Two statements marking DUP’s 50th birthday!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the start of the Democratic Unionist Party. Two statements related to that event appeared on the BBC Northern Ireland news site this morning.

One was by Baroness Paisley, widow of the late Dr Ian Paisley, the other was by Lord Hay of Londonderry.

The BBC report read:

‘In a statement, Baroness Paisley said the party’s “more recent tolerance of changing moral attitudes in society is a far cry from the code of practice Ian unashamedly espoused”.

“Yet, despite his clear and unequivocal views, the party grew to being the majority voice of the unionist people in this province. That is perhaps a lesson which today needs heeding.”

She added that “Ulster faces very uncertain days.” ’

We have no wish to be churlish, but the moral changes within the DUP over the last 50 years require a stronger condemnation than the words of the Baroness proffer. The changes could well be likened unto day giving way to night!

The changes entail moving from a position of condemning sodomy and its related perversions to one of  financially supporting the promoters of it.  This the DUP did when it entered the  power-sharing agreement with Sinn Fein. From the very beginning of this betrayal, there was a taking over a scheme launched by the British government in the last days of ‘Direct Rule’ and an administering of that funding through the office of the First and Deputy First Minister.

Though repeatedly denied, it was finally acknowledged to be the truth when Peter Robinson became First Minister.

Of late, the DUP has recruited the support of those who align themselves with the perverted life-style, represented under the initials, ‘LGBT’. DUP leaders and senior members have addressed gatherings of such ‘disciples of perversion’ as well as endorsing an openly-professing lesbian as a candidate in recent council elections and praising the scandalously evil ‘pride parade’ in Londonderry. This can only have been done in order to recruit their electoral support!

Perhaps the greatest failing of all is that of the silence, the acquiescing by Christians, some of whom are Free Presbyterians, in this sell-out of God’s truth and the former standards the DUP adhered to!

We come to another statement that appeared alongside Baroness Paisley’s in the BBC news article. It was one issued by DUP peer, Lord Hay.

He said the party had undergone “huge changes” over the past half-century but retained “the same core principles” it was founded on.

No harm to Lord Hay, but that is not within a ‘beagle’s gowl’ or a ‘donkey’s roar’ of the truth!

As I have already stated, the changes may be likened unto day giving way to night. It can be stated that the DUP has cast aside views that would once have been in harmony with God’s truth, only to embrace and actively support and promote those heinously wicked opinions and practices, which the Bible has soundly and repeatedly denounced God’s curse upon.

There just cannot be a greater ‘turnaround’ than this, despite the deceitful assertions and assurances pronounced by ‘Lord’ Hay, one of those professing Christians who have gone along with this ‘Lundy-like’ betrayal of God and His truth!

“‭Now‭ the Spirit‭ speaketh‭‭ expressly‭, that‭ in‭ the latter‭ times‭ some‭ shall depart from‭‭ the faith‭, giving heed‭‭ to seducing‭ spirits‭, and‭ doctrines‭ of devils‭;‭ ‭speaking lies‭ in‭ hypocrisy‭; having‭‭ their‭ conscience‭ seared with a hot iron‭‭,” 1Timothy 4:1-2.

Sincerely in Christ,
Ivan Foster
30 September 2021