Unholy Rejoicing over an Unholy Agreement

I draw attention to a report on the BBC NI website which highlights the ‘unholy rejoicing’ in the ecumenical camp over the 25th anniversary of the ‘Good Friday Agreement’.

It is well named for it is called after the day on which, as Peter put it: “The God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God of our fathers, hath glorified his Son Jesus; whom ye delivered up, and denied him in the presence of Pilate, when he was determined to let him go. But ye denied the Holy One and the Just, and desired a murderer to be granted unto you; and killed the Prince of life, whom God hath raised from the dead; whereof we are witnesses,” Acts 3:13-15.

The GFA witnessed the ‘killing’ of true peace in Northern Ireland and the issuing in of  a ‘peace’ that was bought by placating, to a small degree, the murderers and terrorists of Irish Republicanism!

The ‘GFA’ was a pact with the devil, drawn up by men whose ‘stock and trade’ are lies and deceit. It exonerated terrorist murderers, deemed them upright and honourable and eventually elevated them into government with the assistance of the treacherous ‘power-sharing’ deal the DUP made with Sinn Fein/IRA.

Today, we have those who constantly glory in their decades-long campaign of murder, bombing and terror, overlording affairs in Northern ireland — all as a direct result of the GFA.

That is something only those with no idea of the truth that “The LORD our God is holy,” Psalm 99:9, and who are joined in an unholy amalgam with the aim of destroying the truth of the Bible and delivering us back into the hands of the Papacy, can rejoice over!

As I have often said over the last 50 years, the outcome of the falsehoods of ‘Ecumenism’ will be a total betrayal of our Protestant heritage.

The picture below is a foreshadowing of the ungodly ‘unity’ planned by the ecumenical churches here.

Presbyterian, Methodist and Church of Ireland leaders join with the pope’s men in celebrating the GFA

Here is that BBC report.

Catholic and Protestant church leaders from Ireland have travelled to Rome to mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement

They are taking part in an ecumenical prayer service and a seminar, to reflect on events since the peace deal was signed in Belfast in 1998.

In a joint statement, the Irish church leaders said the agreement had saved “countless” lives in the past 25 years.

Among those involved are the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Archbishop Eamon Martin will be joined by the Reverend Dr Sam Mawhinney, head of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

The seminar in Rome has been organised by the British and Irish ambassadors to the Holy See, the UK and Ireland’s official representatives to the Vatican City State.

The statement from the church leaders added: “We must remember that the signing of the Agreement was not the end of the journey to peace in Northern Ireland.

“It simply marked the first faltering steps down a very long road to a new, brighter, and shared future…shaped by tolerance and respect for our differences, and a recognition of the need for greater understanding and reconciliation.”

The agreement was signed in April 1998 and brought to an end 30 years of violence in Northern Ireland, which became known as the troubles.

Most of the events marking the 25th anniversary took place earlier this year, and included a visit to Belfast by US President Joe Biden.

The other clergy attending events in Rome include Church of Ireland Archbishop John McDowell, the president of the Methodist Church in Ireland Rev David Turtle and Bishop Andrew Forster, president of the Irish Council of Churches.

The British and Irish ambassadors to the Holy See, Chris Trott and Frances Collins, issued a joint statement about the anniversary of the agreement.

They said: “Unfortunately, as we know only too well, there is no blueprint for the achievement of peace.

“But by sharing experiences, we hope that the visit of the group of church leaders will serve to inspire other church and faith-based leaders as they work to support peace and reconciliation around the world.”