The Parables #79

The Good Shepherd and His Sheep, Pt 3.
Scripture: John 10:1-18.
We want now to consider what the Saviour says of Himself the SHEPHERD!
The Pharisees, to whom the Saviour is speaking, considered themselves the pastors of the flock and they viewed the Lord Jesus as an imposter. Therefore, they said, the people should not listen to Him.
But the Saviour answers them by showing that He was the the true Shepherd and they were the false shepherds. This is why they were angry, v 19.
The Saviour uses language that all would understand
Every Jewish person knew about sheep and shepherds! These were most vital matters and the Saviour wanted them to understand! Again we note that the TRUTHS of the gospel are illustrated all around us!
The first thing He states is that He is the Door.
“Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep,” verse 7. How important to know the right door that leads to salvation and to life eternal!
Doors surround us here in the school and lead to various places. One leads to the great OUTSIDE. There is a DOOR which leads us to the GREAT ETERNITY – Christ!
Again, the people could understand about robbers seeking to steal the sheep.
“All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers,” verse 8. There had been many deceivers. The sheep of God are constantly under attack from robbers who would steal away their blessing and inheritance. They would lead them into danger, pretending to be true shepherds but being false, they had to climb over the wall to get at the sheep for the had no authority to enter. It was important to identify the robbers!
The true Shepherd knows His sheep
Jeremiah 1:5. He calls them by name! “The LORD called yet again, Samuel,” 1 Sam 3:5. What a wonderful thing that the Lord KNOWS us!