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Ivan Foster is a recently retired minister in the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. Until November 2009 he was minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church. He continues to preach and write as the Lord gives opportunity.
Ivan has written 259 articles so far, you can find them below.

January 2013

Men on the run

During the Sinn Fein/IRA terrorist campaign, which has been replaced by a more subtle scheme whereby, having obtained their goal of political power, they now use that power to pursue the objectives they formerly sought by terror and murder, the term OTR referred to IRA killers “on the run” from the law and the just desserts it would mete out to them. Since the commencement of the power-sharing deal between the DUP and Sinn Fein/IRA, the term has fallen out of use, since part of that deal included a virtual amnesty for all republican terrorists. However, there is another use for it that has arisen within the confines of the Church of Christ – ministers “on the run” from their duty before God in this evil day. Read more…

What a Difference Six Months Does Not Make!

Attention readers! – The programme above has been removed from the SermonAudio site because of its criticism of Dr Joel Beeke’s compromise and of his disobedience of the Word of God regarding his fellowship and associations with men who teach error. SermonAudio states that the programme has been removed because it is contrary to its unwritten policy forbidding broadcasters to criticise other broadcasters. However, it is plain that this policy has not been consistently applied since there are quite a number of sermons on the site which contain critical comment of other broadcasters.

Such a policy is in conflict with the duties of a faithful man of God who is required to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints,” Jude 1:3, KJV. This duty must be fulfilled, irrespective of the cost. We would urge readers to courteously contact SermonAudio regarding this matter at info@sermonaudio.com

We believe that there is something more behind this removal of the HOM programme. It seems to have touched a particular nerve! Time will doubtless tell! You may listen to the broadcast which has been removed by using the audio player link below.

Ivan Foster (Editor)

Joel Beeke’s Involvement with Refo500, ETS, and WRF by Ralph Ovadal, pastor of Pilgrims Covenant Church, Monroe, Wisconsin

As I take pen in hand to write this article, I do it with the fervent hope that it will be the last time I address the issue which is the subject of this report. I write now only because circumstances dictate that to not write would be to leave a duty partially undone, given certain developments of the last six months. What follows is anything but a “hit piece.” Rather, it is a simple setting forth of very public information which is of very great importance to the spiritual welfare of the Lord’s own people. The facts shared in this report are as they were meticulously documented at the time this article was written.

On the May 20, 2011 edition of the Heart of the Matter program, my guest Rev. Ivan Foster and I voiced our concerns about the very influential Dr. Joel Beeke yoking in preaching fellowship with the charismatic, deeply compromised John Piper as a guest speaker at Piper’s 2011 “Conference for Pastors.” Then on the June 15, 2012 edition of HOM, I did a report on a Roman Catholic-Protestant ecumenical consortium called Refo500. And when I say “Protestant,” I am using the term in the broadest way imaginable! For instance, as I reported in the course of that HOM program, Refo500 partner organizations which are apostate Protestant include, among others, Fuller Theological Seminary (Richard Mouw, president), Beeson Divinity School (Timothy George, dean), and the Remonstrant Church which openly denies essential doctrines of the true faith and just as openly boasts of being “the first church in the world to open marriage for same-sex couples” and “one of the first churches in the Netherlands to ordain women as ministers.” During the course of that June 15, 2012 HOM report, I documented the deep involvement of two Reformed ministers, Dr. Albert Mohler and Dr. Joel Beeke, in Refo500. Read more…

Use the player below to listen to the Heart of the matter broadcast dealing with this matter featuring Pastor Ovadal and Rev. Ivan Foster.

The program is approximately 75 minutes long.

Click here for a transcript of Rev. Foster’s contribution to the broadcast.

The DUP’s Pathway of Departure and Decline

From the defying of the fourth commandment to the disregarding of the Sixth Commandment. Read more…

The rise and fall of amillennialism

For the first two and a half centuries Pre-Millennialism was the universal doctrine of the Church as it had been of the Apostles. No other doctrine was so much as known, far less received. A-Millennialism was not heard of in the Church during this period. In the third century, however, Origen promulgated his false teaching. He contended that practically all Scripture; historic as well as prophetic, was allegorical and should be understood in a figurative sense with an underlying esoteric meaning, seen only by the initiated. He not only regarded the Revelation as mythical but also the records of Creation in the first two chapters of Genesis. He taught that the fires of hell were purgatorial and that the whole human race would eventually be saved and brought to glory. Read more…


Selected news stories

More news…

No-one jailed for fuel smuggling ‘in decade’

RUC widow, Phyllis Carrothers, asks for an IRA apology

Garda Adrian Donohoe murder sparks political row over Troubles deaths

No fair deal for victims’ – Sammy Brush

Sinn Fein ‘still linked to organised crime’ (Is this the company DUP keeps at Stormont!!??)

Sinn Fein spin merchant, Declan Kearney, presents IRA-Sinn Fein’s latest ransom demand

Loyalist protesters in strategy change

Leading flag protester a surprise candidate in Mid-Ulster by-election?

Ireland won’t be united so let loyalists fly flag – Seamus Heaney

Alliance: Sinn Fein councils should fly flag

Robinson’s car attacked

The Folly and Farce of devolving Policing and Justice

Blocking new crime agency ‘is mistake’ says David Ford

DUP call to bar Sinn Féin’s £100,000 Westminster grant

Ex-IRA man to go free after serving under two years for murder bid

Adams’s reaction to this senseless killing reeks of hypocrisy

Ex-IRA woman Dolours Price’s funeral under way

Ulster Unionists back unity move

About 1,000 people take part in Derry Bloody Sunday march

Protestant civil rights parade takes place in Londonderry

Omagh bomb incident: Assembly member believes police officer was targeted

Off-duty policeman forced to fire his weapon during failed attack on his home by suspected terrorists

Toxic Sinn Fein veto aids criminality

Scores of violent offenders able to walk out of jail

Dolours Price is a lesson in the ugly futility of Irish republican terrorism

Irish detective shot dead ‘without warning’ in Louth robbery

Irish detective shot half mile from home

Off-duty police officer fires shots during Omagh incident

David Cameron’s wife Samantha is the ‘driving force’ behind gay marriage

How the Vatican built a secret property empire using Mussolini’s millions

Toxicology tests after IRA’s Dolours found dead

No Garda enquiry into Dolours Price death

Dolours Price – Disappeared murder role disclosed during meeting

Death of IRA veteran could unseal documents allegedly implicating Sinn Fein head Gerry Adams in abductions, executions

Troubled soul who never found peace when the fighting ended

Robert McCartney’s sister: IRA must hand findings of internal probe to police

Border poll considered by DUP, says Arlene Foster

TUV Responds to Border Poll Developments

President Obama puts gay equality at centre stage

United Ireland border poll call: diversions and u-turns

You cannot deny an Opposition in Stormont and be surprised when it emerges on the streets

David Cameron speech: UK and the EU

Major showdown looming within the Ulster Unionist PartyDUP joined at the hip to Sinn Fein flag snatchers

Sinn Fein’s support group that flew Adams to US for operation has $750,000 in the bank

Mike Nesbitt scuppers united front by not signing statement

Unionists talking tough on protestors’ concerns

Agreement has been recognised for what it is

Strabane bomb intended for police inspector

Nesbitt warns of Maze centre losses

TUV Challenges Republic’s Involvement in Talks

East Belfast pleads for an end to the violence

Riots don’t deter Belfast tourists

Gerry Adams – He hasn’t gone away, you know

Eamon Martin set to become head of Ireland’s Catholics – as Sean Brady gets the shove

One-sided inquiries angering people – Mervyn Gibson

Bringing loyalists in from the cold

Double standards seem to be a Sinn Fein policy

Adams to lead Sinn Fein for three more years

Surrender to IRA set example for rioters

Demand from MPs for return of law-making to Westminster and cut Britain’s EU bill by £billions each year

Heated exchanges at Stormont over flag trouble

Massereene barracks murder conviction quashe

Mother of soldier killed in Northern Ireland says court decision to overturn verdict is scandalous

Real IRA murders: Brian Shivers faces Massereene retrial

I’m no hypocrite, says Adams over private health treatment

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi called Zionists “bloodsuckers” and descendants of pigs

Sinn Fein complains as CNN links Gerry Adams to IRA role

Stormont severely lacking in moral authority in condemning violence

Church teaching on homosexuality ‘is like justifying slavery’, says neo-evangelical Steve Chalke

Police decision to block bridge ‘led to trouble’

Maskey condemned for stone-throwing comments

One by one, Nesbitt’s generals are leaving

Debate exposes Stormont’s brittle forced relationships

Campbell defiant on flags protests

Almost half of Dubliners brand flag decision wrong

Let’s be honest, how would we feel if our Tricolour was taken down?

IRA attitude to Irish serving in British military belongs in 1913

Peter Robinson pressed by new young Turks

Heated debate cocooned from sounds of dissent

TUV Leader Blasts Stormont Failure to Fly Flag for Royal Birthday

Minister accuses loyalists of holding Northern Ireland to ransom (Why not bring them into government – as was done with the IRA ???)

Belfast flag violence: New clashes as police use baton rounds on loyalist rioters

Willie Frazer urged to keep flag protest out of Dublin

Belfast’s rioting loyalists feel abandoned by their politicians

McGuinness relative denies dissident link

Protestors call on Peter Robinson to resign

Gerry Adams called ‘hypocrite’ over US operation

If only the Government hadn’t rewarded violence

Surge in Belfast violence blamed on resurgent UVF

Belfast union flag dispute is lightning rod for loyalist disaffection

DUP MP to raise IRA role in Bloody Sunday

Belfast flags trouble: Police use water cannon in east Belfast

Mother beat her seven-year-old son to death when he failed to memorise passages from the Koran

Dissident IRA warn Irish in British military

Ruling on gay bishop welcomed by Church of Ireland cleric

Gay cleric, Jeffrey John, should be made bishop in Wales, says friend

DUP slams direct rule call

Suspect in prison officer’s murder marched at Ryan funeral, court told

Nine officers injured, 18 arrests in latest flag violence

Anglican church lifts ban on gay men in civil partnerships becoming bishops

Church of England rules gay men in civil partnerships can become bishops

Don’t let hardened criminals out early, says Justice Secretary Chris Grayling

Girl Guides Could Drop God And Queen From Oath

In pictures: Officers injured after flag protest violence

New flag protest group want ‘direct rule’

Group considers protests outside politicians’ homes

Man in court over David Black murder

Exploding the myth of EU dependency

Church of England drops gay bishop opposition

Dissidents step up racketeering to fund fresh murder campaign

‘Intelligence war’ against dissident threat

Why Ann Travers won’t be silenced over sister’s murder

Widow of UDA leader: I’m spellbound by pagan way of life

Jim Allister in the NI Assembly

How can we have let two key war criminals of 20th Century in Dail? (They have done even better in Northern Ireland, they’re in government – thanks to the DUP)

Sinn Fein needs to come clean on past

Dissident republicans ‘remain determined to kill’

Two held after bomb found under PC’s car

Kincora file conspicously absent from government records

Monumental deceit: How our politicians have lied and lied about the true purpose of the European behemoth

December 2012

“Jesus is NOT the reason for the season!!!”

This slogan seems to have become as popular as once did an equally fatuous statement – “Let’s put Christ back into Christmas!” Christ never was in Christmas and the origins of this season of the year have nothing whatever to do with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many years ago I wrote a little tract called: CHRISTMAS – The Facts and the Fiction. A look at what many believe to be a ‘Christian Festival’. It is still very relevant today. Would that God’s people would give heed.

Hacker attacks

Our website has been the subject of persistant hacker attacks over recent months. On several occasions hackers have successfully added material to the site. Some visitors may have seen warnings from their browser about malware being present and therefore to avoid the website. We make every effort to prevent such attacks and to respond immediately when they happen in order to keep the site clean and safe. All of this goes to show the importance of using an up-to-date internet security program to protect your browsing online. Even good sites can become a source of ‘infection’ through hacker attack.

We apologise for any downtime that this results in but it is necessary to make sure everything is ok. Please pray for the Lord to protect this witness and, even as we use the means we have to keep the site secure, that the Lord Himself will keep it.

Roman Catholic “Year of Faith” Unfaithful to Christ and His Gospel

By Richard Bennett and Timothy F. Kauffman

The Roman Catholic Year of Faith began on October 11, 2012, and will conclude on November 24, 2013. The intent of Year of Faith is a beguiling deception cleverly presented. Nonetheless, in studying official documents outlining its agenda, it is seen to be a repackaging of the dogmas of Vatican Council II. Consequently, Ecumenical affiliation with Rome is a major factor of the whole endeavor; in fact, the Baptist World Alliance has already been ensnared. In newspapers, magazines, videos, and across the Internet, there are invitations to people to participate. As Christians, it is our duty to withstand these assaults on the Lord’s Gospel of grace. Read more…

Selected news stories


More news…

Ellis pressured to make parliament statement over claims he has links to 50 murders

SF denies British claims from 1982 linking Ellis to 50 murders

Republican terror gang aims to kill more in each attack

The Sinn Fein TD (member of Dublin parliament) who is linked to 50 murders

Sinn Fein rejects claim that TD was linked to 50 murders

Hunger striker and member of party’s old guard

Dissidents determined to launch ‘spectacular’ attacks

Flag protests set to continue

Loyalists to continue demonstrations at Alliance MP’s office

High Court judge criticises same-sex marriage plan

Hospital apologises to 38 families for appalling care that saw a patient starve to death (“ . . in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be . . . . without natural affection,” 2 Timothy 3:1-3, KJV.)

Our leaders hold seven-hour crisis talks on flags… and come up with not much

Leaders’ statement a bland Christmas gift (Compromise catching up with DUP ????)

Protest App creator ‘overwhelmed’ by its success (Protests in the electronic age)

Peace initiative for Irish churches (Same old ecumenical rubbish!)

MP says Bloody Sunday murder inquiry is “misguided” (Jail for soldiers – Government positions for terrorists!!)

Nesbitt: Unionist forum no guarantee of full flag return

Forum receives guarded welcome from loyalists

Lisburn council to review flag policy

Dissidents planned to kill family of Irish soldier serving in British army

Former IRA sympathiser and girlfriend held over murder of prison officer David Black

Jim Allister suggests flag resolution package

IRA Christmas plot to shoot British soldier here is foiled

200,000 have migrated to North

Sinn Fein Mask Slips Again

Sammy Brush in his own words: We’ve had 20 years of this abuse with not one conviction

Sinn Fein facing a big bill for malicious libel

End flag protests say Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness

Same-sex marriage: ‘No mandate’, say MPs

MPs and Peers launch gay marriage rebellion saying Cameron has ‘no mandate’

Reg Empey hits out at Finucane inquiry calls

Tom Elliott bid to ban naming of parks after terrorists

Sinn Fein TD Toibin censured over abortion stand

Trimble slams DUP over flag rowSinn Fein libelled water chiefInternal rows are destroying Ulster Unionist Party

DUP in muddle because it clings to Sinn Fein

Around 1,000 people have taken part in a loyalist flags protest outside the gates of Belfast City Hall.

Families like mine pay more for food to subsidise binge drinking, says David Cameron

Europe is ‘for life’, Francois Hollande tells David Cameron in EU power spat

‘Border Fox’ at funeral of slain gang boss Kelly – (hypocrisy that could only be seen amongst Irish Republicans!!!)

Politicians defend roles in flag protests

Pat Finucane was shockingly murdered, but that doesn’t make him a human rights lawyer

Memorial to three Scottish soldiers murdered in north Belfast by the IRA vandalised

Sinn Fein councillors given police escort after Limavady flag protest 

Poots and Donaldson under death threat

Senior Democratic Unionists received death threats, says first minister

Detective talks ahead of Finucane report

More protests planned despite Nesbitt’s ‘Stop’ plea

Speaker Hay: I will take part in peaceful street protests

Confusion hits UUP as MLA claims party policy supports flying flag for 17 days

No move against Basil McCrea

DUP urged to drop Stormont flag issue amid continued tension

Stormont flag meeting is postponed

Dail suspended as Kenny calls on Adams to tell truth on McConville

Gay weddings not the answer, David Cameron told

Rocket found in car in Creggan, Derry

Hillary Clinton ‘distressed’ by Northern Ireland tensions as two bombs found

Peter Robinson condemns those behind Alliance death threat

Erosion of Britishness and Identity a Long and On Going Process

Riot police under attack as tensions over flag rage on

Major security operation planned

Belfast flag violence: UUP MLA Basil McCrea tells BBC that Alliance were right on City Hall vote

Ulster Unionist trio want Basil McCrea disciplined

No Twelfth flag would be gross insult, says Orange Order

Man arrested during flag protest in Omagh

Loyalist protest outside Enniskillen Townhall

Flag could fly more days at Stormont

Northern Ireland: It’s about sovereignty, stupid

Man charged with murder of crime ‘Godfather’ Kelly

Gay marriage: David Cameron backs church role

David Cameron warned Lords will ‘massacre’ gay marriage laws

Northern Ireland police injured trying to defend office from rioters

Violence is not the answer

Dublin’s gangland in state of violent flux

Gardaí hope to link chief suspect to Kelly murder

SDLP councillor defends IRA playground vote

Minister urged to condemn park name

Droppin’ Well bombing: Atrocity remembered 30 years on

In pictures: Droppin’ Well atrocity remembered 30 years on

Belfast city hall attacked by loyalist demonstrators over union flag vote

Police injured as loyalists riot in Belfast city centre after Union flag vote

15 police officers injured during Belfast City Hall violence

Ford slams DUP and UUP after City Hall violence

No excuse for violence, Peter Robinson warns

Tearing Down National Flag a Shame and Disgrace

Council ignores unionist pleas over ‘IRA playground’

Scouts welcome atheists a century after Baden-Powell demonised them

Scouts and guides consider adopting atheist oaths

Catholics’ beliefs not always by the Book

Northern Ireland councillors end Gaza twinning

US Secretary Hillary Clinton to visit Belfast

Border trail where IRA killed 42 people – (a record of IRA terror around the Editor’s home town)

New book for sale! Things that announce, accompany and follow the return of Christ

Studies in the prophetic Scriptures

by Rev. Ivan Foster

I believe with all my heart that there is a need for the people of God to return to that spiritual state in which the early church was – a waiting expectantly for the return of Christ. So it was in Thessalonica.

“For they themselves shew of us what manner of entering in we had unto you, and how ye turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God; and to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come,” 1 Thessalonians 1:9-10.

The early church was a waiting church. It was not that they expected Him to come any day. Paul makes it clear in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 that they were not to anticipate such an early return. “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition,” 2 Thessalonians 2:3. No, before the return of Christ there was to be a great apostasy, a falling away and out of it was to develop the Antichrist, the man of sin and son of perdition, verse 4. (From the Introduction) more…

New book for sale! Departure, defeat, deliverance

Studies in the Book of Judges for young people

by Ann Foster

God gave Joshua and the armies of Israel many glorious victories over the nations who inhabited Canaan. The land was subdued before them, the tabernacle was set up, the priesthood was established and the land was divided by lot among the tribes of Israel. The nation enjoyed a period of prolonged rest and peace while Joshua was yet alive (Joshua 23:1). God had fully and faithfully kept the promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to give the land of Canaan to the children of Israel. Joshua could boldly and without fear of contradiction declare to the people, ‘Not one thing hath failed of all the good things which the LORD your God spake concerning you; all are come to pass unto you, and not one thing hath failed thereof’ (Joshua 23:1). Before he died, Joshua fervently and repeatedly urged the people to love the LORD their God, to walk in all His ways and keep His commandments diligently. He exhorted them to cleave to the LORD and to serve Him only. If they did so, then the LORD would expel the rest of the nations of Canaan from the land. However, if they mingled with the heathen nations and made marriages with them, there would be no more victories. There could be no victory without God. It is only as we walk with God and keep His commandments that we can enjoy a victorious Christian life. (From the Introduction) more…

November 2012

The road back from national backsliding

An article based upon a message first preached in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church by Rev Ivan Foster on Lord’s Day evening, 11th December 1983 and again in Markethill Free Presbyterian Church on Lord’s Day morning, 18th November, 2012

The protests and warnings surrounding the Enniskillen massacre

An introduction to the four sermons – “The Enniskillen bombing of 25 years ago”. At 10.45 am on Lord’s Day 8th November, 1987, an IRA bomb, planted in an empty building belonging to the Roman Catholic church, exploded without warning and killed 11 Protestants gathered to watch the Remembrance Day wreath-laying ceremony at the war memorial beside the East Bridge. One victim of the bombing, Mr Ronnie Hill, lay in a coma for 13 years before he died, the twelfth victim of a most wicked crime. Read more

The shots that awaken sorrow.

Comment on the murder today of prison officer, Mr David Black. Read more

The Remembrance Day Massacre in Enniskillen

The reprint of an article written by Rev. Ivan Foster, at the time minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church, immediately following the IRA bombing in Enniskillen on 8th November 1987. Over 50,000 copies of this article were distributed at the time of the massacre. Read more

Selected news stories

Sinn Fein’s All-Ireland dilemma over abortion laws

Footballer Anthony Stokes joins Real IRA supporters at party for slain terror chief

Highest-ever HIV diagnoses in gay men

Seven new HIV cases a month in NI

DUP leader Peter Robinson is out of step with a significant section of grassroots party members on key issues such as abortion and contentious parades, a poll has found.

BBC inquiry into Jimmy Savile scandal ‘to stay secret’

Ballymena councillor David Tweed guilty of child abuse

Tweed guilty of 10 sex abuse charges

Sir Cyril Smith: Former MP sexually abused boys, police say

Britain should vote on leaving EU, Italian prime minister Mario Monti says

Resurgent leader wants to cement his legacy (by further abandoning of “outdated dogmas”)

Pipe bomb thrown at PSNI vehicle in west Belfast

Ronan Kerr murder: Arrest of man in Milton Keynes

Murphy may be a witness in Sinn Fein libel case

Omagh man arrested in England in Ronan Kerr murder probe

More Chaos in Dysfunctional Executive

Peter Robinson pledges to ‘facilitate Opposition’

Widespread police search in terror investigation

Ronan Kerr murder: Searches in Omagh and Cumbria

Robinson: DUP’s moral stance won’t stop growth – (Weasel words camouflage moral shift)

History made as Irish minister addresses DUP conference

Strategy to end division on way, says Robinson

Boundary shake-up ‘bad for unionism’

Committee passes vote to remove Union Flag

UKIP couple have foster children removed from their care because of the party they belonged to

UKIP fury over foster children move

Council defends taking foster children away from UKIP members

Pressure on C of E grows over women bishops

Pressure piles on church to vote again on female bishops

PM faces big revolt on gay marriage

£150K payout is ‘the cost of Sinn Fein bigotry’

Playground named after IRA gunman Raymond McCreesh

Ann Travers: Time to tell all about my sister’s murder

Jesus Christ ‘should be downplayed in school’

Gay marriage could be approved within weeks thanks to David Cameron and Nick Clegg

PM Cameron warns priests of turbulence after church votes no to female bishops

Ann Travers gives evidence

Ann Travers: Flashbacks of sister’s murder after McArdle appointment

Murder victim’s sister was ‘terrified’ facing Sinn Fein MLAs

Ruane should condemn Mary’s murder

First women bishops in Church of Ireland ‘cannot be far off’

Sinn Fein’s Caitriona Ruane challenged over Opposition remarks

Leaders to launch spin offensive after ‘poor press’ coverage

Jesus Christ ‘should be downplayed in school’

Gay marriage could be approved within weeks thanks to David Cameron and Nick Clegg

PM Cameron warns priests of turbulence after church votes no to female bishops

Ann Travers gives evidence

Ann Travers: Flashbacks of sister’s murder after McArdle appointment

Murder victim’s sister was ‘terrified’ facing Sinn Fein MLAs

Ruane should condemn Mary’s murder

First women bishops in Church of Ireland ‘cannot be far off’

Sinn Fein’s Caitriona Ruane challenged over Opposition remarks

Leaders to launch spin offensive after ‘poor press’ coverageJim Wells avoids ban over Sinn Fein murderer claims

Row shines light on Stormont corridors

UUP’s John McCallister in bid to force legal Opposition at Stormont

Parties consider electoral pact

Stalemate the best we can hope for

Church of England warned over women bishops

Pakistan drops blasphemy case against Christian girl

Irish Government Minister to address a DUP conference.

Jim Allister: UUP and SDLP just doormats

Allister claims Northern Executive an ‘anti-democratic, dismal failure’

IRA slept in SDLP supporters’ houses in city: claim

Sandy Row boxers ‘put out of sport’

Unionists more pro-life than nationalists: campaigner

Church of England to vote on women bishops

Top female cleric urges backing for ‘imperfect’ women bishops deal

Prisoners to get the vote regardless, Government human rights adviser says

Stormont without opposition is absurd – Allister

Jim Allister’s rare praise for DUP

Willie Frazer steps down from victims’ group Fair

‘No place in TUV for terror-linked figures’

Huge backing for Union Flag

Judge irked by lawyer for Sinn Fein in libel case

Sinn Fein’s O’Dowd demand over IRA inquest

‘Taken to task for doing nothing wrong’: worker demoted for opposing gay marriage was unlawfully punished, judge rules

All eyes on ‘game-changer’ Welby as Church faces final showdown on women bishops

Plymouth Brethren takes charitable status case to tribunal

How two outbursts in corridors of Stormont snowballed in a full-scale Assembly row

Jim Wells must not be censured

Sinn Fein must accept that IRA “war” was unjustified

IRA victims’ fury as top SDLP man rejects Libyan compensation claims

David Tweed suspended from TUV while on sex charges trial

Allister attempts to widen Historical Abuse Bill to include Clerical Abuse

Free Education for Pupils and Students from the Republic Costs You Over £13 Million a Year

Sinn Fein MP reveals struggle with depression (She is a staunch supporter of the IRA’s terror campaign!!)

DUP’s Jim Wells faces expulsion over McArdle row

Sinn Fein mayor slams attacks on Apprentice Boys halls

DUP and Sinn Fein ministers clash over public spending review

Mayor signs David Black book of condolence after first opposing it

Council parties clash over Union flag leaflets

Alliance Party ‘disgusted’ at DUP/UUP flag policy leaflet

Chilling warning from Terry Spence of the Police Federation on dissident threat

Gangland boss on run in Spain after Ryan murder

Libya unlikely to pay compensation to victims of IRA

DUP MP praises Obama victory

Stormont to vote on whether to exclude DUP’s Jim Wells

Ballymena Councillor David Tweed on trial for child abuse

Sandy Row Boxing Club not eligible for funding says Sinn Fein’s Ní Chuilín

Woman dies after abortion refused in ‘Catholic country’

Questions Marie Stopes Clinic does not want to answer

David Black: ‘new IRA’ group claims it murdered prison officer

‘IRA’ group admit responsibility for murder of prison officer David Black

(Roman Catholic) Fans criticised after boos break Remembrance silence

Dungannon Sinn Fein councillors vote against book of condolence for murdered prison officer David Black

‘Booby trap’ bomb found near city school – UTV Live News

US Presidential election shows why Tories must back gay marriage or lose power, George Osborne warns

In a symbolic move, Irish leader Enda Kenny remembers war dead at Enniskillen service

Willie Frazer confirms he will stand for Mid Ulster seat

PSNI downplay suggestion of a fresh investigation into 1987 Enniskillen bomb

Half of British voters ‘would chose to leave the EU in referendum’

Sinn Fein arrest protest staggering, says Fianna Fail leader

Parades Commission places no restrictions on republican march – “double standards”!

Enniskillen bomb survivor hopes for justice

How accounting in five Stormont departments is just not adding up

Former postman slams ‘hypocrisy’

Fiery clashes as MLAs debate Brush motion

David Black’s family decline McGuinness funeral offer

David Black funeral: Killers ‘bloodthirsty criminals’

Jim Allister’s Assembly speech on murder of prison officer

TUV slams protests over IRA court case

Robert McCartney murder: Padraic Wilson granted bail

SDLP votes in support of Brush after voting for his would-be killer!

Banbridge Council passes motion condemning Curran’s remarks

Anger at nationalist support for dissidents

Dissidents issue threats at weekend rallies

M1 ambush: Just a matter of time before another attack, warders warn

Adams’ weak rebuke buoys Provo fairy tale

Police to examine new Enniskillen bombing report

Prison officer murder: two suspects freed by police (Surprise, surprise!!)

Duffy and other Lurgan man freed in Black murder probe

ANALYSIS: Targeting of an Orangeman

Sinn Fein Support for Terror as Clear as Ever

New BBC row over Newsnight ‘paedophile’ politician probe

Senior political figure threatens to sue BBC over paedophile claims

Attack on prison officer was well-planned, says expert

David Black murder – Irish police make arrest over prison officer attack

Being an Irish republican means never having to say you’re sorry

Senior Sinn Fein member faces IRA terror charges

Church of England rift over women bishops ‘may last years’

David Black murder – two arrests over prison officer attack

Dissident republican Duffy arrested over M1 murder

Republican Colin Duffy arrested in hunt for M1 ambush killers of prison officer David Black

David Black murder: ‘Son drove past scene of killing’

Long-serving Northern Ireland prison officer murdered in motorway ambush in suspected dissident republican attack

Northern Ireland prison officer ambush prompts fears of sectarian shooting war

Officer’s widow wants ‘no retaliation’

Dublin link to the savage murder of prison officer

Robert McCartney murder: Leading republican faces charges

Sinn Fein man held over Robert McCartney murder

Veteran prison officer shot dead

Terror ambush victim David Black was nearing retirement from prison service

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