Paula Bradley’s outrageous apology

Following the appearance last night of reports in the media of Paula Bradley’s outrageous apology for the DUP ‘treatment of the LGBT community in the past’, I sent the following letter to the ‘Belfast Newsletter.’

See UPDATE below letter.


Under the headline — “DUP deputy leader Paula Bradley apologises for party’s past treatment of LGBT community” there has appeared in the press a report of how the DUP deputy leader, “apologised for the ‘absolutely atrocious’ comments made in the past by some in her party against the LGBT community.”

It would be interesting to know if this apology has the support of all members of the DUP, especially their leader, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson!

When Paula Bradley says: “I am not going to defend some of the things that have been said over the years because they have been absolutely atrocious, they’ve been shocking,” she said. . . .

She added: “I think that the vast majority of those people who made those comments are no longer there and the ones that are there have said that they have learnt their lessons that their language at times has not been right.”

Does this mean that those like Ian Paisley Jr and West Tyrone MLA, Thomas Buchanan, who are on record as strongly condemning the LGBT lifestyle, have changed their opinions and now associate themselves with this apology by their deputy leader?

May the two gentlemen in question please bear in mind that ‘silence gives consent’!!

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)
Kilskeery, Co. Tyrone.
1st July 2021.

Update: Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has come out in support of Paula Bradley’s apology to the ‘LGBT community’ – DUP Leader backs apology