November 2010

New Calvinists and the Reformation

They’re No Puritans! Profiles in New Calvinism from Driscoll to MacArthur.

Pastor Ralph Ovadal (Pilgrims Covenant Church, Monroe, WI) and guest Rev. Stephen Hamilton (LeHigh Valley FPC) profile the leaders of the New Calvinist movement and their defining errors. This conversation took place on Pastor Ovadal’s Heart of the matter broadcast. Click on the player below to hear their discussion. (68 minutes)

This is the Heart of the matter edition for Oct 22-10. You can download the file here.

Please note: In the course of this broadcast Pastor Ovadal refers to two videos in connection with Dr. John MacArthur. Click on the links below to see just what he is referring to:

Video 1: The “Johnny Mac rap”

Video 2: Only rock stars and John MacArthur get to use the shekinah glory doors…



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