Methodists who still speak out against wickedness

Methodists who speak with a different voice from the apostate English Methodist Church and the ‘mealy-mouthed’ response of the Irish Methodists, who say they ‘continue to deliberate’ the issue of ‘same-sex marriage’.

This suggests that defiance of God’s Word is still an option for Irish Methodists!

The following links to Asian and African Methodists’ response (there are some 243,000 members in these denominations) to English Methodism’s decision to sanction ‘same-sex marriage’ was sent to me by Dr Paul Ferguson, pastor of Cornerstone Church, Singapore. Paul is the son of Rev Gordon Ferguson.

Methodist Churches in Singapore Affirm that Marriage can only be between one man and one woman

Methodist Church in Malaysia holds to stance of marriage between man and woman

Nigerian Methodists part ways with British counterpart over “Gay Marriage”

Methodist College Grammar School, Belfast – a partaker in the sodomite corruption!

One of the Governors of the school is the author of the ‘mealy-mouthed’ response of the Irish Methodists to the decision on sodomite marriage by English Methodists, Revd Dr Heather Morris’!!

Methodist Board of Governors