October 2013


An atheist’s empty boasting

“Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth,” Proverbs 27:1, KJV.

An Irish biopsychologist, Dr Nigel Barber, believes that religion will be all but replaced by 2041! Dr Nigel Barber’s new book, published earlier this year, “Why atheism will replace religion” says the market for formal religions is being reduced by modern substitutes such as sport and entertainment, especially in more developed countries. Barber pointed out that atheists are more concentrated in richer countries and religion will decrease as personal wealth increases. Of religious groups Barber said, “Noisy as they can be, such groups are tiny minorities of the global population and they will become even more marginalised as global prosperity increases and standards of living improve.” Read more

Dr Joel Beeke Recommends a Book on Contemplative Prayer!!

It is difficult to believe that any professing Christian could ever be deceived into thinking that ‘Soul Recreation’, written by Tom Schwanda deserved their glowing commendation. And yet this is exactly what Dr Joel Beeke has done by posting the following recommendation on his Reformation Heritage Books website! (Link to RHB website)

“While mystical ideas must always be sifted with biblical discernment, it is undeniable that the Reformed and Puritan tradition contains a richly experiential emphasis on delighting in God through Christ. Tom Schwanda has done us a great service in probing that tradition in this study of Isaac Ambrose in his historical context. He offers a nuanced explanation of Ambrose’s view of being ravished with Christ, the Bridegroom of the church. He . . . encourages evangelicals to return to our Reformed roots in order to grow in authentic spirituality.” —Joel R. Beeke-President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids

What Dr Beeke has omitted to say is that Schwanda’s book not only considers and draws on the teachings of Ambrose, Calvin and commendable others, but he also promotes and encourages evangelicals to imitate the practices of The Desert Fathers, Ignatius of Loyola, (yes, founder of the Jesuit Order!!!) Richard Foster, Thomas Merton, and other apostates, whose mystical teachings are based on New Age/occult philosophies.

Why are men so trusting of this man despite the accumulating evidence of his compromise and disobedience to God’s Word? Read more here

Beeke in bad company – and taking good men with him!!

In September past, Joel Beeke was advertised as preaching at Bell Creek Community Church in Livonia, Michigan, USA.

The church website contains quite a bit of information about itself. For instance, under one link it tells us “What happens during the church service?” “Each week is different, but some common elements include the following: Uplifting worship by a great band.” Read more… [Updated in response to communication from Mr Malcolm Watts]

The candle burns low

There were two news items which made the headlines in the United Kingdom recently and which are indicators of the spiritual and moral downward spiral of the nation.

God, in His mercy, through the labours of men such as William Tyndale, the translator of the first English Bible, caused the light of His holy Word to shine brightly in our nation, more brightly than in many other nations. It was William Tyndale who said to a blaspheming, ignorant popish priest: “If God spare my life ere many years, I will cause the boy that drives the plough to know more of the scriptures than you!” Read more

Roman Catholic participation in Refo500 – a fruit of its ecumenical approach

Refo500 was an ecumenical organisation from its commencement as this blog article, which includes a speech by a Roman Catholic Bishop, from a Refo500 press conference in the Netherlands in February 2010 proves conclusively. The ecumenism of the organisation did not merely develop over time, but was foundational in the approach of Refo500 to the Reformation.

It is difficult to accept that anyone could be directly involved in such an organisation and be fully engaged as a partner at the North American launch, as was Dr Joel Beeke, and not be aware of its ecumenical nature!

Latest news stories

Amnesties could play a positive role in North’s reconciliation process

Letter bomb: Reminder of threat that the dissidents still pose

How on earth did letter bomb addressed to Theresa Villiers get all the way to Stormont?

Greysteel: Killer’s apology too little, too late, says MLA

Greysteel: A night no one wants to talk about

Stormont gay marriage debate position ‘unacceptable’

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly: Dissidents think I’m the worst quisling, and I’m a hate figure for unionists… but I don’t regret my life

Christian values must not sway courts, says top judge

Rare Italian ‘San Gennaro’ collection of gems said to be worth more than England’s crown jewels

IRA Old Bailey bomber turned Sinn Fein politician accused of cashing in on ‘shooting guard’ with book on Maze prison break


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Provo Letter Bombs Were Wrong Too

Letter bomb targets Northern Ireland secretary Theresa Villiers

McGuinness condemns ‘bitter and twisted minds’ of dissidents after letter bomb was sent to Secretary of State Theresa Villiers

Robinson: Those behind letter bomb to Theresa Villiers ‘won’t further objective by vile deeds’ (Unlike his friends in Sinn Fein!!)

Gerry Kelly speaks: ‘I looked at him and said: “Don’t move or I’ll shoot.” That’s all I’ll say…’ (Kelly’s comments on shooting of prison officer during ’83 jail break)

Nationalist rewriting of history must be urgently challenged

Five held in Scotland on terrorism charges ‘sympathetic to dissident republicanism’

Four men and one woman charged in Scotland with terror-related offences

Letter bomb found in Derry security alert

Willie Frazer is issued ‘most serious threat’ yet

‘Locked-in mentality’ of Church of Ireland members criticised

Outrage after troops bring shame on Scots regiment in Afghanistan by making Nazi salutes in picture

TUV Challenges PSNI on Recruitment Process

Northern Ireland must have an opposition to hold the powers to account’

Sinn Fein councillors express reservations at Sinn Feiner, John O’Dowd’s school funding reform

Halloween: An ungodly thing to celebrate

Ex-BBC driver for Jimmy Saville, David Smith, found dead

Gerry Kelly’s jail break interview on BBC Radio Ulster ‘an insult’

Shankill bomb: ‘I’d have killed bomber I rescued if I had realised just who he was’

‘SF and IRA talk about truth but lied to Saville and Smithwick’

Protests at divided Ballynahinch church escalate

Security alerts disrupt residents and rail services

C of E Synod to consider women bishops ‘ombudsman’

Reception held as City Hall lights up red for launch of Poppy Appeal

Dissidents blamed for PSNI letter bombs

Ryan brother faces death threats after release from prison

I blame Shankill bombers for the loyalist revenge killing of Martin

Shankill bomb: Massacre lit the blue touchpaper on a week of deadly reprisals

Shankill bombing was criminality no cause could justify

Book claims ‘indisputable evidence of security forces collusion’

Northern Ireland’s police ‘colluded with loyalists to cover up Catholic murders’

Book lifts lid on over 120 killings by loyalist gangs

Historical Enquiries Team exposes Northern Ireland collusion

Terrorism should not be publicly honoured – MP

Shankill bomb: Murderous week when Ulster was teetering on brink

Getting to truth of sectarian slaughter

IRA was sending Government mixed signals before 1994 ceasefire – but Shankill bombing was the point of no return

‘After appearance at GAA event can the DUP now walk Robinson’s talk?’

Police in Scotland arrest dissident republicans under Terrorism Act in series of raids

RUC boycott threat over bomb report

Paisley: I don’t want to smash Sinn Fein now

In pictures: Shankill remembers bomb victims 20 years on

Shankill bombing: Hundreds turn out for moving vigil to mark 20th anniversary of atrocity

Hundreds attend Shankill bombing church service

Shankill bomb clergyman says NI Troubles victims used for political gain

PSNI probe ‘unnotified’ Begley memorial parade

Analysis: Paedophile revelations wound Gerry Adams as never before

Joe Brolly’s ‘pride’ in INLA hunger striker Kevin Lynch will make it hard for unionists to work with him

Northern Ireland happiest place in UK says National Statistics Office

National Statistics Office: The people of County Fermanagh are the happiest in the United Kingdom

Loyalist flag anniversary march plans resubmitted

Joe Brolly’s offensive outburst only highlights huge gulf that remains in North

Dissident attack on security forces before Christmas highly likely: David Ford

Use Maze centre cash to care for Troubles victims’: Nesbitt

Troubles victims back calls for trauma centre as an alternative to Maze

Gerry Adams: ‘I failed my niece over sex abuse’

The unravelling of Gerry Adams

Bloody Sunday warning

This is no time to prosecute the perpetrators of ‘Bloody Sunday’

Husband of Shankill bomb victim dismisses bomber’s apology

Thomas Begley commemoration rakes over coals as burning hurt reignites once more

Claudy bombing: ‘Police suspension of investigation beggars belief given wealth of evidence uncovered’

Kelly describes Maze escape shooting

‘Catholic’ confession is good for the soul – says Archbishop of Canterbury

Police begin Bloody Sunday investigation

Anger as Bloody Sunday soldiers could face criminal prosecution

Prosecution of soldiers for Bloody Sunday could be ‘disastrous’ – MP

Wrong to prosecute Bloody Sunday soldiers

John Kelly: Murdering Bloody Sunday soldiers should be in prison already

Parades: Loyalist flag protesters plan to bring Belfast to a standstill again

Gun murder suspect Kieran McLaughlin at centre of week-long manhunt hits out at media as he denies guilt

Loyalists protest over commemorative plaque to IRA bomber Thomas Begley

Shankill bomber Thomas Begley commemorated amid loyalist protest

Victims’ stage peaceful protest against Shankill bomber rally

Shankill bomb 20 years on: I get angry when outsiders say ‘forgive and forget’ – they did not see what I saw

Sinn Fein deny Gerry Adams allegedly ‘led inquiry into allegations of sex abuse by IRA and Sinn Fein members’

Not so fast, Adams

IRA victims’ relatives clash at Gerry Adams speech in England

Chief prosecutor urged to clarify advice to Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams on abuse probe

Outrage at Brolly’s ‘pride’ over club named after INLA man

Joe Brolly Comments Expose Outreach to GAA is a One Way Process

What has Changed in the GAA in Four Months?

Robinson challenges unionists to shed ‘siege mentality’ to overcome problems

Peter Robinson: Shared and united society way forward for NI (Shades of Terence O’Neill – Dup where Unionist Party was in 1960s)

Church of Ireland row over sectarianism comments by Dublin archbishop

‘Institutionalised’ abuse led to death of 19 pensioners at care home

DUP leader Peter Robinson praises GAA for role it has played in helping build peace in Northern Ireland

Thaw slowly setting in between GAA and unionism after years of mutual suspicion

DPP in North under pressure over Adams investigation

Order invites Haass to Drumcree and Twaddell protest sites

Orange to ‘upscale’ protests at Twaddell

Sinn Fein denies secret abuse unit claim

Dail flare up between Adams and Ceann Comhairle (or Speaker of the Irish Parliament)

It’s a bit late in the day for Adams to whinge about media treatment

DUP’s Ruth Patterson back in court over Facebook charge

Facebook case: Ruth Patterson not barred from loyalist protests

Shops move to ban police officers in wake of loyalist protests

Willie Frazer to protest at IRA bomber commemoration

The brother of Claudy bombing victim: I’ll keep fighting until I get justice

Well done Claudy victims

IRA man Paul Norney jailed for drunken attack on wife

Jail for IRA man turned wife beater

You can’t force Irish language down the throats of those who don’t want to learn

First ministers could dig deep for a deal to resurrect Maze peace centre

Peter Robinson to speak at GAA club

PUP claims police brutality against Protestants

Willie Frazer insulted outside Sinn Fein office

Garda killers let out of jail early is disgrace to us all

Suspension of Claudy bombing investigation is “latest betrayal families have faced”

Claudy families ‘heartened’ by support for civil court action

No ‘grey area’ on criminal prosecution over abortion advice, says Barra McGrory

Claudy relative: I’ll keep fighting until I get justice

Gerry Adams: ‘I knew Liam was working with young people’

Unionist claims Republican group ‘dealt with’ abuse victims

Sinn Fein denies secret abuse unit claim

Condemnation as Gerry Kelly set to launch book reliving Maze jail break

DUP’s Ruth Patterson back in court over Facebook charge

Both Adams and Sinn Fein are now in serious trouble

Adams must face same fate as bishops for abuse failures

Adams unlikely to face trial for not reporting sex abuse, say experts

‘Frustration and anger’ as Claudy bomb probe halted – (The reason is Rome’s involvement in bombing and cover-up)

Families shocked as Claudy probe ends

Claudy bomb: Families to continue fight for justice

Gay marriage support at PUP (the UVF party) conference

Public are tired of broken promises

Video: Furious DUP MLA calls on cops to investigate his own dad for dealing fake cigarettes

Boy, 10, held over pensioner death

Pressure grows on Edwin Poots for swift review of abortion law in Northern Ireland

Dissidents blamed for double murders linked to criminal disputes

Killings demonstrate to wider world that dissident threat hasn’t gone

Belfast conference: Political institutions ‘rock solid’ says Martin McGuinness

Liam Adams stayed in youth role after telling Gerry of abuse

Adams is badly wounded and his enemies can smell blood

Gerry Adams’ credibility is now beyond repair

Bomber Thomas Begley’s brother says family are ‘very sorry for what happened’

Letter – Sinn Fein only want shared future on their terms

I would like to meet gunmen who attacked church, says Darkley victim

Gerry Adams not concerned over abuse review (Why should he be? The government is afraid of upsetting the “Peace Process” to to take up any issue which might annoy SF!)

Is Gerry Adams above the law – that is the question of the moment

Stormont Speaker Rejects Matter of the Day on Shankill Bomber Commemoration

Supreme Court hears guesthouse case

Revealed: Scandal of the Southern medical card fraudsters who cross border to access free NI healthcare

Orange Order’s threat of civil disobedience is wrong, says man who advised Nigel Dodds

Irish terrorists are ‘ragged remnants of bygone age’, spy chief says

Gerry Adams acknowledges head of Public Prosecution Service, Barra McGrory, was his legal adviser when interviewed about abuse allegations against his brother

Police ombudsman gets Gerry Adams complaint

North’s health minister accuses Adams of ‘letting down’ niece

Party remains loyal but Adams’ reputation is irreparably damaged

Kathryn Stone’s refusal to label IRA and UVF as terrorists is sickening

Republicans insult families with deeply offensive actions

Shankill bomb victim’s mother pleads for no IRA commemoration

Sinn Fein defends decision to commemorate Shankill bomber

Tell the truth, Gerry Adams, it will set you free… and the rest of us

Culture Minister Caral Ni Chuilin accused of alienating unionists

How are you advancing our interests, victims ask Kathryn Stone

Shankill IRA bomber memorial plans spark row

Shankill bomber Thomas Begley event ‘will distress families’

UUP councillor’s family grave defaced with republican stickers

Poll delivers a massive vote of no confidence in Stormont politicians

Health Minister Poots meets police chief over Liam Adams case

Gerry Adams faces investigation for failing to report sexual abuse by brother

North’s AG to review decision not to take case against Gerry Adams

DUP want external police probe as Gerry Adams prosecution decision is reviewed

Scouts announce alternative promise for atheists

Director of Public Prosecutions to review decision not to prosecute Gerry Adams

Decision not to prosecute Gerry Adams over brother’s abuse to be reviewed

Adams prosecution decision reviewed

Gerry Adams tried to prevent the public finding out about his paedophile brother Liam

Why Gerry Adams must resign – former hunger striker calls on Sinn Fein president to quit trust over handling of Aine abuse case