September 2012

Fighting to stay British: The strange history of the Ulster Covenant

This is a story originally published on the BBCNI website.

The question of killing the unborn

A consideration of a vexed subject current in the Northern Ireland.

Selected news stories

TUV Leader’s Covenant Centenary Message

Victims campaigner Willie Frazer: ‘I will run for Mid-Ulster MP seat

Adams rejects Dolours Price claims over IRA

Adams says IRA allegations against him ‘deeply hurtful’

High-profile support for Sandy Row boxers

Labour leader, Ed Miliband announces support for gay marriage in church

Top judge reveals fury over extradition delays like Abu Hamza

Sandy Row mainly Protestant boxing club ‘ostracised’, MLAs are told

Alliance sides with Sinn Fein on Allister bill

Maginnis in broadside at gay ‘award’

Kenny turns up heat on Adams

Orange Order changes policy on talking to residents’ groups

Stormont institutional child abuse inquiry into the extent of child abuse in the Roman Catholic church begins in October

Former hunger striker says SF will stop Allister’s special adviser move

Let us remember the dead of the RUC

Commentators reveal their fears on Irish government collusion

Peace broker praises Paisley (but not so sure about Al Qaeda in a power-sharing arrangement in USA !!)

All-Ireland children’s heart unit our only option: Edwin Poots

Victim who claims she was abused by Catholic priest as a child told a court she faced the choice of reporting him to the police or killing herself

Gerry Adams ‘hiding in Dail’ to avoid questions on Jean McConville

Priest accused of abusing girl in the 1980s

IRA bomber says Adams ordered terror attacks on London targets

IRA bomber says Gerry Adams sanctioned mainland bombing campaign

Adams rejects claim he sanctioned 1973 Old Bailey bombing

‘Republicanism is part of our DNA’, says IRA bomber Dolours Price

Majority opposed to same sex marriage says DUP Councillor

Why no public holiday for Covenant Centenary?

Smithwick Tribunal hears significant new evidence

Smithwick Tribunal receives new intelligence

Adams left on ropes as Michael Martin levels IRA accusation

DUP minister Nelson McCausland facing no confidence motion over parades stance

Kingsmills’ Massacre ‘was purely sectarian’

Robinson Refuses to Condemn McGuinness Involvement in IRA Terror Fest

Assembly motion calls for Irish government apology

No Government apology for IRA, says Adams

Hundreds of patients dying of thirst in Britain’s hospitals

Dublin’s role needs further scrutiny says historian

‘Mr Big’ watched hit on Ryan

Ex-Irish minister admits PIRA assistance

Garda/IRA Collusion inquiry findings due next month

Bishop sorry for describing paedophilia as ‘friendship’

Did Dublin help create the Provos? – the facts say ‘YES’

News letter’s 275th birthday – the oldest continuously published newspaper title in the world

After a delay, Stormont last night revealed the political links of five men appointed to oversee the redevelopment of the Maze prison site

Sharia marriages for girls of 12 and the religious courts subverting British law

Taoiseach meeting was a disappointment: Kingsmills families

Hundreds unite in Maze protest

Taoiseach meeting disappoints Kingsmills families

SDLP fails so far to censure Nelson McCausland

Families of Kingsmills victims seek apology

McConville family call for arrest of SF leader Adams

IRA vicitm’s family want Gerry Adams questioned if US tapes released

Garda under pressure over RIRA funeral in Dublin

OFMDFM was wrong on appointments: watchdog

The DUP’s full role in Red Sky row revealed

BBC is full of liberals afraid to mock Islam says veteran of the BBC

Nick Clegg’s office attempts to withdraw ‘bigot’ comment about opponents of gay marriage

Assembly snubbed over Maze announcement, claims Allister

Would Carson back Stormont of 2012?

One approach for Ground Zero, another for the Maze

McGuinness ‘relaxed’ over Maze DUP chair

DUP man ‘honoured’ to head up Maze body

The story of the Maze – What Sinn Fein wants, Sinn Fein gets

SDLP leader accuses DUP’s Nelson McCausland of breaching code of office

Gardai vow crackdown after Alan Ryan Real IRA funeral

Free Presbyterians elect new moderator

Gardai confident of arresting dissidents behind gun salute

Families of IRA victims to hold Taoiseach talks

Right-to-die support from new Health Minister, Anna Soubry

The spiritual life of Lord Carson

Parish priest in court over alleged £145k diocese fraud

Hundreds of republican dissidents to attend Ryan funeral in Dublin

Suspect is held over murder of RIRA man

Bishop refuses to quit over paedophile comments

Northern Ireland peace process is at risk, claims Martin McGuinness

DUP helped light fuse… now they must put it out

George Robinson MLA challenges SF over events at Dungiven

Royal Black Institution apology to St Patrick’s Church over march

Black Institution apology to parishioners

Nelson McCausland faces storm over parade lawlessness

Returning to Rejected DUP – SF Proposals Isn’t the Way Forward on Parading

Real IRA figure gunned down

Real IRA leader terrorist shot dead in street by likely hired hitman say Gardai

Ex-MLA slams Alliance gay vote

‘Gay vote will test Alliance unity’

62 police officers injured during two nights of violence in Belfast

Archbishop Tutu: Try Blair for war crimes

Vatican is rocked by Cardinal Martini’s damning words from beyond the grave – (Where now Papal Infallibility ???)

Alliance Party votes to back gay marriage

Creationist Bible group and its web of influence at Stormont