Further evidence of just where the DUP is going!

The following letter was published in today’s ‘Belfast Newsletter’. It states more clearly and that beyond dispute, the direction the DUP is taking! The writer of the letter is a self-confessed supporter of the amalgam of perverts that goes under the acronym LGBT, an initialism that stands for ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.’

Now the alleged ‘engagement’ that Gavin Robinson had with the ‘the LGBT community’ while Lord Mayor of Belfast, he can deny, though I feel that as a lawyer he would know that there is too much by way of circumstantial evidence to make a denial ineffective.

The direction of the DUP regarding sodomy and its correlated companions in wickedness, has been very plain for some time now and became undeniable in the repeated endorsement of a candidate in local council elections who openly acknowledges her perversion.

This being the case, the obvious question that must be asked is — ‘How can any Christian be a member of this party which has utterly abandoned its once professed position of support for Bible morality and how can any Christian support the party financially or at the polls?’

Various attempts at an answer may be contrived from mangled ‘political’ reasoning, but none will be produced based upon the Word of God!

Sincerely in Christ’s name,

Ivan Foster

Letter: The new deputy leader of the DUP is a good choice for unionism

A letter from Michael Palmer:

Published 14th Jun 2023, 08:11 BST

I congratulate Gavin Robinson on being elected as the new deputy leader of the DUP (June 9, see link below).This is brilliant news for the DUP and unionism.

I remember attending Belfast Pride’s Pride Talks Back in 2012 when Gavin Robinson was Lord Mayor of Belfast and was on the panel. I was impressed with his engagement with the LGBT community back then. Gavin is moderate in views and tone and is effective in communicating the DUP message.

I wish him the best of luck. I also note Sir Jeffrey Donaldson’s statement upon re-election as DUP leader that “the way forward for unionism must mean less hunting for heretics and more encouragement for converts”. I agree with this statement and I hope to see the DUP broaden unionism’s support.

Michael Palmer,

Newtownards, LGBT unionist