Letter to the editor of The Belfast Newsletter published but edited

I have sent out this reply to a letter which has appeared in the Belfast Newsletter of 19th April 2021.

I am grateful to one of our readers who drew my attention to it a few minutes ago as I had not read it. For your information the newspaper letter read as follows:

Many unionists complain about Stormont, without offering a detailed workable alternative. The Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd) writes that unionist leaders were foolish and blinded for political power when they entered into a ‘power sharing’ coalition with SF/IRA and its nationalist allies.
Bearing in mind that political unionism no longer holds a majority in Stormont, I would like to ask Rev Foster what the workable alternative was that excluded Sinn Fein/IRA and its nationalist allies and voters?

Please pray that the Bible reference in my reply may have an impact on the hearts of some. Read more