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June 2017

Why I have closed my account with SermonAudio

As of 30th May, 2017, I have requested that SermonAudio close my account. I am not sure just when the closure will take place as that is in the hands of SermonAudio. However, I will no longer mount sermons there. Instead, my own website The Burning Bush will now house all my sermons. It has long been the home of my articles and news links. Gradually we will mount the 1376 messages I had on SermonAudio on my own site.

I think that I am correct in saying that our sermons were among the first that were mounted on SermonAudio when Mr. Steven Lee opened his exciting new venture. I recall him heading off home to the United Sates with a large box of old cassette recordings of early sermons preached by me here in Kilskeery, many hundreds of which have been downloaded over the years. I am ever mindful of the introduction SermonAudio gave me to a multitude of believers across the world. Read more

Anti-abortion groups hail judges’ ruling that politicians should decide law

Appeal court ruled that abortion law in Northern Ireland should be left to the Stormont Assembly and not judges. Political manoeuvring at Westminster soon cut short the rejoicing over this decision!!

Read the Newsletter report here.

Chancellor: Government to fund abortions in England for women from Northern Ireland

It is clear that the DUP’s “moral position” on abortion has not in the least influenced the British Government. Are professing Christians in Stormont happy with the murder of the unborn being the price of the financial benefits obtained from the UK Prime Minister.

Read the ITV news report here.

Irish Language Act Would Deliver Key IRA Green Book Objective

Read the TUV statement by Jim Allister  here.

Studies in Ezekiel Chapters 25-28

The Visions of the Judgment of the Nations around Israel (Ammon, Moab, Edom, Philistia, Tyrus)

Preached at a meeting of the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony in London, June 23 2017, By Rev Ivan Foster

These 4 chapters detail the judgments of God which befell the nations around Israel at the hand of Babylon back some 2600 years ago.

Three of the chapters deal with Tyrus. I believe that what is here read is a picture, a foreshadowing of the future judgments of God against the Antichrist and his allies.

The Bible says that: “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun,” Ecclesiastes 1:9.
Such a statement is entirely logical.

Man is unchanging in his spiritual disposition and constitution.

Contrary to the Evolutionist’s silly notion that man is on an upward moral path, in truth man is ever on the sinful, depraved downward path. It is only by God’s constraining providence that mankind has not long ago plunged into unspeakable depths of universal darkness and the damnation that will follow.

No, man being the same he ever seeks out the same sinful paths as did his forefathers.
God being the same, and He is, “For I am the LORD, I change not,” Malachi 3:6, His response to sin has ever been the same.

When nations sin as nations have before, then the judgments that will follow such sin will again be as the judgments of the past.

The chapter 25 deals with the Ammonites, the Moabites, the Edomites and the Philistines. I do not intend examining each declaration of judgment against these nations for that would require more time than is available to us tonight.

I wish to highlight important features in these chapters. Read more

Watch a video of this message here.

Some Cardinal Principles of Prophetic Interpretation

By Charles T Cook

(This article is taken from the second issue of Watching and Waiting, May 1919).

1. Prophecy is never given to satisfy curiosity, but to inculcate some needful moral and spiritual lesson (Daniel 9:2-3; Daniel 10:18; Luke 21:28; 2 Peter 1:19; 2 Peter 3:14).

2. Prophecies of events still future will be fulfilled on the same principle as those which have already come to pass. (The following prophecies concerning our Lord Jesus have been literally fulfilled: Micah 5:2; Isaiah 7:14; Isaiah 53:7-9; Psalm 16:8-11. The following prophecies will also be fulfilled literally: Zechariah 12:10; Zechariah 14:3-4; Matthew 24:29-31. Prophecies concerning Israel’s scattering have been fulfilled literally, so also will be the promises of regathering: Jeremiah 30:3; Jeremiah 31:7-10; Isaiah 14:1-3; Amos 9:14-15). Read more

Priest at Belfast school quizzed pupils about sex – report criticises child protection failings

It is to be noted that the fact that this is a Roman Catholic controlled school is not immediately made clear in the report!! Read the Belfast Telegraph report here.

DUP secures ‘Military Covenant’ for veterans in Northern Ireland, Paisley claims

It was always a source of shame that soldiers from Northern Ireland serving in the British Army were not treated the same as soldiers from the other parts of the United Kingdom. read the Belfast Telegraph report here.

Weakened Tories good news for Libya-IRA victims: Empey

Read the Newsletter report here.

Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real and God is not ‘a magician with a magic wand’

Popery is a system which has long spoken out of ‘both sides of its mouth’ and is ever engaged in preaching ‘the lie’ while calling it ‘the truth’ and thus deceiving millions about eternity !!!

Read The Independent’s report here.

Jeff Dudgeon: I have long battled with the DUP over gay rights, but I do not find them hostile now.

Something every Free Presbyterian supporter of the DUP should reads and note!!

Read the Newsletter report here.

DUP urged to ‘change its position’ on LGBTI issues by Scottish Secretary

Read the Newsletter report here.

Cash, not moral issues, likely to be driving force of DUP support for May

The price of power!!!

Read the Newsletter report here.

Talk about hypocrisy, Sinn Fein cosied up to DUP when it suited

Read the Belfast Telegraph report here.

Election results 2017: DUP and Sinn Féin celebrate election gains

The graph shows a very divided Ulster!!

Read the BBC news report here.

SDLP and UUP lose Westminster seats

Read the BBC news report here.

General Election 2017 result live: Theresa May brokers deal with DUP to form new government

Read the Belfast Telegraph report here.

Jim Allister: Finucane cannot masquerade as campaigner for truth and justice while carrying flag for IRA’s political wing

Read the Newsletter report here.

Even after Enniskillen massacre, Corbyn and the hard left would not condemn the IRA

Read the Newsletter report here.

Dublin Police foil huge dissident Semtex bomb plot

Read the Belfast Telegraph report here.

Corbyn went out on limb with Provos all the time, claims peer

What a disaster for the UK if this “useful idiot of the IRA”, as one RUC officer called him years ago, is elected Prime Minister and what a commentary on the wit of the people of England if he is their choice!!!

Read the Belfast Telegraph report here.

See also Labour’s wriggling over its past meetings with terrorists is enough to make your hair curl, no matter what Abbott says

‘Workmate led us to a slaughtering match’

“The sole survivor of the Kingsmills massacre says he is “horrified” that a workmate who usually travelled on the minibus ambushed by the IRA in south Armagh may have set them up to be murdered.”

This would not be the first time that such treachery was manifested. A young republican in Castlederg blew himself up fixing a bomb to the car of a workmate who had often shared his lunch with him!!

Read the Belfast Newsletter report here.

Read a Belfast Telegraph report here.

August 2015

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The unchanging price of God’s blessing

Judges 20:18-48

A message preached at a special season of prayer on the 41st anniversary of the opening of the first gospel hall here in Kilskeery.

The Book of Judges is in many ways a most distressing book for it records the follies of man when he departs from God’s truth and follows his own evil desires. There is a statement which explains the spirit of that day. “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes,” Judges 21:25, (17:6).

The staggering from folly to folly, from wickedness to wickedness recorded in this book is the outcome of that policy.

Chapters 19-20 contain an account which is distressing to read yet it is an narrative of the words and actions of the people of God some 20 years after the renewing of the covenant with the Lord that is recorded in Joshua 24:14-28. What a solemn covenant this was and yet what wickedness existed among the people here in Judges 19-20, just 20 years later, and 40 years after Moses.

The deeds of the Benjamites in the city of Gibeah, as stated in chapter 19:22, are but a repeat of the wickedness of the Sodomites of Genesis 19:4. Sodomy can corrupt even the people of God. It is the SIN of today.

Sadly, this wickedness was defended by the rest of the tribe of Benjamin, 20:12-14.

In response to this sinful defence of the men of Gibeah, the whole tribe of Benjamin made itself guilty of the evil and the rest of the tribes of Israel set themselves to judge that sin.
It is the events that unfolded as they pursued that objective that I wish to consider today for there are lessons for us to learn from these events of some 3500 years ago.

An education acceptable to God

This is an excellent article on the subject of ‘Christian Education’ by Pastor Ralph Ovadal. It is directed primarily at an American audience but it deals with Bible principles which are applicable to all Christian parents, irrespective of where they live.

As Pharaoh sought the destruction of Israel by seeking to destroy the male Hebrew children, so that evil policy of seeking the destruction of the children of believers remains a chief weapon in the hand of the devil.

We prayerfully commend this article to all our readers. Please share it with Christian parents within your family circle.

Ivan Foster (Editor)

Read the article here

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25th Sodomite parade in Belfast

Protesters_gay_prideThousands attended the sodomite celebration of immorality in Belfast on Saturday 1st August. The BBC news site contained the following comments.

One spectator, who moved out of Belfast more than 40 years ago, said the growth of the local Gay Pride movement was a sign of how much the city has changed.

“When I left Belfast in 1974 you would never, ever, ever imagine that this kind of thing could happen in Belfast and it’s brilliant, absolutely fantastic,” the woman said.

Read more

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Part 7: Remembering the words of the apostles about the latter-day apostasy

roman_soldier“These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts; and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage. But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; how that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit,” Jude 1:16-19.

Verses 16-17 of the epistle of Jude underscore for us yet again how events in the last days feature large in the Word of God.

In our last study, we considered the words of a man, the prophet Enoch, and what he had to say about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Enoch’s ministry would have had the earliest generations of mankind sit under it, and that most likely included Adam!

Read more

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Prayer Requested for New Nepal Constitution

Rev. & Mrs. Wesley Graham
Rev. & Mrs. Wesley Graham

At present the political parties in Nepal are debating a new constitution that includes anti-conversion laws and underscores decades-old religious tension. If ratified, the result could be a likely crackdown and severe persecution for dozens of Christian ministries serving there. It is feared that if this new constitution is adopted in its present draft form there could be great restriction on the freedom the Christians to share their faith with others.

The constitutional language in question states, “[…] any act which may be contrary to public health, public decency or morality or incitement to breach public peace or act to convert another person from one religion to another or any act or behaviour to undermine or jeopardize the religion of each other is not allowed and such act shall be punishable by law.”

The Nepalese government continues to seek input from its citizens before the Civic Relations and Constitution Recommendation Committee of the Constituent Assembly receives the final constitution draft on July 23. The government plans to finalize the constitution by mid-August. Violence erupted between police and protesters in southern Nepal when government officials held a public meeting to gain citizen input to the constitution, according to news reports from the region. The protesters threw chairs at the deputy prime minister.

This isolated country between India and China historically has been a Hindu nation, and most protesters are demanding a return to that status. Nepalese monarchs advocated Hinduism, and the people believed their monarchs were the reincarnation of Vishnu, a Hindu god.

Please pray that the government may adopt a constitution which allows Christians freedom to express and declare their faith

To learn more visit the FPCoU Mission Board website

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“The Frightening Prospect Facing the Cause of God in Ulster! ”

Jeremiah 12:7-11.

A sermon preached by Rev Ivan Foster in Newtownabbey FPC on Lord’s Day evening, 19th July, 2015.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]an is the same today as he was back in the times of the OT.

The Lord remains the same because, He is “infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, in His being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth. ”

The sin of men today therefore brings the same response from the Lord as ever it did.
The analysis of man’s condition and the only cure given by the Lord was accurate a thousand years ago and more and remains effective still.

That being so, we can scan the future in the Bible’s records of the past. What happened to Israel following its backsliding and sin will likewise happen to the converted Gentiles today.

It is for this reason that we can look at these verses and see what lies ahead of Ulster’s Christians if there is not a taking heed of the lessons laid down for us. We may say with Paul: “for our sakes, no doubt, this is written, ” 1 Corinthians 9:10.

The consequences of backsliding and defiance of God is most terrible indeed! Hear what God says. “I have forsaken mine house, I have left mine heritage, ” Jeremiah 12:7-8.

The wonderful promise of Hebrews 13:5 must never be abused. That is not a promise without conditions. Disobedience of God is not ignored by Him.

The true believer will never be so wholly forsaken of God as to lose his soul but sin will cost us the presence and blessing of God just as it cost David such. Psalm 51:11-12.

That is the inevitable cost of sin in this life! Ulster’s Christians are facing a future void of these joys and blessings if there is not a heeding of the decline taking place amongst us.

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Latest news stories

PM must address the intrinsic problems in Stormont arrangements

Talks in Dublin and London today on Stormont crisis – (This shows how far the sell-out has gone when Dublin is fully involved in our affairs!!)

DUP to call for revival of Northern Ireland ceasefire monitoring system – (Anything other than pull the plug and lose their pay cheques!!)

Staying in Stormont Executive makes life very difficult for DUP – (Difficult it might be but it is vitally important to their pockets!!)

Nesbitt right to quit Executive, says ex-First Minister Trimble – (That’s an endorsement that comforts I’m sure!!)

DUP slam UUP leader’s comments about First Minister as ‘misleading’ ‘dirty and deceitful’ – (Nothing like letting Sinn Fein/IRA off the hook!!)

Contradictions abound as Nesbitt wrong-foots DUP

NIO staying silent on Stormont options

Not Sinn Féin’s job to solve crime, says McDonald – (Usually solving it by engaging in another!!)

Why ex-IRA men killing each other really does matter for all of Ireland

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More news

August 31

Why I will complain to Assembly over MLA’s tweet about my IRA rape

3 charts that show what Catholics and Protestants really think about the moral issues splitting Christianity in two

IRA linked to 45 violent post-ceasefire deaths

DUP leader Peter Robinson criticises ‘illogical’ UUP move – (Why then has the DUP said that they are contemplating the same move???!!!)

DUP slam UUP leader’s comments about First Minister as ‘misleading’ ‘dirty and deceitful’

UUP facing criticism over Stormont exit

Stormont crisis: This is not the time to flee the battlefield, says Peter Robinson

Parties urged to throw SF off Policing Board

Provos could easily switch back to a military footing

Everyone but the UUP is downplaying Sinn Féin’s problems

Sinn Fein denials have made fools of the Irish people

Still obediently following Fenian instruction booklet

Willie Frazer: After dad’s murder, mum stopped us taking the law into our own hands

UUP to walk out of Northern Ireland Executive after ruling body endorses Mike Nesbitt proposal

Declassified Files: RUC in 1985 a motivated force winning terror battle

August 29

Nesbitt says ‘no trust’ due to SF stance IRA does not exist

DUP and Sinn Fein savage UUP for quitting Executive

Analysis: DUP seem to be making their bed – within the Executive

UUP leader Mike Nesbitt is taking his biggest gamble yet

Vatican ex-envoy Wesolowski dies ahead of abuse trial – (He now knows justice!!)

It is the system of mandatory coalition which has failed -TUV

Top SF figure Sean ‘Spike’ Murray still under investigation over IRA gun-running

William McCrea was not blocked from Lords, says DUP

TUV chief’s anger at Robert McCartney investigation ‘deal’

British and Irish governments should focus on IRA’s €400 million global assets

Robinson has about a week to make decision on whether to stay in Executive

What really happened to (Republic of) Ireland’s Great War soldiers after they returned home?

Pope Francis sends letter praising gay children’s book – (You could expect nothing less from an antichrist!!)

Tullyvallen massacre, 40 years on: ‘The memories never really go away’

Willie Frazer: After dad’s murder, mum stopped us taking the law into our own hands

Declassified files: More than 2,000 of Adams’ votes believed to have been fake

Gerry Adams’ credibility is now beyond repair

IRA’s omerta means Sinn Féin is unfit to govern our Republic

August 28

DUP: Stormont ‘usual business cannot continue until IRA claims resolved’

Provisional IRA claims strong enough to force Sinn Fein out, say DUP

‘It can’t be business as usual’ says Dodds over IRA involvement in Kevin McGuigan murder – (But was business as usual after McCartney and Quinn murders – WHY??)

A brutal IRA murder that’s left Stormont on the brink – try spinning your way out of this one, Gerry

Police seize McGuigan alibi evidence months after murder of ex-IRA commander Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison

Tories hit out at “pathetic role” of UUP in “joke” executive

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin calls for probe on Sinn Féin finance

McCartney family right to feel betrayed in search for justice

‘I was abused by nuns in a Dublin Catholic-run orphanage’

Migrant crisis: More than 70 bodies found in Austria lorry

August 27

DUP will seek SF exclusion from Northern Ireland Executive

The DUP says it is prepared to quit Stormont over IRA claims – (WATCH THIS SPACE!!!)

UUP threat plunges Executive into fresh crisis

TUV Welcome UUP Leaving Executive

Analysis: Nesbitt’s Robinson-esque move discomfits DUP and imperils Stormont

Stormont crisis: Nesbitt has led, and DUP will probably follow

The DUP will be digging escape tunnels already

UUP withdrawal from Executive ‘hypocritical’ – DUP

Sinn Féin: Ulster Unionists ‘trying to create crisis’ – (Of course, IRA on a murder rampage again is not a crisis!!!!!)

UUP’s decision to quit ‘wholly discredited Executive’ welcomed by TUV leader Jim Allister

Stormont crisis: Thank goodness for a party with backbone, says Ann Travers

Provos still getting away with murder and with a barrage of shamfaced lies

PSNI agreed not to pursue Provos who cleaned up McCartney murder scene if IRA helped catch killers, MLA alleges

Garda chief forced into U-turn on IRA stance

Ex-DUP adviser David McConaghie found guilty of filming colleague for sexual gratification

Ex-DUP adviser found guilty of toilet voyeurism

Ex-DUP adviser guilty of voyeurism by hiding camera in constituency office toilets

David McConaghie voyeurism conviction: Simpson welcomes verdict

No reaction, no explanation and no apology as DUP aide David McConaghie who used a secret camera to spy on women in toilet is convicted of voyeurism

Sinn Fein ‘not deterred’ by paint bomb attack on office and graffiti

August 26

Ulster Unionist Party intends to leave NI Executive – says leader

Live updates: UUP ‘to withdraw from Executive’

‘Significant’ UUP announcement due amid revelations IRA still exists

UUP gags officials as rumours of exit grow

Fianna Fáil leader, Micheál Martin criticises Theresa Villiers over IRA response

PSNI chief Hamilton criticised for sharing stage with Sinn Fein

Key suspect in Kevin McGuigan murder arrested in city centre

Garda Commissioner ordered to carry out urgent report into the activities of the IRA – just months after denying the Provos’ existence

Garda Commissioner O’Sullivan should have heeded gardaí’s reports before absolving the IRA

Garda chief feels heat over IRA statements

Michael McDowell: Abolition of Provisional IRA was never on the cards

Sinn Féin (Gerry Kelly) man’s role in grotesque political pantomime

PIRA ‘allowed to continue as unarmed husk’ says former Irish justice minister McDowell – (He had his chance to do something but didn’t!!)

Unwritten policy has been to play down the Provos’ crimes

IRA claims a blatant lie, says son of murdered Republic prison officer

Claims IRA has gone away a ‘blatant lie’, says Austin Stack

Secret meeting in 2013 ‘proves that IRA still exists’ – (The truth is out there and will yet emerge!!)

Kevin McGuigan murder fallout: DUP and UUP told to stand firm in Executive – (Its difficult for ‘jelly’ to stand in any fashion!!)

August 25

Theresa Villiers says IRA existence no surprise to government – (All along British Governments have told us that the IRA threat was gone!!!)

UUP to consider leaving NI Executive

If IRA is intact then Sinn Fein must be excluded from power – (That will never happen for London is too frightened of further IRA terrorism!!)

Unionists warn against ‘fudging’ response to IRA allegations – (They accepted a ‘fudge’ when Paul Quinn was murdered!!)

Victim’s father claims IRA’s structures never dismantled

(Dublin) Coalition cowers in face of new IRA threat – (As does Stormont unionists!!)

Dublin orders ‘fresh assessment’ of Provisional IRA activity

Everybody will believe what they want to believe to keep the Assembly alive

How IRA’s return to violence silenced the SDLP

Provos pose an ‘insidious threat’ – Tánaiste

Individuals linked to IRA still involved in crime, says Garda

Only ordinary voters can stop SF’s fantasy peace process

Our political elite rushes to appease Republican propaganda machine

August 24

Ian Paisley: Sinn Fein are no longer fit for Government – (That implies that they were fit for a time which is blatantly false!!)

Kevin McGuigan murder: Provisional IRA still exists, says PSNI chief

Tissue of lies: PSNI’s stunning admission that IRA still exists

IRA’s structure activated at will, says police union

PSNI chief constable ‘believes the IRA still exists’ – Unionist leader

No, they haven’t gone away – IRA leadership still rules crime world

McGuigan murder shows that the IRA is intact, armed and killing

‘IRA killed my boy and Sinn Fein know who did it’, says mother of Paul Quinn – (The truth will yet come out concerning Sinn Fein!!)

Ex-top detective: In IRA’s eyes, McGuigan murder is not breaking ceasefire

‘Ambiguity’ of PSNI statement blasted by TUV

Time for clarity on the IRA’s position

Only a fool believes IRA disappeared into ether – (What does that make the DUP!!!)

IRA may still be active in Northern Ireland, Minister claims – (David Ford was always slow on the uptake!!!)

Finger pointing at the IRA

Provo command’s own probe of ‘Jock’ killing condemned McGuigan to death

Kevin McGuigan murder: PSNI knew for 10 years the IRA had not gone away – (How reprehensible of Unionist politicians to silence the police in order to conceal this wickedness and keep Stormont afloat!!)

Provisional IRA may have left stage, but not theatre – (Armed and just waiting in the wings, in other words!!)

Garda Commissioner scored own goal by dodging questions on PIRA’s existence

SDLP silent on ‘exclusion motion’ against Sinn Fein – (SDLP have always ‘moved forward’ by looking over their shoulder!!)

August 21

Stormont teeters as parties demand terror clarification

Ambiguity gives republicans wriggle room

Provos still getting away with murder, no change there

Kevin McGuigan murder: Police link Provisional IRA to killing in Belfast – (Gerry Adams was right, they haven’t gone away – nor have their guns!!)

PSNI: We suspect PIRA members were involved in McGuigan murder

Kevin McGuigan murder: Top PSNI officer confirms worst kept secret… members of the IRA carried out killing

Kevin McGuigan: Peter Robinson in warning over ex-IRA man’s murder in Belfast

McGuigan murder: DUP threatens move to bar SF from Executive

Kevin McGuigan: Reaction to PSNI’s assessment on murder

Gerry Adams’ silence on Kevin McGuigan murder is deafening

Kevin McGuigan murder: Man appears in court on firearms charge

Kevin McGuigan murder: Gun charge man ‘still murder suspect’

Landmark action as families to sue loyalist church deacon and the state over murder of their loved ones

How Many IRA Murders are the Failed Institutions Worth?

North Korea orders troops on war footing after exchanging fire with South

Declassified files: Gerry Kelly and other IRA men ‘planned second escape’

Troubles victims’ families want to know who murdered them and why, says MP

Chilcot Inquiry delays ‘a disgrace for families of soldiers killed in Iraq’

NAMA scandal: Jamie Bryson promises ‘explosive, career-ending evidence’

August 20

Shankill bomber released after questioning on McGuigan murder – (Usual high publicity arrest – low publicity release!!!)

Calls to revoke licence of IRA bomber after new arrest

Kevin McGuigan murder: Word on street says it was the IRA… but Chief Constable Hamilton needs proof – (That’s the story of police versus IRA terrorists!!)

Glengormley residents welcome Somme mural in place of UVF gunmen

Jamie Bryson could give evidence to Nama probe

Gay Christian couple in battle to overturn same-sex marriage ban – (God’s view on what a ‘Christian’ is doesn’t count with such!!!)

Britain to pay for migrants to be flown home from Calais

August 19

Newtownabbey graffiti ‘bid to deter Protestants’ from Felden housing area

Roman Catholic Church in Scotland issues apology for child abuse

Catholic Archbishop Tartaglia apologises to child abuse victims

Catholic Church in Scotland must support and apologise to abuse survivors, says review that followed Cardinal Keith O’Brien scandal

Shankill bomber (Sean Kelly) arrested over murder of Kevin McGuigan

Funeral of father-of-nine Kevin McGuigan gunned down in suspected IRA feud takes place

Kevin McGuigan: Funeral held for murdered ex-IRA man

Violence does not solve problems, mourners at Kevin McGuigan funeral told – (A little late to give such advice to an IRA family!!!)

Executive Parties Challenged on Secret Plan to Hide Names of Killers

Who is Ready to Help the IRA? – TUV

TUV: State IRA role in murder of Kevin McGuigan

August 18

McGuigan murder weapon may have been part of an IRA stash

Three arrested in former IRA man Kevin McGuigan murder investigation

Kevin McGuigan murder: Killer threatened to shoot woman when they collided as he fled bloody scene

A zombie Assembly would be final, cruellest insult for Peter Robinson

Pro-IRA graffiti in Newtownabbey warns Protestants will be ‘bombed, burnt-out and shot’

Sinister graffiti threat at new housing scheme condemned as ‘despicable’

New Troubles commission won’t name murderers

August 17

Provos who shot Kevin McGuigan ‘murdered another last year’

Chief Constable faces big call that could ultimately decide Stormont’s future – (Justice or political expediency???)

Palace Barracks breach boosts dissident republicans after a series of setbacks

SDLP’s Pat Catney declines DUP nomination

Paddy Hill claims IRA terrorist took a 10 minute bus ride to a bar before raising alarm about Birmingham pub bombs

‘Do we want the “terrorist” Gerry Adams in (Irish) Cabinet? No, we don’t’

Same-sex marriage bill introduced to Australian parliament – but doomed to fail

August 15

VJ Day: Queen to lead 70th anniversary commemorations

It is right to remember soldiers on VJ Day…soon they will all be gone

Police investigate explosion at MI5 headquarters in Northern Ireland

Palace Barracks: Van explosion a ‘possible fire bomb’

Palace Barracks explosion: Major review of security ordered at MI5 base in wake of bomb blast

Jeremy Corbyn could undermine Northern Ireland peace process if he becomes Labour leader, rival claims

Sally Jones: Isis recruiter spotted ‘back in Britain’ after claims terror organisation is now focusing on ‘lone wolf’ attacks

Calais mayor says she will ‘open border’ to migrants trying to get to UK

Kevin McGuigan murder: Belfast victim under threat from republicans

Police reject criticism of ability to conduct ‘proper’ McGuigan murder probe

Short Strand on knife-edge as relative ‘vows he will kill every Provo in area’

Daughter blames IRA for Short Strand murder – (We shall now see just how real was Peter Robinson’s threat of action if IRA was involved!!)

Kevin McGuigan murdered three months after Jock Davison, this is a chilling warning from the IRA: don’t dare cross us

Kevin McGuigan: An IRA enforcer who lived and died by the gun. But did his old friends pull trigger?

Kevin McGuigan murder: Sinn Fein has to show that it’s prepared to defend the peace

David Cameron’s anger over ‘pensions for IRA terrorists’ scheme

Loyalist paint bomb attacks on Ardoyne homes ‘sectarian intimidation’

Man charged over attacks on memorial to Scots soldiers

August 14

Queen to defy VJ Day terror threat

Two held in Belfast over shooting of prominent republican Kevin McGuigan

Kevin McGuigan murder: Peter Robinson warns of political repercussions if PIRA is involved – (How empty are DUP threats!! Just what are they prepared to do if IRA is involved? Answer: NOTHING!!)

We’ve Heard all the DUP Empty Threats Following Murder Before

Peace process threat as former prisoner shot dead

Kevin McGuigan: Ex-IRA man Belfast murder ‘ruthless’ say police

McGuigan quizzed over Davison killing as witness

Police say bin blast the work of dissidents

Reality is a united Ireland is further away than ever

Thousands of Irish died at Gallipoli 100 years ago. We can’t hide that

Lord Janner ordered to appear in court over abuse claims

August 13

Kevin McGuigan, a former member of the Provisional IRA, shot dead in east Belfast’s Short Strand area – (The Saviour said: “all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword,” Matthew 26:52.)

Murder probe launched after man is shot dead in East Belfast

‘This is payback for Jock Davison’ – IRA hitman Kevin McGuigan killed in a hail of bullets at his Belfast home- Provisional IRA members are the chief suspects – (Gerry Adams was correct, ‘they haven’t gone away’!!!)

Ex-IRA gunman shot dead in apparent revenge killing – (By the IRA, it should be noted!!)

TUV Demands No Cover Up Over Short Strand Murder

UDA Paramilitary group threaten drug dealers

Prosecute parents of rioting children, urges DUP peer Lord Morrow

Parents of rioting children ‘should be held accountable’

Tony Blair ‘should be dragged in shackles to war crimes court’, father of dead solider says

MP Gavin Robinson challenges Bombardier over decision to ban Union flag dice

ISIS truck bomb blast in Baghdad kills at least 76 and injures more than 200

August 12

ISIS bombers ‘have been in Britain for 6 weeks’ as their trainer warns ‘attack WILL happen’

Even the TALIBAN are sickened by ISIS’ savage executions in Afghanistan

Wolfe Tones challenged over IRA song at Belfast festivals

Sinn Fein still richest party by far, but both it and DUP live beyond their means

Martin McGuinness blasted for calling hunger striker a ‘hero’ at Bellaghy commemoration

Many Ulster Protestants also died in the Irish potato famine of the 1840s

David Cameron told paramilitary assaults on Northern Ireland children must end

Northern Ireland troops set to train Ukrainian forces

Australia’s conservatives scupper gay marriage law

Australian PM blocks MPs from backing same sex marriage

Tony Abbott’s government ‘will never introduce same-sex marriage’, Australia’s opposition claims

MH17 Team Finds ‘Possible’ Missile Parts

August 11

One of the ‘Hooded Men’ is charged with assisting IRA – (Before Dublin’s Special Criminal Court!!)

Gerry Adams’ cousin Kevin Hannaway in Dublin court on terrorism charge

‘Hooded man’ Kevin Hannaway appears in court charged with assisting the IRA

‘Hooded man’ litigant charged with helping IRA

Apprentice Boys bus attack victim doesn’t blame Dungiven people

Sinn Féin anger at return of British soldiers

Be grateful and ignore Sinn Fein’s victimhood myth

Anti-internment bonfire forced homelessness charity to move

Charges over petrol bombs at Belfast anti-internment march

Republican anti-internment rally ‘a shameful attempt to stoke tensions’ in Belfast

Threat to burn home over Union flag bed sheets

‘Wolfe Tones’ accuse DUP of “nit-picking” over IRA chant

August 10

IRA ‘responsible’ for killings blamed on loyalists

Fianna Fáil TDs say coalition with SF possible – if Adams goes

Police urge calm amid Isis threat to kill Queen

Nine officers injured after Belfast anti-internment parade violence

Two people charged over Belfast republican parade disorder

Anti-internment parade: PSNI hold the line on fraught day of disorder and disruption

Dungiven: Four people injured after bus returning from Apprentice Boy’s parade attacked with stones

Dungiven bus attack: Woman loses teeth in brick attack

Attack on bus in Dungiven from Apprentice Boys Parade ‘evil’

Sinn Fein and SDLP unite to condemn sectarian bus attack on Apprentice Boys supporters

Extremists in; brave servants out: Britain makes me despair – Col Tim Collins

Masked men hammer nails into man’s hands in Belfast

Man nailed to table by UDA ‘was victim of a set-up’

Over 1,350 sign petition demanding an Easyjet apology for Twelfth ban

Sinn Fein hits out at Sammy Wilson over fraud allegations

Sinn Fein’s attempt to seize the myth of 1916

August 7

Afghanistan: Taliban attacks in Kabul ‘due to infighting’

Frankie Boyle insults disabled and laughs at rape, but could he summon up the courage to mock the IRA? (Of course not – He was at a ‘Republican Festival’ after all!!)

Now police say EMAIL if you’ve been burgled

1 juror firmly opposed death penalty for theater shooter James Holmes

Sinn Fein objects to Apprentice Boys parade Union Flags

Graeme McDowell doesn’t seem too keen on representing Ireland in the Olympics

Relief of Derry celebrations

August 6

Lord Janner fit to answer charges of historic sex abuse, magistrate rules

Lord Janner told he must attend court hearing

Janner Ordered To Attend Abuse ‘Trial’ Hearing

Kids Company sex abuse claims were not passed on, says alleged victim

Jeremy Corbyn refuses to condemn IRA for terrorist atrocities

Wilson wants Sinn Féin benefits probe

3,000 sign up to end terrorists’ day release

Online petition set up demanding EasyJet apologise to Orange Order over Twelfth in-flight magazine row

Pastor McConnell: Court hears he ‘did not incite hatred or encourage violence against Muslims’

Pastor James McConnell solicitor argues preacher ‘did not incite hatred or encourage violence against Muslims’

Bombardier Shorts employee hauled in front of HR over Union flag fluffy dice – (Read this see how far ‘anti-unionist’ madness has gone in Ulster!!)

Union Flag Dice – Bombardier Action Preposterous – TUV leader Jim Allister

Thought police have lost run of themselves entirely

Bombardier Shorts worker in Union flag dice row says firm is not inclusive – (Would ‘GB’ on licence plates, or name of British car manufacturer also be offensive??)

Time to end the Catholic monopoly on our children’s schools in Irish Republic

Groom sues bride for not looking pretty without make-up – (Could be the start of a new trend!!!)

Muslim preacher, Anjem Choudary charged with supporting a terror organisation

PUP defends member proud of Miami Showband killers

DUP MP describes Nama claims as “a lot of ado about nothing” – (I wonder why!!!???)

August 5

Republican, AAD, admits it carried out shootings and bombings

AAD threaten to “execute” republican’s killers

Does Amnesty think IRA killings of security force members were legitimate?

Edward Heath claims: Brothel keeper denies accusing former PM

Ted Heath allegations: Jersey victims’ lawyer says linking former PM to child sex abuse like ‘pinning down a jellyfish’

‘Satanic Islam’ sermon Belfast cleric McConnell to make first court appearance

Leicestershire police ‘ignore’ attempted burglaries at odd-numbered houses

Orange Order slams easyJet over ‘Twelfth’ apology

DUP and Orange Order hit out at EasyJet’s Twelfth apology

Candidate for Labour’s leadership, Jeremy Corbyn vows to bring abortion and same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland as victims blast refusal to condemn IRA terror – (What a wonderful man !!!!)

Jeremy Corbyn the artful dodger: A transcript of his Nolan interview

Nama team to quiz TD Mick Wallace over Northern Ireland land deal claims in Dail

August 4

Planned Parenthood official: Abortion procedures, prices altered to meet demand

Sinn Féin Minister alleges M15 link with dissident republicans

Claire Hanna: My colleague wrong over coffin of INLA man

GCHQ may be spying on Northern Ireland Assembly members after policy change, claims Amnesty

IRA victims fear worst as Libyan spy’s execution looms

Aviation open day blocked again by Sinn Fein – (This shows the powerlessness of the First Minister under the terms of power-sharing with Sinn Fein/IRA)

End could be nigh for Ballymena park preachers

Easyjet apologises for promoting the Twelfth on flights after complaint from blogger

Sir Edward Heath: Five police forces investigating abuse claims

Ted Heath child sex abuse claims: Footage shows Tory whip saying government could cover up scandals involving MPs and ‘small boys’

British Link To Smuggling At Migrant Camp

Jeremy Corbyn: Tony Blair could face war crimes trial over ‘illegal Iraq invasion’

August 3

Internment parade organisers to defy commission

Organisers should re-route internment rally

Republicans set to take legal action over plan to fly Union Flag at Council offices

Rows over flags, a UDR memorial and now prayers before meetings: Is this NI’s most divided council?

DUP silent on councillor Ruth Patterson attending UDA parade

PSNI probe south Belfast loyalist parade after ‘paramilitary display’ claims

Strabane graveyard bomb an ‘attempt to kill police officers’

Ted Heath abuse claims: Met police investigating

Man accuses Sir Edward Heath of raping him as a boy

Claim Sir Edward Heath raped 12-year-old boy

Scotland Yard ‘probes child sex abuse claims against Sir Edward Heath’

Alliance Party MLAs will be told to vote for same-sex marriage

Sammy Wilson to stand down as an MLA

As Sammy Wilson steps down from the Assembly, he says he fears for its survival

Gerry Adams knows, but can’t admit, that Irish unity is a long, long way away

Frankie Boyle so vile that he even managed to split Sinn Fein

NI dissent as unions back Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader – (Corbyn has shown himself to be a friend of terrorists in the past!!)

Easter Rising should be seen as start of ongoing civil war

August 2

Belfast Pride calls for marriage equality in the North – (Its not equality but perversity that is sought!!)

IRA abuse victim, Mairia Cahill delivers Feile lecture

Mairia Cahill ‘lays a few ghosts to rest’ and lambasts IRA during festival lecture

Maíria Cahill calls on Dublin to examine abuse claims

Chaos fears as dissidents vow to flout Belfast parade ruling

Anti-internment parade two years ago was scene of violence

Tackling the issue of ‘Special Advisers’

Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa commemoration kicks off Easter Rising centenary season

Church of England Bishop criticises Cameron for describing migrants as a ‘swarm’ – (What an idiot! Whatever happened to metaphorical language?)

Politicians warn of ‘anarchy on streets’ as UDA erects recruitment posters across Coleraine – (Political vacuums always give rise to such actions!!)

Strabane: ‘Mortar-type device’ found in security alert near graveyard

Ian Gow: Adviser to Mrs Thatcher, killed for his unionism

40 years ago – Miami Showband massacre: Drummer escaped ambush by going home to parents

There won’t be enough RC priests for Ireland – but regular people will step in?

August 1

Bin Laden family ‘on Blackbushe Airport crash plane’

Osama bin Laden’s family members killed in plane crash at Hampshire’s Blackbushe Airport

Restrictions on Belfast republican parade after ‘offensive’ behaviour

Low turnout for parade to honour UDA killers – (Protestants have never given substantial support to UDA/UVF in contrast to the RC support for Sinn Fein/IRA!!)

Co Louth man guilty of possessing NI bound car bomb

Two atrocities that illustrated the true nature of terrorism

Sinn Féin accused of undermining 1916 Dublin Rising programme

The government, Sinn Féin and the battle for 2016 … It starts today

Former Anglo Irish Bank officials jailed over tax conspiracy

July 31

Stormont welfare reform: Patient may already be dead by time antidote is found

Tensions high as Army joins PSNI in Londonderry home raids

Sinn Fein concern over Londonderry Army searches ‘illogical’

Unionists hit out over proposal for a neutral flag at Stormont

Jean McConville murder: Republican Ivor Bell will find out in October if he is to stand trial

I won’t be gagged says Mairia Cahill as lawyers fire off a warning to festival over her lecture

Irish Appeal court clears last legal obstacle to same-sex marriage

Greece crisis escalates as IMF witholds support for a new bail-out deal

Barter booms in cash-strapped rural Greece for the first time since Nazi occupation

RC Priest performs exorcism from a helicopter to banish evil from Italian town where several churches have been robbed and defiled. (Should have taken a flight over the Vatican!!!!)

House of Lords: 20 peers claim £1.6m during past five years – and never speak in debates

Ultra-Orthodox man stabs six people at gay pride march in Jerusalem

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January 2015


Index to this edition


A conference of confusion

G3-2015-1024x558We commend to our readers Pastor Ralph Ovadal’s clear exposure of those who masquerade as defenders of the Bible when they are in fact those who have long carried on a campaign to undermine the Word of God by promoting modern Bible translations.

Pastor Ovadal examines the 2015 G3 Conference on the theme of “Battle for the Bible”, planned for January 22nd – 24th, at Pray’s Mill Baptist Church, Douglasville, Georgia, USA.

Click here to listen to the report.

It is sad that this exercise in hypocrisy is supported by many who ought to know better and who formerly stood with those who upheld the Authorised Version of the Holy Scriptures.

Click here to see a list of those organisations which are “Exhibitors” at this conference.

Doubtless it will disappoint and grieve many who “tremble at His word” (Isaiah 66:5), to read the names listed. Today, the “evangelical camp” contains those who are known for their Neo-evangelical and New Calvinist views as well as those who are noted for their support for and promotion of so-called “Contemporary Worship”, “Holy Hip-Hop” and “Reformed Rap”

It is sad to see that Sermonaudio heads the list of “Exhibitors”!!

May God intervene to prevent another Billy Graham debacle with the resultant shame and reproach brought upon the cause of Christ and confusion and defeat visited upon faithful Christians who have once again been misled and betrayed.

The Editor.

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roman_soldierAn outline study of Jude – an important little book for today.

By Rev Ivan Foster


When this book was written is not readily ascertained. However, it is widely believed to have been written at least 30 years into the apostolic age – somewhere around 65 AD. It was likely written before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

The reason why it was written is easily seen from the verses 3-4. “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The epistle greatly resembles the 2nd chapter of 2 Peter. This in itself indicates the concern there was amongst the first generation of apostolic preachers and pastors regarding the inroads of false teachers and false teaching. Paul’s warnings in Acts 20:28-30; 1 Timothy 4; 2 Timothy 3 as well as numerous other warnings scattered throughout the New Testament epistles serve to highlight this threat facing the early church.

We are inclined to think of those days of Holy Ghost power as somewhat idyllic days. They were in truth no such thing. Persecution and satanic attacks through false teachers were the norm. Read more

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What the Bible says about drugs and terrorism

2473024500000578-0-image-m-18_1420549779168 (1)The article below comes from the Daily Mail of January 6th. It highlights a link between drug-taking, wickedness, violence and terrorism.

The Muslim terrorists, ISIS, have shocked the world with their displays of barbaric cruelty toward innocent victims, kidnapped in order to induce appropriate responses to their demands from Western nations not to mention those they deem their enemies.

The act of cutting someone’s throat in such a cold-blooded manner as the ISIS terrorists have done, can be done only under the influence of drugs, satanic possession or both!

The Word of God, always ahead of the events unfolding in these days, prior to the end of this age, refers to the use of drugs in three places.

  • “Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,” Galatians 5:20.
  • “Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts,” Revelation 9:21.
  • “And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived,” Revelation 18:23.

Read more

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Mervyn Storey, Minister for Social Development in the Northern Ireland Executive, tried to distance himself from funding of sodomites

1280757771-free-presbyterian-protesters-demonstrate-against-belfast-gay-pride_400328In answer to questions regarding the squandering of £3 million “on many undeserving projects” by the Department of Social Development, tabled by Mr Jim Allister MLA, an unnamed department official sought to shield Mr Storey from all blame regarding the funding of sodomites organisations.

Here is what was disclosed in an article in the Belfast Newsletter in its report of the Department of Social Development’s reply to Mr. Allister.

“The answers received revealed that amongst the spend: £1,064,546.17 was spent on GAA clubs, with £273,000 spent on one club alone in Strabane, Strabane Sigerson’s Club; £1,134,100.33 was spent on Irish language groups; £138,997.78 was spent on a republican ex-prisoners group, Tar Anall; £83,176.18 was spent on the Bloody Sunday Trust; £259,087.93 was spent on Carrick Hill Residents Association; and £231,681.00 was spent on LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transexual) projects, including £170,000 to support the Strabane & Lifford LGBT group alone, and annual subventions to Belfast Pride.” (See a full news report here)

We want to emphasise the fact that “£231,681.00 was spent on LGBT projects, including £170,000 to support the Strabane & Lifford LGBT group alone, and annual subventions to Belfast Pride.”

While Free Presbyterians denounce and protest against the “Belfast Gay Pride” parade, Mr Storey, a Free Presbyterian elder, is engaged through his Department in funding the same wickedness!

His unnamed official did seek to shield Mr Storey. It was reported in the Belfast Newsletter: “Political considerations do not form any part of the assessment and the minister does not have, and does not wish to have, any role in funding decisions.”

That is patent poppycock! Read more

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The Islamic Religion of Peace Destroys a Thousand Churches

crescent-200When we see “Christians” referred to in many articles quoting from figures obtained from worldly organisations, we should bear in mind that few agencies or organisations distinguish between true Biblical Christianity and those who claim to be “Christians” but who embrace doctrines and practices which are entirely unscriptural and therefore unchristian.

The term embraces Roman Catholicism, Eastern and Greek Orthodox churches and many other branches of Christendom. Here is an example of the breakdown of those who would come under the term “Christian” taken from Wikipedia’s analysis of Nigeria’s religious community and it illustrates what we are saying. “Nigeria is a society with Christianity, Islam and Traditional African religion being professed. According to recent estimates Christianity is practiced by 50.5% of the population. (19.9% Protestantism, 12.3% Churches of Christ, 10.1% Anglicanism and 8.2% Catholicism). Islam is the second greatest religion by 43.5% consisting of 95% Sunni Islam and 5% Shia Islam. 6% of the Nigerian people practises Traditional African religion.”

However, having said that, the wicked cruelty of the Muslim slayers of those who profess Christianity is in no way diminished. They are of those referred to by the Saviour in John 16:2. “They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. ” Theological differences matter not to these evil, devil-inspired killers. Anyone remotely linked to the worship of the God of the Bible is anathema to them and worthy of death.

The following article, which was sent to us by friends in Australia, is worthy of close consideration. Read more

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crownA look at God’s means of rescuing and reviving the cause of Christ amongst us as it is suggested to us in 2 Chronicles chapters 22 and 23.

by Rev Ivan Foster.

It is sad to realise that the lasting impact of the life of that good man, Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, was one so contrary to the overall testimony of the man. At the beginning of the divine record of his life it is recorded of him.

“And the LORD was with Jehoshaphat, because he walked in the first ways of his father David, and sought not unto Baalim; but sought to the LORD God of his father, and walked in his commandments, and not after the doings of Israel. Therefore the LORD stablished the kingdom in his hand; and all Judah brought to Jehoshaphat presents; and he had riches and honour in abundance. And his heart was lifted up in the ways of the LORD: moreover he took away the high places and groves out of Judah,” 2 Chronicles 17:3-6. Read more

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KICS assembly talks on the Return of the Lord Jesus

Each day In Kilskeery Independent Christian School, the afternoon begins with an assembly centred upon a study of God’s Word. On September 2nd, the school began its 35th year.

Rev Ivan Foster, retired former minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church and former Administrator of the congregation’s Christian school has been asked to conduct the Tuesday and Thursday assemblies this year.

He has chosen as his theme – “The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Below you can listen to the most recent recordings of the talks to the pupils.

Please pray for this work amongst children since it depends entirely upon the Lord for its continued witness.

Listen to all the posted audio files in this series here.

The Return of Christ, Pt 31
The Return of Christ, Pt 32
The Return of Christ, Pt 33
The Return of Christ, Pt 34
The Return of Christ, Pt 35
The Return of Christ, Pt 36
The Return of Christ, Pt 37
The Return of Christ, Pt 38

Latest news stories

Belfast shooting, Oldpark Road: Man is critically ill

Abortion: SDLP opposes changes to Northern Ireland law

Westminster ‘paedophile ring’: Sir Peter Hayman named in secret file – (He was “focus of a report into ‘unnatural’ sexual behaviour in the 1980s”)

Margaret Thatcher warned of paedophile scandal, secret documents reveal

Kincora: The man who wants to lift the lid off one of the darkest secrets in Ulster’s past

Hezbollah confirmed Israeli suspicions that it was establishing greater military presence near the Syrian-Israeli frontier on the Golan Heights

Jordan ‘could fast-track execution’ of Isis prisoners if hostage fighter pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh is killed

Raving Loonies next if DUP gets place in TV debates: Clegg

Sinn Fein’s abstentionism a relic of long-dead and buried republican past

Language row as Sinn Fein unveils policies on Irish and Ulster-Scots – (Just another way for Sinn Fein/IRA to squander tax-payers’ money!!)

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More news

January 30

Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral marked 50 years on

Ten years on, still no justice for Robert McCartney

BBC, ITN and Sky reject DUP election debates call

Opinion: Debate about a debate has propelled NI on to the political agenda

Row over Michaella’s prison transfer costs are to be paid by UK after Dublin campaigned for her return here

Belfast knife murder: Police probe reports killer was shouting pro-Islamic slogans

A ‘creeping cultural acceptance’ of anti-Semitism is sweeping Britain, warns Cabinet Minister

Charlie Hebdo attack: War of ideas hots up as French police quiz eight-year-old

Sharp rise in halal abattoirs slaughtering animals without stunning them first – (Let’s hear the ‘Animal Rights’ people take up this issue!!!)

Take a stand against Poots, ex-DUP councillor urges Robinson

Dissident bomb accused allowed to visit boyfriend in custody

Majority against royals at 1916 events

January 29

BBC rejects demands by the Democratic Unionist Party to be included in election debates

BBC chief dismisses DUP’s call on debates

TV election debates: BBC rejects DUP demand to be included

Conservative Party tweet taunts Labour over Sinn Féin story

Sinn Fein dragged into Conservative pre-election swipe against Labour

Labour-Sinn Fein deal claim ‘rubbish’

Daithí McKay: ‘Bomb left at home’ of Sinn Féin MLA

Historical Enquiries Team says neighbours involved in Kingsmills massacre

PSNI not included in New York St Patrick’s Day parade

Pope Francis ’embraces transgender man in meeting at the Vatican’ and tells him there is a place for him in the Catholic Church – (But is there a place in Heaven??)

Irish border illegal fuel gangsterism ‘is now out of control’

Ian Paisley Jr Comments Show DUP Didn’t Get What They Demanded

Conspiracy of silence that shields Tory Kincora paedophile a symptom of State’s sordid double deals

January 28

Alexander Litvinenko ‘assassinated to stop him exposing Vladimir Putin’s links to organised crime’ – (We have had such politicians for a long time here in Ulster!!!)

Ex-housemaster guilty of sex abuse

Sinn Fein may take Westminster seats to counter influence of DUP, says YouGov president

IRA comfort letters likely to contain more errors

Historical Enquiries Team report says neighbours were involved in Kingsmills massacre

Protestors demand funding for St Mary’s Roman Catholic teachers college

‘Ongoing delays allowing my son’s killer to go back on run’

Gerry Kelly should resign, says murder victim’s father

Man accused of storing explosives is ‘deeply involved’ with dissident republican, court hears

Unionist bid to scrap John O’Dowd’s Irish-medium school fails

Senator James Heffernan accuses Sinn Fein of protecting Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe’s killers

January 27

‘Not in the Bible’: Vicar tries to derail consecration of first female bishop

Gerry Kelly defends role over On The Run letters following halted inquest

Gerry Kelly ‘must reveal all he knows’ about murder – (THAT IS LIKELY TO HAPPEN!!!)

Sinn Fein letter role probe urged

Murder inquest halted in OTR letter row

Irish-medium school for 14 pupils a step closer after vote 

January 26

Libby Lane: First female Church of England bishop consecrated

Gareth O’Connor murder suspect got On the Run letter – (Hand delivered by Gerry Kelly!!!)

Murder inquest halted in OTR letter row

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly passed OTR letter to murder suspect

Leon Brittan sex abuse allegations: Two claim they were child rape victims of late Tory peer

United Ireland ‘inevitable’ if the next three elections go the right way, claims Martin McGuinness

Where’s our seat in TV debates?

Mother charged over David Black murder: Woman accused of supplying false alibi to suspect in prison officer death

Detectives have enough evidence to nab the gang who murdered Garda Adrian Donohoe two years ago

One of two main suspects in Garda Adrian Donohoe murder working in IRA’s illegal fuel trade – (What a ‘Mafia-style’ organisation the Republican movement is!!!)

UUP MLA Danny Kennedy dismisses Adams’ denial over ‘republican water pollution’

Ten years after the IRA murdered Robert McCartney, his sisters voice their frustration that his killers have walked free

Man arrested over ‘guns and bomb parts’ at Belfast house

No crime to belong to Islamic State, al-Qaida or IRA, says Green party leader – (Sounds like it is a ‘crime’ to belong to the Green Party!!)

Fianna Fail Senator Averil Power ‘absolutely’ rules out sharing power with Sinn Fein

January 24

Peter Robinson outrage over TV debates – NI the only region excluded on BBC and ITV – (But is not our place in the Union most secure, Peter???)

Election 2015: NI parties not included in TV election debate plans

Exclusion of DUP from UK TV election debate ‘inexplicable’ – (Ask your friends in SF. They will explain it to you Peter.)

DUP leader Peter Robinson turns his back on the policy to create more integrated schools

Robinson climbdown a sad day for future of our children

Sex assault Tory MP visited Kincora boys’ home, claim retired detectives

No Leo Varadkars amidst caveman politics at Stormont 

Labour’s NI candidate ban fundamentally undermined Miliband’s Ulster visit

Dublin challenged to cooperate over Kingsmills

January 23

DUP leader Peter Robinson to write to BBC and ITV over party’s exclusion from general election TV debates

Lord Kilclooney: Ulster Unionists should form opposition

Northern Ireland can’t afford the astronomical cost of an Irish Language Act

Stormont deal aids republican re-write of history

Northern Ireland ministers to discuss cutting the number of Stormont offices from 12 to nine

Still no Gardai disclosure on Kingsmills after one year

‘We just want to bury him with Mum and Dad’

SF pork barrel politics can’t stop progress

Petition calls for Catholic ceremony for Richard III

Christian extremists steal statue of Celtic sea god from mountain top in Northern Ireland

Doomsday clock: We are closer to doom than at any time since the Cold War, say scientists – (What little these ‘wise’ men know of how this age will end!!)

January 22

Ten councils flying Union flag every day of the year amid legal threats – (How safe is the Union when it becomes illegal to fly the national flag!!!??)

Omagh bomb campaigner wins right to challenge public inquiry refusal

Challenge to Omagh bomb decision

Jim Wells: I back Edwin Poots’ gay blood ban

Republic of Ireland to vote in May on whether to allow same-sex marriage

Britain faces ‘very high level of risk’ from Isil terrorists, Foreign Secretary says

January 21

Iraq War report ‘delayed until after UK election’ (That’s ‘democracy’ for you!!)

Iraq panel delay ‘incomprehensible’

Former government minister brands postponement of six-year Iraq War inquiry ‘a betrayal’

Westminster Sex claim file found among archives

Nine hurt in Tel Aviv bus stab attack – (Hamas praised the attack as “brave”!!)

Mass stabbing on Tel Aviv bus by Palestinian ‘terrorist’

Stormont racks up huge debt of £1.8billion – (That is over £1000 per man, woman and child. Stormont really works!!!)

Academic says Stormont deal asks UK to make full disclosure on past – not Dublin – (Typical DUP sleekitness!!)

Deal does not press Dublin to come clean on Troubles role, say victims

Enniskillen Collegiate School Scandalously Failed by Politicians

DUP’s Robin Newton elected as deputy speaker

Ex-MI6 chief Sir John Sawers: We cannot stop terrorism unless we spy on innocent people

SDLP, Alliance and UUP should show some courage and leave the Executive

‘Irish dissident groups influenced by Taliban and Isis’

On The Runs: Man to appear in court on attempted murder charge despite receiving government “comfort letter”

Will they get away with murder? Two years on from slaying of Garda Adrian Donohoe – (The same organisation has done in Northern Ireland for nigh on 50 years!!)

January 20

Row erupts as Craigavon votes to fly Union flag

1978 Copter crash was due to IRA gunfire – report

1976 – Revealed: How the Army foiled an IRA propaganda coup after terrorists shot down helicopter

Official says he didn’t know Downey was wanted by police when he signed OTR letter

Claim that PSNI said they checked Hyde Park bomb suspect

Dissidents slammed after gunman opens fire inside Telstar Bar

DUP and Sinn Fein happy to do without other parties

Mairia Cahill brands Gerry Adams a liar and a disgrace – (He is that and much, much more!!)

Catholics don’t have to breed like rabbits, says Pope Francis – (Which seems to suggest that they have done so!!)

Sir Terry Leahy: Tesco ‘eroded customers’ trust’ – (Maybe it was not so wise to sponsor sodomite organisations!!!)

PM David Cameron defends letter to Islamic leaders

Is Irish minister Leo Varadkar on track to be first gay Taoiseach

IRA bomber Donna Maguire’s fury over Spanish arrest – ‘Angel of Death’ denies involvement in £10m international fraud case

Mervyn Storey’s investigation of Springfield Road property transactions must be thorough – TUV

January 19

Irish dissident groups learning from Taliban and Isis, police officer warns

KATE HOEY MP: Victims wanted answers from Blair and want justice

Comfort letters to IRA fugitives still haunt Blair

There is very clear distinction between victims and actors: Villiers

On his first day, SF Speaker appears 
to be partisan – (Does that really surprise anyone? He fully supported the IRA murder campaign as a loyal member of SF)

Unionists need to think longer term – (Gregory, the DUP stopped thinking back in 2007!)

Provos dumping cancer-causing toxins into river – (That is not likely to bother murdering terrorists such as the Provos!!)

Is Sinn Féin Catholic? Its embrace of abortion says ‘no’ – (What about their long-term embrace of murder & terrorism, what does that say???)

Praying with a Muslim colleague ruined my career, says Christian NHS worker – (Anything remotely like witnessing for Christ is anathema under this Westminster regime)

State ‘should offer parenting lessons to every family’ – (Casting aside the Bible is the source of this ignorance!!)

Anti-Christian prejudice: The last acceptable form of bigotry

Boko Haram ‘kidnap 80 people including children’ in Cameroon

January 17

SF U-turn as party commits to Stormont Opposition

New Council to use English and Irish on its vehicles

DUP attacks Nesbitt over role in schools closure row – (The ‘blame game’ has begun while Protestant school children lose out!!)

Fianna Fail TD, Eamon O Cuiv again gives succour to dissident terror

Sinn Féin abortion policy compatible with my Catholicism says Martin McGuinness – (He always was content with the murder of the innocent!!)

Red Sky row: DUP fails to agree councillor’s apology after five attempts

[hr] [hr]

January 16

Belgium terror raids: Killed suspects had police uniforms, Kalashnikovs and bomb-making kit

Terror in Europe: Cops swoop on ‘Jihadis’ in Germany and Paris following Belgian shoot-out

Police in Paris, Berlin make arrests in anti-terror raids after Belgian plot thwarted

Jim Allister accused of bullying DUP adviser Stephen Brimstone

DUP Spad: I can’t say if party told me not to answer

TUV exposes more squander by Dept of Social Development

Poots challenge on gay blood ban ruling hit by delay

William Hay: Former NI Assembly speaker denies expenses allegations

Archbishop condemns new abortion plan for North

Britain could be in line to get first ‘gay’ school

Plans drawn up for Britain’s first lesbian and gay school

Enniskillen bomb victim rejects Blair claims that OTR scheme was key to peace

Tony Blair and John Major betrayed the people of Northern Ireland

Language Act is a no-go as long as Sinn Fein uses Gaelic as cultural weapon

Docklands bomb victim to debate with Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams

Adams must not underestimate victims: Frazer

Could Gerry Adams face Willie Frazer in a public debate? Sinn Fein in negotiations

Unionists want ‘opt in’ for Union Flag driving licences

January 15

DUP at ‘all-time low’ after Sinn Fein Speaker vote

Face it: most of us don’t know a thing about Northern Ireland – (In light of Blair disclosures, few here know what is going on either!)

Willie Frazer to debate with Gerry Adams

Irish TD, Eamon O Cuiv, repeats prison officer murder claim

Ex-IRA commander Paddy Joe Rice, held over murder of Jean McConville, dies

Dirty deal where end justified the means for ex-PM

Nigel Farage claims that Muslims are running UK ‘ghettos’ according to Sharia law – (Does that remind you of anything? Republican areas for instance!!)

Nigel Farage criticises FGM and sharia courts in UK

Saudi Arabia’s history of hypocrisy we choose to ignore

Saudi blogger faces next 50 lashes as government ignores global protests

Satellite images reveal devastation of Boko Haram massacre in Nigeria

Al-Qaeda in Yemen admits responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attacks and warns West of more ‘tragedies and terror’

Isis ‘execution video’ purports to show 10-year-old boy shooting dead two ‘Russian spies’

The new anti-Semitism: Majority of British Jews feel they have no future in UK, says new study – (Ezekiel 11:16-17, 36:24, 37:21)

January 14

OTR letters: Tony Blair says NI peace process could have collapsed without scheme – (That which is built on such a foundation must be evil!!)

Blair OTR Comments Expose Process’ Heart of Darkness – TUV

Blair says that without IRA ‘comfort letters’, SF may have quit peace process – (Further evidence of the unprincipled character of Sinn Fein)

Blair finally faces Commons over his on-the-run scheme for IRA suspects

Be careful with Northern Ireland, Blair warns Downing Street

Tony Blair: Apology to Hyde Park IRA bomb victims after ‘On The Run’ letter blunder

What are we to make of Tony Blair now?

Former Assembly Speaker Hay takes seat in Lords

Setback in bid to stop closure of Enniskillen grammar

Hopes of National Crime Agency breakthrough as SDLP signals change in stance

Irish language bill to be published

Kincora and the secret service: Three men willing to tell all they know may never get the chance

Licence flag block ‘devolved matter’

January 13

The DUP supported speaker, Mitchel McLaughlin, claimed Jean McConville’s murder was ‘not a crime’

DUP backs SF Speaker… but four MLAs missing

Sinn Féin’s Mitchel McLaughlin elected as NI Assembly speaker

DUP and Sinn Fein votes secure first republican Assembly Speaker

First republican speaker Mitchel McLaughlin elected with DUP backing

DUP’s walk of shame through lobbies to elect Sinn Fein Speaker

Tony Blair bid to avoid IRA letters questions is ‘insult’ to victims

Blair ‘Cornered’ Over Northern Ireland Letters

Isis cohorts hijack US army websites

Over 1,600 women died in Magdalene laundries — over double figure cited by McAleese report

American Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke blames paedophile priests on ‘radical feminists’

Máirtín Ó Muilleoir – new face of Sinn Fein or smilier version of same old same old?

Orange Halls attacked 227 times since ‘09

Killed over a grudge: UDA thug ordered murder of dad-of-five Brian McIlhagga

Ex-RUC men cleared over perverting justice

Prime Minister snubs Birmingham pub bombings campaigners

January 12

Mitchel McLaughlin is expected to be elected as Stormont’s first Sinn Féin speaker

DUP set to back first republican house Speaker

Militant Islam terror threat similar to IRA, says ex-Royal Irish commander

RC Archbishop in abortion law row

People know the consequences: Opposing view by a radical Muslim cleric

Ulster Muslim leader sorry for ISIS remark – (One has to be sceptical about his honesty!!)

France divided despite uplifting rallies

It is lazy to say Paris terror attacks have nothing to do with Islam,UK government minister, Sajid Javid says – (To say nothing of it being utterly deceitful!!)

Rupert Murdoch claims Muslims must ‘recognise and destroy growing jihadist cancer’ or ‘be held responsible’

Nigeria’s forgotten massacre: 2,000 slaughtered by Boko Haram, but the West is failing to help

Nigeria: bomb blast kills at least 19 at crowded market in Maiduguri

Prince Andrew: I have been foolish over friendship with Jeffrey Epstein: a convicted sex offender – (Foolish is hardly the word!!)

Hundreds of bodies strewn in the bush in Nigeria after Islamic extremist attack by Boko Haram

Amnesty International call for inquiry into allegations of abuse in Mother and Baby homes in Northern Ireland

Call to halt any funding for Islamic Centre after member’s ISIS remarks

Irish Presbyterian figures stress little appetite for gay Presbyterian debate – (They do have an appetite to remain in fellowship with the apostate Church of Scotland!!)

Gay clergy: Scottish minister tells of exodus of Presbyterians

All-Ireland reach for new Troubles murder unit

NI well and truly has its snout in the trough: advisor

January 10

Paris shootings: Police hunt for grocery shop gunman’s girlfriend Hayat Boumedienne

Paris shootings: Manhunt for wife of supermarket gunman who escaped deadly siege ‘by pretending to be a hostage’

British Muslims react to Charlie Hebdo attack – Audio File – (Some justifying the murders to a degree)

Belfast muslim’s praise for Islamic State’s rule in Mosul

Nigeria: 2,000 feared killed in Boko Haram’s ‘deadliest massacre’

Dublin priest receives standing ovation after saying he is gay during Mass – (So the moral quagmire deepens and spreads)

Belfast to have five quarters instead of four after Sinn Fein complain west Belfast is left out– (Anything SF wants, SF gets!!)
Uncertainties remain despite Stormont House Agreement

Stormont a toothless bribery-machine, UUP leader claimed

January 9

Irish and Scottish Kirks split on gay issue – (But the Irish Presbyterian Church remains in ‘cordial,’ fellowship with this abominably apostate church)

Jewish Agency reports 20% rise in British moves to Israel – (The return continues. Ezekiel 11:16-17, 36:24, 37:21)

Nothing in the Stormont House deal for unionists – (An apt summary!)

Alliance Party ratifies Stormont House Agreement – (Of course they did!!)

Jenny Palmer says she was ‘bullied’ by DUP advisor Stephen Brimstone – (Sammy Wilson continues to defend the indefensible!!)

Red Sky contracts row: Party tried to damage my integrity, says DUP councillor Jenny Palmer

I won’t fight Tom Elliott for seat, says Stephen Gault

ENGLAND – Ex-head in court on ‘sex charges’

Al-Qaeda plotting attack on Britain

Charlie Hebdo attack: Hundreds of elite armed police comb woodland in the hunt for two suspects

Muslin terror group Boko Haram kills dozens in Nigerian town of Baga after killing 10,000 last year

Letter bomb sent to PSNI from Irish Republic

January 8

Paris murders compared with IRA’s newspaper attack

Events in Paris show Adams ‘editor at gunpoint’ remark no joke – Mairia Cahill

UK’s security committee ‘Cobra’ to meet following Paris murders

Paris Charlie Hebdo attack: it could happen in the UK

French police identify three suspects after terror attack in Paris leaves 12 dead

French police arrest seven in Charlie Hebdo terror swoops – two injured in second attack in Paris

Second Paris shooting leaves two police officers seriously injured

Charlie Hebdo: What do we know about suspects Said and Cherif Kouachi who allegedly shot 12 people dead

Israel’s Foreign minister Liberman: Paris attack shows Islamic Movement in Israel must be outlawed

Tony Blair bows to demands to give evidence about on the runs

Victims: did Blair subvert democracy with OTR letters?

Consent principle seems to operate on nationalist terms – (Almost exclusively on their terms!!)

Tory MP warns against DUP coalition

North west council offer to family of attacked Catholic officer

January 7

Northern Ireland first as Sinn Fein’s Mitchel McLaughlin to be named as Stormont Speaker

Latest Pantomime Farce at Stormont – TUV statement

Israel, Palestinian Authority wrestle with road closures, power outages as storm gains momentum – (Such winter weather is one of the reasons we do not believe that God would have ordained that Mary would have to make the long journey to Bethlehem for the birth of the Messiah at this time of year)

Cameron blocks North officials from giving evidence – (Now that would be a ‘cover-up’!!)

Ian Paisley: On-the-run probe refusal fuels fears of cover-up

On the Runs hearing: Summoned NIO officials expected to appear

Woman, 19, denies ‘dissident bomb factory’ charges

Nazareth Lodge nun beat me with strap for wetting bed, says victim (89)

Edwin Poots’ ban on gay men giving blood shaped by belief, court hears – (That is what decides all men’s actions!! – “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life,” Proverbs 4:23, KJV.)

Edwin Poots’ gay men blood ban ‘influenced by religion’

Gay row MBE councillor hits back at celebrity critics – (The language of the critic says it all – foul mouth from foul heart!!)

UK public must wake up to risks of CCTV, says surveillance commissioner

January 6

Shot Ulster missionary saved by ‘Hand of God’

39th Anniversary of the Kingsmills Massacre – TUV slams “legal absolution for selective confession”

UUP warns over deal ‘uncertainty’

UUP refuses to endorse deal over ‘uncertainties’

Paedophile priest Brendan Smyth abused children in care of nuns

Historical Abuse Inquiry told paedophile priest Fr Brendan Smyth abused children in Belfast care homes

Children ‘washed in toilets’ at Birmingham care home

Jamie Bryson must prove he didn’t know flag protests were unlawful – (What happened to ‘Innocent until PROVED guilty’??)

SF only party to back deal and UUP cautious– (SF’s endorsement speaks volumes!!)

Abortion laws need adjustment, says Justice Minister David Ford – (Please also see our article on earlier proposals to change the abortion law)

Jesus trial site ‘found’: remains of Herod’s Palace discovered near Tower of David in Jerusalem

Maze hunger strike: Prison chaplain absolved Government of blame

January 5

Rampant squander on GAA, Irish language and LGBT (sodomoite) groups under DUP ministry – TUV – (Check the two links in the article to see Stormont’s answers.)

Kingsmills massacre: Families mark 39th anniversary

Peter Robinson says Theresa Villiers ‘broke word’ over parades panel

DUP’s partner in Government, SDLP Minister Mark Durkan ensures NI drivers won’t have British flag on licences – (So much for DUP’s assurance that our position in the UK is secure!!!)

Union Flag ban on licences down to our minister: SDLP

Sisters of Nazareth homes focus of abuse inquiry

Leading children’s doctor filmed ‘snorting cocaine’ before going on call

Over 150 cases of child abuse in the Scouts have now been reported — and it’s only likely to get worse

Five Irish arrested by Spanish police in smuggling swoop – (Including convicted IRA bombers, Donna Maguire and Leonard ‘Bap’ Hardy)

Ex-IRA bomber Donna Maguire in scam probe

Birmingham Mail Says: West Midlands Police chief Chris Sims must act on pub bombings admission from ex-IRA chief

Birmingham pub bombings: Police vow to ‘review’ claims in book by ex-IRA chief

Danske Bank economist, Angela McGowan: NI politicians should be ‘more honest’ about budget cuts

Simon Hamilton and Danske Bank chief economist Angela McGowan in war of words over effects of austerity

Lucinda Creighton announces plan for new Irish Republic political party

Prince Andrew sex claims ’emphatically denied’ by palace

Thatcher confidant sexually abused boy and police covered crime up

Nigel Farage says Ukip would get rid of foreign NHS workers who ‘can’t speak English properly’

Mountbatten murder shook US senator’s support for IRA – (For how long and to what degree???)

January 3

Time for the North to consider a federal deal with Dublin? – (Is this the next item on the Republican agenda!!!???)

Orange Order welcomes idea of church forum – (This shows the ecumenical mind-set of the Orange Order’s leadership!!)

Will Stormont crumble under the weight of massive debts?

Prince Andrew named in underage ‘sex slave’ case

Prince Andrew ‘categorically denies’ woman’s sex slave claims


Why the bye ball for Sinn Fein over 1957 IRA attack commemorations? – (In plain English: ‘Why does the press ignore IRA commemorations which glorify terrorism??)

Republican Pearse McAuley faces further time in prison after being charged with assaulting wife

Dublin prime minister, Enda Kenny is urging caution on IRA abuse inquiry

January 2

DSD squandered £3m on irrelevant projects: Jim Allister – ( Such as sodomites -£231,681.00. Present minister is FPC elder, Mervyn Storey!!!!)

Stormont House Agreement: Deal does not alter fact Assembly is seriously dysfunctional

Ukip seeks U-turn over no Union flag on Northern Ireland driving licences

Ukip anger at flag on licence decision

New Year Honours: DUP politician Maurice Mills who blamed Hurricane Katrina on gay people awarded MBE by Queen – (2 years after his condemnation, his party, the DUP, became involved in funding sodomites in Northern Ireland!!!)

Churches and loyal orders must forge greater links – (As if it was not close enough to the ecumenical churches!!!)

Gay, pro-choice loyalist Julie-Anne Corr Johnston breaks mould of Ulster politics – (More importantly she has broken the Law of God and will answer for that!!)

Dowra affair papers show huge rift between RUC and Garda over 1982 arrest of Fermanagh man

RUC’s reluctance to remove DUP protestors alarmed officials in 1986

Willie O’Dea won’t rule out FF coalition with Sinn Fein

Tory peer: ‘English votes’ placing pressure on Union

January 1

Peter Robinson wanted ban on Sinn Féin in 1985 – (Whatever SF were in 1985 they were much worse in 2007 – a backflip supreme!!)

First serving sex-change Church of England vicar dies – (Bishop of Swindon, Lee Rayfield, said: “She was a really true priest”!!!)

John Mann MP says scale of historical child abuse claims ‘too many for state’ – (Shades of the wickedness of ancient Greece and Rome!!)

UK Embassy hosts same-sex wedding

Top civil servant proposed all-Ireland anti-terror police force

December 31

Sinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald: No Sinn Féin regrets over Cahill case

Maria Cahill blasts Mary Lou McDonald’s treatment of abuse as “shameful”

Ian Paisley: powerhouse unionist who eventually shook hands with nationalists

A fresh flag row has erupted on the edge of 2015.

Troops were on standby for two contentious 1986 Orange parades

Hume compared Unionists to ‘whites in Alabama’

Secret review after IRA raiders kill detective

Anglo-Irish Agreement a triumph of persistence and backdoor diplomacy – (Read that as “wearing down weaklings and underhand dealings!”)

State papers: Peter Robinson’s ‘cynical manipulation’ of events ‘a threat to Ian Paisley’

NIO feared that Paisley might push for an independent NI

Paisley condemned attacks on RUC after Robinson would not

And the winner of Brass Neck of the Year is… Barack Obama

Westminster paedophile inquiry ‘may be doomed’

Fiona Woolf, lawyer who quit sex abuse inquiry, makes New Year Honours list amid fury

Sir David Attenborough: Humans may be an endangered species – (As an atheist, Attenborough does not know how correct he is but there is “may” about the matter!!)


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