary one, yet it is a subject to which many give little thought. Many Christians have a general view of the return of Christ, that it is going to happen, but they are not well versed on what the Bible has to say about that glorious event. That ought not to be. It is a subject with which God’s people should be well acquainted. Read more

God making bare His arm in revival power – the need of the hour.

“The LORD hath made bare his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God,” Isaiah 52:10.

The synopsis of a sermon preached in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church, Lord’s Day morning, 1st December 1991, by Rev Ivan Foster.

This strong metaphor or symbolic phrase is used to denote God rising up to the aid of His people. The prophecy primarily refers to that day when the Lord will arise to recover and restore Israel to His favour and the enjoying again of His mercy and salvation. The opening verses of the chapter clearly indicate that. Read more

Latest news stories

TUV delivers for RUC widows

Historical Abuse Inquiry hears Sisters of Nazareth nuns ‘were almost psychotic’

RC Children’s homes ‘like Auschwitz’

Care children ‘forced to eat their own vomit’ by nuns

Child abuse inquiry: Church-run ‘hell hole’ homes were ‘like Nazi concentration camps’

Chief constable rule change: David Ford ‘little Nero’ says DUP

Martin McGuinness and DUP bicker on eve of Haass process talks (McGuinness seeking to wriggle out of his guilt as an IRA leaders)

UK ‘must help fund peace deal’ (This from a man who was chief amongst those who brought conflict to Ulster)

Priest pays tribute to murdered IRA man amid investigation breakthrough (Calls this “arranger of assassinations of policemen” a “wonderful person”!!)

‘Compensation the only form of justice available to IRA victims’

Three former gardai call on the Government to reject Smithwick findings

Council’s U-turn over theatre ban

Bible show back after U-turn: Council lift ban on controversial comedy show based on the Bible

Newtownabbey council reverses decision to cancel Bible play

‘Ridiculous’ ban on ‘blasphemous’ play lifted


More news

NI abuse inquiry to examine children’s homes run by nuns

Murder of Eamon Collins, former informer: Police obtain DNA from death scene

Ballymurphy Army killings: campaign to lobby MEPs

Church maintains vow of silence despite founder’s fierce attack

Despite Paisleys’ blast, Robinson can feel relieved

IRA victims plan to sue Tony Blair over Libya ‘conniving’

Retired garda group slams Smithwick

Gerry Adams “proud” of his past links with the Provisional IRA – (So much for repentance!!)

Banned play: Arts minister ‘saddened’ by council decision– (Supporter of IRA’s murder campaign “sad” at demise of blasphemous play!! – That says it all.)

Haass proposals: Deal could secure extra money says Villiers – (Blatant bribery.)

Teenage couple ‘made bombs for dissident republicans’ at Armagh home, court hears

Adams: SF doesn’t know who killed Garda Adrian Donohoe

Row as ‘blasphemous’ Bible spoof play cancelled by Northern Ireland council (Indication of the increasing boldness and arrogance of the enemies of Christ)

UUP’s plan for Stormont opposition: Empey tables Lords move, but party may not take on role

£5.7m of work ‘unaccounted for’ in Northern Health and Social Care Trust

‘Serious concern’ as health trust audit finds millions unaccounted for

Garda whistleblower ‘destroyed’

IRA Hyde Park bomb: John Downey denies murder

Philippa Reynolds: Fatal crash car travelling at 80mph

Million sickness benefit applicants ‘fit for work’

Campaign on the Irish State forced adoption records

The Troubles gallery – 40 years of conflict in Northern Ireland from the Belfast Telegraph archives

Northern Ireland Christians force cancellation of comedy based on Bible

Comedy Bible play axed after Evangelical Christians in DUP complain it mocks their religion

McGuinness admits ‘difficulties’ in relationship with Peter Robinson

UUP in Northern Ireland Assembly opposition proposal

Former police officer ‘wouldn’t touch top PSNI job with a barge pole’

Peter Robinson: I gave Ian Paisley Jnr fatherly advice over TV storm

We had a real friendship and still have, McGuinness says of Ian Paisley

Ombudsman probing new information on Teebane massacre

DUP veteran: Robinson wrong to attend murdered PSNI officer Ronan Kerr’s funeral mass

Gerry Kelly cleared over Maze escape comment

Killing of Protestants not ethnic cleansing, claims Irish War Of Independence author

Ian Paisley interview ‘puts son in difficult position’ says Robinson

Revealed: Secret files on Ian Paisley’s ousting sent to Washington

Ex-DUP MLA Paul Berry shocked by Paisley decommissioning ‘insult’

Ian Paisley: Remarks on IRA decommissioning could be overlooked but deserve scrutiny

Ian Paisley was pushed out in purge by Peter Robinson, says TUV leader Jim Allister

Former deputy speaker of the House of Commons, Nigel Evans, in court to face sex charges

Councillor O’Loan casts doubts on Paisley recollections

Doubts over accuracy of Ian Paisley’s Tony Blair recollections

Has the doc perished on the sword of his own ego?

Newtownabbey theatre: Play cancelled after council row

DUP veteran: Robinson wrong to attend murdered PSNI officer Ronan Kerr’s funeral mass

Comment: Ian Paisley lambasted O’Neill for policy now pursued by DUP

Shameless MPs (including Ian Paisley Jr) use parlimentary positions to declare ‘crack cocaine’ of gambling is HARMLESS

Stormont Speaker Rejects Question on McGuinness Orange Comments

Paisley: Robinson is a beast; his ways are not mine

Ian Paisley: They worked behind my back to get me out

Paisley: My family never now enter the church I built

Ian Paisley says DUP told him to quit as leader

Paisley: The vitriolic tongue of an ambitious and self-important leader

Haass proposals: Irish Government may intervene says Eamon Gilmore, Irish foreign minister – (This is the danger into which Robinson’s placating of McGuinness and inviting Haass over has brought Ulster)

UK ‘will not impose solutions’ – (Northern Ireland Office)

Haass proposals: DUP reacts angrily to Irish Government’s proposal of intervention

US government wants North talks resolution for St Patrick’s Day

McGuinness is the epitome of inextricable links between terror and politics

Former DUP Lord Mayor Gavin Robinson to confront Martin McGuinness over Orange Order claims

Man fears for life after spending £50,000 of ‘IRA cash’ on booze and women

Irish Labour Party chief whip Emmet Stagg mocks Gerry Adams on Dail Bar

‘BBC staff ignored up to 1,000 attacks on children by predatory DJ Jimmy Savile’ according to new damning report lifting the lid on entire scandal

Ukip councillor blames floods on gay marriage – (criticised but NOT answered!!)

UKIP suspends councillor who blamed flooding on gay marriage

Benefits ‘to be stripped from immigrants who cannot speak English’

Vatican accused of lack of transparency over 384 priests defrocked for assaulting children

Lord Rennard accused of bringing Lib Dems into ‘disrepute’

Al-Qaeda training British and European ‘jihadists’ in Syria to set up terror cells at home

Matt Baggott to step down as NI chief constable

Lib Dems warn of ‘bloodbath’ as Lord Rennard considers legal action over sexual harassment allegations row

SF Mid-Ulster MP urges British parties to express support for Haass

McIlveen: Paisley deserves respect of the church

Ian Paisley still living in Free Presbyterian Church manse and £300k luxury retirement flat – despite alleged ‘campaign of poison’

In Ballymena – the stronghold of Paisleyism – the surprise reaction to Ian’s revelations is one of indifference

Many ‘keeping their own counsel’ in Paisley heartland

TUV’s Mid-Ulster Chairman Walter Millar warns against trying to ‘rewrite’ Teebane history

Two years after cuts led to closure, ‘scaled-down’ Irish Vatican embassy opens

Vatican monsignor re-arrested for allegedly using his Vatican bank accounts to launder money

Paisleys’ allegations are met with silence

Church tight-lipped in wake of Paisley’s views

Comment: Paisley revelations have roots in 2007 interview

Smithwick aftermath: Dublin urged to probe extent it ‘nurtured the fledgling IRA’

TUV anger at McGuinness linking Orange Order to UVF fails to make floor of Assembly

DUP bid to block ‘irreverent’ Bible comedy play

Pro sodomy protesters picket Ballynahinch Baptist Church event on ‘converting’ gays

Haass report buries truth about the past

Analysis: Though like warring spouses, Robinson and McGuinness need each other

Orange Order angry over Martin McGuinness UVF comments

Unionist leaders should sue over McGuinness’ claims about UVF-Orange links, says Jim Allister

Paisley: BBC buckles under DUP onslaught with last-minute changes made to interview

BBC to air brutal Paisley critique of DUP and Free Presbyterian church

TV viewers unmoved by Ian Paisley the provocateur

Ukip councillor blames floods on gay marriage

Gay marriage decision to blame for bad weather, claims UKIP councillor

UK storms are divine retribution for gay marriage laws, says Ukip councillor

Pensioner blasted in chest by gunman in Ballycastle is a child rapist

Communities ‘take law in own hands’ – (This is anarchy as multi-culturism produces its inevitable harvest)

Shocking figures reveal Pope Benedict defrocked child-molesting priests at a rate of more than one every two days during his last years of office

Pope Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests for child abuse

Haass talks: Peter Robinson attacks ‘dictator’ McGuinness – (McGuinness was that and worse when the DUP embraced him in a power-sharing coalition)

McGuinness in denial over Haass, says Robinson

Martin McGuinness: Unionists agree Orange Order, UVF and PUP ‘acting as one and the same’

Northern Ireland political row threatens power-sharing

Ian Paisley discharged from Ulster Hospital

Ian Paisley Junior silent on father’s TV programme

Analysis: Getting tough with Paisley will suit some in the new DUP

Unionists reject Euro report on Irish language

Dissident threat a factor in major police operation

The overall failure to confront republican terrorism

New teachers ‘being left to flounder with unruly pupils’: Ofsted chief says it is ‘national scandal’ that trainees are unprepared for the job

Man recalls childhood abuse in Rubane House, Kircubbin – (Unspeakable wickedness!!)

Party on edge as it awaits Paisley’s parting verdict

White House piles on pressure over Richard Haass’s proposals

Dodds accuses SF of ‘wallowing in murder’ – (Haass and his likes are happy to join McGuinness in his ‘wallowing’ by avoiding the use of words like ’terrorism & terrorist!)

Councillor condemns ‘sectarian’ attack on school bus in north Belfast

Policeman Ronan Kerr murder: Police ‘know killers’ identities’

Comment posted in the name of person who met Meghan O’Sullivan as part of the Haass talks – said it is a ‘pity the police officer didn’t have his throat cut’

Nick Clegg admits personal failings over Lord Rennard sex allegations

Women wanting abortions will not have to see doctor – new draft guidance proposed by UK government ministers

The lost girls: Department of Health to launch investigation into reports of illegal abortions in ethnic communities in Britain

Vatican confronted on child abuse at UN hearing

First-grader (in California school) told to stop talking about Bible

Martin McGuinness: Extremists are being allowed to hijack Haass proposals by unionists

DUP slams Sinn Fein analysis following further talks on Haass

O’Loan responds to Paisley Civil Rights statement – (Leaders and members of CRA were to be blamed for allowing themselves to provide cover for IRA!!)

SF candidate launches legal challenge against party’s decision to suspend him

NI abuse inquiry: Two Roman Catholic orders apologise

Priest found not guilty of sex abuse

Haass plan: NI leaders meet after Stormont rejects implementation vote

TUV leader repudiates Haass proposals in Assembly debate

Outcome of talks ‘disheartening’, says Church of Ireland Gazette – (Pro-republican stance of the C of I is a matter of record)

Kilclooney rejects Paisley criticism of ‘unfair’ Stormont Government

DUP members’ wall of silence stands firm

The new Paisley, pretty much the same as the old Paisley

Any talk of compromise with traditional enemy is a red rag to unionists

Haass talks: I object to term ‘the past’ as it sanitises actions of republican and loyalist terrorists

Child abuse inquiry: Northern Ireland Executive failing victims of clerical abuse

Belfast City Hall Union flag: Unionists have only themselves to blame

Willie Frazer praises Victims Commissioner Stone

Child abuse probe ‘will examine soul of society’

Nuns ‘battered boys stupid’ in Derry children’s home, victim tells child abuse inquiry