August 2013

The Mastermind behind the modern drugs craze

“And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived,” Revelation 18:23.

This article, based upon a sermon preached at the evening service in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church some 20 years ago on 28th March, 1993, was prompted by a recent spate of newspaper reports on drug-related deaths in Northern Ireland of which this news report is an example.

The Bible tells us just what is the source of drug-abuse and who it is promotes it and to what end it is promoted. The finger is pointed straight at the Devil! Read more

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Holiness: Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots

by Bishop J C Ryle, (1816 – 1900)

This is the fourth chapter from JC Ryle’s book on Holiness and is worthy of our consideration. It highlights the the struggle, the battle that is involved in living for God in a wicked world.

The attitude of all too many believers toward the holy commandments of God is that of Saul and the Israelites toward the command given the king of God, regarding the slaying of the Amalekites and all that was theirs. Where they were in agreement with the commands of God they obeyed, but where their carnal appetites and desires differed from God they defied Him and yielded to their own cravings. So it is oftentimes with God’s people. Where they disagree with God’s law they find reasons to defy it and indulge their fleshly desires. There are some things they see “no harm” in and so refuse to obey. Such picking and choosing angers God and brings down His judgment on the disobedient. “It repenteth me that I have set up Saul to be king: for he is turned back from following me, and hath not performed my commandments,” 1 Samuel 15:11.

Bishop Ryle shows the battle that is involved in yielding full obedience to God and following the path of holiness. May we be given the grace enjoyed by Joshua and Caleb and “wholly” follow the LORD, Numbers 32:12.   Read more…

An example from Australia of the dreadful suffering endured by Roman Catholic families at the hands of pervert priests and the deceitful, lying hierarchy

Nothing could be further removed from the merciful dealings of the God of Heaven with sinful men than the ‘Roman Catholic Church’.

In recent times, the most horrific revelations have been disclosed of what takes place behind the walls of her institutions and chapels worldwide. The cesspool of iniquity thus uncovered is nothing compared to the final revelation of her satanic activities and corruptions when God shall remove the veil of her pretended ‘holiness’!

She is the foremost element in that dreadful Antichristian amalgam portrayed in Revelation 17:4-6. “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: and upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.”

John Gill comments on the final statement in those verses – i.e. the writer John’s ‘admiration’ or ‘amazement, astonishment, wonderment’ : “it was astonishing to him that one bearing the name of a Christian church should rise to such grandeur; and he wondered at the name upon her forehead, what the whole of that inscription should mean; but, above all, at her drunkenness with the blood of the saints; at her inhumanity and cruelty, being as savage as the beast she rode on; and also at God’s forbearance of her, that He, Who is a pure and holy Being, a lover of His saints, an avenger of His elect, should suffer such a brutish, barbarous, and bloodthirsty creature, to live upon earth.”

There are few who see Romanism as such today but a day is coming when all the world will see her for what she is.

The following document is the personal testimony of a father and mother who have encountered firsthand the bitterness of life under Popery. Read more

Is it ever right to do what former generations considered improper?

or, “A plea for the old paths”.
“Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein,” Jeremiah 6:16.
The drift that takes place amongst the professing people of God from generation to generation is a matter of Biblical record. Who, as a serious student of God’s Word, has not read with trembling the words found in Judges chapter 2? Read more

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Planning probe in Castlederg focusing on who owns IRA monument site

Limerick TD calls out Adams on comments on identity of killers made by Sinn Fein colleague on Donohoe murder

Pro-IRA priest, ‘Fr.’ Sean Mc Manus chosen for World Peace Awarding Council

DUP: no U-turn over the downsizing of local government

€3.7m grants in cross-border projects probed (Regarding Families Acting for Innocent Relatives, run by Mr Frazer, Public Prosecution Service NI has said that there is no suggestion of money spent improperly)

Cameron backs down on urgent Syria strikes

Archbishop of Canterbury: My gay marriage view can be seen as ‘akin to racism’

No compensation for terrorists – DUP

Dissident republican mortar ‘had helicopter target’

Two mortars found in County Armagh security alert

McConville family to sue police and MoD

Jim Allister calls for review after RIRA man’s family compensated

LETTER – Money for IRA man an insult to law abiders

Old Bailey bomber Marian Price McGlinchey in legal bid to prevent the media showing what she looks like

China: Boy, Six, Has Eyes Gouged Out By Woman

Thousands Of Hospital Patients Dying Of Thirst

RIRA man’s family get payout as Omagh victims left waiting

Britain cast as villains in one-sided history of Troubles – Lord Bew

La Mon bombing: A split second of evil… and then they were orphans

Girl Guides ‘should not be allowed to use church premises’

Violent Bosnian criminal overturns deportation bid to win ‘right to family life’ in Britain

Family of a Real IRA man murdered by his own paramilitary gang are to be compensated

Real IRA member Kieran Doherty’s family to receive ‘substantial’ compensation

Anger at compensation for Real IRA man

Rumours of Peter Robinson’s demise may prove to be premature

Victims of republican violence call for Maze Prison to be demolished

Judge criticises delays in Willie Frazer flags case

PSNI unable to cope with pressure – NI21 leader Basil McCrea

Security alert in Rasharkin ahead of annual band event

Pipe bomb found in Rasharkin alert

Senior party figures in court, jostling supporters outside… and Ruth smiles through it all

Church of Ireland archbishop preaches the old ecumenical lie – Christians are all part of one church

Irish priest held over abuse claims

Commissioner’s IRA march comments are questioned

Mayor’s eight chaplains resolve to calm tensions

Loyalists and republicans clash in Belfast

Festival bus on jail tour is attacked by loyalists

We shouldn’t let Gerry Kelly write history of Troubles

Angry Omagh families launch legal action

Cardinal Keith O’Brien ‘blocked church sex abuse report’, says archbishop

Shamed Ballycastle-born Cardinal ‘blocked sex abuse audit’

Hospital workers jailed for cruelty

Ruth Patterson in court over Facebook comment

Girl Guides split warning as Christians back rebel troop over pledge

‘On the edge of a precipice’ – Welby’s doomsday warning to feuding Church

Northern Ireland violence brings number of police injured to 350

NI violence ‘back to 1990s levels’

UUP Cllr Wilson welcomes DUP’s shrine u-turn

Sinn Fein colluded with British Government to block IRA arrests lest it destable peace process

Frazer and Dowson support Ruth Patterson as she appears in court on Facebook charge

DUP woman on Facebook post charge

European officials have expressed fears over Maze peace centre funding

Sinn Fein Council Chair labels DUP colleague as a “hero” for standing firm in face of loyalist protest

Sinn Fein must come clean on murder of Paul Quinn says SDLP man Dominic Bradley

Officials’ bizarre plan: axe jobs to prevent discrimination

‘Religious bias’ claim adds insult to injury for staff facing job losses

DUP now backs victims’ charter

Northern Ireland is in big trouble, and Haass can’t fix it

Ballygawley IRA bomb rescue heroes still suffer scars

DUP U-turn urged over on revamp of councils

Protestant family to move out after another sectarian attack in west Belfast estate

DUP slam Deputy First Minister over his Maze criticism

Sinn Fein confrontation of DUP next month at earliest

DUP keeps up pressure on Sinn Fein to back 5,000 jobs at Maze

Relative of IRA victims calls for buildings on Maze site to be razed to the ground

The day Sammy Wilson told Peter Robinson he had to do a U-turn on Maze plan

Wilson denies ‘stand-up’ row with first minister

DUP leader has played a blinder, says Trimble aide (Belfast term meaning ‘a brilliant move’)

Questions still remain despite DUP’s apology to whistleblower: MLA

RTE fails to press IRA’s bomb man over Farc – (“a cover-up?”)

Marian McGlinchey convicted over republican protest charges

DUP adviser, Stephen Brimstone, may face investigation over Red Sky contract

Conduct of special adviser Stephen Brimstone to be examined

Lord Maginnis guilty of road rage

Joint Letter on Maze Conflict Centre

Pentecostal pastors are telling HIV positive patients to ‘rely on God’ instead of taking medication

McGuinness says DUP move on Maze peace centre was a ‘mistake’

McGuinness: Stalling Maze peace centre a mistake

Stalling peace centre ‘a mistake’

Maze peace centre: board seeks urgent clarification

Former RUC officers unhappy Maze plans shelved not scrapped

Sinn Fein furious at DUP’s sudden shift on Maze that caught it on the hop

Lost in the Maze – DUP can keep winning elections but Peter Robinson has to stand down as leader

DUP urges Sinn Fein to allow rest of Maze plan to go ahead

Fight on terror shrine will continue, says Willie Frazer

Decision on Republican IRA memorial built without planning approval awaited by unionists in Castlederg

Peru drug arrests: Spanish police ‘doubt’ over women’s claims

Spanish police doubt Michaella’s ‘forced’ drug smuggling claims

DUP man to apologise to Jenny Palmer over Red Sky pressure

Northern Ireland coalition divided over Maze prison peace centre

DUP leader Peter Robinson’s about-turn on Maze ‘a humiliating retreat’

Are the cracks starting to emerge in Peter Robinson’s iron grip?

Maze peace centre: Peter Robinson’s letter to DUP members

Cunning plan or return of the old tough Robinson?

DUP caught up in Maze

Unionists hail U-turn over Maze proposals

Call for Maze site to be bulldozed

TUV welcomes Maze u-turn

What now for Maze site?

Vital Omagh bomb evidence hidden from police ‘to save IRA ceasefire’ (justice must give way to political expediency!)

First Minister Peter Robinson stalls Maze peace centre

Dramatic DUP U-turn on the Maze

Orange Order: if new parades body is a fair one, we’ll accept rulings

Orange Order will accept the banning or rerouting of marches if the Parades Commission is replaced by a body it approves of

PSNI must attempt to mend fences with loyalist community

Gerry Adams’ ‘regret’ is not enough – give us facts

Secretary of State Villiers ‘considers’ La Mon inquiry

Violence justified if you’re defending yourself – Protestant coalition chair

Orange Order’s concern over drop in Protestant support for police

Fracking threatens “God’s glorious creation”

Children pick up unexploded bomb at Woodbourne police station in west Belfast

Children find unexploded bomb outside police station

Order chaplain labels PSNI chief’s remarks ‘an utter disgrace’

Attacking police justified, says Protestant Coalition

La Mon victims demand review

Prosecutions sought in wake of Kelly speech to Castlederg IRA commemoration rally

Parades Commission challenged why so few restrictions on controversial republican parade in Castlederg

Loyalist rioters lose battle for the moral high ground

Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers says calling halt to contentious parades not viable

Storm over Troubles deaths files: Villiers and PSNI launch gagging bid as Sinn Fein minister releases sensitive inquest documents to families seeking truth over killings

Sorry Mr Spence, We Don’t Want a Police State – TUV response to comments of the chairman of the Police Federation, Terry Spence

Sinn Fein Challenged on Bombs and Children

Chief Constable has “little sympathy” for MLA claims he was assaulted by police

Micheal Martin says Gerry Adams meeting was ‘grossly offensive’

IRA ‘telling lies’ about murder of Brian Stack – claim that prison officer was murdered by ‘mavericks’ dismissed

Victims call for police to probe IRA parade

Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly’s speech in breach of code, claims DUP man – (DUP better get used to it as SF will continue to push the boundaries with impunity)

Jim Allister Lodges Official Complaint with Assembly Commissioner Against Kelly

Police union boss calls for ban on contentious marches following Belfast violence

Release of Troubles’ killings documents sparks legal row

International Development Secretary, says it was “regrettable” that £480,000 of British taxpayer-funded aid and equipment has fallen into the hands of al-Qaeda

I was born a British citizen, and want to die as one

Riots in Belfast – Police chief condemns ‘mindless anarchy’ after 56 officers injured during loyalist protest

Sinn Fein vows Castlederg parade will be ‘dignified’

War of words over who’s to blame for Twelfth riot

Secretary of State condemns city violence

Admission that IRA killed prison officer Brian Stack

Journalist from nationalist newspaper attacked at republican bonfire

Anti-internment parade is ‘recipe for disaster’

Police on alert ahead of Belfast city centre internment parade

The unchanging and true colours of Sinn Fein displayed over Castlederg

Presbyterian Minister in Castlederg “disgusted” by the IRA parade planned for this Sunday

Two stories that show the depth of feeling among those opposed to IRA procession

Eight police officers injured in Belfast bonfire trouble

Woman charged with having bomb components in her car

David Cameron on Jesus, pancakes and Sunday mornings

Professor Richard Dawkins embroiled in Twitter row over Muslim comments

DUP minister backs SF Mayor’s right to visit anywhere in city

Kingsmills massacre: Chilling chapter in our dark and bloody past

Known IRA murders relating to Castlederg

Sinn Fein both ‘condemning and commemorating bombers’

West Tyrone victims group in Castlederg parade meeting

Secretary of State Villiers and parades body face legal threats over Castlederg

DUP minister condemns attack on SF mayor but defends loyalist protesters

Inquest into IRA massacre ordered

Fresh enquiry brings new hope of justice for Kingsmills families

New inquest into Kingsmills murders

Intelligence on Omagh bomb ‘withheld from police’

Omagh case is ‘a blot on governments’

Omagh bomb: ‘Government intelligence failures mean fresh public inquiry needed’

Omagh bomb families make new call for inquiry

Now police probe TV investigation into Red Sky and DUP minister

Legal threat to IRA Castlederg parade

War of words erupts between DUP and Sinn Fein after SF Lord Mayor jostled by loyalists

DUP: We warned Lord Mayor he would not be welcome at park

Row erupts after Lord Mayor attacked by loyalists

Justice Minister condemns attack on Belfast Lord Mayor

SDLP opposes IRA parade

Mounting speculation within DUP about who will succeed Robinson

Robinson must take care not to repeat Trimble’s mistakes

Irish speaking police officers drafted in for fleadh in Derry

McDevitt should ‘do the right thing and pay back expenses’ says Sinn Fein

Police shield SF mayor from protestors

Sinn Fein Lord Mayor Máirtín Ó Muilleoir ‘jostled by loyalists’

Sinn Fein Lord Mayor jostled at Woodvale

Willie Frazer to hold rally at Facebook’s Dublin HQ

Controversial republican memorial in Castlederg has no planning permission

Families of people killed by soldiers sue NI’s chief constable

DUP’s Ruth Patterson to plead not guilty to Facebook message charge

New insights into origins of Anglo-Irish Agreement

Man arrested over 2007 Paul Quinn murder in Castleblayney

Man arrested over murder of Paul Quinn who was beaten to death by a (IRA) gang in Co Monaghan

Man in Ireland arrested over killing linked to Provisional IRA

Revealed: Warning signs that could have stopped the Omagh bombing

Russia: Pensioners in trouble over “antichrist” comments

Scottish RC Bishop to apologise for abuse at Fort Augustus School

Bishop of Aberdeen to apologise for child sex abuse at Fort Augustus Abbey School

Investigation after sectarian attacks on cars by nationalists

McConvilles to mount civil case in bid for justice – Adams could be forced to give evidence

Man suspected of being the former head of the Provisional IRA in the Republic arrested in Spain after police raid a cannabis grow houseJim Allister Comments on The Charging of Ruth Patterson

Green light for 5,000-strong dissident internment anniversary rally without restrictions

Call to ban IRA parade in Castlederg

Northern Ireland parade to commemorate IRA men chills atmosphere in Castlederg

IRA parade: A whiff of smart aleck game-playing from Sinn Fein

DUP councillor Ruth Patterson apologises for parade comments

DUP’s Ruth Patterson apologises for parade “massacre” comment on Facebook

Ruth Patterson arrested over Facebook comments

DUP councillor arrested in probe over controversial internet comments

DUP’s Ruth Patterson arrested over Facebook parade “massacre” comment

Why is DUP councillor defending terrorist memorial?

TUV Respond to Parades Commission Decision on Castlederg Terror Commemoration

Castlederg republican parade gets restricted go ahead (Still pass site where IRA murdered Protestant)

Castlederg IRA parade will pass three murder sites

Roman Catholics defy IRA march in Castlederg

Robinson and McGuinness differ on Castlederg parade

Green light is given for Maze peace centre work (Confirmation of the plans the DUP deny)

Power-sharing: Just a little bit of history repeating (The sad path of betrayal that brought us power-sharing with terrorists)

Quarter of SF’s votes attributed to cheating in 1983 Westminster election

Robinson’s Belated Interest in the World Police and Fire Games Flags and Anthem Snub Welcome

Christian Students in Eritrea Punished for their Faith

Further attack in Protestant estate

Praise for solidarity amid riot, but alleged police advice causes anger

Sinn Fein move to re-route Castlederg Republican march dismissed by DUP

Political parties press Parades Commission over contentious IRA march

Security threat ‘severe’ as dissidents agitate for a kill

Is it necessary for a true Christian to have had a personal conversion experience? “Absolutely not” says tongues-speaking Archbishop of Canterbury

Documents reveal Bank of England sold stolen Nazi gold

San Antonio Proposal Could Bar Christians Who Oppose Sodomy From City Council