March 2013

Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) minister converts to Rome

For 8 years Jason Stellman was an ordained minister in the PCA. He converted to Rome in 2012. His experience is a solemn and timely warning about the dangers posed by those evangelicals – even ministers within Reformed churches –  who are soft on Rome and co-operate with her in ecumenical organizations of various kinds. Many prominent evangelicals signed the Manhattan Declaration endorsing the ‘christianity’ of Rome. To this day many ministers do not see the need to separate from such men but feel at liberty to preach with them in various conferences or work with them in other ways. Most recently we have highlighted the errors of the deeply ecumenical Refo500 organization which involved co-operation with Rome at every level.

You can read Jason Stellman’s personal account of his conversion to Rome here. There is also an audio link to an MP3 recording of his testimony.

Patrick, Apostle of Ireland

The story of his life as told by himself.

Providence has preserved for us two documents written by Patrick. Both of these documents, Patrick’s Confession and Patrick’s Letter, are accepted as genuine by both Protestant and Roman Catholic historians. Patrick wrote in Latin, the language of the scholar of his day. Read more

Pope Francis I has opened his pontificate with an idolatrous act

I was most surprised to read the headlines in the “Belfast Telegraph”, once known amongst Protestants as the “Belfast Bellylaugh”, early this morning,Thursday, 14th March. It is a newspaper renowned of old for its support for all things ecumenical and popish. Read more….

John Piper prays that God will appoint next Pope!!!

We are thankful to God for the exposing of the ecumenical wolves in sheep’s clothing which is taking place at this time. First it was Rick Warren and now it is John Piper. It is plain that they are among those who have drunk of “the wine of her (the system of antichristianity) fornication,” Revelation 17:2, KJV. Read more

Rick Warren prays for new Pope

Link to article on

The cruelty of compromise

Compromise in the Christian life and in the Christian church is simply departure from the clearly revealed demands of God’s word. The demands of God’s word for holiness, separation from the world, separation on a corporate and ecclesiastical level from apostasy and disobedient brethren, etc. are set aside by compromise. Sadly, this process of setting aside is often made-over as a spirit of loving concern to reach out to others. That which is evil and deadly is therefore often masqueraded as good and desirable.

Yet there is a savage cruelty about compromise. Link to article on

An exchange of E-mails with Dr Joel Beeke on the subject of his fellowshipping with those from whom he ought to be separated.

In reaction to Dr Beeke’s response and the ongoing rather dishonest and devious campaign by Dr Beeke’s defenders, I have decided to publish the email exchange that I had with him. I have concealed the names of third parties and a private phone number referred to in these emails. Read more

Thank you, Dr Murray!!

The article entitled “Jesus the Ecumenical Separatist” was written by Dr David Murray. He is a close colleague and associate of Dr Joel Beeke. The article appears on his blog. Now I feel thankful to Dr Murray for writing this article for the simple reason that in it he sets down the unscriptural philosophy which he and Dr Joel Beeke espouse. Dr Beeke is frequently on platforms with New Calvinists, Ecumenists, Roman Catholic and Orthodox priests, Charismatics etc. Dr Murray has been known to likewise share platforms with those from whom he should be separated.

It has been impossible to get Dr Beeke to commit himself to giving an explanation in writing of the position he takes. Though his activities have been challenged on a number of occasions, Dr Beeke has not stated why he believes he can act so. He has declined to commit to writing any response to the challenges mounted.

Now, thanks to Dr Murray, we have their position expounded. I am thankful to Rev Stephen Hamilton for his examination of Dr Murray’s article and that examination follows. Read more

Standing With Christ in the Day of Battle

“Fight the good fight of faith,” 1 Timothy 6:12. “Then the spirit came upon Amasai, who was chief of the captains, and he said, Thine are we, David, and on thy side, thou son of Jesse: peace, peace be unto thee, and peace be to thine helpers; for thy God helpeth thee. Then David received them, and made them captains of the band,” 1 Chronicles 12:18.

The child of God is a warrior. He takes after His Heavenly Father Who is a man of war. “The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name. Pharaoh’s chariots and his host hath he cast into the sea: his chosen captains also are drowned in the Red sea,” Exodus 15:3-4. “Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle,” Psalm 24:8. Read more…

Matthew 18:15-17 and the public rebuke of sin

Very often the first response to any public witness against sin, or the public censure of a Christian who has sinned publicly, is an accusation that to make such a public denunciation is contrary to the Saviour’s teaching in this passage. Usually it is asserted that there cannot be a public censure of sin until private overtures have been made to the offender. This has the effect of diverting attention from the original error and focuses attention on the one trying to protest against it. But what does this passage teach? Is it addressing the matter of public sin at all? Link to article on



More news

Release IRA tapes says Jean McConville’s daughter

RAF Chinook helicopters stood down by Department of Agriculture (Sinn Fein employ Irish Republic’s helicopters instead – and DUP acquiesces!!)

DARD stops using RAF helicopters

No 400th birthday party for Londonderry (More SF anti-British hatred)

Dissidents daub McGuinness’ home in black paint (Shades of what the Provos did on Gerry Fitt)

No barrier over Catholic and Protestant schools merger

Flag protest leader freed on tough bail conditions

Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland archbishops to lead walk through Dublin

Pope Francis to wash offenders’ feet on Maundy Thursday (much easier than ridding his ‘church’ of the stains accumulated over the centuries)

Why did call for snow help from RAF take four days? (The high cost of Sinn Fein’s anti-British bigotry)

Brazilian doctor ‘killed up to 300 to free up beds in intensive care’

Labour council tells families to take in a foster child to avoid benefit cuts (What a motive for what should be an act of love!)

G8 security assessed amid bomb plot

Real IRA victim’s sister says mother died of broken heart

Army called to examine beer keg in Rosslea, Co Fermanagh

‘Beer keg’ examined in Fermanagh alert

Father jailed for killing five-week-old daughter in fury at failed football bet

One of the nastiest and most immoral political acts in modern times

Irish (Roman) Catholics continue to flee the church

Nesbitt: Euro election deal depends on DUP

Sinn Fein concedes on Advisors Bill – SDLP

Republic must address failure to protect lives in border area – Kenny Donaldson

More anti-Britishness from SF – Sinn Fein councillor attacks Red Arrows return to Northern Ireland

Bomb found was meant for G8 host hotel, claims dissident IRA group

Terror group claims car bomb was meant for Northern Ireland G8 summit

Police chief plays down claim that bomb target was Lough Erne Resort

Dissidents compromised by intelligence successes but still determined to strike

Northern Irish actress (niece of SF’s Conor Murphy) given four year prison sentence for her part in film bid scam

Sinn Fein select Francie Molloy replacement – a convicted IRA murderer

Another Provo Promoted by SF

EU finance ministers approve Cyprus bailout deal, funded by bank assets seizure

Diana funeral marked return to ‘Catholic’ England, Archbishop

Parents to blame for unruly behaviour in the classroom say teachers (took them a long time to learn that!!)

Teachers blame poor parenting for increased chaos in the classrooms

Women hooked on online betting up from 44 per cent

Secret DUP-UUP unity paper wanted one party

Sinn Fein will have to consider ditching Adams for fresh face

Talks bid to scupper ‘terror shrine’ at Maze

Names of these four men will go down in ignominy (Question is : will there be room on the already long list of dishonourable?)

Jim Allister blasts Culture Minister for ‘ignoring’ Charter anniversary

Sinn Fein Contempt for All Things British Exposed Again

Jim Allister’s Spadework has put Stormont advisers in spotlight

Outburst ‘shows Robinson rattled over coverage of Americas trip’

Bomb ‘destined for Fermanagh police station’

Car was carrying bomb to PSNI station in Fermanagh – likely Lisnaskea

Car bomb ‘destined for PSNI station’

Cardinal Keith O’Brien was in long-term sodomite relationship, claims ‘partner’

Shamed cardinal Keith O’Brien had long-standing relationship with male accuser: claim

Gardai suspected of cash theft

‘Business as usual’ for former IRA boss’s fuel-laundering operations

Tax case of Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy put back until year end

Ann Travers hails progress to stop advisor roles for killers

Grief stricken mother of murdered Massereene soldier dies

HET nearing probe into IRA murder of corporals

Pressure on police over Omagh bombing as two men found liable for second time

Republic must address failure to protect lives in border area – Kenny Donaldson

Advisor bill passes consideration stage

An attempt to ban killers and other serious criminals from serving as ministerial advisers has cleared significant hurdle in Stormont

British government apology over man killed by soldiers

Warder ‘scarred for life’ by IRA killings

Police ‘protection’ of celebrities ‘allowed serial abusers Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile to escape prosecution for decades’

Police hid files on celebrity suspects

Argentina’s Kirchner raises Falklands with Pope Francis

Hillary Clinton endorses gay marriage ‘personally and as a matter of policy’

Mid Staffs nurse claimed a patient was asleep when she had already died, court hears

IRA border campaign ‘was ethnic cleansing’

Police officer tells of fury at orders to stay put in RUC station as they watched the murder of two soldiers

Sinn Féin MP, Conor Murphy’s actress niece in multi-million gangster movie scam

Irish politician’s shocking IRA torture revelations from beyond the grave

Special report: The damning documents that show new Pope DID betray tortured priests to the junta

Archbishop of Canterbury:does not drink alone for fear of becoming an alcoholic like his father

Catholic Church is ‘irredeemably corrupt’, David Starkey claims

IRA boss Murphy tipped off ahead of Garda raid

‘Slab’ Murphy was tipped off about cross-border police raid

Illegal empire filled IRA coffers

Victims’ group calls for Maze rethink

‘Forgotten’ IRA victim Jillian remembered at service

Jillian’s loss still raw 25 years on

Suspects ‘on way to bury guns in Republic’

IRA victims renew call for Taoiseach apology

Sinn Fein walk out of Newry policing partnership meeting in protest at IRA charges

Cardinal: Paedophilia – psychological illness and not “a criminal condition” (So much for repentance and change)

Paedophiles are psychologically ill, not criminal, says Catholic cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier (See Deuteronomy 32:31-33)

Government ignored warnings on hospital death rates that could have saved 20,000 lives, says top health adviser

Thousands more NHS deaths could have been prevented, government adviser says

Leading unionists split over plans at Maze site

Mortar bomb found near Belfast police station ‘failed to go off’

Vatican denies Dirty War allegations against Pope – (and so the cover-up begins)

Prime Minister at odds with pope over Falklands

Dissident death threat to Willie Frazer hours after release

Video: Willie Frazer says no cause is worth prison

Cardinal Keith O’Brien being sued by alleged abuse victim

Roman Catholic priest accused of sexual assault reveals he is secretly married

Argentina basks in papal glory – but what about Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s support for a murderous dictatorship?

Pope Francis may do great things, but radical change won’t be one of them

Suspected mortar ‘pointed at police station’

SF presses for release of IRA bomber

Pope Francis: Church leaders in Northern Ireland welcome appointment

Union flag protests: campaigner Willie Frazer granted bail

Willie Frazer granted bail

Anger at lack of arrests after 19 illegal fuel raids across 10 Irish counties

Jim Allister Speaks In Defence of the Unborn

Christian group urges legal move on abortion in NI

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles pays £6.7m abuse settlement

Man who took part in IRA funeral awaits fate

Jamie Bryson moved to loyalist wing of prison for ‘safety’

Pope Francis branded Britain ‘usurpers’ over Falklands conflict

Coleraine DUP claim ‘police bias’ over white-line protests

Sinn Fein MPs sitting pretty despite refusal to take seats

Gardai to block RIRA military display at funeral

James Glynn: The life of an Irish policeman (Captain AC Lendrum, mentioned in the article, came from Klskeery)

Major cross border operation against illegal fuel trade

300 officers in cross-border raids on criminal gangs

DUP and UUP discussed merger

NI Assembly fails in bid to change abortion law – voting record

Tom Elliott: I didn’t sanction Unionist merger talks

Jim Allister censured for IRA comment

Terror victims remembered at Stormont

Rick Warren asking God to guide in the election of Antichrist

Dissident bomb ‘detonated by mobile phone’

Robinson welcomes Justice chief’s vow to restore confidence

Allister offers Stormont opposition advice to UUP

MLAs debating abortion amendment at Stormont

Petition amid Stormont abortion debate

British tradition of voting on Thursday could be overturned by Europe

Stop wasting millions translating leaflets into foreign languages, Eric Pickles tells English councils – (Take note Stormont!!)

TUV Leader speaks on Unionist Unity

Queen to sign equal rights charter (but Queen withholds personal endorsement because of her apolitical status)

Unionist anger is growing in Limavady claims politician

Three charged in Dublin over Peter Butterly murder

North Belfast bomb blast ‘was attempted murder’

Police were targets of M5 blast

Provos on the rise while gardai struggle to hold Thin Blue Line

Flag protestors told of ‘political bias’ by PSNI

Yesteryear’s pan-unionist and nationalist blocs are returning

Father Alec Reid reveals how he tried to save two British soldiers killed in one of the most shocking episodes of the Troubles – (Have you heard the one about Goldilocks and the three bears ???)

Family of IRA victim criticise SF award for gang driver

Two Stormont ministers clash – Poots hits out at Ford on abortion

Church of Ireland bishop, Rev Harold Miller, elected co-chairman of the Anglican-Methodist International Commission for Unity in Mission

Convicted IRA man suspected of laundering money from Northern Bank robbery in Belfast ordered to pay £600k in Irish tax probe

Sammy Wilson hits out at Judge remarks in Bryson case

Aftermath of rioting in Newtownabbey

Five police officers hurt during rioting in Newtownabbey

Record low turnout in Mid-Ulster by-election

Five men arrested after ex-Real IRA leader shot by rival group in Rep of Ireland

Mid-Ulster by-election: campaign eerily quiet as IRA murder victim’s son faces alleged killer in polls

Mid Ulster election – unionist Lutton will not shake Sinn Fein man Molloy’s hand even if he wins

Mid Ulster test for unionist unity

Flag protest group issues rallying call

Anger after suspect out on bail goes to IRA event

Judges ‘must act without external influence’

Londonderry mortars: Bombs ‘within minutes’ of launch

Jamie Bryson’s mum claims he is ‘a scapegoat’

Parts of Unionism has lost confidence in police: Robinson

Unionists ‘think police are biased’ (Just like the DUP!!)

Union flag dispute: Baggott defends PSNI impartiality

Northern Ireland: Terrorist attack foiled in Londonderry just minutes before mortars due to be fired at police station

Northern Ireland police hail ‘major coup’ after foiled IRA mortar plot

Tip-off from gardai helped stop rocket attack on police station

Jim Allister Exposes SF Double-Speak on Londonderry Bomb

LATEST: Frazer and Bryson in same prison cell

DUP & Sinn Fein united against loyalist people – Jim Allister refused opportunity to raise Judicial double standards in cases of Willie Frase and Jim Dowson

Stormont Refuses Discussion of Double Standards on Bail

Frazer hecklers disrupt Assembly session

Adams repeats: I was never in IRA – No it is not April 1st!!

Nurse’s CPR refusal sparks outrage in USA

Vatican accused of cover up over Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s ‘sexual conduct’

Gay marriage will destabilise family life, sociologist warns parliament

Kennedy to meet Baggott over ‘political policing’

Cardinal Keith O’Brien admits that his moral conduct had “fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal”

Cardinal Keith O’Brien faces Vatican sexual conduct inquiry

Cardinal O’Brien makes ‘sexual conduct ‘admission as new gay accusations emerge

Londonderry bomb alert: four mortar bombs found in van

Police arrest three men as they foil ‘planned bomb attack by Republican dissidents’

Roman Catholic bishops back abortion bill amendment

Was Mother Teresa not so saintly after all? Researchers spark controversy by claiming her care of the sick was ‘dubious’ and handling of cash ‘suspicious’

Jamie Bryson remanded in custody over Belfast union flag protests

Bryson refused bail as he appears alongside former BNP man

‘Willie barred from media’ – his wife’s forthright comments to the media.

Nigel Lutton not ready to shake hands with man named by an MP in Parliament as being linked to his father’s murder

Bryson ‘refusing food and water’ while in custody

Jamie Bryson due in court on flag protest charges

Jim Dowson arrested in union flag protest probe

Republican charged over IRA investigation following murder

Republican bailed over McCartney probe must not contact witnesses

Different treatment of two men from South Armagh is bringing our system of justice into disrepute

Detectives arrest ‘The Surgeon’ in connection with IRA’s probe into killing of Robert McCartney

David Cameron faces backlash from Conservative right as Ukip attract votes from ‘blue-collar Tories’

David Cameron must toughen up, say senior Tories

Flag protest: Willie Frazer refused bail by judge

Willie Frazer charged with possession of taser

Willie Frazer calls for arrest of Martin McGuinness

Frazer charged, Bryson arrested

Voters’ questions for Nigel Lutton on Union Flag protests vanish from web

Police chaplain ‘forced out after criticising gay marriage’