Hearing the Word – Rev. David Creane

Kilskeery FPC was privileged to have retired FP minister, Rev David Creane preach at today’s services.

His morning message was, to my mind, wonderfully instructive and encouraging and an echo of the preaching of former years.

“Hearing the Word” was the subject upon which Rev David Creane preached. His text was Nehemiah 8:13.

“‭And on the second‭ day‭ were gathered together‭‭ the chief‭ of the fathers‭ of all the people‭, the priests‭, and the Levites‭, unto Ezra‭ the scribe‭‭, even to understand‭‭ the words‭ of the law‭.‭”

It is a most excellent message and most appropriate for today.

We commend it to all.