News review for week ending Friday 22nd February 2019

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose,” Romans 8:28.

Aurora shooting: Gunman who killed five at factory was ‘disgruntled employee’ being fired from his job

US ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick defrocked over abuse claims

It is nothing to what awaits him in eternity!!!

Aurora shooting (Illinois): Five killed by sacked man at Illinois firm

Crimes of the IRA laid bare online to ‘combat twisted narrative’

IRA victim’s son sees picture of his murdered father for the very first time

Families of some Enniskillen bombing victims ‘only heard of request for new inquest through newspaper’

Ben Lowry: Sinn Fein said the Stormont talks were a ‘sham’ but perhaps that defines its own role in them

Wells bars DUP pair from his social media sites over LGBT vote

DUP MLA helps open pro-life group’s new Belfast HQ

Gerry Adams denies he ordered IRA killing of Co Louth farmer

I wonder just how many murders Adams has denied being involved in!!??

Craigavon: ‘Reckless’ pipe bomb blast outside home

Abdul Deghayes murder probed as brother of teenagers killed in Syria stabbed after Brighton car crash

Shamima Begum: Family of pregnant IS teen plead for return

What a demonstration of the emptiness of a ‘Muslim paradise’ ISIS offers!!

IS bride (Shamima Begum) full interview: I was okay with beheadings

Shamima Begum could be arrested on return to UK, says Met Police chief

Shamima Begum: SHOCKING reality of ISIS bride’s thoughts REVEALED by body language expert

Shamima Begum: IS teenager to lose UK citizenship

Shamima Begum: IS teenager says losing UK citizenship ‘unjust’

The UK has been flooded by ‘enemies’, those ever ready to join the ranks of those at war with our country, whose motives for being here are ‘whitewashed’ by ‘liberal do-gooders’ with a perverted view of ‘compassion’!!

Jeremy Corbyn says Shamima Begum ‘should be allowed back to Britain’ for ‘support she needs’

Being a long-term supporter of the IRA, Corbyn’s  sympathy is not surprising!!

DUP deselects councillor Pamela Barr sister-in-law to ex-MLA Jonathan Bell

‘Bacardi Bob’ slams DUP for picking convicted drink-driver as council candidate

DUP election rift over drunk driver

DUP councillor ‘disgusted’ at selection of drink-driving ex-mayor Thomas Hogg in council elections

A ‘convicted drunk driver’ or a supporter of LBGT – the DUP gives you a wide choice indeed!!!

I won’t be ‘nodding dog’ for party, says axed DUP member Tom Smith who supported LGBT community

Catholic Church ‘nowhere close’ to confronting global ‘epidemic’ of child sex abuse by priests

Vatican reveals it has secret rules for priests who father children

How will Pope Francis deal with abuse in the Catholic Church?

At a guess, a tin of whitewash!!!!

(Roman) Catholic Church credibility on the line at abuse meeting

What credibility????

Sinn Fein leader voices concern over appointment of next PSNI chief constable

Now Dublin Sinn Feiners would tell us who should lead our police!!!

Gerry Kelly ‘has not rowed back’ on Sinn Fein leader’s police chief remarks

Timely reminder, Jim!

Equality Commission concerns over Sinn Féin’s policing comments

Such bare-faced (underneath all the plaster, putty and paint) brazenness by the present leader of a group which gloried in its murder of policemen!!!

Nelson McCausland: Why Mary Lou McDonald slur on PSNI shows SF’s ‘outreach’ to unionists is just paper-thin

And the quality of paper is not what it used to be!!!

No apology needed over ‘political huffing and puffing’ for PSNI chief recruitment remarks, says Sinn Fein’s McDonald

Young unionist criticises Mary Lou McDonald’s reference to Edgar Graham, the lecturer murdered by the IRA

Gerry Adams in deathbed visit to paedophile brother Liam

Former teacher convicted of sexually assaulting two children in the 1980s

Trump Administration Launches Worldwide Effort to End Criminalization of Homosexuality

I would imagine most Christians have long ago seen Trump as an egotistical, immoral nincompoop who can but bring misery to America. Here is evidence of his ungodliness!!!

Hoda Muthana: Trump says IS woman barred from US return

This is after recently telling the UK to take back ISIS ‘bride’, Shamima Begum!!!

Drag queen story hour in America’s Bible Belt

Pupils should be taught that some children have ‘two mummies or two daddies’, Ofsted chief says

This stupid female who heads up the Government’s agency in charge of school inspections, would have children taught deliberate, ludicrous and perverse lies!!!

Ofsted says schools should teach pupils about same-sex couples

‘All children MUST learn about same sex couples regardless of their religious background, the head of Ofsted says.’ Christian take note! It is long past the time that you should have removed your child from the State system of education!!

Brookeborough: Failed IRA attack and republican legend

Nationalist confidence in PSNI ‘at rock bottom’ – Sinn Féin

And that is where it has always been! Despite the ‘ecumenical’ pretence of McGuinness and Adams etc, Republicans have never supported the forces of law and order in Northern Ireland!!

Sheffield bomber crash: Flypast on 75th anniversary

Some still remember the debt owed to the ‘brave’ of long ago!!