October 2012

I dare call it murder

“Today, a group of Free Presbyterians supported a protest organised by the Government & Morals Committee of the Presbytery against the recent opening of the Marie Stopes abortion clinic. The opening of the clinic is seen by many in Northern Ireland as an attempt to subvert the law on abortion in Northern Ireland and introduce “abortion on demand”.

In 1984, Rev Ivan Foster, Free Presbyterian minister in Kilskeery and member of the Northern Ireland Assembly for Fermanagh & South Tyrone, introduced a motion in the Assembly which read: ‘I propose: That this Assembly opposes the extension of the Abortion Act 1967, or any like legislation, to Northern Ireland.’

The motion was supported and passed. Only one member of the Assembly voted against it. He was Alliance member for East Belfast, Mr. Addie Morrow, Alliance politician.

What was said by Rev Foster in opposition to abortion in 1984 is still relevant over 28 years later. Read the speech, “I dare call it murder”, here.

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Ruled over by those who hate us

I was caused to think on these things by the ongoing controversy surrounding proposals for the future of education in Northern Ireland. The proposals come from the DUP/SF power-sharing camp. It would be most surprising, indeed impossible, for anything to come from such a political alliance which was truly for the good of the Protestant people of Ulster. Sinn Fein might rightly be termed those who have “hated” the Protestant majority in Ulster. They proved their hatred in the past by mounting a 30-year terror campaign in which they slaughtered hundreds of innocent Protestant people and many, many Roman Catholics whom they deemed to have gotten in their way. Read more…

A message for this day for all Free Presbyterians

The Westminster divines and the Millennial Reign of Christ

The story is told of a minister who sought to engage his esteemed colleague Dr William Cunningham [1805-1861] in conversation about the Premillennial return of Christ to this earth. Seeking to obtain from Dr. Cunningham a verdict on what he thought of these end time views he received an interesting reply. Dr Cunningham said that: He saw nothing to alarm or repel in views which were entertained by some of the soundest among the Westminster divines, but that, for himself, he had not as yet had leisure to look into the matter.

Here is undeniable evidence that there were amongst the Westminster Divines those who were pre-millennial, post-tribulationists – something denied by opponents of this Bible truth. [This information is taken from Page 23 of the preface containing a biographical sketch that is at the front of William Cunningham’s volume of Sermons from 1828-1860.]

Dr William Twisse, a premillennialist, was Prolocutor of the Westminster Assembly until his death.

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Anti-abortion groups vent fury over Belfast clinic move by Marie Stopes

No Place for Marie Stopes in Northern Ireland‏

Sandy Row to be Denied Fair Share of £3 million Boxing Fund

Man denied post at Northern Ireland Water because he was a Protestant could get £350k payout

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Sir Jimmy Savile was a ‘predatory sex offender’, police say

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