Truth for Today, Pt3

Truth for Today — Studies in Ruth, Pt3
The Prologue, 1:1-2.

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I think that may be seen in the action taken by Elimelech. He went to Moab to escape the judgment of God. He was hardened beneath the chastening of God. The purpose of chastening is set before in Hebrews 12:5-11.

A name study provides us with interesting details.
Elimelech = “My God is king.”  He typifies the measure or state of true religion there is in such days as the days of the Judges. He had a name to live. Notice he left Bethlehem, “The house of Bread.” In time of famine we should come to Bethlehem, not leave it! See 2 Chronicles 28:19-23.
Naomi. = “My delight.” It is a good name but she did not live up to it. Bitterness was her lot in Moab, verse 20. Obedience and return brought joy, 4:14-15. She possibly married an unsaved man, who professed but was not really saved!
Mahlon and Chilion. “Sick” “Pining or Consumptive.” Such were the offspring born to these two backsliders. Both perished in Moab with their father.
Sickly religion is the offspring of disobedience and backsliding and a looking to Moab for deliverance. Moab was a nation born out of a most wicked union, Gen 19:37.
It is to the modern Moab, the offspring of the union between the church and the world that many look for deliverance in these days.