September 2013

Roman Catholic participation in Refo500 – a fruit of its ecumenical approach

Refo500 was an ecumenical organisation from its commencement as this blog article, which includes a speech by a Roman Catholic Bishop, from a Refo500 press conference in the Netherlands in February 2010 proves conclusively. The ecumenism of the organisation did not merely develop over time, but was foundational in the approach of Refo500 to the Reformation.

It is difficult to accept that anyone could be directly involved in such an organisation and be fully engaged as a partner at the North American launch, as was Dr Joel Beeke, and not be aware of its ecumenical nature!

No lie is of the truth

Despite the plainest of documented evidence, there are those amongst Fundamentalists who refuse to see that Dr Joel Beeke has established and maintained links with those whose teaching and practices are contrary to the Word of God.

Abuse has been directed at Ralph Ovadal of Pilgrim Covenant Church and me for daring to raise on radio programmes and articles on both our internet sites, the issue of Dr Beeke’s associations. The latest abuse is contained in a letter written by a brother in Christ to a Christian lady who contacted this minister, asking about the assertions that brother Ovadal and I had made regarding Dr Beeke. The minister’s response was to state that our allegations regarding Dr Beeke were false and specifically that Ralph Ovadal was telling lies. That is a serious matter indeed and must be answered. There are times when a believer is required to “suffer in silence” and bear reproach but there are times when to remain silent is to appear to give credence to false accusations. In Matthew 26:61-64, you have the Saviour remaining silent as false accusations were thrown at Him, but answering when He was asked the question by the high priest: “I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us whether thou be the Christ, the Son of God,” verse 63. For Christ to have remained silent would have appeared that He was denying His divinity and so He answered. “Thou hast said: nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven,” verse 64.

Likewise, it was necessary to refute publicly the false allegations and respond to this unjustified and unsubstantiated attack upon the integrity of two ministers of the gospel contained in this minister’s letter.

Please read carefully all the information set forth in Ralph Ovadal’s reply and investigate the evidence set forth in the programmes and articles, the links to which are included in this article.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev Ivan Foster (Retired)

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The danger of tolerating sin in the Church.

An article based upon sermons preached by Rev Ivan Foster in September 1995. (Listen using the players below)

“Your glorying is not good. Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?” 1 Corinthians 5:6.

Man by nature is insensitive to sin but the Lord is not! Man will see little cause for concern about that which deeply grieves and angers the Lord. Those who seek to share the Lord’s view of sin will often be seen as those who make “mountains out of molehills”. Their concerns are deemed an unnecessary disturbance of the peace of the Church.

This sad truth is illustrated by the incident recorded in 1 Corinthians 5. Paul did not share the deplorable view to which we have referred. He was determined to disturb the sinful tranquillity of the Church at Corinth. Read more


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Gerry’s moral high ground is crumbling beneath him

Sectarian concerns over Protestant church attacks

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Victims Commissioner Unfit for Office

Liam Adams, brother of Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams, convicted of raping and abusing daughter

Adams found guilty of abusing daughter

Liam Adams – brother of Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams – found guilty of raping his daughter

The shadow that abuse cast over the family of Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams’ brother, Liam, found guilty of raping his daughter (Adams’ father also guilty of abuse)

Adams’s silence on his brother’s abuse strips him of all credibility

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‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing’: Don’t be fooled – Iran still wants nuclear bomb, says Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

US begins shutdown amid budget row – (Maybe Richard Haass is more needed at home since the USA’s problems are greater far than Ulster’s !!!)

Congress misses deadline, sending government into partial shutdown

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Violence poses ‘real challenge’ to institutions, warns Martin McGuinness

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Anguished family of murdered Columba McVeigh release his last letter

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Martin McGuinness: ‘I think there are people aggravated by me and Sinn Fein being in power’

‘We feel let down by our politicians’ – local IRA victims speak out

Orange Order offer of talks with nationalists if given green light for north Belfast parade gets frosty reception

Catholics land sale row: farmer left £536K in will

DUP-Sinn Fein spats hit Executive business

SLIDESHOW: Willie Frazer arrives at court dressed as radical cleric Abu Hamza

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‘UVF shot woman as scapegoat for deaths caused by their own drugs’

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Sinn Fein special adviser paid thousands

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Tory vice-chairman Alan Lewis arrested over historical rape allegation

Maze prison peace centre will go ahead says architect Daniel Libeskind

Barnardo’s say NI sexual abuse cases are ‘just tip of the iceberg’

Red Notice for White Widow: Interpol issues global arrest warrant for Samantha Lewthwaite – the world’s most wanted woman who was born in Banbridge

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Protestants need not apply says McQuillan

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Silence over use of northern scenes on new Irish passports

I was warned never to talk about Gerry Adams, says brother accused of raping daughter

Eire PM: €200,000 found in McFeely’s former home ‘smacks of Celtic Tiger years’

Bryson facing two trials over flag protests

‘No crisis at Stormont’ – Robinson

Liam Adams told his daughter he had abused her sister, court hears

Another €60,000 (total of €200,000) found in IRA hunger striker Tom McFeely’s bathroom

Drug mule guilty pleas rejected

Impartial Reporter Editorial – Is it not all right to sell land to the ‘other side’ – (‘You would have thought delving into a wife’s business was something Peter Robinson would think twice about.’)

Republicans mark the 25th anniversary of the deaths of three IRA men shot as they sought to ambush a part-time UDR man delivering coal

Sinn Féin’s Gerry Kelly says power sharing in crisis

Powersharing in crisis, claims Sinn Fein

Land sale to Catholics row sparks Stormont crackdown

Shadow Secretary of State Coaker: Republicans must accept that Northern Ireland is British

Probe to see if Banbridge-born ‘White Widow’ Samantha Lewthwaite took part in Kenya attack

Peru drug accused pair guilty

Peter Robinson in row over sale of land to Catholics

Apology sought by ‘land row’ family

Speaker’s Ruling Shows Stormont Operates Below Established Standards

Pressure on Robinson over farm spat with Allister (The sight of smirking DUP MLAs, some professing Christians, as the lie is told by their leader is indicative of the spirit of the party that sold out to the lie in 2007)

Bringing politics into the property market

Kelly’s Castlederg speech to be probed

Gerry Adams’ brother denies abuse claims confrontation

One in thirty deaths in Holland are from euthanasia with most choosing to end their lives due to cancer

Samantha Lewthwaite_ The shame of White Widow’s father who fought terrorism as British soldier in Northern Ireland

18,000 loyalists expected for ‘Ulster Day’ march to commemorate UVF formation

Loyalist protests: PSNI will not buckle, whatever the cost – (Buckling only takes place is the face of Republican demands!!!)

Peter Robinson and Jim Allister row over land remarks

Exchange in Assembly – Allister Responds

Gardai ready to swoop on dissidents after arms find

‘I was right about IRA horse burgers’ – Frazer

IRA bomber had mobile phone in maximum security jail

Super-council proposals ‘are a slap in the face for unionists’

2,400 homes occupied illegally in Northern Ireland

Probe into cash found in mansion of former IRA hunger striker – €140,000 hidden under bath !

Probe under way after €140,000 is found hidden under bath in mansion seized from bankrupted former Provo

Poll: Alliance on the rise as unionists lose ground in voting intentions survey

Al Qaeda rocket blows lid on IRA cigarette cargo

PSNI’s bid for Catholic recruits is divisive and ill-judged: Campbell

Campbell is right to raise concerns about PSNI recruitment

Protestant women under-represented in PSNI – Ian McCrea

Belfast SF mayor Mairtin O Muilleoir under poppy day pressure

More than 3,000 protesters join loyalist parade in Belfast

RC Bishop’s appeal over ‘Disappeared’ murdered by the IRA

Adamant Orange Order rules out DUP/Sinn Fein parades plan

Orange Order accuses Parades Commission of provocation on eve of Haass talks

Anglicans appoint first female bishop in UK and Ireland

US nearly detonated atomic bomb over North Carolina – secret document

Audio Report: Gregory Campbell calls on McGuinness to inform on ex-comrades after Warrington speech

Maze tripped us up says McGuinness

Castlederg parade a defining moment in difficult summer

County Meath ceremony remembers the “Disappeared” – IRA murder victims secretly buried

Rosslea reinstates Bobby Sands plaque

Council erection of Bobby Sands memorial slammed by unionist

Elliott questions Council decision to reinstate Bobby Sands plaque in new wall

Sodomite marriage: Northern Irish opinion poll shows wide generation gap – (The fruit of years of anti-Biblical preaching in ecumenical churches)

Unionist delight and nationalist silence at Queen rating

N I public satisfied with PSNI – but not Chief Constable Matt Baggott

Christian B&B owners who refused to let sodomite couple share a room are forced to sell-up

Filth in the holy water. So what? (The height of superstitious absurdity)

First woman bishop is appointed in Church of Ireland

Birmingham pub bombing families’ fury as Martin McGuinness speaks at peace conference

Boys’ deaths ‘absolutely shameful’, says McGuinness – (Glory in bombings in Ulster, pretended mourning in England – an example of Sinn Fein hypocrisy)

IRA victim: McGuinness at peace event is like Hindley at childminding conference

Listen: Tom Elliott tells Haas IRA bombers must be treated the same as New York bombers

Trial of Liam Adams (brother of Gerry Adams) – daughter retracted initial evidence against father, court told

Health Minister Edwin Poots feels heat as Sinn Fein calls for inquiry on Northern Ireland care home failings

NHS patients have right to demand their doctor or nurse does not wear a veil, says Jeremy Hunt

24-hour drink law disaster: Police chiefs brand round-the-clock pubs a terrible mistake as they call for ‘drunk tanks’ to cope with late-night mayhem

Richard Haass faces Northern political process going into reverse

Haass jets in as UUP issues IRA challenge

Martin McGuinness: Ex-IRA commander gives Warrington peace lecture

McGuinness peace talk in Warrington an ‘audacious event’ says IRA victim’s father

IRA victim slams Sinn Fein appeal to Lib Dems on ‘miscarriages of justice’

Poll: Just 3.8% want a united Ireland now

Paramilitaries ‘a fact of life’ in Belfast, says Orange leader

Rural Orange support for Ardoyne protest ‘is strong’

Frazer: Abu Hamza court costume ‘not a gimmick’

McKinney: I would support bid to remove IRA hunger striker name from park

Sinn Féin TD criticises Tánaiste’s speech to British-Irish Association

Four year-old boy found ‘mummified’ in cot after starving to death, court hears

MP Nigel Evans – former deputy speaker – appears in court over sex offence allegations

The Queen gets a surprise endorsement by Northern Ireland’s Catholics – and is more popular than Martin McGuinness

Women are legally free to terminate pregnancies if they are unhappy with the sex of their baby

Jim Allister Backs Justice 4 the 21 Protest Against McGuinness Warrington Visit

Splits in unionism as Haass flies in for crucial talks

Video: Children trafficked around Northern Ireland in taxis, say police

Dreary steeples of Winston Churchill still casting a shadow

Two tribes still want a different kind of Ulster

PSNI wants to recruit 500 including more Catholics, young people and poorer people

Belfast Telegraph Poll 2013: Two communities at loggerheads? It’s no longer that simple

Northern Irish people to Orange Order: you can’t walk where you want

SDLP’s Fearghal McKinney under fire over play park comments

Roman Catholic church fire-bombed in north Belfast

DUP-SF talks deal on parades can’t be starting point for talks: Order

Haass talks: (Ecumenical) NI church leaders endorse Hope and History campaign

Politicians seeking an extra year on the hill

He’s already trying to solve parades and flags… now Richard Haass wants to sort out segregated education and housing

Willie Frazer relieved at progress over flag protest charges

New SDLP MLA Fearghal McKinney defends park vote – (Gone is the ‘bonhomie’ of his UTV days!!)

McGuinness’ views on Omagh cut little ice with IRA victims

Could Dublin have done more to defeat IRA campaign?

South did nothing and let the IRA get away with murder

Poots takes fight against gay adoption to Supreme Court

Bomb hoaxers ‘signalling to Haass’

Haass must tread political minefield

Loyalists vow to maintain protest at north Belfast flashpoint until Christmas and beyond

Police fear loyalist parade

Fearghal McKinney chosen as MLA to replace SDLP’s Conall McDevitt

New Omagh bombing inquiry ruled out by government

Governments have let us down, say Omagh families as they admit defeat

Omagh bomb: Peter Robinson & Martin McGuinness criticises inquiry decision

PSNI discover haul of ammunition near Forkhill in Co Armagh

Dublin silent on historian’s call for probe into IRA links

Female bishops voted in by Church in Wales – C of E now under pressusre to follow

Policewoman who tripped up on duty drops claim for damages against petrol station owner

Unionists ask questions about Sinn Fein knowledge of Omagh bombers

Not so pure after all: Most holy water ‘is contaminated with faecal matter’ and could be harmful to health

Pope’s right hand man says priests may be allowed to marry and celibacy is ‘tradition, rather than law’

Analysis: Robinson’s vow to go on will unsettle internal adversaries

Labour councillor quits Labour for Sinn Fein

FAIR director claims flag protest comments were behind VAT fraud arrest

MLAs debate Real IRA compensation

Amnesty calls for new way to deal with past after Troubles victims ‘failed’

Amnesty says victims of Troubles ‘disgracefully let down’

Alcohol brands ‘pervade’ football broadcasts – (Something for Christians to think about!!)

Professor Richard Dawkins: we are winning the war against religion – (Not in the end, Professor, Psalm 2:1-6; Isaiah 5:14-16; 2 Thess 1:7-9)l

Pope Francis assures atheists: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven – (What a fool! “He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God,” John 3:18.

MI5 and Special Branch ‘covered up Lib Dem MP Cyril Smith’s abuse of boys’: Police dossier handed to prosecutors in 1970 ‘went missing for four decades’

DUP whistleblower is still waiting for apology from DUP adviser, Stephen Brimstone

Alex Kane – The windbag shoots back at First Minister Peter Robinson

Fianna Fail leader, Micheal Martin: Chris Andrews ‘no loss’ to Fianna Fail

British government trying to distance itself from North’s past – MP

Conservative MP Nigel Evans quits as deputy speaker amid sex charges

DUP Assembly motion, seeking cancellation of compensation payment to the family of Kieran Doherty, a member of the Real IRA and murdered by it, is called ‘appalling’ by SDLP

Compensation rethink urged – (Are the floodgates of compensation to terrorists about to be opened???)

Fine Gael Protestant councillors fear for future of their schools in Irish Republic

Historian, Lord Bew: Dublin should ‘open everything’ for IRA collusion enquiry

Peter Robinson: I’ll be DUP leader until at least 2016 – (Now where have we heard a boast like that before!!!)

Fuel launderers being tipped off, claim MPs

Army tackles Belfast pipe bomb

Deputy Speaker faces new sex claims

First Minister Peter Robinson: ‘I haven’t gone away. There is still a huge job to do to keep us moving ahead’

Willie Frazer among those to welcome Dublin offer on ‘security failings’

UUP leader Mike Nesbitt to ask Gilmore to follow up on speech offer

Gerry Kelly eulogy for IRA terrorists at Castlederg sparks a bitter bust-up on day one of new term

Ann’s Law gets Royal Assent

Marriage ‘no longer the foundation stone of British family life’

IRA victims welcome Irish politician’s recognition of group’s ‘murderous activities’

IRA diesel racket costs the Irish State €150m in lost tax

Robinson and McGuinness meet in New York for US talks

Ballynahinch Congregational Church members walk out in protest

Protesters abandon pews as row simmers on

VIDEO: Church protestors address media

Police investigating loyalist paramilitary threat to Roman Catholic school pupils

Loyalist groups condemn ‘Red Hand Defenders’ threat to children and staff at Roman Catholic schools

Bloody Sunday Colonel Edward Loden shot dead in Kenya

Irish RC priest threatened with excommunication calls for debate on whether clerical celibacy has contributed to the number of clerics who abused children

Why did HET not probe Sinn Fein, asks Ulster Unionist

Ballynahinch Church Trustees ‘do not accept’ minister’s statement

1982 Hyde Park IRA bomb blast: suspect appears in court charged with murder

Criminal who burned woman’s face can stay in Britain because of his human rights

Ballynahinch Congregational row: Minister says no to mediation

Is it time to take a gamble on casinos? Ex-NIO minister urges law change to boost economy

US Air Force cracking down on Christians – Senior Master Sgt ordered to share his views on homosexuality and then relieved of position !!!!!

‘Sly’ Seamus Heaney failed to condemn terrorists, says Charles Moore

SDLP in turmoil

Conall McDevitt had strong internal foes

How will the SDLP fill void left by Conall McDevitt?

Dissidents now threaten young people ‘almost daily’

Louisiana legislature calls for a United Ireland and for U.S. to help achieve it

Ex-Fianna Fail TD Andrews may be shock SF candidate

Abortion laws left ‘meaningless’ as doctors put ‘above the law’

Russia denies calling Britain a little island no one cares about

Fresh bid to create EU superstate

‘Cover-up’ on British gaffes in Taliban raid on Prince Harry’s base

Outspoken Orangeman Mervyn Gibson to be DUP negotiator at Richard Haass talks

Martin McGuinness may yet become first minister

Ballygawley loyalist teenage band bomb rescuers still scarred

SDLP rising star resigns over undeclared payments from former employer

Conal McDevitt: The ‘mouth from the South’

McDevitt resignation ‘big loss to SDLP’

Greater Manchester Police does not investigate 60% of crimes

Cameron rushed into holding ‘quick’ Syria vote by Americans, Ken Clarke suggests

Gender abortions: criminal charges not in ‘public interest’ says CPS

Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt demands ‘urgent clarification’ over lack of prosecutions in gender abortion case

Railway worker suspended after rescuing disabled woman

Why are there discussions on “continued viability” of Maze project?

More than 300,000 attempts made to access pornographic websites at the UK Houses of Parliament in the past year

SDLP’s Conall McDevitt confirms paying wife for research work

Loyalist heartland could get Irish language centre

‘Police inside a church? You don’t expect Christianity to be like that’

Clergyman offers to help resolve parishioner standoff after police storm church amid furious protests

Baptism row over boy with two mothers

NHS blunders double in past year

Abandoned bombs represent ‘unfinished business’ – ONH claim responsibility

Ongoing church feud at Ballynahinch Congregational Church

RC poses ‘Questions for Catholic Church over Sinn Fein’ – LETTER

Australia’s prime minister, Kevin Rudd, a professed Christian, ‘cites scripture while delivering a stirring defence of gay marriage (In truth, he gives a most pathetic response)

Pope Benedict’s righthand man turns on ‘vipers’ within Catholic church

The British public has its say: Two-thirds oppose strikes on Syria

DUP criticises Lord Mayor’s absence from RAF appeal launch

THE Provisional IRA – and not a dissident republican group – was responsible for planting the two mortars near the Border in south Armagh

Mortars found on border not the work of PIRA – Sinn Fein

Tanaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) Adams? It’s closer to reality than you think . . .

UK is Europe’s ‘addictions capital’, says think tank

Think-tank claims UK has drink epidemic and drug addiction levels threatening society

Are Evangelical Christians, Catholics ‘extremists’ – on par with al-Qaida as claimed by US military briefing?

Robinson in warning over Syria as MPs veto bombing

Can Peter Robinson keep the peace with DUP hardliners?

Castlederg republican monument deemed ‘illegal’ by Planning Service

Cullyhanna mortars: Three-day security operation over

LETTER – Gulf between IRA killers and vast majority

BBC revelations a challenge to Poots