News review for week ending Friday 3rd May 2019

“But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming,” Psalm 37:11-13.

Rally in support of Bloody Sunday soldier

Veterans ‘could bring UK to a standstill over prosecutions’ Belfast rally told

Fr Martin Magill says NI politicians felt pressure at Lyra McKee funeral

The ‘ecumenical messiah’ who delights to bask in the media spotlight and ‘blow his own trumpet’!!!

New Northern Ireland talks process to begin on May 7

‘Joint Authority’ in operation and the DUP completely subservient!!!!

DUP gay marriage stance ‘not up for debate’ despite lesbian candidate

This is an exercise in prevarication!!!! It just cannot be denied that it is NOW DUP policy to select and sanction a sodomite candidate, spending members’ money to have her elected, claiming that she is an ‘excellent candidate’ and that their supporters should vote for her!

Such endorsement of sodomy can only advance its evil objectives just as surely as promoting the sale of booze will produce drunkenness!!!

DUP-Free Presbyterian tension as party’s gay candidate choice moves it further from church roots

These misgivings stated in this article are felt by many FPs who deeply grieve over these facts!!!

Arlene Foster asked priest to pray!!!!

‘Not in my name’: DUP councillor hits out at party running gay election candidate

But Mr Carson as long as you remain in the DUP, THE NEW PARTY DIRECTION IS IN YOUR NAME!!!!

Sri Lanka bombings: 15 die in blast during raid on suspected hideout

Fifteen people including six children were killed when suspected Islamist militants blew themselves up in a raid, police said. What a devil-inspired religion!!!

Police face questions on how ATM raiders evaded arrest despite patrol giving pursuit

Latest brazen ATM raid will ‘embarrass’ PSNI

I find that hard to believe!!!!

Antrim cash machine theft foiled by police

Rev David McIlveen ‘won’t vote DUP’ due to openly gay election candidate

Republicans say that they reject a hard border yet they created one

Smirking criminals boast prison is like ‘Butlins (UK Holiday Camp) with bars’ as they bask in sun

Sri Lanka attacks: Face coverings banned after Easter bloodshed

If PSNI had shot gunman who murdered Lyra, the cry would be: ‘shoot to kill’

How true! The first to cry would be those loudest in their lamentations at the shooting of Lyra McKee. Two-faced doesn’t come near describing them!!!

The UK government has allowed republicans to paralyse government in Northern Ireland

Belfast City Council should urgently reconsider its decision to hold the marathon on the Lord’s day

Witnesses baffled as police ‘in no rush’ to chase ATM raid gang

50mph speed limit on police car ‘let ATM raid gang flee’

Senior officer declines to answer crucial questions

Stalemate at Stormont blocks legal reform for PSNI high-speed chases

We really are led by ‘donkeys’ – with apologies to all of the asininus family!!!

Labour has sizeable lead over Tories: opinion poll

That is hardly surprising!!

Calls for same-sex marriage to be legalised in the north in memory of murdered journalist Lyra McKee

What a wretched memorial to leave behind!!!

Same-sex marriage referendum in Northern Ireland could break political impasse – Fianna Fail

Of course it will. Just as pouring petrol on a fire puts it out!! Let us all offend God some more. That is bound to help!!!

Police reopen investigation Airey Neave murder

Gardaí call for armed units across the country as gang feuding spreads

REALLY!! Yet Dublin is ever lecturing Northern Ireland on the subject of getting rid of the gunman!!!!

UK should exercise ‘caution’ over Chinese firms like Huawei, Jeremy Hunt (British Foreign Secretary) warns

US may withhold intelligence from UK over Huawei 5G plans

Victims’ lives ‘torn apart’ after rape by alleged IRA man

Victims of ‘IRA rapist’ Seamus Marley speak of suffering

Rapist and ‘IRA member’ is a good Christian, pastor tells court

Alleged IRA man jailed for seven years for rape and sexual assault

What a vile and wicked organisation is Sinn Fein/IRA and the so-called ‘pastor’ is little better!!

This evil criminal was sheltered by the IRA and is currently living as an open sodomite, claiming to be a ‘born again Christian’.

That may impress some idiots but it will not impress the ‘Judge of all the earth’, Genesis 18:25!!!

Dublin urged to ‘butt out’ after fresh Stormont talks announced

It was the DUP which made Dublin part of our affairs when they embraced the ‘power-sharing with Sinn Fein/IRA deal’ !!!

Get a sense of humour, DUP man blasts Sinn Fein over burning leaflet Facebook post criticism

Shankill bomber Kelly pictured canvassing for Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein ready to do business on powersharing deal, leader says

This republican ‘witch’ is using the the blackmailing threat of ‘joint authority’. Who would wish to see her like in power again in Northern Ireland? No party will share power with her in Dublin! Why should we have to have Sinn Fein/IRA in power in Belfast!!!????

Sinn Fein calls for Plan B if Stormont talks fail

Sodomite marriage and an Irish Language Act are the price that Sinn Fein will demand for the restoration of ‘power-sharing’!!!

Brexit: Rees-Mogg responds to Ahern border criticism

J R-M says that Ahern is telling lies!!!

Sinn Fein man says Lyra’s murder ‘besmirches name of IRA’

Of course, the IRA, having murdered hundreds of innocent people before this event, had an ‘untainted’ name heretofore!!??

Pro-IRA graffiti at Lyra McKee murder scene warns ‘informers will be executed’

Prepare for Earth to be hit by meteor in your lifetime, says Nasa chief

The book of the Revelation had something to say on this matter some 2000 years ago! Revelation chapter 8.

Irish scholar backs loyalist bandsman in bid to be elected for DUP

‘Confusion’ is the word that comes to mind!!!!

Enniskillen bomb campaigner Aileen Quinton stands for Brexit Party at European election

May raises hopes of deal to end impasse at Stormont

If this is correct then we are in for another act of betrayal!!!!

Defence Secretary’s sacking highlights ‘dysfunction at heart of UK Government’

Gavin Williamson sacking: PM says security council leak matter ‘closed’

Gavin Williamson: Now he’s told to ‘go away and shut up’

Government will cooperate with police if probe into Gavin Williamson-Huawei leak is launched

More trouble and confusion for this blighted government!!!

Challenging the political voice of the New IRA

Footage emerges of Continuity IRA firing shots at Easter commemoration

Local elections: Main parties hit by Brexit backlash in polls

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern engaged to Clarke Gayford

What a morally ‘up-side down’ world we live in when ‘living in sin’ has become totally acceptable!!!!

IRA victim’s son asks Sinn Fein MP: Why won’t you condemn my dad’s murder?

Live election results: SF’s McElduff could top poll – DUP’s first openly gay candidate on course to be elected

It is a true reflection of both parties and the moral state of politics in Northern Ireland.

A Sinn Fein mocker of the IRA’s Kingsmills massacre and a DUP woman who is a sodomite – these are the headline-makers of today!!!