December 2013

History Without the Humbug – Countering the Re-Writing of History

The Media Myth anMandelad Global Cult of Nelson Mandela,

by Shaun Willcock

The ugly truth about the world’s favourite terrorist-turned-politician, Nelson Mandela, has been buried deep beneath the media-created myth of the man, who for decades was given such a whitewashing by the liberal/Socialist media that the real Mandela disappeared from the world’s eyes, and in his place appeared a messiah, a saviour, a demigod, whose only resemblance to the real Mandela was the outer shell. The man who emerged from prison and became president of South Africa was at heart the same man who had gone into prison so many years before, a Communist revolutionary, much older but just as committed to the ideology and the revolution as he had been when the prison gates slammed shut on him. Yet by the time he emerged from prison, the worldwide liberal/leftist media had repackaged him, presenting him to the world as a wise, big-hearted, moderate, decent man, who had been unjustly imprisoned for his stand against apartheid, and who would, when he became president of South Africa, govern this complex and diverse country with wisdom and magnanimity, creating a wonderful earthly paradise where all would live happily ever after. Read more

Here in Northern Ireland, it was noted that Gerry Adams, long time leader of Sinn Fein/IRA, was part of the Guard of Honour by invitation of the ANC at the funeral of Nelson Mandela. – Editor

What is ‘Christian Rap’ & ‘Holy Hip Hop’ music?

An article by Rev Brian McClung of Newtownabbey Free Presbyterian Church.

‘Christian Rap’ is a form of music that comes from the ‘Holy Hip Hop’ music culture. ‘Holy Hip Hop’ in turn comes from this secular ‘Hip Hop’ music culture. ‘Rap’ music is closely associated with the ‘Hip Hop’ music culture.

This particular style of music came out of the gangland culture of New York city in the 1970s, when ‘Block Parties’ became increasingly popular, particularly among African American youth residing in the Bronx. Click here to read more

“Failing to protect Sunday as non North West race day erodes Christian principles”

Letter by Free Presbyterian minister on the subject of the further desecration of the Christian Sabbath.

“As a Christian Minister I am saddened that many within our government, some of whom are professing Christians themselves, have not actively sought means to safeguard a fundamental principle which is based solidly in the Word of God.” Read more

The NCFIC and a Firestorm of Controversy over Rap

Recently a firestorm of outrage, including even charges of racism, erupted over the remarks made against rap “music” during a panel discussion at a conference of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC). The controversy prompted a flurry of apologies, including one from Dr. Joel Beeke.

Pastor Ovadal gives some perspective on those apologies, but perhaps even more importantly, sounds a warning concerning the unfaithful, corrupt nature of the NCFIC. This is the issue which has truly been neglected in the recent controversy.

Listen to the broadcast here.

The Church of Rome is in truth a pagan system with a thin veneer of “Christianity” as the following incident illustrates adequately

Yolanda Murillo looks to the sky as she performs a spiritual dance in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Sunday, Dec. 8, 2013, in Houston. The annual event commemorates the official Church feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Dec. 12.
Yolanda Murillo looks to the sky as she performs a spiritual dance in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Sunday, Dec. 8, 2013, in Houston. The annual event commemorates the official Church feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Dec. 12.
Brenda Soto dresses in a traditional Aztec costume while dancing outside of Our Lady of Perpetual Help church in Wichita as part of the Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration.
Brenda Soto dresses in a traditional Aztec costume while dancing outside of Our Lady of Perpetual Help church in Wichita as part of the Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration.

“And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration (wonderment, astonishment, amazement),” Revelation 17:4-6.

Free Presbyterian supporters of Dr Joel Beeke – Its time to waken up!!!!

The following article is taken from Pastor Ralph Ovadal’s website. It should alarm every believer who has a concern for the honour of God and the truth of the gospel. It should especially send a shiver down the spines of those who have stubbornly refused to give any credence to the alarm calls issued for some time now regarding the direction taken by Dr Joel Beeke.

It is pretty clear that Dr Beeke cares very little for those few “loyal” supporters from the United Kingdom, and others like them across the world, who are insignificant when compared to the very much larger and financially lucrative “rapper”, “new Calvinist” bloc out there in “New Evangelical land”!!

Surely the end of the garden path has been reached and it is time for a humble turning around!!

“ . . . . having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage,” Jude 1:16.

Rev. Ivan Foster

Read more

The Birth of Christ — When and Where??

The substance of a sermon preached on Lord’s Day 23rd December 2001, in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church by Rev. Ivan Foster.

“This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief,” 1 Timothy 1:15. This is a timely topic since we are surrounded by the many evidences of the world’s celebration of the birth of Christ. It has to be said that many people have expressed reservations about the nature of the celebrations and whether they really have any relationship to the coming into the world of the Son of God.

I suppose you do not have to search very far to see the reasons for such concerns. That the police and the various authorities, linked with safety on the roads, should be required to make special appeals at this time of year to try and curtail people from drinking to excess in celebration of Christmas, does raise the question of whether such activity is in keeping with a marking of the birth of the Redeemer of men from sin. Very obviously, it is not. Read more

Listen to this message using the player below.

Has Dr. Joel Beeke Finally Left Refo500?

A Response by Pastor Ovadal and Rev. Foster

We have been asked by more than one person if we know that Dr. Joel Beeke has left Refo500. To our knowledge, Dr. Beeke has not publically uttered a single word to that effect, though it does not mean that he has not left Refo500. Read more

What is apostasy and how should we react to it?

“But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not,” 2 Peter 2:1-3.

The Lord’s battle against apostasy is of long standing. It is almost as old as time itself. Many Christians tend to believe that the controversy with “apostasy” began with the emergence of the modern “Ecumenical Movement” and its campaign for church unity which metamorphosed into a movement for the unity of all religions.

In truth, the Lord’s controversy with apostasy began with the devil’s rebellion in heaven when he sought to establish himself as a rival, a conqueror of the Lord, overthrowing Him and replacing His rule with his own. Read more


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Bishop urges politicians to ‘push forward’ in pursuit of pact – (If Haass deals pleases Rome, BEWARE!!)

Flags issue hasn’t gone away – and won’t

‘Offensive’ RAF poster torn down ahead of Sunday anniversary

MoD apologises for RAF recruitment billboard placed near Bloody Sunday massacre site in Derry

Row erupts over RAF billboard near Bloody Sunday site

TUV: 22 flaws in Haass document

Government considered handing west Belfast to Republic

IRA Brighton bomb slowed British-Irish peace talks

TUV Responds to Haass Outcome

Alliance denies claim it scuppered Haass process by rejecting deal

Haass document needs clear response says Gerry Adams

Missed opportunity of signing pact leaves DUP with questions to answer

Six key areas that split negotiators in Haass talks

It is Unionist cowardice that is largely to blame for the failure to reach an agreement in Northern Ireland

Police officer slashed on face by youth cutting down loyalist banners

Government papers: Jim Allister’s devolution proposal privately torn apart by NIO man

McGuinness ‘reacted angrily’ when told he could not visit IRA prisoner

Belfast papers reveal fears over exodus of Protestant students in 1982

10 wounded in Kenya grenade attack

Northern Ireland talks collapse as main unionist parties reject Haass proposals

Meghan O’Sullivan and Richard Haass’ peace vow: ‘We’re not going away, you know…’

N. Ireland’s US-led talks end without deal

Car linked to Fermanagh police station attack

Son’s fury after evidence into shooting of garda father lost

Ayatollah tirade tops center’s list of biggest anti-Semitic slurs of 2013

Northern Ireland: Richard Haass talks end without deal

Unionist ‘wrongly escaped charges in Kincora boys home paedophile scandal’

Lord Wolfson warns European Union has become ‘hungry for power’

Former DUP leader Ian Paisley in hospital for tests

Richard Haass talks: Final day under way

Peter Robinson: Crunch day that could define First Minister’s place in history books

Parties inch towards agreement on Haass proposals as White House weighs in on talks

Time to remember Nelson Mandela’s soft touch with the IRA

Nelson Mandela had ‘soft touch’ with IRA

Enormous RUC sacrifice must never be forgotten

Tory activists call on David Cameron not to open borders to Romanians and Bulgarians

Haass talks team issue a final appeal for compromise on the eve of return

Ex-Provo rubbishes Haass truth recovery plan

Unionists demand police action over Twaddell camp attacks in north Belfast

Judge rules Michelle O’Neill breached ministerial code in farm court case win for DUP

State papers: Hierarchy halts plan to unite teachers

State papers: Stormont’s officials wanted ban on sex shop

Smacking children should be illegal, says Children’s tsar Maggie Atkinson

Haass decides a deal before New Year’s Eve is possible – (Doesn’t want to give up while there is still hope of double-crossing unionists!!)

Future MLA ‘shot prison officer’ during mass Maze escape, papers claim Gerry Kelly also alleged to have threatened van driver at gunpoint during 1983 breakout – (Should we not all be thankful to the DUP for bringing the like of him into Government????!!!!)

State papers: Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly told warder to obey or be blown away

Government papers: Reluctance to arrest ‘untouchable’ McGuinness

Paisley’s US ban was ‘more about him personally than his policies’

SDLP thought priest wrote Gerry Adams’ early speeches

American Ireland Fund chief Kieran McLoughlin paid $619,000 in 2012

Haass tells Northern Ireland politicians to give him good reason to come back – (We could suggest a few why he should NOT come back!!!)

Costs of G8 summit in Fermanagh revealed

Pope Francis tells of hopes for ‘a better world’ – (What saith the Scriptures? “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. . . . evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived,” 2 Timothy 3:1, 13.)

More talks due on plans for Northern Ireland’s first casino

Politicians unite to condemn dissident gun attack on Fermanagh police

Northern Ireland flag-flying ex-PM Brown opened Pandora’s box

Dublin collusion claims should not be ignored – veteran Troubles journalist

Garda ‘mole’ revelations damaging force’s reputation

South African broadcaster ‘warned not to report on calls for Jacob Zuma to step down as president’

No Haass deal reached after overnight talks

Row over Troubles inquiry unit delays Northern Ireland talks

Parties’ failure to reach deal in Haass talks ‘pathetic’

Ulster Unionist MLA, Michael Copeland, U-turn over Richard Haass ‘go home’ apology

Gun attack reported on police station in County Fermanagh

Dissident attack on Lisnaskea police station condemned

Breaking: McGuinness: Gun attack on Lisnaskea police station “must be condemned”

NI parties to hold round-table talks with Richard Haass

Crunch Haass talks set to go on late into Monday evening

Row over Troubles inquiry unit delays Northern Ireland talks

Al Qaeda rocket sparks fresh IRA smuggling feud

Notorious terrorist sentenced to 490 years found dead

IRA sniper Bernard McGinn found dead in Ireland

Off-duty drunken garda abused PSNI officers who arrested him in taxi row

Muslim checkout staff can refuse to sell pork and alcohol, says M&S. This will backfire

Archbishop pleads for progress on peace deal (So begins the chorus of deception !!)

Adams feeling pressure after big drop in support

Abandoned by his mum, raised in an orphanage, recruited at 22 and later hanged by the IRA in Long Kesh. Isn’t it time there justice for Paddy Joe Crawford?

Haass, like Mitchell, is a placeman to deliver an anti-unionist agenda

Northern Ireland parties examining Richard Haass proposals – (Negotiations will take place on the Lord’s Day according to reports!)

Sinn Fein barracked in west Belfast over Casement plans

Man held after shop bomb attack

Nelson Mandela ‘received training in use of weapons and sabotage techniques from Mossad agents in 1962’

Mandela condolences letter proposal divides city councillors

Fury as BBC gives airtime to extremist cleric who refuses to condemn Lee Rigby killing

Securing justice for victims of fanatical murderers

‘Duck Dynasty’ debate explodes from TV to dinner tables, water coolers

Haass proposals: DUP says agreement before Christmas unlikely

Major bomb plot foiled in Northern Ireland

The establishment opposed NI flag, says heraldry expert

DUP’s Ruth Patterson’s Facebook charge dropped

Ruth Patterson Facebook prosecution: charge is dropped

Sinn Fein needs to tell dissidents: The IRA failed

Two “soldiers of Allah” guilty of Lee Rigby murder

Islamist fanatics Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale found guilty of murdering Lee Rigby

Methodist minister, Paul Flowers arrested over drugs scandal

Elderly patient left to starve after ‘nil by mouth’ sign left on bed in error

TUV warns against Haass sell-out – (It was Robinson & his partner, McGuinnes, who brought Haass to NI)

Haass deal hopes in balance

Analysis: Parties’ views, not those of Haass, crucial in negotiations

Haass teams must halt attempts to legitimise terror

Dissident campaign bolstering Sinn Fein support, says former IRA man

Dissident republicans drawing on flawed IRA view of history

Anger at Lisburn’s snub for Mandela

Two republicans found liable for the Omagh bombing have had their appeals dismissed by NI’s highest court

Richard Haass Talks: Tricolour at Stormont proposal the first major sticking point

Haass talks: Details in the draft document under consideration

Haass talks countdown: It’s decision time on shared future we were promised

Fire bomb attack in Belfast city centre ‘shows serious upsurge in dissident republican activity’

Dissident campaign madness and it should stop, say former IRA men – (Of course what they did was sane!!!???)

Dissident Republican Colin Duffy in police murder plot charge

Supporters arrested outside court as Colin Duffy charged with IRA membership and plot to kill police

Haass proposes new body to investigate Troubles killings

Haass talks: Peter Robinson says draft plan ‘unacceptable’

DUP ‘outraged’ at draft Haass proposals

More polarized now 20 years on from Downing Street Declaration

Tricolour could fly over Stormont during visits by Taoiseach

Belfast fire bomb: Man burst into flames in shop

Incendiary ignites and is carried out of store

Corn Market fire bomb attack: Belfast worker carries device from shop

‘People fear next bomb won’t be a warning’ – Belfast business manager

Prominent republican charged with attempted murder of Belfast police

Mandela death: Gerry Adams joins ANC guard of honour

Covert soldiers killed unarmed civilians in Belfast? Prove it

Haass talks: DUP mixed reaction to draft document

Esa’s Cryosat sees Arctic sea-ice volume bounce back

UK’s £millions in aid to China criticised as ambitious space programme is announced

Philly archbishop removes 5 priests from ministry over sex abuse or misconduct allegations

Flag report says loyalism feels abandoned by unionist parties

Growing sense of alienation and disengagement among loyalists’

Victims defiant: immunity is just not acceptable

Ann Ogilby was beaten to death by a gang of UDA women – why would they come forward and tell all now?

Terrorist immunity: Caution and opposition among politicians

Ex-RUC man says IRA will ‘glory’ in immunity

TUV sets out case against immunity

Belfast Bomb ‘despicable’ say Robinson and McGuinness

Belfast Cathedral Quarter bomb could have killed, say police

Bomb explosion in Belfast as Christmas revellers evacuated from city centre

Row erupts between DUP and Richard Haass

Culture of turning a blind-eye is now in clear view – The rumours that gardai on the Border were in ‘the pockets of the IRA’ have been substantiated

Most senior detective taken off HET investigation of ’87 Enniskillen bomb (No one was ever interviewed by the police at the time of the massacre!)

How much do we pay for pupils who cross the border to get a northern education?

Ulster Unionist MLA Tom Elliott compares IRA to Al Qaeda during the Haass talks

Ann Travers: Who gives us the right to deny justice to our dead?

Garda chief backtracks on Smithwick findings

Swithwick standard could show collusion in other cases, TDs told

Garda Commissioner Comments Beyond Comprehension

“Independent Bishop” Pat Buckley admits sham marriage charges

I officiated at 14 sham marriages, says rebel priest Pat Buckley – (In keeping with the fact that he is a ‘sham’!!)

Nelson McCausland sorry for ‘inadvertently misinforming’

Victims’ group’s ‘covenant’ plan wins TUV backing

Jim Allister calls for DUP U-turn on Sexual Orientation Strategy

Speak English or lose benefits, warns Work and Pensions Secretary

Flags protester, Jamie Bryson, expects arrest after releasing tapes

Australia reverses gay marriage law less than a week after first weddings

Australian court halts gay marriage

Post-abortion counselling soars

Willie Frazer: I would consider immunity for my father’s killers

DUP would back limited immunity if sought by victims

New Northern Ireland flag is not an option, loyalists tell Richard Haass

Dublin Coalition boost as Fine Gael and Labour up while Sinn Fein down

Boxing club owed apology by those who doubted their claims – Jim Allister

Boxing on the ropes as report says it failed to tackle sectarian problems

Gay adoption: Northern Ireland ban lifted

‘No discussion’ over McGuinness attending Mandela memorial

The ugly sound of a howl of joy haunts Sinn Féin’s account of IRA killings

Immunity offer to get the truth about our past is on the table

Peter Robinson ‘not averse’ to Troubles immunity plan

Immunity ‘an option’ says Peter Robinson, as Haass talks continue

Kenny challenges Adams on IRA past

Kenny: Nobody believes Adams on his IRA past

Gerry reminds us he was never in the IRA – for the 4,976th time!

Fionnan Sheahan: SF outcast can’t break away from party control

Nationalists blamed for attacks on nuns’ car in loyalist area

Smithwick collusion findings raise more questions

Donegal North East TD Padráig MacLochlainn has said Sinn Féin will not distance itself from the actions of the IRA

SF TD hints at party exit as anger with Adams grows

Sinn Fein TD set to quit over Gerry Adams’ comments

Let’s not kid ourselves, a new flag won’t solve root problem

Catholic church reveals Down and Connor abuse figure

Child abuse report: 325 Christian Brothers were accused since 1975

Cardinal Sean Brady ‘truly sorry’ for child abuse

Same-sex weddings to begin in March

Sandy Row Boxing Club Vindicated by Report of sectarianism

Families of victims killed near Border call for Garda-PSNI inquiry

Gerry Adams challenges party leaders to a debate on the past

Eilis McDermott: From student radical to inquisitor-in-chief of Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams says facts were twisted in his brother’s abuse trial coverage

Blind to his failings, Gerry Adams keeps truth at arm’s length

‘Unionists did not repeat mistake of Sunningdale’

Ceremonies held in memory of slain UUP idealist, who still inspires today

UUP tribute marks 30 years since MP Edgar Graham was murdered outside Queen’s University

Unionist Jim Allister hits out at BBC ‘uncritical Nelson Mandela coverage’

He was a giant – but how absurd for the BBC to compare Mandela to Christ

Nelson Mandela ‘was against IRA decommissioning’

‘Cult-like’ Sinn Fein not suitable for coalition – (That goes for Belfast as well as Dublin!!!)

Robinson slams Adams over ‘appalling’ views on RUC murders – (But he leads your coalition partners, Peter!!)

Sinn Fein’s laissez-faire attitude to terrorism

Adams now has more baggage than an A380 aircraft

Gerry Adams’ callous remarks about Smithwick Report murders remind us why we can’t vote for Sinn Fein

Dublin gardai didn’t trust Dundalk and kept them in the dark for years

Belfast police attacked twice in two days – Dissident republicans blamed for ‘reckless’ shooting

Second gun attack on PSNI in two days

Don’t have children unless you are ready to marry, says judge

Mandela death: Gerry Adams to attend service at weekend

Adams sticks to his guns on RUC comments

‘People know all too well how different the terrorist is’

A Garda Chief Superintendent tells court he believes accused is IRA member

Swatragh IRA killer refused to listen to sentencing

RUC man’s killer Seamus Kearney gets 20 years … but he’ll walk free in just two – (This is justice in the much lauded “Good Friday Agreement” Northern Ireland)

Abortion: Justice Minister David Ford to consult on changing NI’s laws

Former garda Corrigan rejects findings of Smithwick Tribunal

Former colleague of slain officers rejects Adams’ security comments

Gerry Adams’ Smithwick comments ‘grossly offensive’ says Arlene Foster

Peter Robinson says Gerry Adams’ Smithwick comments ‘offensive’

We need to know if there were any further cases of collusion with IRA

Adams’s callousness reveals gulf between Sinn Fein and Irish public

As UDA confirms major split, a dangerous tussle for power is now brewing

Willie Frazer seeks legal advice over ‘bed push’ plans

‘Justice worth the wait’ for RUC widow

Police say gun attack in north Belfast could have killed

Comment: Adams ignoring inconvenient truth

Judge’s rejection of IRA account does not bode well for any truth and reconciliation process, warns lawyer

IRA victims claim Smithwick findings ‘tip of the iceberg’

Smithwick tribunal findings could trigger a torrent of compensation claims against Irish state

Gerry Adams branded an “apologist for terrorists” by family of slain RUC officer

Sinn Fein defend Gerry Adams ‘laissez faire’ comments over RUC deaths – (They are all pigs of the one sow’s litter, as the old saying goes!)

‘Insulting, offensive, quite outrageous’: Sinn Féin criticised over Smithwick response

Smithwick Report: Garda Commissioner brands actions of Gardai who colluded with the IRA as a “betrayal”

Evidence shows Owen Corrigan passed information to the IRA – but it cannot be proved he colluded in the murders of Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan

Smithwick report: A terrible glimpse into a very dark time

MLA brands Sash jail term for a bass drummer ‘draconian’ (How do you play the “Sash” on a bass drum??)

Britain ‘too generous’ with welfare payments to EU immigrants says European Commission

Gardaí ‘tipped off’ IRA ahead of RUC officer murders

‘Ex garda helped IRA obtain false documents’

Irish police colluded in IRA killing of Northern Irish officers

Link to Loughgall ambush sealed RUC officer’s fate

Taoiseach describes Smithwick Tribunal findings as shocking

Tánaiste apologises to families of murdered RUC officers

Smithwick Tribunal: Murders report poses Irish challenge – (Report says Irish police colluded in murder of Ch Supt Harry Breen and Supt Bob Buchanan)

Smithwick will be seen by unionists as vindication of long-held beliefs

Dublin ‘must acknowledge role in creation of PIRA’

Gerry Adams: Two murdered RUC officers had ‘laissez faire’ attitude to own safety

Adams: Murdered RUC officers ‘disregarded safety’

Gerry Adams claims RUC officers murdered by IRA ‘disregarded their own safety’

Gerry Adams’ Smithwick comments nauseating: Alan Shatter

Ex-Garda rejects tribunal findings

Findings are incredible and shocking says Bob Buchanan’s son

Does outcome of Smithwick tribunal strengthen arguments for what Sinn Féin terms an independent international truth recovery process?

Belfast court: Provisional IRA membership denied

Man held over Black murder released

Gay marriage ‘a flawed social experiment’

David Black murder: Suspected dissident republicans held over killing of prison officer

David Black murder: Two arrested in Republic of Ireland

Hypocrisy of Sinn Fein exposed for world to see

More loyalist protests on the way despite low turnout

Union flag protesters back on Omagh streets

City hall flag issue continues to divide our politicians

End to Troubles inquiries could let IRA leaders off the hook

Will Enniskillen bomb victim families ever see justice? (Not as long as the continuation of the power-sharing regime at Stormont counts more than truth and justice)

European election dilemma for Jim Allister

Find a neutral flag for all of Northern Ireland: Richard Haass issues challenge to parties

No Flag Is Neutral

TUV Conference 2013 – Press Officer Sammy Morrison

Republicans in Northern Ireland look to Taliban for weapons – (Birds of a feather etc., etc!!)

Allister claims DUP bluffing over second Euro candidate

DUP is out to bamboozle you over Euro elections, Jim Allister warns the Ulster Unionists

Documentary examines the ‘cult’ of Sinn Fein

First woman bishop installed by Church of Ireland

UDA blamed after home of loyalist victim Tracey Coulter is firebombed in Belfast’s Shankill Road

Gerry Adams to meet woman ‘raped by top republican’

Horror of IRA rape cover-ups slowly revealed

‘SF knows that republicans “investigated” cases of abuse. I know, because it happened to me’

Belfast’s Deputy Mayor Christopher Stalford warned of threats by ‘criminal elements’

Shock four-country poll reveals widening gulf between Britain and EU

Larkin prosecutions proposal worth considering – RC Bishop McKeown – (Support from such a quarter is to be expected!!)

BBC sports presenter Clare Balding’s grandmother called her sexuality ‘disgusting’

Veteran reveals secrets of life inside British Army ‘ghost squad’ accused of murdering IRA suspects during the Troubles

DUP MP criticises first Northern Ireland meeting of atheist ‘church’ (Yet Dr McCrea is a fan of ‘Dr Who’, an atheistic fictional ‘Time Lord’!!)

Sinn Fein call for IRA killer Kearney’s release after ‘vindictive’ murder trial branded as callous

RUC man John Proctor’s widow tells how killer Kearney lived just a mile from her home

Soldier Lee Rigby attacked with meat cleaver

Irish Anglicans to install Rev Pat Storey as bishop

Video: Parade – Loyalists in Belfast Union flag protest breach Parades Commission ruling

PSNI search for McConville van driver

Bobby Sands willing to suspend hunger strike for deal, new book claims

Voters will make up minds on what Gerry knew – (On the other hand, his supporters just might not care!!)