The blind leading the blind

DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson

This article is in response to the aggravating arrogance of the DUP leader, Jeffrey Donaldson, as he would seek to further delude unionists and exonerate himself and his party from the blame that is rightly theirs for the distressing state of affairs in our province.


A leading article in the ‘Belfast Newsletter’ of today (18th June 2022) has the headline: ‘Splintered unionism’ to blame for lost seats, insists DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson’.

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson

This is a statement of the obvious by a man who would lay the blame on those who wish to maintain ‘traditional’ Unionist values in the face of the departures from the paths of truth and righteousness by his party, the DUP.

It was the DUP which ‘split’ away from those truths which had formerly been the basis of Unionism. That split came when the DUP, for the most self-seeking, self-promoting and egotistical of motives, entered an arrangement with those guilty of support for and involvement in over forty years of ruthless terrorism, which saw hundreds of innocent Protestant and Roman Catholic civilians slaughtered as well as members of the security forces guilty of carrying out only their duties.

The split widened, as will always be the case, due to the DUP adopting an acceptance of sodomy and its associated perversions, even going so far as to issue funds for the development of those wicked practices to those who would promote such rebellion against God! Mervyn Storey, who lost his seat in the recent election, was guilty of this wickedness amongst others. To this, amongst other digressions, was added the endorsement of Sabbath-breaking and support for the pro-IRA GAA organisation.

Mervyn Storey

Mervyn Storey

It takes a great deal of ‘blindness’ to point the finger at others and allege they are guilty of that which they themselves are most patently blameworthy!

This argument is as sensible and logical as saying that the ’split’ in the apostolic ranks just prior to the Saviour’s crucifixion, was the fault of Peter, James, and John etc rather than Judas Iscariot!

Such is the ignorance of mind and soul of Jeffrey Donaldson!

Donaldson has been rewarded for his part in that wicked betrayal of truth with his knighthood. As Shakespeare said of MacBeth: “Now does he feel his title hang loose about him, like a giant’s robe upon a dwarfish thief.” Donaldson and his ilk are guilty of the ‘stealing’ of support and seats from Unionism!

Little good his ‘knighthood’ will do him when he is called upon to give an account of the nefarious role he has had in the process that has placed the Ulster Protestant even more firmly under the threatening dominance of Rome and her terrorist allies!

Can those who listened to him speaking at the Newry and Armagh DUP annual summer BBQ, swallow his lies along with their roast chicken and hamburgers? Sadly, because the pulpits of Ulster have taken a lead in the spreading of deceit, the falsehoods of Donaldson fell upon well prepared ground and were swallowed down with ease.

Repentance and an awakening to the truth is very far away from so many Ulster Protestants!

The result of all this can only be that which the Saviour said would be the consequence of the ‘blind’ following the ‘blind’!

“Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch,” Matthew 15:14.

Those who believe the stupid deception of Donaldson deserve only to be forsaken of God and allowed to fall in the ditch, which he, among others, has dug for them!

Sincerely in Christ’s name,

Ivan Foster