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The Church of Christ — an unchanging institution

“I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it,” Matthew 16:18.

A message preached in Penticton Free Presbyterian Church,

March 25th, 2018 by Rev Ivan Foster.

Watch this message on video here.

Notes accompanying this message are available here.

Ireland’s abortion referendum to be held on 25 May

That the Irish Government, once so aligned with the Roman Catholic Church, should be seeking to liberalise its abortion laws is a further indication of the widespread disaffection with Roman Catholicism amongst the Irish people as a direct result of the ongoing controversy concerning ‘child abuse’ by priests and the shameful attempts to cover up the wickedness by its hierarchy. Read more

We have given our views on abortion and the attempts to remove present restrictions in a 2014 article on the subject. Click here to read.

World’s CHRISTIANS in turmoil as Pope ‘admits HELL DOES NOT EXIST’

RUBBISH! True Christians are totally unmoved by any of the pontifications of the one described in the Westminster Confession of Faith as “ . . . . that Antichrist, that man of sin, and son of perdition, that exalteth himself, in the Church. against Christ and all that is called God.”

The Bible is the sole rule of faith and practice. The Lord Jesus spoke of hell on many occasions. On one occasion he said this to some scribes and Pharisees: “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” Matthew 23:33.

It is a most appropriate verse for the pope to contemplate!! Read the news report.

Former priest expresses ‘disgust’ at appointment of Bishop Boyce in Dromore

A Belfast Telegraph report.

Former priest ‘disgusted’ at Bishop Boyce appointment

Listen the BBC news interview here.

Listening to this old priest and his expressions of doubt and questionings engenders pity for him and his like.

It is time for ALL Roman Catholics to realise that the institution to which they belong is riddled with child-abusers and those who are prepared to constantly conceal, cover-up and engage in chicanery!! Read the BBC News report.

Chieftain’s Walk: Thousands walk to remember McGuinness

What about the ‘thousands’ who were murdered or unable to walk because of the murderous actions of McGuinness and his evil cronies?? Read the BBC news report here.

Rev. Foster’s LTBS messages on Q FM.

Let the Bible Speak radio messages are broadcast on Q FM 101, a local radio in the Omagh/Enniskillen area, each Lord’s Day morning at 9.00 am.

Rev Ivan Foster is the speaker during the month of March. His text for the series of messages is Galatians 1:4.

“Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father:”

He has entitled the series: “Paul countering the counterfeiters.” The audio file of each message will be made available here following the weekly radio broadcast.

Ex-soldiers to stand trial over the death of Joe McCann

Joe McCann was a ‘celebrated’ terrorist killer. He told me personally when only 18 years old that he would happily kill me were he told to do so. Was he ‘murdered’ or was he duly put to death while engaged in terrorist activity as he lived to terrorise?

“Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man,” Genesis 9:6. Read the BBC News report here.

EU draft deal could radically undermine integrity of UK: Allister

Read the Newsletter report.

DUP attack SF but seek to woo it back to govt

Read the Newsletter report.

Pope “will not” be coming to Northern Ireland

If this is indeed so, then it is an answer to prayer.Read the Belfast Telegraph article.

Listen to a sermon preached by Rev Ivan Foster on February 18th, 2018, on the subject: “Why every Christian should pray against a visit by the Pope to Ireland.”

Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy ‘beaten and groomed’ by paedophile priest

Maybe that helps us to understand the path Murphy chose in life!! Read the BBC news report.

Paedophile priest Finnegan beat and tried to groom me, says Sinn Fein’s Murphy as he calls for answers for cleric’s victims.

Read the report here.

Why Pope’s ‘cordial’ condolences on the death of disgraced cardinal tells you everything you need to know about the Church’s attitude to abuse victims

Yes it does BUT how many Protestants never mind Roman Catholics are listening and noting??!! Read more.

Unionists must wake up to the EU’s support for Irish nationalism

Read the Newsletter report

Provisional IRA had a safe haven in Republic of Ireland

Read the Newsletter report.

McGuinness anniversary: ‘The IRA killed Clive but we kept things to ourselves. Who would listen?’

Read the Newsletter article.

Eileen Paisley: McGuinness and I the same in eyes of God

For anyone to say that God sees them as He does a man guilty of numerous terrorist murders and bombings is a most serious self-condemnation!!! Read the Newsletter article

The following letter was submitted to the “Belfast Newsletter”  at their request on the day it published the article entitled: “Eileen Paisley: McGuinness and I the same in eyes of God!!!”

We print the letter here for to our knowledge the letter has not been published on the newspaper’s website.


I could not take in the headline: Eileen Paisley: McGuinness and I the same in eyes of God!!!

“For anyone to say that God sees them as He does a man guilty of numerous terrorist murders and bombings is a most serious self-condemnation!!!” 

I really cannot believe that Mrs Paisley said such a thing! I cannot understand how a professing Christian could ever equate themselves with such an iniquitous man. 
As it was with Israel on the night of the Passover: “And there shall be a great cry throughout all the land of Egypt, such as there was none like it, nor shall be like it any more. But against any of the children of Israel shall not a dog move his tongue, against man or beast: that ye may know how that the LORD doth put a difference between the Egyptians and Israel,” (Exodus 11:6-7) so there is ever a difference, an eternal difference between those redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and those who are not!

When Mrs Paisley made this observation she was a professing Christian of many years standing whereas McGuinness was a terrorist with a record of blood-shedding and terror. While all have a common sinful birth, faith in Christ puts an immeasurable difference between the believer and the unbeliever! 
As the Saviour said: “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him,” John 3:36.
Martin McGuinness lived to trample underfoot the law of Christ and was celebrated by millions for his ‘exploits’.  
Christ commanded: “Thou shalt do no murder,” Matthew 19:18. McGuinness has a record of repeatedly implicating himself in the defying of that command!

Mrs Paisley’s observation either exonerates McGuinness or, sadly, calls in question her own standing before God. 

Rev Ivan Foster. (Rtd)
21st March 2018.

GAA event honouring Gibraltar Three angers DUP – club got £1.5m lottery cash

A further example of popery’s two-facedness! It trumpets ‘equality’ in order to obtain money and then, having received it, shows its true colours by celebrating terrorism!!!! Read more

EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier: We have agreed ‘back stop position’ over Irish border

Read more

Brexit: Border could move to Irish Sea as EU backstop plan that angered May remains in place

‘The pigeons coming home to roost’!!! Years of compromise and placating of Dublin and republican demands by London has brought us to the place where the Dublin government believes and speaks as if it had a place in the British Government!!! Read more

Billy Kennedy: Mainstream Protestants left alienated by Hibernian politicisation of St Patrick’s Day

Newsletter article.

Read the full story of Patrick as recorded in his own testimony here.

Please listen to the message: “Patrick - victim of identity theft” preached by Rev Ivan Foster in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church on March 20th, 2005.

New York Mayor slammed by IRA victim after declaring ‘Gerry Adams Day’

What a short memory this mayor has! Was not his city bombed by those of the ilk of Gerry Adams, those who were part of the worldwide terrorist brotherhood??

Sinn Fein/IRA leader Gerry Adams headed an organisation that aligns itself constantly with the PLO and was trained and armed by Muslim terrorist organisations.

One might be forgiven for believing that American politicians must be amongst the most ignorant and ill-informed in the world!!!! Newsletter article

‘Only God will judge her killers’

One of the many!! Newsletter article

The incredible story of Edward and Dorothy Jones and their 102 descendants

Mr Jones was a senior officer in Crumlin Road Prison during the 1966 imprisonment of the late Dr Ian Paisley, Rev John Wylie and me and also during the further spell in prison of Dr Paisley and me in 1969. My memories of the man are that he was a very decent person and a gentleman. Newsletter article

Silence from policitcal leaders over calls for public inquiry into clerical abuse is `deafening’ – Amnesty

“The SDLP said it “believes there should be a full and transparent public inquiry into clerical abuse”.

Alliance did not commit itself to supporting an inquiry.

There was no response by 6pm yesterday from Sinn Féin, the DUP and UUP.”

Such ‘silence’, akin to that found in Mafia-controlled communities, is an indication of the diabolical control exercised by Popery and the fear that grips some of its adherence and the perverse loyalty of others.

That Unionist parties should be silent is utterly shameful and a disgrace!!

Irish News article

Belfast City Council Sunday opening consultation

Belfast City Council is again consulting on plans to overturn restrictions on Sunday trading hours. It is less than a year since the last proposal was overwhelmingly rejected.

If approved this will increase pressure on people to work on Sundays, harming family life and undermining Sunday as a day of rest. More Christians will be forced to choose between their faith and their job.

The deadline for the consultation is Easter Monday, 2 April.

Christian, you can leave your comments and thoughts on this attempt to violate God’s Law online here.

“Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them,” Ezekiel 22:26.

Redeployed staff have cost Assembly more than £150,000

This has to be an unparalleled lunacy!!! Newsletter report

(Scottish Roman Catholic) Priest guilty of child sex abuse

The litany of unmasking these evil ecclesiastics continues!! BBC News report

Varadkar Comments Dangerous and Irresponsible – Jim Allister

Read the TUV statement here.

Foster slams taoiseach over Stormont talks intervention

The Irish Republic has overstepped the line to a very great degree in the matter of interference in Northern Ireland affairs and its seems that Westminster is not in the least inclined to push back! The whole ‘Brexit’ confusion is being used by Dublin to push its claim upon Northern Ireland.  Newsletter report

Catholic Church ‘an empire of misogyny’ – Mary McAleese

“Mary, I think we would need to add a few more adjectives, such as ‘blasphemous’, ‘vainly inventive’, ‘repugnant to the Word of God’ and ‘dangerously deceitful’ (see Traditional 39 Articles of the Church of Ireland) to adequately describe Popery!” Read the BBC news report here.

…We must further say to Mrs McAleese: If, as you claim, the Roman Catholic Church is ‘an empire of misogyny’ then it cannot be the Church of Jesus Christ! If that is the case then why does she and tens of thousands intelligent people continue to revere it and submit to its dogmas and trust its teachings for the bringing of them safely to heaven??

We will not quarrel with Mrs McAleese’s definition of the Roman Catholic Church. What we would wish to stress is that her description does not in the least depict the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Read the rest of Rev. Foster’s article

Related news…

Mary McAleese brother physically abused (by paedophile priest Malachy Finnegan) at Newry school

This but give Mrs McAleese but further cause to examine the church to which she belongs and of which she has been critical!

The Roman Catholic Church is not the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ! Read the BBC news report here.

Academic finds evidence rogue US servicemen tried to assist IRA

An uncovering of more of the tangled web of lies and deceit woven by the IRA and its supporters. Read more

New search for body of Disappeared monk who joined the IRA

Read the Newsletter report here.

New search in Co Meath for Disappeared victim Joe Lynskey shot dead by IRA in 1972

The IRA is a cruel taskmaster!! Read the Belfast Telegraph report here.

Dublin-funded Protestant Londonderry migration report ‘ignores facts’

Read the Newsletter article here.

Church (of England) may have ‘conspired to enable child sex abuse’

Read the BBC news report here.

DUP leader ‘handed over draft Stormont deal in person’

Read the BBC news report here.

No draft deal was handed to Sinn Fein: Foster

Read the Newsletter story here.

Arlene Foster denies giving powersharing draft deal to Michelle O’Neill

Read the Belfast Telegraph report here.

Sinn Féin ‘meeting of minds’ with EU chief

It says something about EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, that he should be of the same mind as Sinn Fein given that it is a party that has come to power on account of the murderous activities of its terrorist wing, the IRA, and it has within its ranks, even amongst its elected representatives, those who were convicted of terrorist activities!!!

You are among your own crowd Mr Barnier!

As my old Granny used to say: “Show me your company and I will tell you who you are!” Read the BBC news report here.

Shadow chancellor’s hunger strike plaque ‘a betrayal of Labour traditions’

Those you admire are often those you desire to be like! It says something about the British Labour party when such a senior member admires some of the most notorious murderers amongst the terrorists of the IRA!!! Read the Newsletter report here.

Sinn Fein’s Anderson hails ‘inspiring’ Provo Mairead Farrell, shot in Gibraltar

Unchanging, unchanged, unchangeable Sinn Fein!

All that it was and continues to be is embodied in the savage barbarism of those who planned and sought the death of the innocent.

It is before the shrine of such that Sinn Fein, from its leader downwards, bow in constant homage!! Read the Belfast Telegraph report here.

William Matchett: SAS Gibraltar operation against IRA looks increasingly justified in post-9/11 terrorism era

“The Provos were better at terrorism than loyalists and far better at propaganda. They were inveterate liars; (Popery is the great system of lies. It is not surprising therefore that its adherents resort to lies and excel at lying! – Editor) otherwise what they really did would be exposed. Rarely did the mask slip so spectacularly than at the funeral of one of Stone’s victims.Two soldiers in civilian clothes in a car, unfamiliar with Belfast, took a fateful wrong turn. By the time they realised the mistake it was too late. A hate-filled republican horde like a hungry pack of wolves set upon them. Although armed, neither shot at their assailants. It was remarkable restraint.” Read more

Bishop who said Mass at sex abuser’s funeral resigning with ‘heavy heart’

When are Roman Catholics going to realise that it is not just individuals within the system that are guilty of the dreadful offences that take place and then the cover-up that inevitably follows, but the system itself that is to blame for the unstoppable flow of iniquity?

Bible religion produces purity not impurity, deceit and chicanery. Here is what the Bible says:

  • “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word,” Psalm 119:9.
  • The prayer of Christ to His Father for His people. “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth,” John 17:17.
  • “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works,” 2 Timothy 3:16-17.
  • “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” James 1:27, KJV.
  • “Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter? Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear olive berries? either a vine, figs? so can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh,” James 3:11-12.

Read the Irish Times  report here.

See also Australia’s highest-ranking Catholic in court to face sex charges

Bible Separation

by Dr. Charles Woodbridge

This is a copy of a booklet reprinted in its entirety, with permission, in March-April 1995 issue of FOUNDATION Magazine, published by the Fundamental Evangelistic Association in Los Osos, California.

The following article was written by Dr. Charles J. Woodbridge in 1970. We are printing it for several reasons.

First, it forthrightly deals with vitally important issues such as: How important is Bible separation? Are there different degrees of separation, i.e., first degree, second degree, etc. which must be applied only in certain situations ? Is it unloving or unwise to mention the names of men and institutions which refuse to practice Bible separation?

Second, with the passage of time, it is obvious that continuing compromises on the part of major evangelical leaders have left most believers today at the mercy of the “wolves in sheeps’ clothing” which are welcomed into the flock. Instead of warnings concerning these false teachers, most believers are hearing only words of praise.

Third, the failure to practice and teach Bible separation has robbed most believers of the spiritual discernment which is essential for spiritual growth.

Fourth, those leaders who are willing to obey God’s command to “reprove, rebuke and exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine” are few and far between. Read more

(RC) Bishop McAreavey resigns after paedophile priest outrage

Read the Belfast Telegraph report here.

Birmingham Pub bomb families denied legal aid again angry at funds award to rapist Worboys

“We were refused legal aid twice (but) John Worboys, the convicted criminal rapist, gets legal aid. It has been reported he has assets worth £1million – but he didn’t have to fight for legal aid, while they keep refusing us. All we are looking for is truth, justice and accountability, but they are fighting us tooth and nail.” Read more

EU’s attempt to annex Northern Ireland needs actions, not words, from PM

Read the TUV statement here.

December 2016

Index to this edition

Opposition to open air preaching

The following is a report of an incident which took place while our brother, Pastor David Carson was recently preaching in the open-air in Chester, England.

It highlights not only the ongoing opposition to the gospel that we may expect from men but also the growing readiness of the State to side with the ungodly and use its powers to hinder God’s Word.

This illustrates the gathering storm clouds in a land where once the gospel sunshine brightly shown.

Christian take heed! Prayer for bother Carson and all who endeavour to preach God’s truth in the highways of the United Kingdom.

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry,” 2 Timothy 4:2-5.

– Ivan Foster.

Pastor Carson and friends preaching in the open air

“I was preaching in Chester city centre on Saturday on the subject of the rich young ruler who approached Christ asking what good thing should he do to inherit eternal life. I was coming near the end of my address, urging all to trust in Christ as He is the only Saviour, when I saw a Young Jew approaching with an angry look on his face. He stood for a while reading the banner and then he moved to his left and stood in front of me.

I continued preaching and said that Christ was the Messiah who came to save his people from their sin, though I doubt this young man, looking at the Jew would agree. With that he started shouting that I was an antisemite. I said since Jesus was a Jew and he was my Messiah, how could I be anti-semitic? Anyway, to cut a long story short, he complained to the police who, after abour ten minutes, came over to me and said that there had been a complaint and he was issuing me with a dispersal order. I asked by what authority. He said by a law passed in 2014. He wrote out a form banning me from the city centre for forty eight hours under the heading “Racially aggravated public order”.

He never asked me what had occured. In other words this was a clearly biased decision. It was only when I got home I realised the area I was banned from included the church, which ban I ignored.

I said to the police sgt, “Are you telling me that you have the right to deny me my civil and religious liberties.” He said that he did.

I don’t know where this will go as to whether I well be charged or not. I went to the police station this morning and made an official complaint about the behaviour of the police Sgt concerning the fact that he had not asked me for my side of the story which showed that he was biased against me. I will demand an apology for describing preaching the Gospel as anti social behaviour. The fact is that that policemen hadn’t heard me preaching so he didn’t know what I had said.

The Jew concerned was not dressed in the Orthodox garb but he was a nasty piece of work. The Pharisee is still around. The way it happened makes me think it was a put up job. I certainly did not expect it from that quarter.

Anyway, I will fight this tooth and nail and well not rest until I get an apology for the bias displayed and for daring to describe Gospel preaching as anti-social behaviour. Last year, when we witnessed at the satanic Winter Watch Parade the councillor responsible for the city centre described our witness as anti-social behaviour. He was given short shrift in the letters section of the following week’s edition but it does show the attitude of those in authority.

Please pray that this will turn out for the furtherance of the Gospel.

– David.

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The close of another chapter

We have decided to bring our online publication – “The Burning Bush” to a close – well almost!

“The Burning Bush” first appeared in March 1970, though it had been preceded by other publications which I periodically produced in order to warn of the dangers of the ecumenical apostasy.
It was delineated as “A witness of protest in a day of apostasy”, because ‘protest’ was born in my soul as a result of my joining Dr Ian Paisley’s congregation on the Ravenhill Road in Belfast, within a short time of beginning to attend his church the Sabbath after my conversion, April 12th, 1964.

Dr. Paisley was a master at setting forth God’s protest in the Bible and I can still recall the first time I heard him defend his own ministry of protest from Jeremiah 11:7: “For I earnestly protested unto your fathers in the day that I brought them up out of the land of Egypt, even unto this day, rising early and protesting, saying, Obey my voice.”

Newspaper columns were closed in those days (as they are to a large degree still) to any Bible-based admonitions about the spiritually deviant paths upon which the mainline churches were leading their people. The only alternative was to print the warnings and seek to distribute them as best one could. In truth, such a course of action was born of the burden of heart that God’s servants felt regarding the betrayal of the truth of the gospel back then. Read more

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The virgin’s name was Mary

Mary, as commonly depicted by Rome

I read the following article and was much impressed by the clear exposition of the errors of Rome regarding Mary, mother of our Lord Jesus, and also by the setting forth of the Bible’s teaching about this blessed and dear saint of God.

I always remember the words of a young Roman Catholic with whom I worked in the woodwork shop while in jail in 1966. I had the joyful privilege of witnessing to him and his companion for three months and I often spoke of Mary and what the Bible said about her, knowing he would listen to any kind and admiring comments made about her. As I was ending the last day of my sentence he came over to me just before we were all marched back to our cells and said how surprised he was that I had spoken in such loving terms about Mary as he had understood that all Protestants hated Mary. How dreadful that such an impression should be made on our Roman Catholic neighbours!

Be it known: none loves the Mary of the Bible like those who are true Protestants. We honour her to the full extent of the honour given her of God in the Scriptures.

This article will set forth very clearly just what that honour is. Read more

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In keeping with his anti-Bible predilection, ‘Belfast Telegraph’ scribbler and Irish Presbyterian Church elder, Alf McCreary, launched an attack upon the Free Presbyterian Church in response to those within our ranks who voiced opposition to the Pope’s proposed visit to Northern Ireland.

Under the headline: “How news of Papal visit to Northern Ireland sees rise of religious intolerance again” he criticised the stand and witness of the Free Presbyterian Church. His article may be read here.

He makes two statements within his article which I particularly wish to comment on briefly.

Read more

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The Lord’s question for those Christians in Stormont who assisted in the approving of posthumous pardons for those guilty of sodomy in the past.

Yesterday, as I sat amongst the congregation listening to the preaching of God’s Word, the minister turned us to Job chapter 40. My eye fell upon verses 6-8.

“Then answered the LORD unto Job out of the whirlwind, and said, Gird up thy loins now like a man: I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me. Wilt thou also disannul my judgment? wilt thou condemn me, that thou mayest be righteous?”

The book of Job deals with the trial of Job by Satan which was permitted by the Lord for His glory, and the reactions of Job to those trials and his responses to the harsh criticisms of his friends who totally misunderstood what was happening. They believed Job to be guilty of some sin for which he was now being punished.

Job, though he bore the initial trials most patiently (Job 1 & 2) gave way to impatience and some anger with his accusers and even challenged God’s justice. Read more

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Jim Allister’s speech and lonely stand against pardon for sodomites

The two videos below show Mr Jim Allister, MLA’s speech in the debate in the Stormont Assembly on Monday 28th November on the legislative consent motion brought forward by the Northern Ireland Justice Minister to grant a posthumous pardon to sodomites of violations of the law in the past. Mr Jim Allister moved an amendment removing the reference to a pardon for sodomy and the videos show him speaking in support of his amendment.

Then the Assembly moved to what should have been a vote. The only person to support the amendment was its proposer, Mr  Allister. He was left on his own at the front of the Assembly. Opportunity was given by the Speaker for a second person to come forward and oppose the pardon but none was forthcoming so Mr Allister’s amendment was rejected.

A Free Presbyterian seated in the public gallery was able to observe Free Presbyterian DUP MLAs Edwin Poots, Carla Lockhart and Gordon Dunne stay rooted to their seats. The Free Presbyterian also noted that MLA members of the Presbytery of the Free Presbyterian Church, Mervyn Storey, Lord Morrow and Thomas Buchanan, were not in the chamber.

It is tragic that there has not been the reaction one would expect from God’s people following such an outrageous betrayal of the gospel. Even the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, deemed apostate by the Presbytery of the Free Presbyterian Church, acted against former Alliance Party leader, David Ford, when he publicly supported sodomite marriage. He was removed as a ruling elder by his church.
“In the day that thou stoodest on the other side, in the day that the strangers carried away captive his forces, and foreigners entered into his gates, and cast lots upon Jerusalem, even thou wast as one of them,” Obadiah 1:11. – The Editor.

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Joel Beeke’s book store and endorsement of sodomy

Back in September of this year, I published an article on Joel Beeke entitled: “Joel Beeke preaches for and publicly seeks closer links with sodomy-endorsing Dutch denomination!”

Near the beginning of this article I stated: “In the past he has shared platforms with pro-sodomite speakers and sold books extolling the sodomite life-style.”

I was challenged regarding the very last phrase of this statement. It was pointed out that the internet link I gave in support of this statement revealed that in the library of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary there was a book by Wesley Hill, a man who would term himself a “Christian Gay”!!!

Of course, theological libraries contain books by authors that it may not endorse.
That was the wrong link for me to use to show that Dr Beeke endorses sodomy-promoting writers. It was said that this ‘error’ detracted from the effectiveness of my article.

However, that mistake on my part does not invalidate my allegation regarding Dr Beeke’s endorsement of pro-sodomite writers.

This I will demonstrate by asking readers to check out this linkRead more

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Latest news stories

This will be the final mounting of news articles of interest to Christians in Ulster in particular and of course to believers generally.

There will be occasions in the future when attention will be drawn to some event which we believe that Christians should note but this will not be done on a regular basis.

– Ivan Foster, Editor of “the Burning Bush”

Anglo-Irish relations hit ‘bottom of the pit’ over alleged Provo priest – (He was but one of many whose crimes were concealed by the Roman Catholic Church and the State!!)

Chelsea Pensioner quizzed by Northern Ireland officers over IRA shooting death in 1972

Jim Allister calls for a new form of direct rule to be run alongside Assembly if the Executive collapses in 2017

RHI scandal: Arlene Foster feels the heat after letter to banks revealed

Rivals challenge Arlene Foster’s RHI claim after ‘guarantee’ letter to banks revealed

RHI scandal: Foster’s department was warned before whistle-blower, but ignored advice

RHI scandal: Foster will not step aside ‘for a single day’: DUP

In the absence of humility, First Minister’s position is increasingly precarious

Calls for Arlene Foster to resign over ‘cash for ash’ letter to banks

‘To leave Sinn Féin is to leave the IRA,’ Adams told ard fheis: Irish State Papers, 1986 – (What we have said all along: they are one and the same!!!)

Libyan official ‘wanted to pay IRA $50million to WIPE OUT Thatcher’ state documents claim

Declassifed Files: In Troubles’ final years, RoI still a ‘haven for criminals’ – (That is why UDR men pointed guns toward Donegal!!!)

Secret papers: UDR denied ‘pointing guns at Irish army’

Ex-Taoiseach ordered plans be reviewed in case of mass exodus of ‘refugees’ – (There never was an exodus because the claims of ‘anti-RC pogroms’ were sheer invention!!!)

RUC ’shoot to kill’ investigator John Stalker taken off case before it was due to report

Britain will have given Brussels £623 BILLION by 2020 as cost of EU membership is revealed

Anger as foreign aid chief who ‘wasted’ taxpayers’ money makes New Year Honours list – (Typical of today’s society – Folly & Stupidity rewarded!!!)

New Year honours ‘reward failure’ as civil servants behind Whitehall fiascos are given awards

World View: Is Israel really prepared to accept isolation? – (That is how it has been since the birth of the nation! – Exodus 33:15-16!!)


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More news

December 30

UK secret files released: Thatcher tried to bar Queen trip, Princess and PM’s tell-all letters, Foster & Allen Apartheid shock

Taoiseach ‘feared Dublin bomb’ during revolt against Anglo-Irish Agreement

Peter Robinson suspected of ‘plotting independent state’, released secret papers show

State papers: Cahal Daly warned Catholics are ‘anti-everything’ – (He was right for once!!!)

State papers: Violence at opening of 1974 power-sharing assembly recorded

Thatcher told FitzGerald to take all Northern nationalists south – (Few would have gone: social benefits in NI were much better than those in the South!!!)

RHI scandal: Foster told banks scheme was ‘real opportunity for investors’

RHI scandal: Arlene Foster asked bank chiefs ‘to look favourably’ on finance requests from firms

Theresa May criticises Obama administration’s Israeli stance

Theresa May rebukes US for ‘inappropriate’ attack on Israel

US offer blunt response to Theresa May’s criticism of John Kerry over Israel

Tories ‘masking true scale’ of political cronyism with quiet rule change

Russian embassy mocks ‘lame duck’ Obama amid US hacking row

Barack Obama expels 35 Russian spies over election hacking row in ‘Cold War deja vu’

Russia plans immediate ‘counter-measures’ after US ejects 35 diplomats

Dublin gangs may use foreign contract killers

Parents OUTRAGED at curriculum as video emerges of children learning to PRAY at mosque

GERMANY AT BOILING POINT: Terror-hit nation sees over 1,000 attacks on migrant camps

December 29

RHI scandal: Unused regulation could recoup cash

RHI scandal: Call for justice minister to check legality of claims

Department warned of RHI flaws a year before its launch

RHI scandal: Trimble says speaker should consider his position

Sinn Fein fury over two-sentence report in Private Eye

Former Special Branch officer claims it saved 16,500 lives during Troubles

Traffic wardens tell of ‘aggressive abuse’ in Coalisland – (It is population is very largely Roman Catholic and republican!!)

Pope Francis ‘told about alleged child rapist priest’ two years before arrest

Kerry: Two-state solution is ‘only way to achieve peace’ between Israelis and Palestinians – (That is not what the Lord degreed, Genesis 12:7!!)

John Kerry: Two-state solution between Israel and Palestinians ‘only way’ to achieve peace

Israel critical of ‘biased’ and ‘obsessive’ Kerry speech

US Secretary of State John Kerry hits out at Israel on Middle East peace

Israel claims John Kerry’s Middle East speech ‘skewed’

Israel’s Attorney General ‘orders criminal investigation into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’

December 28

Executive parties poles apart on snap election? Think again, they’ve already got it sewn up

The executive will splutter on but Speaker has to go

Martin McGuinness’ record in Executive can’t exorcise the ghosts of the past

Paramilitary trappings at funeral of Sinn Féin press officer Dale Moore – (They ever glory in their murder campaign irrespective of their ‘peace talk’!!!)

A year of scandal but Gerry’s digging his heels in

Israel to build more illegal settlements after UN resolution condemns them

Benjamin Netanyahu ‘warned UN settlement a declaration of war’

Israel accuses Britain of secretly playing lead role in UN resolution on settlements

Corbyn destroying party says Labour peer Baroness Blood

Strategy to bring down Unite’s Len McCluskey revealed in election campaign document

UK farmers ‘absolutely’ stand to benefit from Brexit

Banking and business chiefs back staying in post-Brexit Britain

Theresa May lacks courage to admit complexity of Brexit, say civil servants

China open to Vatican talks – but Catholics must be patriots – (As John Wesley taught, RC’s loyalty will always be to the Pope. We in Ulster have proof of that!!!)

Paramilitary-linked murders double in a year

December 27

Voters will have to show passports to combat voter fraud in ‘vulnerable’ areas with large Muslim populations – (Who knows what is behind the burka!!!)

Electoral fraud: Voters will have to show ID in pilot scheme

Ken Livingstone attacks Tory voter fraud crackdown that will ‘hit Labour’

President Obama says Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is ‘disintegrating’ and has lost touch with ‘fact and reality’

Corbyn hits back after Obama suggests Labour is ‘disintegrating’

Sinn Féin’s Barry McElduff warns over Irish language scheme cuts

Israel threatens to give Trump ‘evidence’ that Obama orchestrated UN resolution

Israel’s Netanyahu ‘snubs Theresa May’ over UK’s role in UN settlements vote

Benjamin Netanyahu faces ‘criminal investigation’ over fraud and bribery claims

Syrian man who filmed his daughters being sent on suicide mission is killed

Anti-migrant protests erupt in Netherlands as refugees housed in tiny town of 8,000

December 26

Lord King, former governor of the Bank of England, says Brexit brings ‘real opportunities’

Most British companies are optimistic about the future post-Brexit

Trump’s aide aide says Brexit ‘God-given opportunity’ for Dublin to take business from UK

Berlin attack suspect ‘pledged allegiance to Isil’, as questions raised over how he travelled 1,000 miles across Europe before he was shot dead by police in Milan

Berlin market attack: Anis Amri’s escape journey

Politicians are to blame for terrorist attacks by not eliminating Isis

Israel settlements: Netanyahu snubs ‘shameful’ UN vote

UN demands end to Israel’s settlement building

Anger as US abstains while UN resolution condemns ‘illegal’ Israeli settlements

Israeli PM summons US ambassador amid UN vote row

Pakistan issues nuclear warning to Israel in response to ‘fake news’ story

Jamie Bryson will refuse PSNI request to hand over any material relevant to Nama investigation

DUBLIN GANG WAR – Hutch ally’s murder may lead to paramilitaries targeting Kinahans

December 24

Dublin accused of own national security veto on Troubles files

Soldier arrests make it look like the criminal justice system is ignoring past terror

RHI scandal: RHI ‘cash for ash’ scandal to cost NI taxpayers £490m

Berlin attack suspect ‘pledged allegiance to Isil’, as questions raised over how he travelled 1,000 miles across Europe before he was shot dead by police in Milan

Berlin attack: Europe’s open borders are putting Britain’s security at risk, former police chief warns

BENEFIT FARCE: ISIS fighters receiving unemployment benefits as they ‘need assistance’

Labour Party at war over ‘tough on crime’ policies after shadow cabinet minister calls for shorter sentences

Israel settlements: Netanyahu snubs ‘shameful’ UN vote

UN demands end to Israel’s settlement building

Anger as US abstains while UN resolution condemns ‘illegal’ Israeli settlements

Diplomatic terrorism at the UN, courtesy President Obama

Jamie Bryson will refuse PSNI request to hand over any material relevant to Nama investigation

DUBLIN GANG WAR – Hutch ally’s murder may lead to paramilitaries targeting Kinahans

December 23

Berlin attack suspect shot dead in Italy, security source claims

BERLIN ATTACKER SHOT DEAD: Anis Amri killed in shootout in Milan, Italy

BERLIN TERROR: Police STORM Mosque in search for asylum seeker suspected of Xmas attack

Berlin attack suspect reportedly visited mosque after market

Dashcam video of Berlin terror attack emerges

Intelligence lapses over Berlin festive market massacre suspect ‘shocking’

Two held over over suspected mall attack plot in Germany

Germany arrests two men over suspected shopping centre attack plot

‘Christmas Day terror plot’ foiled by Australian police

UUP’s Doug Beattie asks ‘good DUP MLAs to have quiet word with Arlene Foster’ and tell her to stand aside

RHI scandal: ‘Hundreds’ abused flawed heating scheme

RHI scandal: Naming recpients ‘could be in breach of the law’

Why Arlene Foster is culpable over RHI

Jonathan Bell: My PhD could not have distraced (sic) from RHI

Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness may step down, says former MLA McKay

Ashers to take gay cake discrimination case to UK Supreme Court

Dublin shooting: ‘Close friend of Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch’ shot dead in Clondalkin – (Those feuding have all had links to Republican terror groups!!)

Profile: Noel ‘Duck Egg’ Kirwan – what we know about latest victim in Kinahan-Hutch feud

Dublin: Man shot dead by lone gunman

Man in his 60s shot dead in Dublin as partner looked on

Furious army hero hounded for IRA fiend Joe McCann’s death claims ‘he was just doing his job’

Imagine if US Navy Seals charged with Bin Laden murder

Donald Trump: US must expand arsenal of nuclear weapons

Jeremy Corbyn should re-think hiring Sinn Fein aide, says ‘dismayed’ Bristol MP

December 22

Gay sports people should not be afraid to come out, says DUP’s Givan in major change of tone – (DUP continues its shift toward all-out pro-sodomite stance!!!)

Ashers: “Gay cake case” cannot be referred to Supreme Court

Ashers gay cake case: Attorney General John Larkin cannot refer case to Supreme Court, judges rule

RHI scandal: Major rebellion as parties cast doubt on speaker’s ability

RHI scandal: SF joins attack on speaker Robin Newton

Plans to close RHI scheme ‘may be fix to spare Arlene Foster’s blushes’

Berlin lorry attack: Tunisian ‘identified as suspect’

Berlin lorry attack: Who is Anis Amri?

Berlin terror attack: Tunisian suspect Anis Amri was investigated over earlier terror plot

Authorities under fire over Berlin suspect probe

MERKEL FACING RUIN: Everything has changed for Germany after Berlin terror, says expert

December 21

RHI scandal: Jim Allister doubts if Justice Minister Claire Sugden would bring down Stormont

Arlene Foster’s future is in Séin Fein’s hands – (The price of partnership with Sinn Fein/IRA!!!)

Sinn Fein warns of Stormont crisis if Foster does not step aside for RHI probe

Stormont continues to delay Arlene Foster’s RHI correspondence

Jonathan Bell: DUP minister ‘recorded key RHI meetings’

Sam McBride: An astonishing full-frontal assault on the Speaker, weakening him

Petition to ‘stop pursuit of NI forces veterans’

MP brands Troubles-related prosecutions of ex-soldiers ‘a witch-hunt’

Legacy branch investigating claims made by IRA man turned solicitor

Berlin terror attack: Police launch new manhunt after admitting they may have arrested wrong man

BERLIN TERROR SUSPECT RELEASED: Pakistani asylum seeker let go by German police

Cleric: IRA man I knew probably sanctioned attempt to kill me

SF silent on McGuinness’ illness

Abortion provider Marie Stopes put women at risk, watchdog says – (That is, as well as ending the life of the unborn child!!!)

Cavan man Barry Petticrew jailed over Fermanagh bomb find

Fermanagh weapons find: Explosives destined for new IRA

December 20

Berlin Christmas market death toll mounts – evidence ‘points to terror attack’

Germany ‘in mourning’ after 12 killed in lorry ‘terror attack’

Berlin Christmas market lorry suspect is ‘Pakistan migrant’

End of Merkel? German leader pictured minutes after Berlin attack as she honoured migrants

Shots fired at US embassy in Turkey after Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov murdered in Ankara

Gunman fires shots outside US embassy in Ankara hours after Russian ambassador killed

Newry man facing jail for making false gay rape claim

Police hunt Belfast care worker who abused elderly residents

Northern Ireland election ‘distinct possibility’ if Arlene Foster does not step aside, says Sinn Fein’s Conor Murphy

Stormont speaker Newton blames Executive Office over Arlene Foster RHI statement confusion

Arlene Foster survives attempts to force her to stand down

Foster needs a show of humility to try and rescue her damaged reputation

MLAs walk out of Assembly ahead of Foster speech

Crucial RHI email proves Arlene Foster was told of abuse in 2013

RHI scandal: Even when clearing up its mess, DETI got key word wrong

RHI scandal: As he closed disastrous scheme, Jonathan Bell claimed it was a success

Newton asked to reconsider speaker role after overseeing assembly ‘farce’

Robin Newton: ‘Concerns recognised’ over RHI statement

McGuinness turns down heat on Foster after confidence vote

Stormont’s annual panto makes it hard to work out who the villain is

Fionnuala O Connor: McGuinness’s health moves centre stage as RHI crisis deepens

Dissident republicans blamed for shooting of teenager

‘Unjust and immoral’ Ulster prosecutor trying ageing war heroes for murder must step down, senior Tory demands

PSNI explain why no officers on Poppy bomb probe

Forgotten Official IRA man Joe McCann was part of republican revival in 60s

Fifa condemned after UK national teams fined over poppy displays

December 19

R.C. Sproul Jr. Resigned From Ligonier Ministries After Felonious DUI Arrest With Minor in Vehicle

R.C. Sproul Jr. “Resigned” from Ligonier Ministries Because of Arrest for Driving Under the Influence with a Child in Vehicle

Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real and God is not ‘a magician with a magic wand’ – (No one promotes ‘magic wand’ theology more than Bible-rejecting Romanism with all its sham ‘miracles’!!)

Stormont Economy minister Simon Hamilton releases official papers to challenge Jonathan Bell claims

RHI scandal: Foster signed key costs declaration

Official explanation for catastrophic RHI decision is not remotely credible

RHI scandal: Sinn Féin warn DUP of ‘grave consequences’ over Foster statement

RHI scandal: Sinn Fein wants four-month ‘independent inquiry’

Sinn Féin and DUP square up over the next moves in ‘cash-for-ash’ inquiry

Jonathan Bell suspended from DUP after comments about Arlene Foster

RHI scandal: Jonathan Bell suspended from DUP

Jonathan Bell suspended from DUP after comments about Arlene Foster

RHI scandal: ‘DUP have dragged devolution into the gutter’, says UUP leader – (In truth that is where “power-sharing with Sinn Fein” originated!!!)

RHI scandal: Adams fails to confirm S.F. support for ‘No Confidence’ vote

Sinn Fein will not back SDLP motion to suspend First Minister Arlene Foster for six months

RHI scandal: Gerry Adams calls for independent investigation

Neither Arlene Foster nor Jonathan Bell are ‘shrinking violets’ says Mark H Durkan

RHI scandal: Cross-party pressure for judge-led public inquiry

BBC offered to cut prayer footage, but Bell refused – (Matthew 6:6 comes to mind!!)

‘Joe McCann was a ruthless and dangerous terrorist’

IRA chief who killed my father deserved to be shot’ says daughter amid growing row over prosecution of troops

Next we will be prosecuting King William for fighting at the Boyne, says target of Joe McCann

Exposed: Labour’s Brexit betrayal as deputy leader in Brussels deletes lines from key report in ‘sneaky’ attempt to water down EU terms

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly ‘victim of assault’

Man held after Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly suffers facial injuries in assault

My fear killer will get pension, by daughter of train IRA bomb victim – (The DUP compromises of 2007 have led to the ‘upside down’ morality operating in Ulster!!!)

December 17

Revealed: Law chief who decided to prosecute two British veterans for murder of IRA commander 44 years ago worked for Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams and secured amnesties for hundreds of suspected IRA members

Strengthened statement by the Free Presbyterian ‘Government & Morals Committee’ on “Policing and Crime Bill: Legislative Consent Motion”

Paratroopers to face trial over Belfast killing of IRA chief Joe McCann – (Joe McCann told me he was a dedicated IRA killer (see

Two elderly ex soldiers, aged in their 60s, to face murder trial for shooting IRA man in 1972

Two ex-soldiers face charges over ‘murder’ of IRA man

RHI scandal: McGuinness calls on NI first minister to step aside

McGuinness calls for Foster to stand aside over RHI

‘Cash for ash’ row takes new twist as Jonathan Bell to sue Arlene Foster over comments

Sam McBride: Foster’s future no longer secure, but she is still likely to survive

Jonathan Bell or Arlene Foster – who is telling the truth about RHI?

RHI scandal: ‘Ministerial perks may have stopped Bell quitting’

Day where not a single DUP figure comes to Bell’s aid

Who are the special advisers named by Jonathan Bell?

Assembly to debate suspending Arlene Foster for six months over RHI scandal

RHI scandal: Public’s faith in the institutions must be nearing rock-bottom – (They only ever were a house built on sand!!!)

Alex Kane: We are now witnessing the ugly side of `normal’ politics

Protesters take to the streets over RHI scandal

I couldn’t cope with seeing Sinn Fein’s new MLA on TV or radio… I’d be thinking all the time: your father killed my father

Ashers gay cake case: Christian bakers to pursue appeal at Supreme Court

VIDEO 1000 Muslims block London streets chanting Allahu Akbar to demand Islamic caliphate

‘Give us more money or we will kill you’ Migrants kidnap refugee centre workers in Italy

December 16

Bell: Foster shouted at me to keep disastrous RHI scheme open

First Minister Arlene Foster ordered botched RHI scheme to be kept open, says DUP MLA Jonathan Bell

Foster: Bell ‘used his physical bulk’ when confronting me

Sam McBride: Bell’s significance stems from his multiple ties to Peter Robinson

Jonathan Bell profile: He has been a loyal lieutenant to Robinson

In full: DUP MLA Jonathan Bell’s Nolan interview

Energy scheme scandal fall out

RHI scandal: Reaction to Jonathan Bell’s revelations

RHI scandal: Jonathan Bell in heating scheme revelations – (Arlene’s plan to welcome the Pope followed by disaster!!)

Top DUP man breaks ranks over renewable heat scandal – (“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man (or a Party) soweth, that shall he also reap,” Galatians 6:7)

Ex-minister Jonathan Bell vows to “tell the truth” over green energy controversy

Arlene Foster: Bell has crossed the line with DUP – (Telling the truth in politics was never a welcome option !!!)

(Stormont) Ex-minister says millions wasted on NI energy scheme

DUP’s Jonathan Bell: I’ll tell the truth over RHI scandal and it will ruin my career

Arlene Foster says Jonathan Bell has stepped outside DUP party lines and she has nothing to fear from RHI revelations

Dodds on offensive over RHI criticism as SF says it won’t back no confidence motion – (DUP now in even deeper debt to Sinn Fein!!!)

DUP had no right to share my email, says RHI whistleblower

Adams, Kenny and Martin want an All Ireland state in the EU

Stormont Opposition damp squib that has failed to fire public’s imagination

Free Presbyterian manse benefits from botched RHI scheme

Families ‘have sparked new police inquiries’ over Kingsmills massacre – (DIY policing!!!!)

Kingsmills massacre: Survivor says he believes agents involved

Kingsmills inquest ‘on hold’ while palm print probe goes on

300,000-name anti-abortion petition ‘collection of nine previous petitions’ – (It says something about the cause and its supporters when such deceit is employed!!!)

December 15

Victims’ outrage at Loughgall IRA families’ cash plea – (Only republicans would have the shameless brazenness to make such a demand!!!!)

It will be an outrage if inquests into Loughgall thugs get any priority

Former IRA commander suspected of being at Stack meeting

Adams: I have no plans to run for Irish Presidency

Ex-Sinn Fein staffer joins Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership team

Brexit Border call by UK House of Lords a sign of sea change in Anglo-Irish relations

Ian Paisley Jr: ‘House of Lords report is doing Dublin’s bidding over Brexit’

Brussels SHAMBLES as EU leaders turn on each other in HUGE Brexit split over tactics

Jihadists are ‘hiding in plain sight’ among migrants, head of the Armed Forces says

Charter NI continued to receive public money after fire destroyed audit files

Defence Secretary: PSNI probe into soldier killings will ‘not descend into a witch hunt’

Director for Public Prosecutions Barra McGrory denies ‘political’ cases against soldiers – (He was Sinn Fein choice for this post!!!!)

Rev Mervyn Gibson appointed as new grand secretary of Orange Order – (Quite an endorsement by the OO of his call for a lifting of the ban on Mass attendance by OO members!!!!)

Orange Order: Mervyn Gibson elected new grand secretary

Further DUP links to beneficiaries of Stormont’s flawed Renewable Heat Incentive

Special Assembly meeting to discuss heating scandal

DUP’s Jonathan Bell: I’ll tell the truth over RHI scandal and it will ruin my career

SDLP to table motion of no confidence in Arlene Foster

RHI scandal: SDLP to table motion of no confidence to exclude Arlene Foster as Stormont First Minister

Arlene Foster ‘victim of heat scheme witch hunt’ says deputy

How was EU persuaded only “useful heat” funded under RHI scheme?

December 14

RHI furore: ‘Political pressure’ on civil servants delayed closure of botched £400m heating scheme in Northern Ireland, it has been claimed

Arlene Foster ‘intervened to keep heat scheme subsidy open’

Letter from Rev John Gray to Belfast telegraph – ‘There are important questions for Pope Francis to answer’

Stakeknife: Alleged one-time top British agent inside IRA facing at least 9 separate lawsuits

Yes, it’s politics but not as we know it with DUP and Sinn Fein who used to tear strips off each other

Julie Parsons set out to investigate why Church of Ireland parish in Dublin disappeared and uncovered tale of prejudice and even murder

4 Questions Stephen Brimstone and the DUP must answer

‘Smoking gun’ in RHI scandal shows Foster’s culpability: Nesbitt

MLAs to consider calling Foster to exceptional hearing over renewables scheme

Police probe into Troubles killings ‘could destroy peace process’ – (The price of ‘peace’ is terrorists go free!!!)

Dublin must account for its part in Troubles killings: Donaldson

Dublin accused of ‘gross hypocrisy’ on dealing with past statement

Sinn Féin at the crossroads

Terror suspect’s bail varied so he can holiday in Spain

Migrant boat captain gets 18-year sentence after 675 died in Med

December 13

Jim Allister: The border must not move to Irish Sea

Charter NI: PSNI chief constable stands by paramilitary activity claim – (We have in Government, with DUP approval, those who engaged in terror and murder so what’s new!!!!)

No concerns over work of charity Charter NI, say police

Arlene Foster and Hamilton discuss Charter NI UDA links – (Things have not gone to well for the First Minister since she said she would meet the pope!!!!)

Northern Ireland Executive ‘can’t ignore furore over Charter NI links to UDA activity’

Arlene Foster says botched energy scheme was ‘shocking failure and I have duty to deal with it’

Arlene Foster: ‘It is a matter of deep regret that goals of this scheme were not achieved – there can never be a repeat of this failure’

I will not resign over ash for cash heating scheme, says Arlene Foster

Arlene Foster announces botched heating scheme inspection

Inspections ‘on all usages of heating scheme’ – Foster

Arlene Foster’s former special advisor claimed on RHI scheme

Brother of Arlene Foster’s advisor benefits from botched energy scheme

Co Antrim church will give ‘surplus’ RHI cash to charity

Adams’ secrecy on Stack murder ‘explains delay in dealing with past’

Bertie Ahern appears to back Gerry Adams over Stack controversy

‘If he feels he can, he will’ – Ahern says there are ‘implications’ for Gerry Adams if he discloses information on Stack murder

Gerry Adams will look to his own first and that limits Sinn Féin’s growth

Brokenshire rules out publishing deal on past unless DUP and SF agree

Up to five may have had role in killing of ex-Real IRA man

Philip Hammond challenges Cabinet colleagues to delay completing Brexit because of ‘risks to financial stability’

Chilling map shows THOUSANDS of women and children sexually attacked by migrants

Muslims ‘claim TAXPAYERS’ CASH to attend Koran lessons already offered to them for FREE’

Aleppo civilians ‘shot on the spot’ in their homes – UN

December 12

RHI: Fatally flawed scheme compounded by an even more fatally flawed response

Arlene Foster challenged to face Assembly committee over RHI ‘total fiasco’

Arlene Foster ‘nothing to hide’ in botched heating scheme

Public money could heat Northern Ireland Ferrari showroom for next 20 years

Botched Renewable Heating Incentive used to heat Ferrari showroom in Belfast

DUP: SPAD did not meet RHI whistleblower

Was Stephen Brimstone the only DUP insider to apply to RHI scheme?

TUV man slams Orange Lodge’s alcohol licence request – (A ‘Temperance’ lodge seeks alcohol licence: DUP propose granting it !!!!?????)

Ex-IRA bomber slams definition of victim

Gardai probe ex-IRA chief and close pal of Gerry Adams as SF president starts to feel the pressure

IRA man and abuse suspect arrested by Spanish detectives

Ministers criticise Adams for refusal to name IRA official

Ferris unrepentant about criticism of Stack and repeats Nazi slur against prison officers

Stack fury at TD’s Nazi slur on father

Brian Stack killing: Paul Quinn’s family give support to prison officer’s family

‘Adams should do the right thing and name the people who killed our son’

TD says Adams’ silence is ‘dangerous and sinister’

Adams won’t be pushed, but Sinn Féin could give him the shove

Adams: I found out in 2013 that IRA killed Brian Stack

Gerry Adams may halt work with Troubles victims’ families

Mary Lou: the Sinn Féiner who’s really a mé féiner

Again this week we saw why we must pause on the legacy inquests that Sinn Fein is demanding

One of Adams’s lieutenants to face ‘kangaroo court’ charges

United Ireland campaign has been a failure

Troubles envoy warns of damage from row about prosecuting UK troops

How news of Papal visit to Northern Ireland sees rise of religious intolerance again – (One of the most stupid ecumenists around!!!)

Revealed: British troops guilty of killings in Northern Ireland could spend life in jail while terrorists walk free after just two years

‘Soldiers cannot be diminished’

December 10

Northern Ireland says yes to same-sex marriage, latest polling finds – (A deceitful ‘online’ stunt to make people believe this is what the majority want!!)

DUP MLA: I’d no role in £270k church RHI boiler

Compel flagrant RHI abusers to face the public, says ex-MLA

Calls to stop charity funding over ‘paramilitary activity links’

Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris has revealed why IRA murdered Stack

Could 1983 Brian Stack murder signal final act in Adams’ long career?

Colm Murphy’s son Conan jailed for possession of explosives

SAS veteran Andy McNab fears he is next in Army killings ‘witch-hunt’

Scots cleric raps Sturgeon for call urging Northern Ireland women to seek an abortion there

Fuel laundering plant shut down after raid by armed gardai

Catholic bishop and the DUP sing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to their opposition to abortion – (The BT, as ever, gets it wrong for the Bible’s teaching on abortion is not the same as that of the RC Church!!!)

Russia ‘interfered’ to help Trump in election, CIA concludes

Russia ‘tried to influence US election in favour of Trump’ – US intelligence

Donald Trump’s transition team dismisses CIA findings Russia attempted to influence US election in his favour

Supreme Court Brexit appeal: Judges ‘heading for split 7-4 decision’ in narrow win for Remain campaigners – (If this proves to be true, it shows just how divided the nation is!!!)

Second Brexit legal challenge could be tabled in Irish courts

Refugees housed by YOUR CASH have ‘burnt down homes, attacked staff and grown drugs’ 

December 9

Only at Stormont could a motion on human rights be proposed by an MLA who sought to deny right to life

Bible of plane crash footie star found in wreckage – with HEARTBREAKING message

Hamilton: ‘I want to apologise to heat scheme whistleblower’

‘Medical advice’ stopped McGuinness China trip

Martin McGuinness pulls out of China trip to undergo medical tests

‘Majority of public’ support equipping police with Tasers in England and Wales

Jamie Bryson claims property developer’s Daithi McKay legal action ‘attempt to expose his sources’

Developer Kearney picking soft target by suing ex-MLA McKay, says Bryson

New paramilitarism awareness campaign ‘a bit tame’, says MLA

Gerry Adams accused of lying by victim’s son

Watch: Son of murdered prison officer Brian Stack calls Gerry Adams ‘a liar’ in confrontation

‘You are an absolute disgrace’ – Son of murdered prison officer faces down Gerry Adams

Adams challenged to name IRA figure

Stack murder: Kenny seeks to put further pressure on Adams

Tony Blair’s IRA amnesty should also apply to British soldiers

The Troubles investigations will help the IRA get away with murder. Theresa May must turn off the money tap

Renewable heating scheme: ‘Five minutes of research’ uncovered funding flaws

Terrorism most immediate threat to UK, says MI6

Revealed: Ukip vows to target the six MPs who defied their constituents and voted against triggering Article 50

December 8

Peers approve ‘Turing’s Law’ gay pardons for NI – (DUP MLAs must bear responsibility for this vile bill becoming law: “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin,” James 4:17!!!)

Northern Ireland men convicted for being gay to be pardoned within weeks

BREXIT VICTORY: Remoaner plot CRUSHED as MPs vote to APPROVE triggering of Article 50

Real IRA commander Aidan O’Driscoll shot dead in Cork ambush attack

Former chief of staff of Real IRA shot and killed in Cork city

Latest: Victim of Cork shooting Aidan ‘The Beast’ O’Driscoll was targeted before

Assassins shot Real IRA commander in the back before pumping bullets into him as he lay dying

Gardai fear reprisal attacks after Real IRA commander is shot dead in ambush attack

There is still the will and capacity for killing on streets of Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire warns over a continuing terror threat

‘A fine intelligent and hardworking young man’ – (Irish) TD defends IRA man caught with explosives ahead of Prince Charles’ visit

Is no cause too toxic for (Irish) TDs who backed Real IRA terrorist?

Former football coach arrested in Northern Ireland over sex abuse claims

Ex-Celtic kitman Jim McCafferty arrested in Belfast after confessing to abusing young players

Ex-football coach Jim McCafferty charged with sexual activity with a child

Hundreds of police (in police in England and Wales) accused of sexual exploitation – (The ever-deepening quagmire of iniquity in public life!!!)

Hundreds of police accused of abusing power to sexually exploit victims and suspects

British troops ‘to be investigated’ over killings during the Troubles in Northern Ireland

First Minister should ‘consider her position’ after revelations over heating scandal

Nesbitt urges Foster to consider position over botched renewable energy scheme

Arlene Foster rejects calls to resign over botched renewable energy scheme

Renewable heating scheme: Eastwood calls on first minister to explain involvement

If McGuinness is so glad the Pope is visiting, why won’t he listen to his position on abortion?

Jim Allister Exposes SF-IRA Hypocrisy in Moving Human Rights Motion

Sinn Fein pair named in Dail are urged to comment on prison officer murder

Brian Stack murder: Gerry Adams makes personal statement to Dáil

Gerry Adams denies accusation he lied to Dáil over Brian Stack case

Sinn Féin’s deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald was not present in the Dáil for Gerry Adams’s much speech

Sinn Féin in turmoil as senior TDs linked to Stack murder

Brian Stack killing: Sinn Féin TDs deny murder involvement

Sinn Fein pair named in Dail are urged to comment on prison officer murder

‘I did not abuse Dáil privilege’ – TD who named two Sinn Féin deputies over Stack murder

Sinn Féin TDs alleged to have withheld information on Brian Stack murder

RC Priest told parents of abused girl (6) to ‘forget about attacks’ – court hears

Sinn Féin defend role of former prisoners after criticism of group headed by UVF killer – (Simply safeguarding a “trough” in which they also have their snouts!!!)

Property developer Kearney sues ex-MLA McKay over claims Nama scandal damaged reputation and finances

December 7

Marital faithfulness is the one protected area in today’s promiscuous society.

Angela Merkel calls for burka ban in Germany

Breaking point? Merkel will have to spend £2.52BILLION to deport HALF A MILLION migrants

Brexit: Theresa May U-turns and says Government will reveal plans before Article 50 is triggered

Brexit crunch time as government faces challenges from court and MPs

Attorney general John Larkin criticised by SDLP over position on Brexit

Stormont’s incredible Kafkaesque reply to questions about spin doctor

Group headed by loyalist killer gets £900k of funding from taxpayers

Mask slips over political class’s double standards on the gangster menace

Adams says he is prepared to make statement on Stack case

Gerry Adams prepared to make Dáil statement on Brian Stack case

Adams has information on officer’s killing, says shooting victim’s son

Free-for-all as 99pc of applicants to botched £270m heating scheme approved

Prosecutions warning over ‘shocking’ abuse of Renewable Heat Incentive scheme

Theresa May to have dinner with leaders who support beheading, executing gay people, and ‘disappearing’ their critics – (Sounds a bit like Stormont!!!)

December 6

Video: Shocking footage shows dissidents armed with rocket launchers roaming Belfast streets

LETTER: Free Presbyterian Church should reflect on role of its elders in failing to speak against homsosexual pardons

Audio: Pope Francis is a marxist and not welcome in the North, says Rev. Brown

Fatal foetal abnormality: David Ford’s abortion bill begins assembly passage

Staggering £800,000 weekly bill for benefit fraud in Northern Ireland

Veteran republican Ivor Bell ‘suffering from dementia’ – (He was suffering from worse than that when engaged in the IRA murder campaign!!!!)

Pearse Jordan: Police officers reported to prosecutors – (These two stories highlight the shameful and ludicrous state of ‘law & order’ in Ulster!!!)

No action yet by Sinn Fein chief Gerry Adams after BBC’s claim about killing

Missing Armagh haulier PJ Flynn ‘may have fallen foul of IRA’

McDonald claim contradicts Adams on Stack murder timing

Just weeks after accusing Donald Trump of misogyny, racism and homophobia, SF deputy leader now willing to meet him

Sinn Fein rhetoric ignores fact that Irish unity would kill off unionism

PSNI officers told: hurling sticks are not offensive weapons

‘You will never get rid of terror murals’ says loyalist

December 5

Italy referendum: PM Matteo Renzi resigns after clear defeat

Italian PM Matteo Renzi resigns after crushing 20-point defeat in constitutional referendum

Attorney General warns Supreme Court not to ‘stray into areas of political judgement’ in Brexit case

Arlene Foster urged to raise China’s human rights record during trade mission – (Being in league with Sinn Fein/IRA she is hardly likely to do that!!!!!)

DUP and SF view Eastwood and Nesbit like Fathers Ted and Dougal

Adams hasn’t spoke to SF politicians since email controversy emerged

Mary Lou McDonald, Sinn Féin deputy leader, aware of names linked to Brian Stack murder

Mary Lou McDonald repeats ambition to be Sinn Féin leader

David Trimble: ‘The shine is coming off Sinn Féin’

This was the week that rocked Sinn Féin as the Gerry Adams questions mount up

Sammy Wilson rejects paramilitary ‘mediation’ idea for Carrick

Man accused of firearms offences ‘heavily connected’ to UDA

Justice Minster Claire Sugden to lift lid on crime and terror ties

Pope’s visit will do little to tackle challenges facing Church

Papal visit will remind us just how tangled Church and State still are

The ‘Catholic-before-all-else’ Ireland is gone – and it’s the Church’s own fault

Fundamentalist (Roman) Catholics are turning people off church in Ireland – (McVeigh has been a long-time supporter of the IRA!!!!!)

French town ordered to remove Virgin Mary statue from public park or face punishment

TV choir priest Fr Hugh Kennedy quizzed over sex assault

DUP man: I revealed my HIV ignorance to combat stigma – (Is this stupid man really ignorant of the fact that HIV originates with the immoral and unnatural activities of sodomites???)

Church’s own paper puts cost of bishops under microscope – (The cost of the moral influence of such will never be fully known until the judgment of God!!)

December 3

Gerry Adams passing names to police ‘breaches IRA rules’

Former north Antrim MLA Daithi McKay has quit Sinn Fein

DUP man: I revealed my HIV ignorance to combat stigma – (The fools supporting this campaign ignore the fact that ‘AIDS’ has it origins in the wickedness of sodomy!!!)

Edward Heath abuse claims: Police defend investigation

Police chief reveals ‘significant number of allegations’ in Ted Heath case

Northern Ireland jail cell costlier than hotel room

Man dies in suspected gangland shooting in Dublin park

‘A suspect in at least four murders and rape of a boy’ – notorious criminal Mark Desmond shot dead in Dublin

Murder inquiry after well-known criminal shot dead

Crowds gather as ‘Virgin Mary’ image appears on house in Co Limerick – (Old superstitions die hard in popish Ireland!!)

Article 50 High Court ruling relegated public’s Brexit vote to a ‘footnote’, Attorney General says

Theresa May to dare Parliament to ‘defy the will of the people’ if she loses Article 50 court battle

‘Sign your own death warrant’ Furious Theresa May DARES Lords to vote down Article 50

December 2

Gerry Adams claims Stack murder names row being ’twisted’ by media

Adams criticised over claims about murder suspects by victim’s son

SDLP, TUV quiz Adams over murder

Ex-MLA Daithi McKay quits Sinn Fein

Adams obliged to end confusion over murder

DUP councillor: Evangelicals should speak out against papal visit – (But don’t follow the example of the DUP’s failure to act against the validating of sodomy at Stormont!!!)

DUP’s Wilson says some diseases affect far more than AIDS

DUP’s Bradley ‘disappointed’ by Wilson’s AIDS comments

DA estate is price of ingrained criminality, says DUP’s Sammy Wilson

Drugs claim loyalist’s son months after UVF man Campbell died of overdose

Hamilton: There was bias in RUC’s investigation of UVF bar bombing

Derry Four: duo of former Police Ombudsman staff reported

December 1

Jim Allister was isolated in gay pardon debate – (The whole issue shames Ulster Christianity!!!)

UDA boss Dee Stitt ‘lied’ on his Charter NI application

Foster: It would be illegal if I sacked Dee Stitt

‘Not legal’ to direct charity chief’s sacking over UDA allegations, says Foster

McGuinness’s impotence over Dee Stitt affair shows us that DUP dominates the Executive

Probe launched after third death at Maghaberry Prison

DUP’s Wilson says some diseases affect far more than AIDS

Support for Scottish independence below referendum vote: poll

Johnny Adair: ‘PIRA fought a justified war’ – (This shows just where this gangster’s loyalties lie – with those of the same mindset as himself -MURDER!!!)

‘Ireland may quit EU,’ says Farage – and only a fool would dismiss him

Leave voters’ patience is starting to wear thin as they fear betrayal

Muslim families sending children to Catholic schools – (How surprising !!??)

Adams names NI SF suspect

Senior republican who killed Brian Stack ‘disciplined’ by IRA – Adams – (Ah well, that’s ok then. No need for the police to act. This is the party that ‘supports’ law and order in Stormont!!!)

(Roman) Catholic priest’s daughter Déarbhla shares incredible story of love and pride

Bishop of Leeds: Some Christians too scared to talk about faith in public – (Is that what happened the DUP in Stormont on Monday ???!!)

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March 2015

Index to this edition

Free Presbyterians Protest at Sabbath breaking by Irish Football Association

Sunday_football1Free Presbyterians and other Christians took part in a peaceful protest outside Tyndale Memorial Free Presbyterian Church on the Sabbath afternoon, March 29th, in opposition to Northern Ireland’s first ever Sabbath fixture on home soil. The protest took the form of an open-air service with the preaching of God’s Word.

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Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible wrongly teaches that Justification brings about a “change of man’s moral nature”

Comment by the Editor:

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s well as teaching the popish doctrine that Peter is the rock upon which the Church is built, it is now evident that Joel Beeke’s “Reformation Heritage Study Bible” also teaches the popish doctrine that Justification brings about a “change of man’s moral nature.”

That is similar to saying that because Gerry Kelly, as was recently disclosed, received a Royal Pardon in the 1990s, he underwent a moral change as well!!

We who live in Ulster know that the man who was a prominent member of the IRA and a convicted murderer, is today the same apologist for the IRA’a campaign of terror and murder as he was when an active gunman/bomber.
A legal pardoning of his crimes did not alter his moral character.

So it is with the Bible’s teaching on “Justification.”

These errors in this most inappropriately named “Reformation Heritage Study Bible” must surely further embarrass those Free Presbyterian ministers, who despite many warnings about the dubious associations and behaviour of the man behind it, Joel Beeke, went ahead and put their name to this publication and those who are presently pushing its sales amongst their members.

We commend Rev Brian McClung’s much-needed exposure of this “Bible” and urge everyone to read and study his article.

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Public meeting to show support for Ashers bakery

waterfront_hall[dropcap]A[/dropcap] meeting has been organized by the Christian Institute in The Waterfront Hall, Belfast, on Tuesday 24 March from 8.00pm – 9.30pm.

The following is a note from C. I. Director Colin Hart.

Dear supporter,

Christian bakers’ court case has far-reaching implications for Gospel freedom. In less than two weeks the McArthur family, owners of Ashers Baking Company, face trial at the hands of the taxpayer-funded Equality Commission because of their beliefs about marriage.

People from all over Northern Ireland have been talking about the case, and its far-reaching implications for religious liberty and Gospel freedom, ever since the McArthurs declined to decorate a cake with the slogan ‘Support Gay Marriage’.

But people are not hearing the truth about the case from the BBC and many others in the media. That’s why we have included some Q & As below. I hope you will find these useful when discussing the McArthurs’ situation with your friends, perhaps especially with those who do not go to church.

We believe that the overwhelming majority of people in Northern Ireland think that the McArthur family should not be forced to endorse a cause with which they profoundly disagree. We are asking you to show your support for Ashers Baking Company in the week of their trial.

Please join us at The Waterfront Hall, Belfast, on Tuesday 24 March from 8.00pm – 9.30pm where you will hear first-hand from Daniel McArthur, General Manager of Ashers Baking Company. One of the family’s lawyers will speak about the alarming implications of this case for religious liberty and Gospel freedom.

In addition, Christian B&B owner Hazelmary Bull will share her experience of being pursued in the courts over her stand for marriage. We will also share the latest news on the McArthurs’ case and key matters for prayer.

Please bring this event to the attention of your church fellowship and friends, and encourage as many as possible to attend. Please also be remembering the McArthurs in your prayers.

What happened?
In May 2014, an LGBT activist asked Ashers Baking Company for a cake to be decorated with the slogan ‘Support Gay Marriage’ – the order was declined by the owners. The firm is being taken to court by the Equality Commission; it claims Ashers has broken sexual orientation and political discrimination laws.

Did they discriminate?
No. The order was declined because it promoted a campaign with which the McArthur family fundamentally disagree. It was the message they objected to, not the customer.

General Manager Daniel McArthur has publicly stated that the firm is happy to serve any customer. The owners were not aware of the sexual orientation of the customer at the time he placed the order and therefore could not discriminate against him on that ground. Had he been a heterosexual the order would still have been declined because the message clashed with the ethos of the business.

Northern Ireland’s equality laws were intended to protect people, not attack them for their deeply-held religious convictions. We do not believe that Ashers Baking Company has broken any laws.

Has the bakery turned down any other requests?
Yes. It has refused other orders in the past, such as designs incorporating nudity or bad language.

What does the law say about same-sex marriage?
Same-sex marriage is not legal in Northern Ireland. MLAs in the NI Assembly have voted on three occasions to preserve the traditional definition of marriage – most recently in April 2014 by 51 votes to 43.

Does the Equality Commission have a position on same-sex marriage?
Yes. The Equality Commission is campaigning for the introduction of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland. Its website states: “The Commission supports the introduction of legislation permitting same sex marriage…including sufficient safeguards for religious organisations.”

Are homosexuals united against the bakers?
Not at all. Leading gay rights campaigner Jeffrey Dudgeon, for example, has called for the court action to be dropped and accused the Commission of twisting discrimination law. Many others have also spoken out in support of free speech and united in their belief that, whilst they may disagree with the McArthurs on same-sex marriage, the family should not be forced to endorse a campaign with which they profoundly disagree.

What can I do?
Come to our meeting at The Waterfront Hall, Belfast, onTuesday 24 March from 8.00pm – 9.30pm where one of the family’s lawyers will speak about the alarming implications of this case for religious liberty and Gospel freedom. Daniel McArthur and B&B owner Hazelmary Bull will also be speaking, and we will share the latest news on the case and key matters for prayer.

Talk about the case to your friends, especially those who do not go to church, using some of the important points above.

Pray for the McArthurs and their legal team, and for a just outcome to the case.

Questions and answers

News stories about this case

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slemishA brief account of the work of God in Ireland over the last 1500 years

Rev. Ivan Foster.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Gospel of Christ came to Ireland over 1500 years ago. Despite many attempts by Satan and his agents God has been pleased to maintain His truth in this land. Following its first planting the Gospel was carried by men whose hearts the Lord had touched into many neighbouring countries: Scotland, England, Wales, France, Germany, Switzerland and further.

God has been pleased, in some measure, to do again in these latter days what He did in those distant days. May the land, now associated with terror and strife, become known again by the title it was then given, “The land of Saints and Scholars.”

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Peter is the Rock upon which the Church is built…

RHB_study_bibleAccording to The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible!

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]trange to observe that the “Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible” teaches in its footnotes that Peter is the Rock upon which the church is built, in Matthew 16:18: And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

This is most incredible indeed for this is Romish teaching. The Roman Catholic church teaches that Peter is the rock upon which the church is built and bases her doctrine of the papacy upon this teaching.
That this should be found in the “Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible” serves to show just where compromise will take us, no matter how innocuous that compromise may appear at first.

[button link=”” size=”mini”]Read more[/button] (Link to article by Rev. Brian McClung on his Sound of an Alarm blog)

Some of those brethren who have given their name to this production were warned that there was danger in this venture given Joel Beeke’s record of compromise.

Did they know that the Study Bible contained this footnote and if they did, why did they go along with it since it teaches that which has historically been rejected by Protestantism?
Furthermore, if they did not know about this footnote, is there not here evidence of treachery amongst those who promoted this work and are they now going to declare themselves opposed to the inclusion of this footnote?

Ivan Foster.
12th March 2015.

Dr Paisley on who was the ‘rock’ upon which the Church was built
This quote is taken from Dr Paisley’s Concise Guide to Bible Christianity and Romanism.

Question 27: What text in Matthew’s Gospel does the Church of Rome use to support her claims for St. Peter being the first Pope?

Answer – Matthew chapter 16 and verse 18: ‘And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’ The meaning of this text is obvious. Jesus having heard from the disciples the various notions which were entertained of Him, asked them: ‘But whom say ye that I am?’ and Peter, always more forward than the rest, replied: ‘Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.’

Jesus, having pronounced him blessed, as every believer is (Psalm 32:1), said: ‘Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’ Christ in addressing Peter said: ‘Thou art Peter,’ using the word ‘petros’, which signifies a stone, but in referring to the rock He used the word ‘petra’, which means properly ‘an immovable rock’. He does not say: ‘Thou art Peter, and upon thee I will build my church’, but ‘upon this Rock.’ The Rock he had confessed was Christ the Son of the living God, as though He said: ‘Thou art Peter, a living stone in this spiritual edifice, but upon this immovable foundation I will build my church.’

This is where the Free Presbyterian Church once stood united on this issue. However, Beeke’s Bible with its false and deceitful teaching on this matter sides with Rome.
Is this matter going to be silently ignored by the leadership of the Free Presbyterian Church???

It is time for men to be men and stand up for the truth of God in order to preserve the gospel heritage of our denomination.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

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Please note: Audio recordings of each message will be published after each meeting. You can listen to the series of messages here.

Audio recordings of the previous series of messages preached in 2014 can be heard here.

Subjects considered:

  • Should we study prophecy?
  • What does Christ want us to watch for?
  • Will believers know of the approach of Christ’s advent?
  • How close is Christ’s return?
  • Events preceding Christ’s return

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Why Christ stopped the devils speaking the truth

Johnny_Cash1“And devils also came out of many, crying out, and saying, Thou art Christ the Son of God. And he rebuking them suffered them not to speak: for they knew that he was Christ,” Luke 4:41.

Today, there is a brand of Christianity which would deem the Saviour’s action in this verse as both wrong and unwise!

I am referring to those who believe that they can further Christ’s cause by employing the “singing” of men such as Johnny Cash. His singing is deemed popular amongst many who would make no profession of religion and because his repertoire contains that which some would consider gospel “songs”, pushing his name and songs to the fore in a “gospel” gathering is considered a wonderful way of getting unconverted souls under the gospel.

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KICS assembly talks on the Return of the Lord Jesus

Each day In Kilskeery Independent Christian School, the afternoon begins with an assembly centred upon a study of God’s Word. On September 2nd, the school began its 35th year.

Rev Ivan Foster, retired former minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church and former Administrator of the congregation’s Christian school has been asked to conduct the Tuesday and Thursday assemblies this year.

He has chosen as his theme – “The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Below you can listen to the most recent recordings of the talks to the pupils.

Please pray for this work amongst children since it depends entirely upon the Lord for its continued witness.

Listen to all the posted audio files in this series here.

The Return of Christ, Pt 46
The Return of Christ, Pt 47
The Return of Christ, Pt 48
The Return of Christ, Pt 49
The Return of Christ, Pt 50
The Return of Christ, Pt 51
The Return of Christ, Pt 52

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Latest news stories

“Active abstentionists” – Adams rubbishes talk of Sinn Féin sitting in Westminster

Tom Elliott: When I called Sinn Fein scum, it was directed at murderers – (What do you call those who support and vote for murdering scum, Tom??)

Alliance Party begins battle to hold East Belfast

Northern Ireland councils prepare for the biggest change in over 40 years

Paramilitary attacks ‘have no place’ in community – Sinn Fein – (A case of the pot calling the kettle black!!)

No hot exchanges in Belfast ‘gay cake’ case

Implications of case go beyond gay marriage, bakers and Christians

Gay cake battle: Ashers give thanks, Lee says little, and judge goes away to think

Sunday football objectors drowned out by thousands of Northern Ireland fans at Windsor Park – (“But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God,” Romans 2:5)


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More news

March 30

‘Gay cake’ case: Judgement is reserved at Belfast court

Windsor Park fans greeted by hymns and Commandments

Christian protesters warn Northern Ireland fans of Sunday football ‘shame’

Jim Wells’ wife ‘making slow recovery’ from two strokes

Nesbitt, Allister slam failure to move on Stormont opposition

SF welfare U-turn ‘either bad faith or inept negotiating’ – DUP

Police probe Kingsmills links with Tullyvallen attack and McCreesh

Candlelit vigil in support of ‘Fr’ Dallat, priest who is alleged to have had an affair

Fermanagh-south Tyrone is ‘staying Sinn Fein green’

SDLP’s John Coyle ‘100 per cent confident’ of victory

Has the IRA gone away or not remains unanswered

Gardaí ‘probe 40 republican abusers’

Tory MP Enoch Powell investigated as alleged member of Westminster paedophile network

Reveal what you know about fuel laundering – EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan says to SF

Firearms, ammunition and explosives found in Dundalk

Guns found in dissident republican search in County Louth

IRA victims see hope of payout dashed

IRA victims ‘betrayed’ by UK in Libya legal battle

Gaddafi and the IRA: Trail of murder stretching back to ’68

March 28

Ashers cake case has profound implications for businesses: QC

Ashers: This case is about our key democratic freedoms

Ashers: McArthurs pressed on Halloween cakes

Ashers gay cake case: ‘Before God, it was something we could not do’

Political candidate’s comparison between Ashers supporters and Nazis under fire

Enda Kenny renews calls for Ballymurphy inquiry

Police watchdog to oversee inquiry into officers’ failure to act over pervert MP

March 27

DUP silent on ‘internal party business’ after MLA quits Stormont

UDA blamed for murder and beatings

Police chief condemns loyalist attacks

Files on Kingsmill ‘will be released’ – Enda Kenny, Dublin Prime Minister

Kenny vow on Kingsmill ‘worth wait’

Irish PM Enda Kenny to meet Ballymurphy families in Belfast

Will Sinn Féin overcome effect of bad publicity?

The law is clear, and Ashers broke it: QC

‘Gay cake’ row: Gareth Lee ‘felt unworthy’ over Ashers refusal – (It is nothing to what he will feel when he meets with God’s judgment!!)

Case prompted DUP conscience bill – but SF promise to veto it

Sabbath ban now mainly confined to history books – (Don’t forget the Bible, the Book by which all men will be judged one day!!

March 26

Landmark pro-gay marriage court case begins today

Alliance party members split on Ashers bakery legal action

Councillor Andrew Muir, the first openly gay mayor in Northern Ireland, calls for mediation in Asher ‘cake’ case

Northern Ireland v Finland: Christian protests expected at Sunday football match

DUP MLA quits after Robinson ‘idiots’ jibe – (The cracks widen!!!)

Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan refuses to rule out claims that the IRA is still operating in Ireland

RTÉ is ‘recruiting sergeant’ for Sinn Féin, says Dublin’s former communications minister Pat Rabbitte

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly: I got Queen’s pardon for IRA’s London bombings

Trimble: We never knew of any Royal Pardons at time of Good Friday – (What a deception the whole “power-sharing” deal has proved to be!!)

16 Irish republicans received royal pardons since 2000

On-the-runs: Victims are just pawns in the game of politics

On-the-runs: Clues and hints were there, but no one was looking – (The DUP’s hands are not clean!!)

DUP MLA clarifies criticism of Gregory Campbell’s Irish jibe – (There is a report that she supports same-sex marriage !!)

Belfast parishioners’ rally in support of affair claim priest

Cameron urged to publish OTR names

‘No cover up’ of historic abuse says Nick Clegg

MPs ‘monitored by Scotland Yard during 1990s’

Church of England appoints second woman bishop

March 25

Waterfront overflows with ‘gay cake’ bakery supporters

Hundreds at rally in support of Ashers in cake row – (They can’t bring themselves to write ‘thousands’!!)

Ashers Baking Company: Show of support for County Antrim firm’s stance in ‘gay cake’ row

Christians lament first ever NI home football game on a Sunday  (The excuse used makes the UEFA and not the Lord, the Judge in such matters!!)

Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly given royal pardon during the Troubles

Jim Allister Exposes Gerry Kelly Royal Pardon – and Demands NIO Answers

Gerry Kelly: I was given Royal Pardon

Anger erupts after Gerry Kelly reveals his Royal pardon

‘Comfort letters’ giving IRA suspects immunity ‘may have been illegal’

OTR letters ‘add to our pain and hurt’

Paisley: OTR letters were Blair’s ‘dirty little deal’ – (Parallel to – “If we don’t have power-sharing with SF, we will have London/Dublin joint rule!!)

95 people with ‘On the Run’ letters are linked to 300 murders

OTR scheme used to ‘shore up’ peace process – (One of the many immoral props that were used to ‘shore up’ an evil scheme!!)

Villiers should concede OTR scheme was unlawful: victims

Peter Hain accused of ‘incomplete’ testimony in ‘on the run’ inquiry

On the runs report a ‘damning indictment’ of government

State ‘colluded over 80 murders’

IRA veteran: Republicans’ McConville jibes are shameful

March 24

RC Bishop facing backlash over handling of belfast priest accused of getting parishioner pregnant

RC & ‘Protestant’ Clergy will bless Ireland’s roads in bid to end carnage – (It’s not the roads that need the blessing!!!!)

DUP names its price for electoral deal with Tories or Labour: £1bn for Northern Ireland

Tug-of-war still goes on for ‘victims’

Mitchel McLaughlin has the perfect attributes for Speaker’s job – (Yes, he is a supporter and apologist for SF murder – that’s bound to help!!)

Gregory Campbell censured for ridiculing Irish language

Gregory Campbell barred from speaking in Assembly again after ‘yawning loudly’ when Sinn Fein MLA spoke in Irish

Hopes of new prosecutions for Brighton Bomb attack

No pardon for the guilty men of Northern Ireland

Woman’s shooting ‘barbaric’, say police

Newtownabbey: Loyalists suspected of shooting woman

‘IRA boss called us to his deathbed to apologise for our son Paul’s murder’ – Mr & Mrs Quinn.

Mairia Cahill: Gerry Adams’ credibility is at zero… he has no decency left – (He never had any to start with!!!)

UUP’s Dudgeon: I’ve experienced no DUP homophobia – (‘Silence gives consent’ they say. The DUP have also worked with their terrorist partners!!)

Robinson slams cost of Ashers gay cake case

‘Gay discrimination’ B&B owner to speak at Ashers support event

Ashers Bakery case: It’s a fundamental attack on our political and religious freedoms – (Just as sodomy is a fundamental attack on God’s order for mankind!!)

Royal family member was investigated as part of paedophile ring before cover-up, ex-cop says

Dublin’s Deputy Prime Minister rules out ‘conscience clause’ for firms opposed to marriage equality

Reports of anti-Semitic attacks ‘double in UK’

March 23

RC Church rocked by claim that Belfast priest got parishioner pregnant

Ex-Provo accuses Sinn Fein of covering up priest’s abuse – (What a cupboard full of skeletons {real and metaphorical} SF/IRA has!!)

Councillor Brendan Curran accuses Sinn Fein of abuse cover-up – (Will there ever be enough evidence of SF/IRA corruption for the DUP to withdraw from coalition with them??)

Gerry Adams accused by shot man’s sister in RTE documentary

Angry Protest Over Roman Catholic bishop, Juan Barros, becoming new Bishop in Chile – he is accused of complicity in a notorious case of clerical sexual abuse

‘The IRA have been protecting the man who shot my father for 30 years’

Police target six key IRA suspects

How the ‘On The Run’ letters left the IRA’s victims feeling betrayed

Above The Law: paramilitary ‘punishment’ attacks in Northern Ireland

Sinn Fein has shown it is not fit to govern – and here’s the reason why

Election debates: DUP says NI omission is ‘outrageous’

Traveller (gypsy) gang vows to get revenge after INLA thugs steal €28,000 worth of cocaine

Intolerance of the Ashers case won’t further tolerance – (Why doesn’t the Equality Commission take the Stormont Executive to court since it refuses to endorse same sex marriage!!)

Poll shows overwhelming support for ‘gay cake’ row bakery

Cake row is just a recipe for another legal disaster

March 21

DUP defends funding for republican and loyalist terrorist ex-paramilitary groups

The UUP’s Tom Elliott ‘confident’ of beating SF’s Gildernew in election

Concerns over PSNI ‘talks’ with Dublin on Kingsmills IRA suspects

War of words (between SF & DUP) erupts over Easter Rising centenary

Easter Rising 1916: DUP criticise plan for Belfast parade

Dire consequences if Tories win – McGuinness

McGuinness rejects Goldman Sachs claim that Sinn Féin is a threat to economy

This sends out the message that being on welfare pays

Dissidents ‘tried four times to detonate bomb at school’

Pagan priest hits back after Temple criticism

Diversity can enrich each of us – (This is the thinking of the buffoons who reject the Bible!!)

It’s the end of the road: the Irish language is coming to a full stop

Man arrested in Ardboe, Co Tyrone, as diesel plant found

March 20

US State Department refuses to be drawn on Adams criticism

Dublin’s deputy prime minister, Joan Burton: Handling of republican sex abuse claims of great concern in US

Sinn Fein in sex abuse crisis are just like the Catholic Church

DUP seeks Biden apology over ‘Orange’ St Patrick’s Day joke

DUP knows it holds aces in Westminster

Analysis: Great deal for the DUP, but Nesbitt could still be a winner

DUP: We’d rather sink pensions scheme than see terrorists get cash

Tunisia rampage raises new fears about reach of Islamic State groups

[hr] [/hr]

March 19

Unionist election pact: Winning a seat is not quite as simple as adding two sets of voters together

Gerry Adams is the ultimate OTR who’s fleeing from truth

Sinn Féin does not seem to see difference between truth and lies

Why Gerry Adams is reviled at home but revered abroad

Niece of German IRA victim pleads with Barack Obama to keep distance from Sinn Fein

Bryson guilty of unlawful public processions

Union flag protestor convicted for role in illegal public processions

St Patrick’s celebration now a true cross-community event – (Such deceit! Event was bedecked with republican symbols and the burning of the Union flag!!)

Burning of wooden Temple in Derry ‘a pagan practice’, says minister

March 18

Northern Ireland unionist parties agree pact as they seek more seats in May

Election 2015: DUP and UUP agree pact in four constituencies

DUP and UUP seal election pact for East Belfast, Fermanagh and South Tyrone, North Belfast Newry and Armagh

US Vice President Joe Biden to Enda Kenny: ‘If you’re wearing orange, you’re not welcome in here’ – (Ulster Protestants have sensed that for some time. The poor man, a Roman Catholic, is a bigot and an idiot!!)

Orange alert as gaffe-prone Joe Biden gets egg on his face (The orange yoke!)

Gerry Adams snubbed by US Government officials on St Patrick’s Day visit to Washington

US government U-turn on Adams meeting

St Patrick’s Day: Union flag burned by revellers at Belfast City Hall amid loyalist protest – (Indicative of the spirit of these ‘celebrations’ !!)

SF’s failure to back ISIS motion condemned – (Birds of a feather etc. . . . !!)

Gerry O’Carroll: Sex abuse scandal shows us how Sinn Fein would govern if (southern) voters elect them

Morally dead SF unfit for power – (North and South – take note DUP!!)

Some NI Catholics ‘questioning their nationalism and considering DUP’

Hundreds of punishment-style shootings – but not one conviction

Officer Who Questioned Cyril Smith Says He Could Have Brought Down Government

Judges dismissed after watching pornography on court computers

Benjamin Netanyahu celebrates surprise electoral landslide in Israel

March 17

Australian RC archbishop charged with concealing child abuse

Victims’ Dublin march off after Irish pledge on IRA files

London’s Metropolitan Police probed over child abuse ‘cover-up’ claims

Undercover elite child sex abuse investigation ‘scrapped by police commanders’

Cyril Smith child abuse inquiry ‘scrapped after his arrest’ – (What corruption there is at the heart of Westminster society!!)

Adams’ meeting with US Government cancelled over welfare impasse

Gerry Adams left red-faced after snub by US officials

Adams’ cancelled meeting ‘bizarre’

Adams criticises US State Department over refusal to meet him – (Despite SF’s denials, he has been snubbed!!)

US State Department official to meet Gerry Adams – (The Kennedy clique have been pulling strings for their Irish buddies no doubt!!!)

Sinn Fein double standards exposed

No more cash should go to appeasing Sinn Fein on welfare

Former UDA terrorist admits abusing girls

March 16

‘New Yorker’ claims Adams behind bombs

Gerry Adams dodges the real issues with his cryptic responses over IRA abuse claims?

‘Gerry Adams has more skeletons than the Titanic’

Obama signals he is unhappy with turmoil in the North

Prominent Dublin SF figure linked to fresh abuse claims, secret report says

Padraic Wilson (an IRA ‘judge’) held power ‘over life and death of IRA volunteers if they transgressed’

Paudie McGahon’s IRA abuser raped boy in Dublin – (May God bring down the network of evil that SF/IRA is!)

Sinn Féin are bringing in the lawyers over alleged abuse investigations

ANALYSIS: What did Gerry Adams know about multiple instances of child abuse?

Eoghan Harris: Paudie puts Spotlight on Sinn Fein’s cult side

SF more concerned with votes than the vulnerable: Ford

Ronan Fanning: Rooted in the North, SF isn’t fit for office in Republic – (Or anywhere else for that matter!!)

Sinn Fein ‘will ruin Ireland’ warns Fine Gael TD Simon Harris – (Given the support that Irish Roman Catholicism has given to SF from its outset, it is what it deserves!!)

‘Eucharistic famine’ fear over future of priesthood in Ireland

Welfare delays ‘cost £2m a week in fines’ off block grant

March 13

Where the Bodies Are Buried – (Revealing article on Gerry Adams in the ‘New Yorker’ magazine)

End mandatory coalition which ensures nationalist power: Ukip

DUP Committed to Failed Government at Stormont

Sinn Fein ‘shameless’ for backing massive anti-austerity protests

For governing parties to join this strike is a disgrace to democracy

Band resigns after speech to SF conference

Taoiseach calls on Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams to ‘present himself’ to gardai with IRA sex abuse information

Taoiseach Enda Kenny says Gerry Adams ‘well aware of abuse’

IRA sex abuse: Enda Kenny calls on Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams to “present himself” to police over party knowledge of IRA sex abuse

Sinn Fein member of Dublin parliament, Aengus Ó Snodaigh says abuse claims will ‘weigh heavily’ with voters

Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald insists she would have told gardaí of IRA rape allegations

Sinn Féin casts a dark shadow over Irish democracy

SF says it’s fit to govern but recent events suggest otherwise

Fintan O’Toole: On a wing and a prayer – how the IRA and the church banished abusers

March 12

Paedophile priest to be sentenced on new charges

Sinn Fein MP Molloy ‘must apologise in person to McGahon over offensive tweet’

Sinn Féin and IRA investigated 100 cases of abuse, Dublin Minister says

Child sex abuse victims must not be collateral damage

The gaps in Adams’ story

SF members are trying to blur the truth about cover-up – McGahon

Just how many more skeletons will emerge from the Sinn Féin closet?

Former loyalist paramilitary admits historic abuse charges – (Another gangster who felt himself above the law!)

Failure to resolve welfare reform row ‘will leave £500m Budget black hole’

Martin McGuinness: Key papers were withheld from us and welfare figures deliberately inflated

‘Sinn Fein wants to show Northern Ireland is a failed political entity by bringing chaos over welfare reform’

Eamonn McCann: Union protests pushed Sinn Féin to pull out of agreement – (Most of the unions are led by Romanists!)

‘Whitewash’ fears over MPs’ On The Run report

March 11

Top Irish American politicians slam Cardinal Dolan on IRA /ISIS linkage

Gerry Adams ‘knew about rape of Paudie McGahon but did not report it’, it is claimed

Ex-SF TD says McGahon told him of IRA inquiry on rape claim

Arthur Morgan releases letter he wrote to Paudie McGahon

Paudie McGahon: Police prepare ‘IRA rape’ claim file

At least 60 people were abused by Provos, claims Mairia Cahill – (You’re not counting those murdered, bombed, robbed and terrorised etc, Mairia!!!!)

Sinn Fein MP Francie Molloy apologises for tweet about ‘rubbish’ IRA abuse claims

Sinn Féin MP apologises after tweet describing abuse allegation as ‘rubbish’

Exclusive: ‘Sinn Fein describing my abuse as “rubbish” is very hurtful’ – Paudie McGahon – (This man’s family home was an IRA ‘safe house – Galatians 6:7)

Mairia Cahill calls on Sinn Fein MP to resign after ‘disgusting’ tweet – (Likely!!)

IRA rapist ‘from top Republican family’

Smuggling ignored to keep paramilitaries sweet: McCrea

Mass goers in Donegal walk out after priest criticises GAA star for backing ‘Yes’ on same sex marriage

Celtic statue row: TUV man blasts ‘false gods and pagans’

US envoy Gary Hart urges Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness to settle crisis

SF welfare dossier fails to prove its key claim – (Like all their claims from day one over 40 years ago!!!)

IRA killer’s day out of prison for St Patrick’s Day is a sick joke, says widow

Outrage over day release application by murderer

Police are not to blame for tiresome jihadi schoolgirls saga, says Leo McKinstry – (Few seem prepared to take responsibility for their wrongdoing today!!)

March 10

Stormont crisis: Why did Sinn Fein decide to vote against Welfare Bill?

DUP welfare reform plans handed over to Sinn Fein by mistake, claims Gerry Adams

Peter Robinson: This is a blatant U-turn, Sinn Fein have gone back on their word

Peter Robinson: Stop the lies, Sinn Fein. Time to prove your claims

Cuts to pay for SF’s welfare fund see disabled services axed

Sinn Fein U-turn on deal returns Stormont to the brink

A cynical change of heart pours scorn on their claims to be party of government

Sinn Féin once again deploys weapons of mass distraction

SF ‘orchestrated’ crisis in North as a distraction – Dublin Deputy Prime Minister Joan Burton

Roman Catholic bishop Kevin Doran claims gay couples with children ‘are not parents’

Dublin Prime Minister Enda Kenny vows action for IRA abuse victims

IRA abuse claims: There are many more sex victims like Paudie, Mairia Cahill tells Sinn Fein

Paudie McGahon: Gerry Adams says he believes ‘IRA rape victim’

‘I cannot investigate, I will not investigate’ – Gerry Adams refuses to say whether he could locate alleged McGahon abuser

Micheal Martin tells Dail: ‘Gerry Adams is a former chief of staff of the IRA’ – (Which makes him a liar and a murderer!!)

March 9

Sinn Féin blocks welfare bill in Northern Ireland Assembly

Last-minute Sinn Fein U-turn as party blocks welfare reform

Northern Ireland devolution could be derailed by row over welfare reform

Welfare reform: Westminster will not provide extra money says minister

Sinn Fein to oppose welfare bill: Peter Robinson slams Martin McGuinness’ statement as ‘dishonourable and ham-fisted’

Welfare reform: How did Sinn Féin lose faith in Stormont House deal?

Sinn Fein seems to have little interest in a stable Province – (Don’t you know that it is only interested in a DESTROYED Northern Ireland !!!????)

Sinn Fein can be biggest party in Ireland north and south of border by next year, says Gerry Adams – (“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall,” Proverbs 16:18.)

Unionists need to stop squabbling, and start taking Sinn Fein seriously

How I was raped by an IRA man and faced a kangaroo court

Niece cries out for justice for German woman killed by IRA

March 8

James Molyneaux: Former UUP leader dies

James Molyneaux: Former UUP leader dies age 94

Sinn Fein ard fheis: Presbyterian minister got standing ovation

Sinn Féin Ard Fheis: Party votes to allow limited abortion – (Please read an examination of this issue here)

Adams speech was a ‘clear attack’ on sex abuse victims: abuse victim Mairia Cahill

Sinn Féin received more than €5m from State since 2011

Money from America helps rewrite Sinn Fein story – (‘Whitewash’ would be a better word!!)

Niece of German IRA victim to speak at Stormont

Barney McGinley wedding killing: Second relative charged with murder

Warning bands will exit forum over address to Sinn Fein ard fheis – (These bandsmen ‘should catch themselves on’!!!)

Apologise for IRA/Isis comments, Cardinal Timothy Dolan told

DUP is divided by plans to discipline whistleblower Jenny Palmer

No more hugs and handshakes as DUP ‘family’ threatens to implode

Reported in the News Letter on March 7, 1957: Officer injured in gun battle as IRA attacks Fermanagh police station again

Sodomite man considers suing firm who refused to print wedding invites

Thatcher ‘Turned Blind Eye’ To Paedophile MPs

Margaret Thatcher ‘knew of Cyril Smith abuse and Cabinet Office covered up information’

Police search home of Lord Bramall (former chief of the defence staff) as part of paedophile sex abuse inquiry

Getting married before having children ‘boosts chances of staying together’ – study

March 7

Cardinal faces backlash after comparing IRA to Islamic State terrorist group – (Why was Adams, McGuinness & Co never excommunicated by Cardinal’s church???)

Islamic state and IRA terror differ only in scale, says DUP MP – (And yet he went into a coalition with them – what hypocrisy!)

‘There is no difference in beheading or shooting’

Parallels can’t be drawn in terms of their brutality between IS and IRA, says father of Warrington bomb – (Poor foolish man!)

Military man disagrees with cardinal on IRA-Catholic link

Sodomite considers suing firm who refused to print wedding invites

Gerry Adams ‘wrong about Paul Quinn murder’ say family – (A polite way of calling him a liar!)

Sinn Féin will not join in any Government it cannot fully dominate – (Stormont is proof of that!!)

Sinn Fein votes that no member of royal family should be invited to 1916 commemorations

DUP whistleblower Jenny Palmer was promised apology… now she faces party expulsion

Jim Allister Challenges £275K Golden Handshake for New Education and Skills Authority Chief

March 6

Travers welcomes IS and IRA comparison

‘Christian firm’ in Irish Republic refuses to print gay couple’s invitations

Printers stick by gay invite snub

Glenkeen shooting: Two men are shot in the legs in Poleglass

BBC Trust rejects DUP’s appeal to be included in TV election debates

Power-sharing critics should eat their words: Paisley – (The Lord will have the final say on power-sharing with murderers!!)

The movie stars who gave money to Sinn Féin

Sinn Fein face probe over $12m donations from USA

Party has more money flowing in than most other Northern parties combined

SF MPs ‘elected not to take seats’ – Adams

March 5

Mid Ulster SDLP councillors defend ban on selling poppies – (On such issues they stand beside Sinn Fein/IRA!)

Unionists oppose use of ‘Irish first’ on new Mid Ulster District Council logo – (Irish is not the ‘first’ language of 99% of Roman Catholics!!)

Young ‘targeted by paramilitaries’

Disadvantaged youths disillusioned with peace process being ‘targeted by paramilitaries’

Sinn Féin raised $12 million in the United States

What exactly is Sinn Féin’s policy on abortion?

Church of Ireland split over gay rights and DUP’s conscience clause Bill – (That’s because of the C of I ‘split’ from the Bible a long time ago!!)

No prosecutions in recent years over illegal dumping of fuel waste – (By republicans, let it be said!!!)

Islamic State are religious perverts, just like IRA: Catholic cardinal – (Stand back and wait for the explosion!!!)

Stormont to turn green and orange for St Patrick’s Day and 12 July – (The rest of the time it ought to be just plain ‘yellow’!!!)

March 4

UUP proposes law to prohibit tributes to terrorists

Councillors fail to resolve the issue of renaming of Newry play park

McCreesh name should stay – family – (Typical republican intransigence)

Remembrance Day poppy sales banned (by republicans) at new Mid Ulster super-council

Poppy ban by Mid Ulster council slammed by war veterans

Senior loyalists: We couldn’t have sold ’94 ceasefire if we knew what we know now – (Had you listened to the warnings you would have known!!!)

‘We’re being hunted like dogs while Provos get their letters of comfort’

Belfast council row over £300,00 for ex-prisoner (paramilitary) groups

Sinn Féin TD, Peadar Tóibín will not back abortion motion at Sinn Fein ardfheis

Sinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald: I will be backing abortion motion – (Killing comes easy to Sinn Fein/IRA)

Sinn Fein deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald backs change to abortion law

‘I will parade in Dublin to protest at one-sided probes’ – daughter of Enniskillen poppy bomb victim

Amnesty International ‘fails to shine spotlight on Dublin’ – (It always was a pro-republican organisation!)

ENGLAND – Man admits mugging frail OAP Stanley Evans for £5

March 3

Loyalist Bands Forum to attend Sinn Fein Ard Fhéis – (No comment is possible!!!)

Naomi Long’s hold on East Belfast may be more secure than unionists expect

Beast in the East’ running enterprise of ‘protection’, drugs and fake cigarettes

Loyalists are just criminals, but republicanism is a cult of fascists

Belfast parade tribute to soldiers killed in IRA bombing – Fred Starrett and James Cummings honoured

VIDEO: SDLP supports consultation on banning terror names

Raymond McCreesh Park: Newry Sinn Féin councillors reject fresh vote

Birmingham bomb families to press Home Secretary Theresa May for new inquest

Birmingham pub bombings: Police condemned over delay in deciding what to do over book by former IRA intelligence chief

Tánaiste Joan Burton calls out Gerry Adams for one-to-one policy debate

SF Stormont Speaker McLaughlin accepts Commonwealth Parliamentary Association presidency

March 2

Discrimination against Christians ‘ignored’ across Europe – MPs

Dublin Government minister, Alan Kelly warns Northern Ireland over Provisional Republican fuel crooks

Newry and Armagh MLA Danny Kennedy rubbishes Adams’ denial of republican criminality

We are still counting the cost of €2bn price of peace – The Provisional IRA has one of the most lucrative terrorist funding operations ever seen

How Sinn Fein machine makes €4m-plus a year – (It is the Irish Mafia – Just how do Christians in the DUP justify such an alliance??)

Sinn Fein makes £3m a year for election machine

DUP retaining Brimstone to protect others, says ex-Spad

‘I probably would have been killed if I had spoken sooner’ – Mairia Cahill

They talk of youth, but old men still lead Sinn Fein

Tom Elliott calls for ban on naming facilities after people convicted of terror offences

Dublin Academic saw folly of teaching Irish in schools

300 victims groomed and assaulted by Oxfordshire gangs, report finds

February 28

‘Border regions losing faith in PSNI’ – Conor Murphy – (Since when did ‘Bandit Country’ ever have faith in the police????)

Booby-trap poster bomb victim Francis McCabe is stable in hospital – (Which is more than could be said for the hundreds of SF/IRA victims over the years!!)

Crossmaglen: Police appeal after Frank McCabe Jr injured in bomb

Alleged CIRA members were plotting policing board attacks, Belfast court hears

Don’t be fooled by the words, always judge Sinn Fein by their actions – (The same goes for the DUP!!!)

‘Jihadi John’ Emwazi’s Old Schoolmate: ‘He Was Like Any Of Us’ – (Really !!!!!!)

Gritter lorry driver attacked by masked gang after refusing to take suspected bomb to Derry police station

Northern Ireland police win latest round in battle to hear Boston College tapes

Victims demand SDLP leader, Alasdair McDonnell meeting over McCreesh play park

Sinn Féin government would involve ‘rule of fear’ – (Let the DUP take note!!)

40 million items a year under free prescriptions in Northern Ireland – (It wouldn’t be hard to guess where the majority of them went!!)

Boris Nemtsov: ‘I’m afraid Putin will kill me,’ politician said weeks before being shot dead


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