Biden puts his foot in his mouth again!

I am embarrassed for my many friends in America who have to bear with the innumerable foolish, embarrassing, and tactless utterances of their President, the so-called leader of the ‘Free World’! The man was always a fool but now his folly is compounded by the failings that come with ‘old age’!

Biden has English ancestors. The surname Biden was first found in Hampshire and later in Gloucestershire and Somerset. Wikipedia says of him: “Biden’s family is mostly descended of the British Isles, with most of their ancestors coming from Ireland and England, whilst also claiming descent from the French.”

However, ‘Oul Joe’ likes to make much of his links with Ireland and displays, whenever he can, his inherited Irish prejudices and hatred of all things British. He is a pseudo Roman Catholic, loudly proclaiming his adherence to that false religion while promoting policies such as abortion which is supposedly rejected by Roman Catholicism.

On his recent visit to Northern Ireland, it was noticed that his official car did not fly the flag of our country, the ‘Union Jack’. This despising of our national flag is in keeping with the practice of his Sinn Fein/IRA friends and associates.

He is pictured above with Gerry Adams and IRA fugitive, the late Rita O’Hare, wanted for the attempted murder of British Army Warrant Officer Frazer Paton in Belfast in October 1971.

As soon as Biden was across the border into the Irish Republic, the Irish ‘tricolour’ was immediately hoisted on his car.

The failure to fly the ‘Union Jack’ was contrary to ‘diplomatic protocol’ but then that would mean nothing to this antiquated imbecile who cannot open his mouth without attempting to put both feet into it.

Shortly after arriving back in America from his visit to Ireland, he was talking to some school children and one asked him what was the last country he visited and you can hear his rambling attempts to recall that he had been to Ireland and also his confused attempts to recall his grandchildren, in this video posted by ‘The DailyTelegraph’ some two weeks ago!


“The Belfast Telegraph” also highlighted this further evidence of the man’s total unsuitability to lead any country. Child reminds Joe Biden that his last overseas visit was island of Ireland

Sincerely in Christ’s name,

Ivan Foster

Here is part of the BBC news report.

Biden visit to Ireland to ensure ‘Brits didn’t screw around’

Joe Biden visited both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in April

US President Joe Biden has said his visit to Northern Ireland last month was to ensure ‘the Brits didn’t screw around’.

He was speaking at a Democratic Party event in New York on Wednesday.

Mr Biden undertook a four-day visit to Ireland in April to mark 25 years since the Good Friday Agreement.

The trip also focused on the president’s Irish ancestry with the majority of his time spent in the Republic of Ireland.

On Wednesday, Mr Biden said: “I got to go back to Ireland for the, for the, the Irish Accords, to make sure they weren’t, the Brits didn’t screw around and Northern Ireland didn’t walk away from their commitments.”

Joe Biden said his trip would focus on keeping the peace as he departed Joint Base Andrews in Maryland for Belfast

Before setting off for his visit to Belfast, Mr Biden told reporters his priority was to “keep the peace” in Northern Ireland.