November 2014


Jerusalem in the news – Now and in the Future

By Rev Ivan Foster.

Jerusalem_Dome_of_the_rock_BW_14The first part of this message was preached in Bangor Free Presbyterian Church, Lord’s Day, 23rd November, in the evening meeting.

The Christian is blessed with a wonderful knowledge of the future, both that which is related to this earth and its affairs and that which is related to eternity.

We are required by the Author of this knowledge – the Lord Jesus Christ – to share it. That is why we preach the gospel and engage in many forms of missionary enterprises. In like fashion we should also engage in the propagation of prophetic truth.


The devil desires to confound, corrupt and distort both aspects of God’s truth. He is the author of the many “alternative gospels” offered to men today. He is also the author of the confusion that surrounds prophecy.

Such is the confusion he has sown that many believers, including ministers, believe that it is a futile and foolish thing to study what the Bible has to say about prophecy. What folly!! Read more

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Here we go again!! Another attack on God’s word.

An American television channel which is also networked in the United Kingdom, H2, has announced that it will soon be showing a series of anti-Bible programmes in which “experts” will purport to “prove” that the Bible is full of contradictions, historical inaccuracies, frauds and many other forms of “mistakes’!

Central to the philosophy of the programme makers will be a rejection of the virgin birth of Christ and, of course, the inspiration and inerrancy of the Word of God.

The advert for the programme is vexing and disconcerting enough, so it can be imagined just what the series of programmes will do!

Remember the roaring of Goliath? “And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span. . . . . And he stood and cried unto the armies of Israel, and said unto them, Why are ye come out to set your battle in array? am not I a Philistine, and ye servants to Saul? choose you a man for you, and let him come down to me. . . . . And the Philistine said, I defy the armies of Israel this day; give me a man, that we may fight together. . . . .” 1 Samuel 17:4, 8, 10.

He was big He was impressive and the army of Israel were intimidated by his size and his boastful arrogance. But not so David, and the rest is history!

Let every child of God bear in mind some simple facts regarding the Bible and the history of its enemies. Read the rest of the article

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A vindication of sorts – 27 years on!!!

A29FKH Single remembrance day poppy against white backgroundThe following article on the Enniskillen bombing by the IRA 27 years ago appeared in this week’s “Impartial Reporter”, the local newspaper for the Fermanagh, South Tyrone area.

I have highlighted a very significant section in the middle of the article.

I too remember the Enniskillen bombing very vividly because of those I knew who were murdered and maimed in that wicked, cowardly act by the IRA, the lies and deception of church and state and also because it happened on my 44th birthday!

The significance of the highlighted section is that it goes a little way to vindicating me and the allegations I made, following the bombing, about the ‘powers that be’ seeking to placate Irish Nationalism and the Roman Catholic Church and hide from the public the involvement of elements within the Roman Catholic church in Enniskillen in the steps taken to set up the bomb in one of their properties.

I was most surprised to read in Mr McDaniel’s comments a reference to a statement I issued to his newspaper at the time, for it is not the norm for newspaper editors to acknowledge they might have got it wrong – especially after 27 years.

For that I thank him.

In answer to the question he poses in the title of his article: Yes, we will get answers. When? In that day when “every one of us shall give account of himself to God,” Romans 14:12.

You can read the account I gave of the “Poppy Day Massacre” at the time, using the link below. I have highlighted in it the letter, referred to by Mr McDaniels, that I sent to “The Impartial Reporter” but which he chose not to publish. Read more

The Poppy Day massacre

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Update from Pilgrims Covenant Church

ovadal_reportBelow is a link to the latest report from a brother in Christ, Pastor Ralph Ovadal of Pilgrims Covenant Church, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA, with whom we have had fellowship both in his church and by participating on occasions in his broadcasts.

It is clear that he and his people have a deep desire to share the gospel and also to earnestly contend for the faith against the ever deepening, ever widening departure from the simple path of obedience to God’s Word especially manifested today in the antics of new evangelicalism and the bewildering meanders of the modernising movements flooding Christendom.

I would request prayer for him and his people as they continue to serve the Lord.
Should anyone wish to support this outreach, you may do so by writing to:
Pilgrims Covenant Church
P.O. Box 314
WI 53566,

– Ivan Foster, November 5, 2014

Read Pastor Ovadal’s report

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“Replacement Theology”: Does God Mean What He Says?

EPSON MFP imageBy Stephen A Toms, Secretary: Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony
Printed copies of this article may be purchased online here

It appears that the philosophy of ‘Replacement Theology’ is becoming more commonly believed amongst professing Christians and, consequently, we consider it right to say something about the issue.

Replacement Theology is the strange notion that the Church (made up of Jews and Gentiles) has replaced national Israel, so that the covenant promises made by God to His ancient people are not really meant for them at all, but were intended for others. Hence, the word ‘replacement.’ In a peculiar way and with great inconsistency, it is thought that the Church replaces the nation in order to receive the promised blessings, but the curses are left for the Jewish people. Read more

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The Glory Days of Ian Paisley

Dr. Ian Paisley
Dr. Ian Paisley

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children, Hosea 4:6.

I thought of Ian Paisley or ‘Doc’ as many of us affectionately called him who knew him in the 60s and 70s, when I recently read the words of the above verse during the course of my daily Bible reading, as I followed R. Murray McCheyne’s Bible reading calendar. Read more

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KICS assembly talks on the Return of the Lord Jesus

Each day In Kilskeery Independent Christian School, the afternoon begins with an assembly centred upon a study of God’s Word. On September 2nd, the school began its 35th year.

Rev Ivan Foster, retired former minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church and former Administrator of the congregation’s Christian school has been asked to conduct the Tuesday and Thursday assemblies this year.

He has chosen as his theme – “The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Below you can listen to the most recent recordings of the talks to the pupils.

Please pray for this work amongst children since it depends entirely upon the Lord for its continued witness.

Listen to all the posted audio files in this series here.

The Return of Christ, Pt 17
The Return of Christ, Pt 18
The Return of Christ, Pt 19
The Return of Christ, Pt 20
The Return of Christ, Pt 21
The Return of Christ, Pt 22
The Return of Christ, Pt 23
The Return of Christ, Pt 24

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Latest news stories

Iris Robinson in ‘serious breach’, and Peter Robinson cleared, says committee

Mental health problems to blame for Irish Robinson error: Peter

Jim Allister defends working with ‘unrepentant terrorist’ PUP leader – (The difficulty of keeping your “garments unspotted” in politics!!)

Slavery levels in UK ‘higher than thought’ – between 10,000 and 13,000 victims

Councillors invite Gregory Campbell to meeting

SF did not politicise Irish language: Adams

Irish language row: Ulster Scots Centre opening attendees ’embarrassed’ by DUP MP Gregory Campbell’s ‘curry my yoghurt’ comments – (So says Sinn Fein!!!)

Terror charge woman found guilty over car boot find

Kerry chairman of Republican Sinn Fein faces terrorism plot charges

Fury of pub bombings campaigner after Prime Minister says he understands her grief

Taoiseach: we may need cross-border inquiry for IRA sex abuse

Mairia’s abuser has disappeared ‘into the smoke’ – McGuinness

Mary Lou McDonald: ‘All of us in Sinn Fein are of good character and integrity’ – (As are all who support murder, robbery and terror as a means to political advancement!!!!)

More news

November 28

Israel DefenceForce’s chief rabbi: Temple Mount is of no religious significance to Islam

Dail (Irish Parliament) suspended after row over ‘republican paedophilia problem’

Dáil suspended three times in row between Sinn Féin and Joan Burton

Another day, another Sinn Fein tantrum in the Dail

BBC News reader Michael Buerk tells Nadia Forde he wishes he’d killed Jimmy Savile when he had the chance

‘Plebgate’ case: Andrew Mitchell loses libel action over Sun story that led to Government chief whip’s downfall

Plebgate: Andrew Mitchell did call policemen ‘plebs,’ judge rules

Plebgate: Pc feels ‘sorry’ for Andrew Mitchell

Sir Edward Garnier ‘tried to stop Labour MP challenging Lord Brittan over child abuse claims’

Irish language is still undoubtedly a weapon in Sinn Fein’s cultural war

Jean McConville: Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly slams arrest of Bobby Storey

Sinn Féin chairman released after Jean McConville murder arrest

Peter and Iris Robinson probe: Committee report due to be published

Iris Robinson scandal report is due

My party needs to grow beyond me, says TUV leader Jim Allister

November 27

School apologises over Bible and homosexuality worksheet – (Bible teaching rejected and sodomites’ advice sought!!!)

Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell loses ‘plebgate’ libel bid

David Cameron’s immigration pledge ‘in ruins’ as net annual migration soars

Probe as expenses scandal rocks Stormont: If politicians were tradesmen, no one would want their shoddy work and inflated costs

Jean McConville: Bobby Storey arrested as part of the overall investigation into her murder

Dungiven arrests: Sinn Féin man among five arrested by police investigating paramilitary activity in County Londonderry

Northern Ireland: Labour warns DUP not to strike deal with Tories

Stormont talks: His heart’s in right place, but Gary Hart’s presence is futile

Powers that be have accepted Sinn Fein myth that bigotry is synonymous with unionism or Protestantism

Adams did not commit a hate crime – PSNI

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams’ comments: Mike Nesbitt leads the attack on Trojan horse remark which ‘will haunt him for years’ – (He has more than that to ‘haunt’ him!!)

Hidden meaning of Gerry Adams’s words truly damaging to political process

SF leader’s remarks reiterate fears about mis-use of ‘equality’ laws

Taoiseach insists Sinn Fein demonstrators used ‘abusive, filthy language’ in Limerick – (Do they know any other language???)

Adams denies SF members engaged in insulting behaviour at Limerick protest

Football boss position is ‘untenable’

November 26

Analysis: DUP’s stance towards the Catholic Church indicative of how the debate has changed – (This is something every FP member of the DUP should ponder!)

Facebook ‘could have prevented Lee Rigby murder’

Lee Rigby report: Facebook ‘a scapegoat after authorities and security services failed to stop soldier’s murder’

Immigration impact ‘underestimated’ on UK population, says report – (1.3 million births to foreign mothers should be added to total)

The ‘hidden’ migrant millions: Population soars due to foreign family baby boom

BBC Spotlight: Police to examine MLAs’ expenses allegations

Political parties show no shame after Stormont expenses probe

Stormont expenses: Time to tighten rules as Ministers and MPs called in to question

BBC ‘Spotlight’ Stormont expenses exposure – Only a full police investigation will now suffice

Police launch House of Lords expenses probe – (Sauce for the London goose should be sauce for the Stormont gander etc!!!)

Police investigation launched into House of Lords expenses ‘fraud’ scandal

Backlash on Adams as SF leader explains ‘breaking ba****ds’ comment

The mask didn’t slip – that was the real Adams

Martin McGuinness: ‘Gerry shouldn’t have made b******s comment’

Gerry Adams issues qualified apology for his ‘bastards’ remark

Unionists condemn Gerry Adams insult

SF must denounce Adams – Robinson – (Likely!!!)

Northern Ireland talks: Chance of success slim says Theresa Villiers

Gregory Campbell’s toilet humour more suited to playground than party conference

‘Drumcree was no accident’: recollection – (It was another manipulation of protests and street violence by Sinn Fein/IRA)

Assembly backs call by mother (of Paul Quinn a Roman Catholic from Cullyhanna) to unmask IRA killers

Quinn motion helps to keep pressure on republicans

Mairia Cahill meets Justice Minister as pressure mounts on Sinn Fein over IRA abuse scandal

Gerry Adams sex abuse claims ‘untenable’

‘The General’ murder suspect on IRA paedophile list

November 25

Sinn Féin passed ‘sex abuser info to Irish police’ – (So it was all true then!!!)

DUP’s Gregory Campbell receives death threat following Irish language ‘curry my yoghurt’ comments – he will not be ‘dictated to or deflected by terrorists’

“Rein Campbell in” – McGuinness warns DUP

Ian Paisley’s son Kyle slams DUP over Irish language row

Hardline Gregory Campbell is now the authentic voice of the DUP

DUP is clearly still rooted to the religious right

Nigel Dodds tops poll of delegates in race to succeed Peter Robinson as DUP leader

Omagh bomb accused denied bail: Republican Seamus Daly accused of murdering 29 people

Speaker’s Office Refuses to Allow Discussion of Stormont Expenses Scandal

Speaker’s office is accused of blocking expenses discussions

Gerry Adams ignites a war of words with unionists

Parents (of Paul Quinn) challenge Sinn Fein over their son’s killing

IRA members under investigation over claims of child abuse

Gerry Adams claims list of alleged sex abusers posted in (his) letter box

80% don’t regularly worship: bishop – (And who is to blame but the bishop and his Bible-denying ilk??!!)

November 24

Westminster paedophile ring: Cop warned brother of missing Martin Allen questions would get him ‘hurt’

Kenya bus attack: Primary school head teacher played dead to escape slaughter by Islamic extremists

Sinn Féin will never get Irish language act, DUP members told

Gregory Campbell toilet paper remarks ‘challenge talks integrity’

DUP’s Gregory Campbell targeted in death threat

DUP’s Gregory Campbell receives death threat following Irish language ‘curry my yoghurt’ comments

Stormont ‘deprivation’ funds to golf club probed – Stormont official failed to declare interest in £350,000 grant to golf club of which he is a member

Allister seeks answers over public funds given to Lurgan golf club

‘Deprivation’ funds enrich Golf Club

Child abuse allegations just tip of the iceberg, warns Home Secretary Theresa May

Bertie Ahern: ‘Gerry Adams saying he was not in the IRA is like me saying I was not in Fianna Fail’

Bertie Ahern: Gerry Adams never in IRA? Then I wasn’t in Fianna Fail…

All-island IRA abuse inquiry considered by Government

Maíria Cahill gives gardaí more names of alleged abusers

Exiled IRA child abusers ‘likely to have raped again’

Birmingham pub bombings: What are they hiding behind the 75-year banning order?

Killinchy church congregation split over demotion of Girls’ Brigade leaders – (The C18th,C19th Trinitarian/Unitarian controversy re-emerges!!)

Girls’ Brigade row at Killinchy church: ‘I’ve been in this brigade all my life… but I feel unwelcome now’

Rebellion in Tory ranks over money coming to Northern Ireland

Jordanian parliament honours Palestinian terrorists who murdered 5 Israelis in synagogue

Ukip man Hermann Kelly in favour of a united Ireland

‘Gay cake’ row: MLA in equality law ‘conscience clause’

DUP CONFERENCE: Conscience bill plan after Ashers case

Owen Paterson calls on David Cameron to say he would quit the EU

November 22

Robinson: No talk of Papal visit to Northern Ireland

Dissident republicans: Dealing with upsurge in terrorist activity

Sinn Fein figure at ‘court martial’ in GAA clubhouse

Mairia Cahill’s father protests outside Sinn Fein meeting at Queen’s University

Press take cover from Gerry Adams’ crude sniper fire

Birmingham pub bombings: We name the man who masterminded the atrocity

Birmingham bombing memorial held in memory of victims

Birmingham MP set to complain about West Midlands Police’s ‘failure to answer’ pub bombing questions

Birmingham Six: 40th anniversary of pub bombings that led to ‘one of the worst miscarriages of British justice’

Super-councils junket: 18 councillors take £9,000 trip to England to find out how to grant permission for a loft conversion

Kenya bus attack: 28 non-Muslims killed after being unable to recite Koran in suspected al-Shabab attack

November 21

Four arrested and assault rifle recovered in west Belfast

Muslim schools overly focused on Islamic themes – Ofsted

Continuity IRA men were taped targeting another top member, court is told

‘Cut MLAs and introduce Opposition at Stormont’

SDLP could wrong foot Sinn Fein by backing the National Crime Agency.

Rivals parties at Westminster can take votes from absent Sinn Fein MPs

MLA Finlay writes to BBC over poppy complaint

Bogus’ expenses claims rock Stormont as First Minister joins probe calls

Foster says she has ‘no apology’ to make after BBC documentary

Spotlight: Arlene Foster criticises ‘parasitical’ BBC over investigation

Gardai to quiz SF councillor over kangaroo court allegations

Birmingham bombings: city still struggling to cope 40 years on

[hr] [\hr]

November 20

‘Gay cake’ row: Jimmy Spratt says case ‘verging on bullying’

Pro-life campaigner Bernie Smyth guilty of harassment

Precious Life chief Bernie Smyth convicted of harassing Marie Stopes abortion clinic director

Terrorists and gangsters immune from prosecution: McCrea

Irish PM Enda Kenny: Violent water charges protesters have ‘sinister agenda’ -(The same ‘sinister’ forces are behind the ‘anti-fracking’ protests – Sinn Fein!!!)

Fracking firm Tamboran to sue Stormont departments over thwarted Fermanagh drilling plans

David Ford calls for inquiry on Sinn Féin expenses in North

The grenade launcher used in attack aimed at murdering PSNI officers in north Belfast

North Belfast Twaddell interface police officers: We are sitting ducks for dissident republican terror squads

Israel Defence Forces identifies four rocket launch tests from Gaza into sea in past 24 hours

November 19

Claims of new MLA expenses scandal at Stormont

Spotlight – Oh what a tangled web Sinn Fein and DUP weave

Druze Policeman becomes fifth victim of Jerusalem terrorist attack

Jerusalem synagogue attack puts Israel close to brink

10 civilians killed by mortar fired at homes near Gaza-Egypt border by Islamists

English FA apologise for anti-IRA singing during Scotland game – (Oh how dreadful. We would not wish to hurt the feelings of those poor IRA supporters!!!!)

Poll: Majority of SDLP is in favour of relaxing abortion law

Damning report reveals paramilitary link to child sex abuse in Northern Ireland

Westminster child abuse scandal: Scotland Yard accused of ‘cover-up’ over death of boy in 1980s

Father claims police covered up son’s murder by Westminster paedophile ring

Nick Clegg: ‘Claims Scotland Yard covered up boy’s murder are grotesque’

Maíria Cahill case forms backdrop to debate about abuse in North

‘I was raped by a senior IRA member. I won’t let them cover it up any longer’

McDonald backs down in ‘war’ with Ceann Comhairle (Chairman, Irish Parliament)

‘Mary Lou’s Dail sit-in stunt cost (Irish) taxpayers €130k’

Ian Paisley Jr “wouldn’t darken the door” of the church founded by his late father Lord Bannside

Ian Paisley Jr ‘100% behind DUP’

Downtonesque delusions of grandeur in the excesses of these two aristocrats (Robinson & McGuinness)

November 18

Jim Allister questions Assembly passes for US and Irish diplomats

Revelations about MLAs’ expenses expected in BBC Spotlight probe

SF’s Mary Lou McDonald expected to avoid trying to enter Dáil

Church of England formally approves plans for women bishops – Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said – “a new way of being the church”

Church of England approves historic change in law to allow women bishops

Winston Churchill ‘hoped for a united Ireland’

Ligoniel: Slogans painted on soldiers memorial – attacked for a 19th time said the Royal British Legion

Dissident plot targeted police and judges, court told

SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell fails to get endorsement from rank-and-file party activists – poll

‘If my son is in Jihadi John beheading video, he should be executed,’ says father

Modern slavery affects more than 35 million people, report finds – (See Rev 18:1-13)

EXCLUSIVE: Six Tory MPs to defect to Ukip if it wins Rochester and Strood by-election

Thousands of Romanian immigrants queue up to vote in their country’s presidential election…in PORTSMOUTH, ENGLAND.

November 17

‘I watched Tory MP MURDER a boy during depraved Westminster VIP paedophile party’

Twaddell Avenue, north Belfast: Police vehicle ‘struck by device’

Irish unity requires consent of ‘overwhelming majority’: SDLP

Paedophile IRA brothers moved south of border

Dozens of names of alleged IRA sex abusers handed to gardai

The naked face of Sinn Féin exposed, thanks to Maíria Cahill’s courage

Gerry Adams now exudes a palpable air of menace

SF’s Mary Lou’s cheerio to credibility standing by her main man

Ukip threatens to scupper DUP-UUP election pact

Real IRA ‘is ninth richest terror group in the world’

Sinn Fein MP condemns sectarian attack on Orange Hall in Cookstown

November 15

Equality Commission called to Stormont over bakery case

Funeral of IRA murder victim Brendan Megraw, 36 years after his murder

Teenage boy raped classmate after sex education lessons

ISRAEL – Getting ready for the next war

ANALYSIS: Cost of refusing welfare reform the elephant in the budget deal

Prospect of a green pact puts the SDLP on the spot

Murphy could emerge as new face of Sinn Fein – (As a convicted IRA man there is not not much that is ‘NEW’ about him!!!)

McDonald’s blatant stunts and Adams’s lack of credibility threatens Sinn Fein

Comments by Gerry Adams are ‘veiled threat’ to free media

For Fine Gael to get in bed with Sinn Fein would be indefensible

How Sinn Féin’s past compromises its future

Collins never covered up sex abuse, Mr Adams, so stop making the comparison

November 14

Stephen Brimstone, DUP, ‘not out to offend Jenny Palmer’

Gay marriage cake row: Petition launched to support Ashers Bakery

Paedophile priest Daniel Curran in court on fresh child abuse charges

Ahern backed amnesty deal for IRA fugitives, letter reveals

SDLP rejects Sinn Féin call for Westminster electoral pact

Sinn Feins TDs were on phones during debate – Mairia Cahill

Pressure mounts on Red Cross over elderly volunteer axed after gay marriage protest

SDLP rejects call for electoral pact with Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald accused of ‘disgraceful political stunt’ in bizarre Dail sit-in

SF condemns ‘shield’ speaker

Do Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness need an office with twice as many staff as Prime Minister David Cameron?

Outrage after school governor FORCED to resign because he is a member of Ukip

‘Possible homicide’ examined in historical abuse inquiry

November 13

OFMDFM staff up since 2011, and double that of PM – (DUP seems to have embraced old Nationalist policy of spending as much public money as you can!!)

Outrage voiced at proposals to ‘meet prison demands’

Gerry Adams ‘led probe that found over 100 victims of Sinn Féin/IRA abuse’ – (Just how can the DUP stay in an alliance with such wickedness??)

More IRA abuse victims poised to come forward, Dail hears

Sinn Fein man in Mairia Cahill probe ‘took part in other inquiries’

Sinn Fein man led ‘internal inquiry’ into the rape of two boys, Dail told

TD to give gardai details of eight sex beasts sent to the south by the IRA where they were free to prey on children

Gerry Adams rejects claims of SF cover-up on sex abuse

Exasperation and disbelief: Victim shakes her head at SF leader

Gerry Adams, the rape scandal and his hatred of free speech

Reality is the missing gene in Sinn Fein’s DNA

A chilling glimpse into republican indifference to the law – (That was made abundantly clear by the 30+ years of terror and murder!!)

November 12

Historic First: Islamic Prayers Held at the Vatican

Pope Francis And Rick Warren To Unite For Global Chrislam Conference – (A sample of the Neo Evangelical apostasy)

Budget crisis has shown problem of a rainbow coalition

Belfast Met student makes formal complaint after being told ‘to cover up his poppy’

Police examining claims over senior Lib Dem’s handling of abuse claims

Child sex abuse inquiry branded a ‘whitewash’

Gay cake row: Equality Commission heavy-handed, says Church of Ireland

Mairia Cahill: Exiled IRA abusers ‘in double figures’

Enda Kenny received further allegations of sex abuse by the IRA

Audio: Gerry Adams’ ‘gunpoint’ remarks emerge online as world newspaper body urges him to promptly withdraw them

Gardaí investigating claims that Republican sex abusers were moved across the border


November 11

Remembrance: The poppy should not offend anyone

Furious Celtic fans blast ‘scumbags’ who dishonoured soldiers’ minute of silence with chanting and booing – (Those ‘scumbags’ were IRA supporters to a man!!!)

Omagh bomb suspect arrested in crackdown on republican dissidents

Arrests in Ardcarne Park, Newry, ‘linked to Continuity IRA’

Terror cops raid Newry bungalow: Heavily armed police PSNI squad arrests 12 men during major operation against suspected dissident republicans

It’s time to face the uncomfortable truth on power-sharing

Gay marriage cake row: UK public backs Ashers, says poll

Curry my yogurt row: Gregory Campbell accused of racism by McGuinness

Another church backs bakery in gay marriage cake row

So-called punishment shootings and beatings: This isn’t justice, it’s criminality

American VP Biden: We won’t let Iran acquire a nuclear weapon, period! period! period!

Child abuse victims should get reparations: OFMDFM minister

Pastor treated in Israel for acid burns: West doesn’t understand reality of Islamic ideology

From smuggling and tax-dodging to child abuse: IRA’s legacy of crime – (Why no mention of murder most foul???!!!)

Bitter Dáil exchanges likely over Cahill claims

 Sinn Fein still says it was just a joke – but nobody is laughing at its veiled threats

November 10

IRA leader sent Mairia diktat to SF politicians – ordered a ‘news blackout’ – (IRA is still active and powerful!!)

Gerry Adams ‘editor at gunpoint’ remark at $500 a plate NY dinner

Veronica Guerin’s (murdered Irish journalist) family slams Gerry Adams for gun jokes

Mary Lou defends Adams’ sick murder threat joke

Adams comments at US fundraiser defended

Sinn Fein MEP backs Gerry Adams on rape allegations controversy

Sinn Fein is holding a gun, rather than a mirror, up to the truth

Fran Mulhern: ‘As sad as his death was, it was also probably inevitable’

Birmingham pub bombings survivor: ”We will never get justice.”

‘Disappeared’ IRA victim Megraw killed to cover up scam by prominent Provo

So many other stories hidden in darkness of Provo underworld

If Equality Commission has cash to squander, its budget must be cut

November 8

Mairia Cahill’s anger over Gerry Adams’ New York speech: Alleged rape victim slams Sinn Fein leader

Derry man Eamon Bradley charged with firearms and explosives offences over alleged activity in Syria

England – Armed police arrest four men amid fears of Islamist Remembrance Day terror plot

Nesbitt hits out on state killing claim

Pro-gay marriage MLAs: drop bakery court case

Peter Robinson: Equality Commission’s decision to pursue legal action “bonkers”

Gay marriage cake: First Minister Peter Robinson stirs the Bert and Ernie furore by calling it ‘bonkers’

Quango ‘relentlessly pursuing’ family bakery

Just How Much of our Money is the Equality Commission Wasting?

My anger at gun salute over brother’s coffin: I’m sickened funeral was hijacked by dissident republicans

Gerry Adams recalls ‘the good old IRA’

Paying for sex will only be an offence in Northern Ireland – Westminster rejects the law

November 7

Will we ever get answers as to what happened at Enniskillen?

Chief constable tight-lipped on ‘IRA’ mortar attack claim

Rubane House: Jean McConville’s son Billy says he was abused in care

Jean McConville’s child ‘abused at Rubane’

Eamon Bradley: Londonderry man arrested over activity in Syria

Sammy Wilson asks if DUP colleague Jenny Palmer lied to committee

Criticism over ‘gay cake’ case

Pope Francis announces decision to make pilgrimage to the Turin Shroud – despite latest research claiming it’s a fraud – (Who cares, its a great money-spinner!!)

Adams rounds on critics at $500-a-head NY fundraiser

Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein are ‘living the high life in America’ – Joan Burton, Irish Labour leader

Here’s what we know about Sinn Féin’s $500-a-plate New York dinner

The British authorities, as well as Adams, have questions to answer on Cahill allegations

Gregory Campbell’s ‘curry my yogurt’ comments about Irish language overshadow real story

Failures of education system due to SF control since 1999 – Tories

Jamie Bryson challenged as Willie Frazer legal ‘advisor’

November 6

‘Gay cake’ row: Fr Tim Bartlett withdraws engagement with gay groups over cake case

Rainbow Project disappointed solution over ‘gay cake’ row not found – (All sodomite bullying tactics will end as they did in Genesis 19:4-9, 24)

Ashers bakery told to pay compensation in ‘gay cake’ row

Baker in ‘gay marriage’ cake row

Tony Blair ‘refuses’ to appear before OTRs inquiry

SF labels Mairia’s rape claims ‘political opposition’

Questions mounting for Gerry Adams

McGuinness calls for all-island sex abuse victims support body – (Never misses a chance to push the ‘All Ireland’ agenda!!)

Ex-UUP Vice-Chair slams ‘curry my yoghurt’ insult – (Boot licker!!)

The problem is not the Irish language, but the mis-use of it

Police investigate Alex Salmond bonfire effigy – (No police investigation when effigy of FPC minister WAS BURNED because he condemned drunken wickedness of Bonfire Societies!!!)

TUV comments on DUP motion in Jennifer McCann debate

DUP to Abandon Ground of “Self-Respecting Unionists” on Dublin Role in Talks?


November 5

Major fuel laundering plant dismantled in border area

SF ‘wanted slate wiped clean’ for OTRs – (In effect that’s what they got!!!)

Gary Donnelly: Independent Councillor refuses to condemn bomb attack on PSNI

Driver ‘rams car into pedestrians in Jerusalem in suspected terrorist attack’

Hamas praises Jerusalem terror attack, calls on Palestinians ‘to defend al-Aksa’

Barra McGrory ‘should resign’ as DPP, says DUP – (The DUP appointed him in 2011, even though he had been Gerry Adams’ legal advisor in 2009

Sinn Féin minister urged to resign over alleged ‘kangaroo court’ rape case

Maíria Cahill: Sinn Féin’s Jennifer McCann ‘should resign’ says DUP

Maíria Cahill considers civil action after her letters released

Mairia Cahill: Republicans want to keep me silent

Fine Gael Deputy Peter Fitzpatrick says Adams must name suspected child abusers

Override Sinn Fein’s veto on National Crime Agency, demands Empey

DUP man quits after claiming MP McCrea ‘not about much’

Fury at funeral gun salute over prisoner’s coffin in west Belfast – (This bunch is shooting someone almost every day, never mind shooting over a corpse!!

Ann Travers: Why I have quit social media

This Government has taken tough decisions … so should Stormont

Stormont’s largesse has finally came home to roost

DUP jobs cut plan unacceptable says Sinn Féin – (Well, that’s that then. The dog has spoken and the tail must wag!!)

Former Cambridgeshire Police chaplain on child porn charge

Ten reasons why Sinn Fein can’t be trusted to govern – (Hopefully the DUP will read this!!)

Mary Lou: ‘The IRA told abusers to leave – where they went I can’t account for’ – (Reminds you of Pilate, does it not!!)

Mary Lou McDonald insists IRA members who interrogated alleged rape victim are “decent people” – (Another reason why Sinn Fein can’t be trusted to govern!!)

Sinn Fein and a question of distrust

Sinn Fein Deputy Mayor snubs Remembrance event

Sinn Fein’s Seeley defends Remembrance memorial snub

Anger over Remembrance parade music ban – (Is there no end to the lengths some will go to placate Irish Nationalism???)

Dissident republicans behind mortar attack on police patrol


November 4

Cahill controversy not a resignation issue, says Adams

Two alleged abuse victims ‘eager’ to contribute to Cahill review

Only one non-Executive MLA allowed to speak in Stormont budget debate

TUV comments on Budget

DUP plans for huge public sector cull with 10,000 redundancies

Ann Travers closing social media accounts after abuse

‘Curry my yoghurt’: Gregory Campbell, DUP, defends Irish stance

The Disappeared: Meath remains were those of Brendan Megraw

Body found in bog identified as that of IRA Disappeared victim Brendan Megraw

Donegal man Liam Lawn’s World War Two on board Lancaster bomber

Belfast Council rejects bid for two sex shops in city centre

Northern Ireland police accused over conviction rates for punishment attacks – less than 4% of the crimes solved in the last five years

‘Islamic State group abused Kurdish children’

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah to Israel: You should close all your ports, our rockets can reach everywhere

‘Israel faces more challenges than all of the EU put together,’ Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman tells EU

Whether Fiona Woolf heads it or not, the child abuse inquiry will fail – (You can’t fight city hall!!)

Sentence for Ann Maguire’s killer ‘out of step with rest of western Europe’ – (It is even more out of step with the Bible, Genesis 9:6)

Brooding goth who stabbed Ann Maguire had THREE MORE teachers on his hit-list of hate


November 3

Two women claim they were sexually abused by an alleged IRA man but withdrew their statements because of how prosecutors dealt with the case.

Sinn Fein vice-president Mary Lou McDonald says Mairia’s rapist abused others

Belfast women say North legal system failed them

Body find gives fresh hope to other families of Disappeared

Disappeared remembered in Stormont’s Silent Walk

Poppy seller burned in aerosol attack in Manchester by a black or Asian assailant

Poll finds Sinn Féin is most popular party in State – (What does that not say about the people of the Irish Republic???)

Ex-DUP ‘spad’: It’s wrong that MLAs aren’t sharing the pain

Cuts are unavoidable, but MLA’s need to accept their share

Executive’s fiscal dishonesty coming home to roost: Agnew

Hard facts for the naysayers that Stormont works – (Soft words from a soothsayer!!)

Kenny says sex abusers moved by IRA are not registered as offenders

Now Sinn Fein aspires to be the Victims’ Party

Germany says UK could leave EU if David Cameron insists on migrant quotas


November 1

Last-minute deal on budget saves Northern Ireland Executive, but fears remain over £250m debt

Limerick pair jailed for two and a half years each for membership of the IRA

Sharia law or gay marriage critics would be branded ‘extremists’ under Tory plans, atheists and Christians warn

Fiona Woolf quits as chair of abuse inquiry – 30 minutes after Home Office expressed ‘full confidence’ in her

Questions for Theresa May as Fiona Woolf resigns

Abused, vilified, used as political toy, but the public believes Mairia Cahill

Silence of the Sinn Fein women on the Mairia Cahill case is quite deafening

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