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Church of England

March 2006

Articles from the March 2006 edition.

Presbyterian leadership ‘pendulum’ swings back to ecumenism

The Burning Bush is 37 years old!

“Christian” film-makers use sodomite actor in missionary film

Johnny Adair advises Ulster

Islam—a growing menace

Growing support among Muslims for adoption of ‘Sharia Law’ within Great Britain

Muslim ‘cartoon’ protest slogans threaten violence

Muslim outrage—a little historical review

Sodomite bishop undergoes treatment for alcoholism

ID cards—is this the precursor of the mark of the Beast?

December 2005

Articles from the December 2005 edition.

Blair issues fugitive terrorists with a “get out of jail free” card!

IRA members accused of “cleaning up” a serious crime scene

Councils unwilling to defy same-sex “civil registrations”

Photos of IRA victims removed from ambulance depot

The Bible vindicated by science yet again

Archbishop Williams attacked in sodomite debate

DUP councilor calls hurricane Katrina a judgment from God

The gospel corner—”A thief condemned and executed yet pardoned and redeemed

The Christian, ecumenism and the Bible, Pt 1