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July 2012

Separation – A doctrine in need of reiteration

Leviticus 20:1-8. This is the substance of a message preached by Rev Ivan Foster on a recent visit to the Czech Republic and Romania.

Separation is no new doctrine. It is not the invention of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster or any other separated denomination.

You are not necessarily living a separated life just because you attend a separated church. There are many who attend services in a denomination which espouses a proper Biblical and separated position regarding the ecumenical movement and the worldly music that increasingly pervades the worship of many churches and yet they themselves do not embrace a holy separated walk with God. They are no more separated unto the Lord than was Judas Iscariot who was associated with the Lord Jesus during the most of His earthly ministry. Read article…

The Second Advent

by Bishop J. C. Ryle.

In language that is both uncomplicated and unambiguous, Bishop Ryle deals with a subject that is so relevant for the Church of Christ today. The indifference of many toward the Bible’s teaching on the Second Advent, the slumbering and sleeping of many regarding the Saviour’s return and the inconsistencies of those who reject a literal interpretation of Scripture prophecies are all dealt ably and graciously by the great man.

“Exclusive Psalmody” — is it commanded of God?

The substance of a submission by Rev. Ivan Foster in his debate with Rev. Angus Stewart of Covenant Protestant Reformed Fellowship, Ballymena, on 14th January 2005. (reprinted from 2005) Click here to read.

Report of Rev. Ivan Foster’s visit to Czech Republic and Romania

Below is an audio report of Rev. Foster’s recent preaching trip to the Czech Republic and Romania. This report was originally broadcast as part of a Heart of the matter programme.

Some photographs from the trip.

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Selected news stories

March 2012

Ethics of IVF provision for lesbians raised in Stormont debate by Jim Allister MLA.

Click here to read a speech by TUV leader Jim Allister during this morning’s (March 20th) debate on IVF in Stormont.

The footsteps of Patrick

The Gospel of Christ came to Ireland over 1500 years ago. Despite many attempts by Satan and his agents God has been pleased to maintain His truth in this land. Following its first planting the Gospel was carried by men whose hearts the Lord had touched into many neighbouring countries: Scotland, England, Wales, France, Germany, Switzerland and further.

God has been pleased, in some measure, to do again in these latter days what He did in those distant days. May the land, now associated with terror and strife, become known again by the title it was then given, “The land of Saints and Scholars.” Read more…

Ireland before the seventeenth century plantation

A knowledge of the history of Ireland is a very beneficial and precious thing and that for a number of reasons.

1. History displays the merciful dealings of God with our forefathers.

2. Such a knowledge will do much to expose the lie of Rome that has bred the spirit of Irish nationalism based upon the myth of a pure Irish race that has ever been fervently Roman Catholic.

3. It will go far toward removing the feeling of insecurity and of guiltiness at being in Ulster that many Ulster Protestants suffer from as a result of Rome’s persistent lie.

Read more…

Spiritual Warfare and Marriage Campaign

[This article originally appeared in the English Churchman (Edition 7839 of 25th February 2012) and is republished here by kind permission.]

There are times when as Christians we look around and wonder. The state of the church and nation is so weak and we ourselves are little better. What can we do but cry out to God? The UK presently faces one of the most serious challenges to our society, the re-definition of marriage to turn it into an abomination. The Government proposes to allow the attempted joining together of two men or two women to be called a marriage. Read more…

Is there a way for terrorist murderers to obtain “forgiveness for their past”?

A recent news story in the Belfast “News Letter” (29th February) carried the headlines: ‘Former IRA men ‘seeking forgiveness for their past’. It featured a report on the work of the ‘Crossfire Trust’ in South Armagh. It is funded by The International Fund for Ireland, an organisation set up by the British and Irish governments in 1986. It would be correct to say that it is an ecumenical organisation which has the objective of combatting sectarianism.

The article also featured a lengthy statement by a man the newspaper termed “a south Armagh peacemaker”, Mr Ian Bothwell. He has been involved in community work in south Armagh since the late 1970s. Mr Bothwell’s “Crossfire Trust” website makes reference to his desire to remind the people of South Armagh of “God and His love for them”.

However, in the “Newsletter” article, Mr Bothwell’s proposal for “a new way forward between paramilitaries and victims in the area” is clearly a social and political solution to the murderers’ anxiety. Read more…

Featured news stories


Robinson hopes Catholics join DUP

Jim Allister Responds to Robinson’s Carson Lecture

Danny Kennedy MLA ‘hopeful’ over meeting on Kingsmills

Garda document ended up in hands of the IRA

FORMULA FOR POLITICAL SUCCESS TODAY – UUP leadership hopeful John McCallister says he would back Down in an All-Ireland GAA final and has no problem with gay pride events

Crime gangs ‘a bigger threat than IRA were’

Relations between Vatican and state ‘not very good’

Taoiseach Kenny says no schedule exists for a unified Ireland

Boston College IRA tapes saga: Senator Schumer steps in

Police in Londonderry refuse to confirm or deny if Provisional IRA is linked any criminal activity between 2010 and 2011 (We wonder why????)

Bertie Ahern to resign from Fianna Fail

Two-thirds of benefit claimants fit for work

Cardinal Brady will not resign despite Vatican report on cleric abuse

Church renewal starts with cardinal

Former Methodist minister Macaulay jailed for child images

Pensioner who died after fall at care home ‘lay on the floor bleeding for up to 10 minutes because Muslim nurse was praying’

Stormont trying to kill off Freedom of Information

Fianna Fail moves to expel former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern

Party may expel former taoiseach

Taoiseach’s office stained – current Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Ahern denies taking bribes after report

Bishop Patrick Walsh defends handling of sex abuse case

Priest to stand trial for alleged sexual assaults

Vatican’s empty gesture is betrayal of abused children

‘No change’ to gay NI adoption law

Paisley Jnr’s Rio statue move was distressing (Click here for the original story)

Mahon report into corruption in the Irish Republic found that former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern failed to tell the truth

Mahon Tribunal – Key Findings

Ahern evidence about money ‘untrue’

Ahern ‘failed to tell truth about money’

Gay marriage is not a ‘human right’: European ruling torpedoes Coalition stance

Vatican reports on Irish child abuse scandals

Vatican report into clerical sexual abuse advises changes for would-be priests

How many died because of Dublin’s border policy?

Joint Commemoration of Centenaries with Sinn Fein – But no time to debate return of portrait of HM the Queen

Jeremy Clarkson’s blasphemy is just ‘everyday language’, says BBC

GAA and Gay Pride? ‘I did both years ago’ – Mike Nesbitt

Gay marriage: UK Government to introduce law change

Former Irish justice minister has rejected claim that Jack Lynch ordered gardai not to cooperate with the RUC

I was named after Ian Paisley, but hurling is part of my heritage, says DUP mayor

DUP Mayor cheers on Loughgiel Shamrocks’ hurler

Sinn Fein: Mary McArdle’s departure isn’t linked to Provo murder – TUV challenges that assertion!!

Loyalist spokesman – “We respect your rights, you respect ours”

Smithwick Tribunal: Taoiseach called bombing a ‘political crime’ – therefore no help was to be given to RUC

Gardai ‘told not to aid bombings case’

Dublin ‘must reveal IRA collusion’

Allister challenges Mervyn Storey and North Antrim DUP on GAA and standing for “The Soldier’s Song”

Jack Lynch ‘told gardaí not to assist RUC’

Revealed: how the SF culture minister Caral Ni Chuilin aims to exert an iron grip on what key bodies say

IRA men were about to shoot at us, soldiers will tell inquest

CoI rector: bishops are failing us over gay row

‘Rifles found’ close to the bodies of IRA pair

Victims remembered in Stormont silent tribute

Catholic monarch could put Church of England in peril, bishop warns

Watching fate of the southern Protestant

Embrace gay marriage, says new dean of St Paul’s

Archbishop of Canterbury in fresh push to dissuade Anglicans from defecting to Roman Catholic Church as he stresses moves to bring the two churches together !!!

Abuse survivors to meet Cardinal Brady

Church hails ‘relaxed’ talks on homosexuality (Relaxed over what God calls an “abomination”!!)

NASA man ‘sacked for his beliefs’ (He promoted his views on intelligent design)

Ulster Unionists look for new leader after Tom Elliott’s resignation

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Elliott QUITS as UUP leader – First Interview

Jim Shannon uses parliamentary privilege to name Letterkenny mayor he believes was responsible for the murder of a part-time UDR member in 1982.

How a king’s judges were hunted down – a little bit of history!

Stormont has 161 press officers, more than Belfast has journalists – (Maintaining the “lie” is costly!)

Too late for IRA to rewrite history (See: Is there a way for murderers to obtain forgiveness….)

Stepping back in time on the Covenant trail

Unionists sceptical on SF’s ‘sorry’ call (merely part of SF’s political game, especially since terrorism is still defended by them!)

No bitterness over Abercorn bombers 40 years on

No amount of excuses can justify murder

Statistics on rate of homosexuality

Church in Ireland at a breaking point says RC Archbishop Diarmuid Martin on “60 Minutes”

Two arrested over Belfast city centre murder – now believed there was no para-military involvement

Sinn Fein chairman: IRA should say sorry for hurt caused (but not for the ‘war’)

Man shot dead in Belfast in republican assassination

DUP simply bowing down to terrorist shrine