Truth for today #31

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“I cannot redeem it,” verse 6. The flesh cannot do that which we require in order to be delivered from our present state.

1. Kinsman was to redeem from debt. Lev 25:25-28. We have inherited our father Adam’s debt and added to them by our own transgressions. Sin is a debt to God. “And forgive us our debts,” Matt 6:12. Christ alone can clear our debts and enrich us. “For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich,” 2 Cor 8:9.

2. Kinsman was to redeem from bondage. Lev 25:47-50. By nature we are slaves to sin. “For when ye were the servants of sin, ye were free from righteousness,” Romans 6:20. The flesh cannot take us out of that bondage but rather strengthen our servitude.

3. Kinsman was to redeem from death. Deut 25:5-6. The reproach of death and barrenness lifted. Every wife in Israel wished to bear a son with the hope that he would be in the line of the Messiah. By this marriage, Ruth was brought into the line of the Messiah.