Bloody Sunday

Here is a statement from Mr Jim Allister, leader of the Traditional Unionist Voice party, which is worthy of close scrutiny.

It is likely you will not read anything of it in the media outlets, most of which are given over to republican propaganda on this subject!

TUV leader Jim Allister

Bloody Sunday

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:

“There have been many days in our history that bear the adjective Bloody, mostly at the hands of bloodthirsty terrorists in respect of which there have been no public enquiries, political apologies or international recognition.

“That which bears the title ‘Bloody Sunday’ was also indeed a monumental tragedy. I recognise the hurt and anguish of the families of innocent victims down through the years.

“Two attendant issues also require comment.

“Though Lord Saville conducted a painstaking investigation, he did not get all the help he could from some key players. Martin McGuinness as an active terrorist from the time refused to answer relevant questions and Saville held McGuinness’s testimony to the inquiry was ‘significantly inaccurate’, and that he had been unable to account convincingly for his actions during a crucial period of that day.

“And, of course, Saville found it probable that on the day he had a Thompson sub machine gun. Two days before Sgt Gilgunn and Con Montgomery died in a hail of bullets from such a sub machine gun.

“Another finding which doesn’t fit the preferred narrative of the day is that a member of the Junior wing of the IRA, Gerard Donaghey was, according to Saville, probably carrying nailbombs which certainly would take him out of the category of mere civil rights protestor.

“Whether we have heard the full truth of Bloody Sunday I doubt, but if and when innocent people die, it is a scarring tragedy, whatever way you look at it.”