February 2014

A prayer that England should pray in the midst of its present distresses.

floods_England_2014O MOST powerful and glorious Lord God, at Whose command the winds blow, and lift up the waves of the sea, and Who stillest the rage thereof; we thy creatures, but miserable sinners, do in this our great distress cry unto Thee for help: Save, Lord, or else we perish. We confess, when we have been safe, and seen all things quiet about us, we have forgot Thee our God, and refused to hearken to the still voice of Thy Word, and to obey Thy commandments: But now we see, how terrible Thou art in all Thy works of wonder; the great God to be feared above all: And therefore we adore Thy Divine Majesty, acknowledging Thy power, and imploring Thy goodness. Help, Lord, and save us for Thy mercy’s sake in Jesus Christ Thy Son, our Lord. Amen.

The Book of Common Prayer (1662)

A vital question

Can a gospel minister be considered faithful to Christ and His Word who promotes the sale of books by those who proclaim error and associate with the enemies of Christ?

That is the question which must be asked about Dr Joel Beeke’s activities as Editorial Director of “Reformation Heritage Books”. In this transcript of a sermon by Pastor Ralph Ovadal, Pilgrims Covenant Church, that question is asked and details of the character of the books Dr Beeke sells clearly detailed. The answer ought to be all too clear! Read more

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Week of prophetic studies by Rev. Ivan Foster at Coragarry FPC, February 2014


Consequences for our children of the influence of the world’s education programme

Text: Nehemiah 13:23-27.

A synopsis of a sermon preached by Rev Ivan Foster at the morning session of the day of prayer for Christian Education held in Bethany Free Presbyterian Church, Portadown, on Saturday 1st February 2014.

After 35 years of involvement in and observation of the Christian Education scene, I am more than ever convinced that it is the will of God that God’s people support a Bible-based system of education. If anything, were I starting out again I would be more radical in my practices, for I have seen the consequences of failure and defiance of God in this matter. Read more

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Attack by Congregational minister upon our articles on Dr Joel Beeke

It has been drawn to my attention that Rev Paul Dowling, of Whiteabbey Congregational Church, has attacked me in a sermon he preached on January 19th this year.

He was highly critical of me because of the articles I have written about Dr Joel Beeke and his fellowship with certain individuals whose theology and associations are questionable, to say the least, his promoting of unscriptural writings through his book ministry and his links with highly unorthodox organisations in very recent days. Read more

Free Presbyterians Protest outside theatre hosting blasphemous mockery of the Bible

A protest led by Rev Brian McClung and the elders of Newtownabbey Free Presbyterian church took place outside the ‘Theatre at the Mill’ in Newtownabbey, County Antrim on Thursday evening, 30th January.

About 75 people supported the protest with many FP ministers and elders in attendance. The Moderator, Dr John Greer along with Rev McClung handed in a letter of protest to the theatre.

Recent revelations have exposed the chicanery of some of the Council’s Artistic Board in their actions in cancelling the play. It turns out that it was a cynical manoeuvre to make sure that the full Newtownabbey Council could not outrightly ban the play.

We quote from an article by Rev Brian McClung which appears on his blog

A letter sent out yesterday on behalf of the chair, Councillor Billy Webb, of the Artistic Board, which oversees the Theatre at the Mill in Newtownabbey, makes it abundantly clear that the first vote to cancel this offensive play, on Wednesday 22nd January, was purely a ‘tactical’ move by those determined to press ahead with this offensive production.

In explaining why events took the turn they did, Councillor Webb writes:

On Wednesday 22nd January, the artistic board voted tactically [emphasis mine] to withdraw the play from the programme. They had been shown a letter from a Councillor and member of the artistic board, which had been sent to the Chairman, appealing to him to stop the production. They were also made aware that, if they voted to keep the play in the programme, the likely outcome would be that, at a scheduled meeting of the council on Monday 27th January, the lay [sic] would be pulled.

Had this happened, a media furore would have ensued, similar to what we have witnessed since our original decision to withdraw the production. However, the artistic board would not have been able to reverse the council decision and as a consequence, the performance would not have been staged.

The Chair of the artistic board called a special meeting of the Board on Monday 27th January, prior to the council meeting. At this meeting a proposal was tabled to vote again on the decision made by the artistic board, the previous Wednesday. The vote was carried to reinstate the play by a majority of 9 to 2.

The artistic board have been criticised by some parts of the media, but it should be noted that through their actions, they have ensured that the programme of events for the Theatre at the Mill will go ahead as scheduled and in accordance with their original artistic judgement.

The Board remains committed to providing an artistic programme which aims to offer a diverse range of shows by leading arts performers at a venue we are all very proud of.”

By stopping the play and then rescinding that decision the Council’s Artistic Board hindered the full Council from cancelling the play outright because Council Standing Orders requires a full weeks’ notice of any motion overturning a recommendation by a Council Committee, which the Artistic Board is.

Such underhanded manipulations exposed the true nature of the play, its sponsors and those who connived to have it staged.

A letter of protest was handed in by the ministers who led the protest. Read it here.


Latest news stories

On the Runs: Villiers says letters do not confer immunity – (Why then was Downey trial stopped???)

Tony Blair urged to come clean over secret letters to IRA fugitives

On the Runs: Peter Robinson accused of U-turn

Queen pardoned on-the-run IRA fugitive Gerry McGeough

Northern Ireland peace process on the brink: Sinn Fein call for Army prosecutions while holding get out of jail free cards

Independent judge to probe ‘on-the-run’ letters

Martin McGuinness: Unionist parties knew about republican on the runs deal

Irish government was ‘kept in the dark’ about IRA suspect letters

500 to attend Downey homecoming

Former IRA man John Downey: Embarrassing error raises questions over justice for victims

On the runs: Loyalists were also asked for a list of their fugitives

Stormont crisis: Spotlight falls on pardons granted by Queen to IRA men

If DUP really objected to list of IRA get out of jail free cards they would pull plug on the whole rotten Stormont setup

Hewitt apologises over PIE links

Patricia Hewitt takes responsibility for mistakes over paedophile campaign

Harriet Harman increasingly isolated as Patricia Hewitt says sorry for her own role in paedophile controversy

Patricia Hewitt’s full statement on the Paedophile Information Exchange

Patricia Hewitt called for age of consent to be lowered to ten

Kelly no longer suing PSNI

Northern Bank raid laundering sentence

Muslim boys’ school bans women from applying for job as science teacher

Irish Army reservist jailed over Fermanagh attack


More news

Former Blairite Cabinet minister Patricia Hewitt’s civil rights campaign offered legal advice to adults who have sex with 14-year-olds

Downey Case – The Stormont Fallout – by Jim Allister

Northern Ireland crisis: I knew nothing about IRA fugitives deal – Lord Trimble

Tony Blair’s government struck secret deal with Sinn Fein, says Lord Trimble

Give soldiers same amnesty as IRA suspects, say ex-Army chiefs

There’s no justice for those who fought the IRA

Anger at welcome home party for John Downey

Northern Ireland First Minister, Peter Robinson, ‘incandescent with rage’ at Hyde Park bombing suspect debacle

Were McGuinness and Adams given letters of immunity???

Sinn Féin Alex Maskey: Robinson comments are ‘foolish’

Pressure on Cameron to defuse bomb row

British Attorney General defends IRA ‘letters of comfort’

Before becoming Northern Ireland’s DPP, McGrory was solicitor for IRA members seeking ‘letters of comfort’

Conniving Blair has betrayed victims 
of terrorism

Arizona vetoes bill allowing businesses to turn away gay customers on religious grounds

Peter Robinson quit threat over IRA Hyde Park bomb case – (Is he really only now realising the true nature of the dirty deal he agreed to ????)

Robinson: I’ll quit unless there is inquiry into IRA ‘amnesty’ letters

Peter Robinson threatens to quit over Hyde Park bomb case involving IRA suspect John Downey

Northern Ireland First Minister threatens to quit after Hyde Park bombing case dropped – (Rule of law ended when unrepentant murderers were accepted by him in government!!)

Why Doesn’t DUP Pull Out Now?

IRA Hyde Park bombing suspect walks free after ‘catastrophic’ police error

Hyde Park IRA bombing: 200 terror suspects told would not face prosecution in ‘comfort letters’

On The Runs: How court hearing revealed nature and extent of deal

Hyde Park bombing: Northern Ireland Police Federation ‘appalled at grubby secret deal’ that granted John Downey immunity

Evidence quickly led to convicted IRA member Downey

Details of private scheme for 187 on the run IRA members revealed

Betrayal of Hyde Park victims: IRA bomb suspect accused over slaughter of troops and horses walks free because letter from Blair’s blundering officials gave him immunity

Apology by PSNI for Hyde Park bomb error

‘Amnesty’ letters to 187 IRA suspects ‘a disgrace’

Hyde Park IRA bombing: families attack police blunder

Endgame for dissident republicans? Running out of Semtex, hardly any guns and only 30 members

New evidence casts doubt on Harriet Harman’s defence over paedophile links

Heretical Epicopal Church female leader speaks of Christ as “Our mother Jesus” and speaks of “the great Western heresy: that we can be saved as individuals, that any of us alone can be in right relationship with God.”

Megachurch Pastors Lead ‘Son of God’ Campaign to ‘Take Over’ Multiplex Theaters Nationwide

Rick Warren among megachurch pastors and RC leaders who lead ‘Son of God’ Campaign to ‘Take Over’ Multiplex Theaters in USA

Martin McGuinness in ‘Maze problem-solving mode’

Former IRA guman Tom McFeely vows to ‘overturn bankruptcy’

‘Brass neck’ Gerry Kelly to sue chief constable over Land Rover incident

Gerry Kelly suing over Police Land Rover incident

Harriet Harman says she ‘regrets’ any link to paedophile campaign group

Harriet Harman denies Daily Mail paedophile ‘smear campaign’ – but paper says deputy Labour leader has ‘failed to answer charges’

Not one hint of remorse: Harman and Dromey’s statements, and the Mail’s replies

Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman expresses ‘regret’ after Daily Mail claims of links to pro-paedophile campaigners

NHS death rates ‘should be ignored’ – says expert leading the review into them

Victims’ champion slams politicians

UUP fury that Richard Haass briefed the President

Richard Haass talks cost taxpayer £250,000

Never on Sunday? An unholy row kicks off over Northern Ireland’s Euro 2016 tie

Roman Catholic Gerry Armstrong: We’re behind the times on Sunday football

Sunday football: Clergyman plans protest at stadium

David Cameron slammed by dad of IRA victim

‘McGuinness IRA northern Commander in 1995’, states republican’s prison note

Provos’ murder campaign copper-fastened partition

Why Christian faith is foremost for Ulster politician

Fuel crime must lead to more jail sentences

IRA campaign was morally wrong

Share-out of Maze centre’s £18.1m big blow to Sinn Fein

Northern Ireland football team to play first ever Sunday international at Windsor Park

IFA should fight Uefa Sunday game decision, says former footballer (Now a pastor)

IFA ‘had no say’ in first ever Sunday home game

Poll: Windsor Park gets first Sunday game – Protests feared over Euro 2016 home qualifier

Dunloy IRA parade ‘breaches commission guidelines’

‘Elvis’ crosses the line for peace in Belfast – (there are wiser beings in the window of a draper’s shop!!!)

Church of England bishops do not speak for own flock on welfare, study suggests

BBC chiefs meet MLAs in private to answer claims the broadcaster withheld child abuse allegations from cops

Arizona passes ‘anti-gay’ bill allowing business owners to refuse service on religious grounds

UKIP warns Unionists: Don’t get suckered into Haass deal

UUP boss visits Fountain and says estate is a litmus test for a shared society

Cookstown councillor backs Willie Frazer over Sinn Fein plaque row

Ireland is no cold house but influence of Church (of Rome) is overbearing

Flags must go, but terror shrines can stay!

Anger over Stormont policy on roadside paramilitary shrines

Gerry Kelly invited to Hydebank for jailbreak talk – inquiry launched

Northern Ireland got 94 per cent less than Republic from EU fund

Irish amateur boxers at Stormont over sectarianism

Sodomite, Graham Norton, ‘furious’ over RTE homophobia payout

Filipino-born nurse taped up patient’s mouth to keep him quiet

Women, divorcees and atheists are most likely to choose assisted suicide – with nearly 20% saying they are simply ‘weary of life’

The vicious schism between Sunni and Shia has been poisoning Islam for 1,400 years – and it’s getting worse

UK Supreme Court judge Lord Wilson backs gay marriage – (Wonders how long NI would “be able to hold back the tide in favour of same-sex marriages”!!)

Top judge backs gay marriage – (He has no regard for God’s Law!)

UUP joins criticism of Dunloy IRA parade

Willie Frazer’s defence team claims police struck deal with loyalists

Loyalists took photos of Belfast Lord Mayor Mairtin O Mulleoir in court

Peter Robinson is not trusted, claims Mike Nesbitt in stinging attack

Mike Nesbitt in blistering attack on Peter Robinson’s ‘hypocrisy’ and DUP dithering – (The pot calling the kettle black!!)

Time the Republic of Ireland paid for services its citizens avail of

Catholic clergy in loyal order talk

Sinn Fein organ grinders act as if it’s Tsarist Russia

Sammy Wilson: I’m not being shunned by DUP colleagues

‘No alternative to Haass’ – SF

Factional in-fighting at Stormont leaves us at mercy of Tories

‘My life was in peril’, says Lord Mayor on Woodvale attack

Irish soldiers questioned over County Donegal pipe bomb

Two soldiers arrested over suspected involvement with dissident republicans

Anna Lo ‘disappointed’ by racist abuse after flag and mural comments

Family of murdered Detective Garda Seamus Quaid silence after Sinn Féin apologies

Kingsmill: Haunted by nightmares, tortured by a survivor’s guilt, at last Alan feels he is being listened to

Uncertainty over Obama meeting

Northern Ireland: the peace process and the dissident menace

Smithwick cast a cloud on all gardai, say veterans

Kingsmill survivor says informers helped IRA murder 10 Protestants

Kingsmills massacre: Alan Black says state agents involved

Court of Appeal upholds principle of whole-life prison terms

Support for police officer in Gerry Kelly Land Rover case

Gerry Kelly Land Rover row driver may now face internal PSNI discipline probe

Row between councillors (some of them Roman Catholics) and Catholic church over Newcastle land deal

Protestant boy in Republic of Ireland school punished for not attending Catholic First Communion

Kingsmills massacre survivor fears state involvement in killings

Survivor’s state involvement fears

Pope Francis to receive formal invite for Irish visit

Willie Frazer fury over ‘GAA shirt’ in Eastenders – but it’s only a school PE top

Army office packages ‘sent by IRA’

IRA memories of Libyan tyrant secreted away

‘New IRA’ main suspects behind letter bombs

The easy option for harried terrorists

Gerry Adams’ tweets: Ducks, teddy bears and a dog called Snowie

Jim Allister: Once dismissed as ‘fringe player’ – few now would describe TUV leader in such terms

Why the Irish language is dying in Ireland

Tory John Lund: Villiers has done zilch for Northern Ireland

Anger at Celtic fans’ support for song ‘glorifying’ hunger-strikers

Pressure mounts for Spratt probe

Unionists call for UK chart ban for hunger strike song Roll Of Honour

Belgian MPs vote to extend euthanasia to children of all ages

Dutch euthanasia minister found dead in garage ‘likely killed’

‘Double effect’: ‘Sick kids secretly given deadly overdoses by British medics in illegal mercy killings’

Terminally sick children have been secretly given deadly overdoses by British doctors in illegal mercy killings, claims retired GP

Voters in Northern Ireland should have the right to kick out the Executive

Comment – Warren Little – Spectre of the terrified still hangs over Sinn Fein

Parcel bombs raise new dissident republican terror fears

Dissident republican campaign feared as letter bombs sent to military recruiting offices

Explosive package sent to British armed forces recruitment office had Irish postmark

Three pipe bombs and ammunition found after Newry security operation

‘Time to put an end to victim hierarchy’ says McCausland at Pat Finucane lecture

Naming playpark after IRA man was breach of equality commitments

Vice President Joe Biden will push First Ministers for a deal on Haass

‘Dissident republicans must learn from what happened’, says ex-IRA man

Trinity College Graduate Ursula Shannon found guilty of possession of handguns and ammunition

Newry explosion: Family escapes pipe bomb attack in Patrician Park

Alliance calls for new Spratt investigation

Welcome same-sex couples or be damned as bigots, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby tells Church of England – (What a fool! He has no understanding of ‘damnation’)

TUV write to Parades group over Dunloy Sinn Fein parade

Andrew Allen murder: Irish police claim they know killers’ identities

Eamon O’Cuiv is giving succour to some wicked people

Tape recording prompts call to re-examine Spratt ‘nutters’ report

Criticism over ‘disappeared’ US investment cash

Nazareth House RC care home abuse descended into hell, inquiry is told

Bryson claims flag protests are strong despite dwindling crowds

Former Irish defence minister Eamon O’Cuiv sorry for any offence after comments on David Black murder

Foreign Office Libya email heartless: victim

Claudy bombing: Anger as detectives tell victims probe has nowhere to go

Historical Abuse Inquiry: Nun ‘beat girl black and blue’

Historical Abuse Inquiry: Woman ‘sexually abused by nun’

IRA victims use Twitter to hijack Sinn Fein conference

Fury as TD accuses authorities over prison officer David Black’s murder

Scope for same-sex union says RC Archbishop of Dublin Dr Diarmuid Martin

Dublin and London must stop Haass impasse deepening: Sinn Fein – (SF keeps up pressure on the DUP, its Stormont partners)

McGuinness ‘gave orders to kill census worker’, claims informer – (British government and the DUP are well aware of this but will not act)

‘Martin McGuinness ordered murder of census worker’ – Fresh allegations from IRA supergrass Raymond Gilmour

Southern parties accused of ‘trying to criminalise’ legacy of Bobby Sands

Sinn Fein doesn’t have a future if it can’t acknowledge it has a past

Nigel Dodds hits back at Martin McGuinness’ remark on how he could learn from Boys’ Model pupils

Murdered Trillick councillor’s family ‘hopeful’ as Ombudsman set to re-open case

Government ‘does U-turn on Libyan compensation’

Will Martin McGuinness be a guest at the Queen’s Irish reception?

Henley-on-Thames councillor David Silvester expelled from UKIP because of his anti-sodomy stand

Man shot in both knees and ankles in west Belfast

Enniskillen bomb victim’s daughter angry over Libya snub

Victim’s view: Keeping us from meeting with Libyan PM a scandal

McGuinness reveals he met dissidents to call for end to violence

DUP ‘is now squandering the peace’

McGuinness tells Sinn Fein Ardfheis that unionist ‘rejectionists’ holding back progress

McGuinness apologises to family of garda killed by IRA

Protestant enclave in Fountain estate attacked for third time in five days

Protestants targeted by ‘scum of the earth’, says Donegal clergyman

Bomb found in Lurgan police raid

Troubles victims’ anger at latest IRA commemorations

Row over Bible spoof rumbles on – (‘Spoof’ – ‘to make a joke of’. The texts on the protest banner are right.)

McGuinness ‘hysterical’, claims DUP as bitter Executive spat continues

Martin McGuinness attack on DUP ‘part of Sinn Fein leadership battle’

Third petrol bomb attack in (Protestant) Fountain estate, Londonderry

Scots independence ‘would get republican tails up’ – Paisley Junior

Scottish ‘yes’ vote could spark crisis at Stormont: Tony Blair aide

Sixty young people treated for effects of drink and drugs at Odyssey dance event

Stormont urged to probe alcohol access after drink-and-drugs incident at Odyssey concert

Peter Robinson has said the Provisional IRA carried out “genocide” in Border areas of Fermanagh during the Troubles

Adelaide Fringe Festival won’t cancel show ‘Come Heckle Christ’ despite complaints from Christian Democratic Party

Victims’ disgust as IRA Castlederg parade cleared

Kingsmills families ‘have heard nothing from Taoiseach since 2012’

Gay marriage law in NI is ‘inevitable’ after Scottish landslide vote

Just a day after his election, new Presbyterian Church Moderator sparks row by telling gays to stop having sex – (Not God’s solution to their sin – 1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

Next Presbyterian Moderator says he will not attend any service in a chapel organised by Catholic clergy (but . . . . . !!!)

No denial from Orange Order or UUP that Unionist Forum is dead

Why are ‘spokesmen’ with no mandate like Winston Irvine and Jamie Bryson allowed on the BBC as if they were elected representatives?

Dissidents blamed for Derry disorder

Yobs as young as 10 among gang of children behind sectarian petrol bomb attacks (on Protestant homes) in Derry

Michael Copeland quiet after reports he injured his own wife by accident at protest

Britain’s borders ‘a leaking sieve’, warns judge

UN accuses Vatican of adopting policies that allowed priests to rape children – (How can Popery survive such allegations as this and the innumerable others of this nature?)

UN demands Vatican ‘removes’ all known or suspected paedophiles in scathing report

UN denounces Vatican over child abuse and demands immediate action

New Afghanistan law to silence victims of violence against women – (After the price paid in soldiers’ blood and countless £ millions there has been no change in this Muslim country)

Big issues remain unresolved, says Peter Robinson

New Presbyterian moderator is Newry minister Rev Michael Barry

David Black: Man charged with prison officer’s murder

Northern Ireland: dissident republican charged with murder of prison officer

First Minister distances himself from Orangeman’s controversial Irish language comments

Anger at PSNI Chief Constable appointment plan

Londonderry attacks: ‘Ten year olds’ involved in Fountain disturbances

Protest at Workman Avenue ‘to highlight sectarian attacks’ on Protestant homes

If collusion is going to be widely defined, then Dublin is guilty

Anger as SF minister rejects Sandy Row boxing club support as ‘gossip’

Peers call for Northern Ireland Assembly opposition

Sinn Fein Gerry Kelly’s jail invite sparks fresh row

Haass’s modest proposals remain stuck while DUP calculates the electoral risks

Unionist Forum ‘finished’ as another party walks away

George Chittick’s ‘word of warning’ on Irish language backed by fellow Orangeman

US sporting chief comes out fighting for Sandy Row boxers

Sinn Fein: DUP must clarify stance over teacher forced out of job by online bigots

‘IRA thugs and conman’ nabbed after gardai smash major counterfeiting operation

Michael Copeland, not police, hit wife during loyalist protest

Bloody Sunday leaves UK in weak place to lecture others, says Ian Paisley Junior

Lawyer defends IRA-Garda collusion report

SF’s John O’Dowd refuses to apologise over Jim Allister letters

Stormont Speaker Refuses Urgent Oral question on IRA Escapee Visit to Discuss Prison Escape WITH INMATES

Birmingham Six man calls on IRA to ‘come clean’ – (That would take a lot of washing!!!)

Member of Birmingham Six challenges IRA pub bombers to come forward

Retired gardaí’s critique of Smithwick Tribunal report is highly selective

British commemorations of first World War ‘will reflect Irish involvement’

Senior Orangeman warns Protestants against learning Irish

RUC widow’s thanks for Jim Allister’s work

Orange Order stands by claims over Irish language

Orange Order not against learning the Irish language

Leaders clash over claims Lynch government helped create IRA

Uganda archbishop responds to Welby on anti-gay laws – “homosexual practice is incompatible with Scripture”.

NI’s Attorney General dismayed by top court’s gay B&B ruling

Dissident republicans behind bars: Police and MI5 surveillance – the weapon disrupting terror plots

Threats force Sinn Fein teacher out of the classroom

Protestant Coalition: Look at threatened teacher’s politics

British agent in IRA must pay damage to victim’s family, says court order

QUB academic regrets gay slur at centre of row with DUP

Abuse case has ’very profound’ implications for patronagte system of schools – Irish deputy prime minister

There’s no going back to the days when the church had a stranglehold on society

Prison bars Gerry Kelly from telling inmates about his IRA escape

Paisley jnr breaks silence on interview

Brighton bomber visit sparks loyalist outrage

Loyalist mob throw stones and fireworks as Belfast peace event hosts Brighton bomber Patrick Magee

Four PSNI officers injured during ex-IRA bomber protest

NI faced 30 national security threats

Fundamentalist Christian protesters finally make voice heard outside Bible play in Newtownabbey

Taoiseach backs Ballymurphy families

DUP confronts QUB academic over ‘gay suicides’ claim

RC Childrens’ home boy tells of ‘sadistic’ nuns

Priest told orphan boy: You are the product of an evil and Satanic relationship

Roman Catholic Church battles Brendan Smyth abuse victims in Dublin court

Newtownabbey FP Church to stage protest as Bible spoof goes ahead

Play’s rapturous reception proves folly of initial ban – (The decision to crucify Christ received a ‘rapturous reception’ also!!)

Bible play: The theatre row women on very different wings of the DUP, but can the party accommodate both of them? – (If it can accommodate power-sharing with McGuinness it should have no difficulty!!)

Paisley had star role at wedding of man he says helped oust him

It has been seven wasted years for the Executive after power-sharing resumed

Liam Adams refusing food at Maghaberry Prison

Irish dissident groups ‘thwarted by surveillance technology’

Justice has no monetary value, insists IRA victim

Family of murdered garda in SF protest

Who Killed Jean McConville?

The reform of local councils in Northern Ireland is a blatant DUP – Sinn Fein carve up