Truth for Today #25

Truth for Today — Studies in Ruth, #25

Scripture: Ruth 3:1-18.

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As we come to chapter 3, we have reached an important division in the book.

Bearing in mind that the book of Ruth is a wonderful illustration of the spiritual advance and growth that should be seen in every believer, we will note the new level to which Ruth ascends in her pilgrimage. She has found grace in the eyes of the Lord  and this has been manifested in the providential encounter she had with Boaz and his kindness shown to her, 2:10-14.

But there is more. She is to enter into  REST, 3:1.

The gospel is a call to rest, Matthew 11:28-29. The word means a settled state of contentment, Gen 8:9 and comes from the Hebrew word for rest in Gen 8:4, Ex 20:11.
In Matthew 11:28-29 there are two rests. One follows initial faith in Christ the other follows on after submission and obedience to Christ. The rest spoken on in Ruth 3:1 is the rest correspondents to that which is referred to by Christ in verse Matt 11:29. The rest in our passage is akin to the rest of Psalm 95:11. What Canaan was for Israel, the Spirit-filled victorious life is for the New Testament believer.

In the opening verses of the chapter, the way to rest is set before us.

Does not the church stand in need of such instruction today. The concept of a Kinsman-Redeemer would have been unknown in Moab.

1. Gospel rest can be known only by those related to Christ. Boaz was bound under the law to marry Ruth. Deuteronomy 25:5-6. Ruth was related by marriage into the family of Boaz. It is a relationship that would grow and strenghten. Naomi would have her married to Boaz. That is a very good concept of marriage — rest!