February 2013

Biblical separation and “platform fellowship”

“Platform fellowship’ is a phrase coined to describe the artificial distinction some see in the relationship, or fellowship, experienced among participants in a conference situation. Sometimes this conference scenario primarily involves preaching, while in others it is primarily academic in nature. However, when a conference is theological or involves handling the truth of God in any form, it cannot simply be regarded as academic, whether it involves preachers or seminarians. Link to article of Standstillawhile.net

Southern Baptists praise the Pope!

“[Benedict XVI] has offered a brave and intelligent defense of truth against a relativist tide, and he has been a stalwart friend of life.”- R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Link to article on Standstillawhile.net

The blasphemous charade of the false “Christianity” of some so-called fundamentalists


RC Sproul’s endorsement of the “Christianity” of rock ‘star’ Alice Cooper in an interview with Mark Driscoll has to be seen to be believed.

A step forward or a leap backward

House of commons’ vote on sodomite marriage

‘ . . . this is an important step forward for our country.’ – David Cameron, Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party.

We will look back on today as a landmark for equality in Britain.’ – Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats.

‘ . . this Bill is about one thing—fairness.’ – Maria Miller, the Minister for Women and Equalities who moved the motion for the government.

The debate last night in the House of Commons demonstrates clearly the character of the leadership this nation endures. What fools dominate the Westminster Parliament! The decision made last night does not take England and Wales forward but backward. Backward to the days of darkness out of which the Word of God, defied and discarded last night, delivered us in times past. This is a not a step toward justice and fairness. Rather it is a trampling of truth and righteousness underfoot. The just and fair views of those who perceive sodomy as it is characterised by God in His Word are today classified at best as archaic and at the worst as unlawful. Click here to read the article

Can We Take the Prophecies Literally?

This article by Mr Thomas Houghton appeared in the April/May 2006, edition of the Watching and Waiting magazine, published by the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony, though the article was penned well over 60 years ago. Time has not diminished the relevancy of it’s message. If there ever was a need for God’s people to take heed to the prophecies of God Word it is now.

For too long, an interpretation has been placed upon such Scriptures that makes what God says to be so general and unspecific, so vague and unfocused, as to be almost meaningless as far as their usefulness in our understanding of the times is concerned. Such prophecies were intended as signs (warnings, portents). If they are not understood literally of what use are they? What purpose can they serve in the future?

Mr Houghton shows how prophecy served God’s people in the past and therefore how we may expect them to serve us today and in the future. Here is a timely word for God’s people today. Click here to read the article.

Selected news stories


More news…

Willie Frazer arrested, as Bryson home ‘ransacked’

Belfast flag demos organiser held

McCartney murder police arrest man

Basil McCrea and John McCallister set up new unionist party

Almost 3,000 police officers volunteer for G8 security duty

Gardaí will not be asked to help PSNI police G8 summit

Rocket launcher and warhead discovery ‘saved lives’

Rocket launcher discovered during police raid on dissident Republicans

Rocket launcher believed to be Provisional IRA weapon

Garda Adrian Donohoe shot by ‘one person’

Catholic Church needs reform – Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor

Italy halts austerity plan leaving EU in turmoil

‘Homosexuality is a ticking timebomb for the Catholic Church’

Scotland’s Roman Catholic Church faces ‘grave crisis’, says historian

‘Historic crisis’ for Catholics

American gangster’s arms deal mission for Provos revealed

Thousands of police from Britain set to help guard G8 summit in Fermanagh

£11,243,000 Annual Cost to NI Taxpayers of Cross-Border Co-Operation

The picture Cardinal Keith O’Brien probably wishes he had never posed for: UK’s top Catholic was long-standing friend of Savile

Put IRA in Government and you get IRA policies – Jim Allister

FBI ‘soft’ on IRA in the ’80s

Little scrutiny of UK money for Northern Ireland

UK’s top cardinal accused of ‘inappropriate acts’ by priests

Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigns as Archbishop

Cardinal Keith O’Brien ‘accused of inappropriate acts’

Allegations Cardinal ‘should be allowed Pope vote’

Pope probes priests’ claims of ‘unwanted behaviour’

Revealed: Nick Clegg was personally told of Lord Rennard claims in September 2008

Orange Order ‘playing dangerous game’ with parade threat

Orange Order urged to tread carefully over strategy

Cardinal Keith O’Brien: ‘Allow priests to marry’

Republican areas less favourable to neighbourhood watch

Omagh bomb: Colm Murphy and Seamus Daly ‘not to give evidence’

Row over teacher criminal records

Orange Order may not give police notice on parades

Orange Order: ‘Growing discontent’ among members over parade curbs

Abuse survivor calls on Cardinal Brady not to attend conclave

Savile inquiry: Paxman said DJ rumours ‘common gossip’

Jeremy Paxman condemns ‘contemptible’ BBC behaviour over Jimmy Savile investigation

Government Doesn’t Know or Care How Many Teachers Have Criminal Convictions

UDR parade won’t halt loyalist flag demo

‘Flag trouble can’t be compared to London riots’

Has Catholic education body learned nothing from our history?

Religious satellite TV show Miracle Hour ‘risking lives’

UUP members were driven by egos – Danny Kinahan MLA

Mike Nesbitt slams cost of MLAs’ St Patrick’s Day trip to US

George Galloway storms out of debate with Israeli student

Jobless mother-of-11 with council ‘mansion’ and horse now said to have bought flying lessons

Those in office must admit their part in our dirty war (should read . . . “and suffer the punishment of their crimes”)

How an IRA kidnapping that ended in murder set in motion a terrible chain of tragedy

Memorial plea to flag protesters

‘Forget flag protests’ – IRA bomb victim

2,000 horses go missing every year in Northern Ireland

Massachusetts forces schools to let ‘transgender’ boys use girls’ restrooms, lockers

La Mon: Widower calls for justice

La Mon group seeks meeting

‘Finucane-style review’ urged over La Mon

Three-man band’s tune may sound too much like Alliance

Alliance offers a ‘welcoming door’

Justice for Eileen Doherty after 40 years

IRA plans ‘big show’ to mark Easter Rising

Mike Nesbitt does not rule out more joint candidates

Detectives examining “information not in the public domain” in Mid Staffs hospitals where up to 1,200 people died needlessly between 2005 and 2009

Mid Staffs scandal: police ‘examining new evidence’

‘Claim jobseeker’s allowance and plan holy war’: Hate preacher pocketing £25,000 a year in benefits calls on fanatics to live off the stateIRA murder victim’s son to face alleged killer in election

New unionist party could be on the cards

“They burnt us alive, yet it’s forgotten about” La Mon survivor

DUP and UUP agree single candidate for Mid-Ulster by election

John McCallister quits UUP over unity candidate

Basil McCrea and John McCallister quit UUP over unionist by-election pact

Ex terrorists should not be teachers

Derry Bloody Sunday families offered £50,000 compensation

Outrage at £50,000 Bloody Sunday Payment

Equality call over £50k Bloody Sunday offer (La Mon bomb victim was offered £90 for loss of his wife!)

Sean Kelly released unconditionally

Tensions mount as IRA bomber released over shooting

Senior republican Sean Kelly questioned over shooting

Sean Kelly arrest could have ‘grave consequences’: Robinson

IRA bomber questioned over teen shooting

IRA bomber quizzed over shooting

‘Answers needed’ over school job for IRA spy

Parents unaware vice-principal of college had spied on police for IRA

TUV slams CCMS appointment of IRA convict

We do have forecasts of Eastern European immigration, insist Whitehall (but they still won’t be released)

Disgraced LA Cardinal Mahony off to Rome to vote in Pope Benedict replacement

Former FBI agent claims he witnessed CIA boss John Brennan convert to Islam – VIDEO

Austerity certainly doesn’t work for high-flying Gerry

Ratzinger was behind great Catholic cover-up

UK the only member to increase EU payments

UK slaughterhouse and meat firm raided

Horse meat scandal: One in 12 samples in the UK could contain banned substance

Shadow environment secretary, Mary Creagh, apologises for wrongly claiming 70,000 horses are unaccounted for in Northern Ireland

Adams and band of blood brothers

Why Willie Frazer continues to live on the edge

Horsemeat scandal: Up to 70,000 horses unaccounted for in Ireland

Lone parents ‘are less effective’

70,000 horses ‘unaccounted for’ (IRA at work!!??)

Jim Allister Expresses Condolences to Reynolds and Hillis Families and Commends PSNI Action on Attack on William Frazer

Pope Benedict XVI in shock resignation

Terror attack on William Frazer’s home condemned

Orangemen to vote for gay marriage

Police woman killed in crash with suspected stolen car

Stafford scandal: Jeremy Hunt calls for police inquiry into NHS

Council knew about widow who starved

Why have so many nurses stopped caring?

Martin McGuinness accused of walking out of a prestigious City of London dinner in order to avoid toasting the Queen

Flag protests expose ‘leadership vacuum’

Ulster People’s Forum: Bryson and Frazer ‘united’ after row

National Crime Agency agency will work in Northern Ireland despite opposition

Gardai quiz RIRA suspects over rocket launcher haul

SF ‘fears crime agency could probe their party funding’

This will not be some shadowy new force, it will be an international crimebusting partner

Attwood and Robinson on a collision course over John Lewis

Frazer to meet Bryson over flag forum schism

Dublin premier criticises SF for drawing distinction between killing of gardaí and RUC officers

Jim Allister slams Sinn Fein over Orange boycott site

Gerry Adams must give evidence to Smithwick Tribunal probing claims of Garda collusion in the 1989 murder

Massive support for the Union

Leaders handled flag crisis badly – poll

‘The nuns have destroyed my life’

Gang leaders suspected of murdering Real IRA leader Alan Ryan are arrested

I’m a marriage man, says Cameron

Gay marriage ‘weakens’ David Cameron within party, MPs say

German warning over Romanian and Bulgarian migration

Triple killer granted anonymity ‘to protect human rights’

Hundreds of UK hospital patients died needlessly as a result of substandard care and staff failings

Gay marriage: MPs back legislation

Cameron accused of dividing Conservatives as MPs rebel on gay marriage vote

Gay marriage Bill support urged by senior Conservatives ministers

Half of unionists still back protests

NI terror threat ‘very dangerous’

Gardai swoop on RIRA gang in kidnap plot

National crime force blocked in Stormont

National Crime Agency must be allowed to play role here

Adams initial reaction betrays his hypocrisy

Politicians voice disgust over SF ‘sham apology’

SF ‘opposes National Crime Agency (NCA) because it’s British’

Ex-UDR soldier’s fight for justice goes on

Senior local Conservatives urge PM to delay decision on gay marriage until after next election

Grassroots Tories ‘betrayed’ by David Cameron over same-sex marriage

IRA chief ‘no longer wanted’ over killing of McCabe

DUP joins revolt over gay marriage

Adams’ apology for IRA murder raises many questions

Gay marriage could cost Conservatives power, poll suggests

UUP’s split decision… whatever its ruling on flag maverick Basil McCrea, rush for exit door is inevitable

Crucial moment for Mike Nesbitt

No sign of flag protests flagging

Apology shows SF leader’s convoluted sense of reality