Doug Beattie will ask party to decide on leadership

Doug Beattie will ask party to decide on leadership

Mr Beattie is quoted as saying that the controversial tweets at the centre of this row were “pretty horrific” and he was “deeply ashamed” of them.

Nothing he says can explain why it was that he thought it acceptable to make such despicable comments about a Christian mother. Nor can he possible explain why his first efforts at ‘apologising’ we so facile and shallow and very obviously insincere.It was only when his ‘barrack-room coarseness and boorishness’ was seen by him to have political repercussions, that he became humble and contrite!

His whole defence begs the question as how he ever thought that such comments could in any way be considered acceptable.He is of Boris Johnston’s ilk.  Failing to see what was so blatantly obvious to everyone else.

He is not fit to be an elected representative and most certain not fitted to be a party leader, even when that party is one given over to such a betrayal of morality and decency as the Ulster Unionist Party!

His present actions of asking his party what he should do is but another example of his moral barrenness!

Ivan Foster